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December 4, 2010

My Wife’s Boyfriends

A submission today from a cuckold who tells us about his wife’s affairs.


Over the last few years my wife has had a few bfs. At first she hid them from me, but now she freely shares how she has been fucked in bathrooms, exposed in public, fucked for hours by her bfs, made to have phone sex with her bf’s friend, fucked while another guy watches and one bf had a woman eat her pussy.

The first bf started her off. He would meet her in hotels and fuck her. He produces huge amounts of cum, I’ve cleaned up after him a few times. She is very submissive to him, like all her bfs, and he has declared her ass his. He fucked her ass for hours, making her cum over and over. He can also make her squirt using his cock, something she can only do with a vibrator while with me.

Her second bf was wild. He introduced her to public sex, people watching and a woman to eat her pussy. He kept her out overnight and she would have to beg him to cum when she could no longer take it. He filmed the two of them and would introduce her as the married woman he was fucking. I know she fucked him with other guys, but she won’t admit it to me. His cock was so big that it wouldn’t fit in her ass.

Her third bf was very close and owns a store. She would hang out in his store all day and text me that he made her swallow his cock and cum in the back room of his store. He would take her out locally and my neighbors saw them together. He kept her out all night and fucked her 6 times in one night, because she begged for it. He took a pic of her ass sticking out of a mini dress and sent it to his friends. One friend got so aroused that he handed the phone to him while she was masturbating and made her cum for his friend.

I can only imagine what is next. Now she makes me go for massages, but only with guys and she loves how uncomfortable that makes me.

My Wife

Submitted by: 2bcucked - USA

9 Responses to “My Wife’s Boyfriends”

  1. MOON said:

    thats one great wife you have there…I would hold on to her. also, thats what happens when you marry a girl with a beautiful ass like that.

  2. Reg said:

    Hey man, hot pic and story i am also a cuck withe a hot ass young wife that loves dick. hit me up on yahoo messenger, my name is hngblk4wht. I know i am not black but i love her with black men and we share the account.

  3. Reader said:

    That is one HOT ass. Love the stories…would love to see some pics of her getting it good from her studs.

  4. 2bcucked said:

    Thanks for the comments guys. She told me just the other day that she fucked the owner of a local restaurant. We go to his place a lot to eat and for drinks and she went with a friend and he came on to her. They exchanged numbers and he had her recently.I don’t have pics of her with her bfs but I have pics of her with me.

  5. Reader said:

    Sweet man! You should send Trash your pics of her with you. And see if she won’t let you watch her cuckold you next time — and bring a camera :)

  6. Mr. Bungle said:

    We have something in common. So hot.

  7. Logan said:

    Incredible body from what I can see. No wonder she gets so much attention. Share more please!

  8. slvmky said:

    Wow! How very humiliating for you and hot!
    I too have a wife who has had many boyfriends and lovers in the years we have been together. Some I know about and some only guessed at as she refuses to tell me all.
    And I too have suffered the humiliation of having people we know see her out with her boyfriends/lovers. In fact on bartendress at a bar we frequent commented to me what a hot “couple” her and one of her favorite lovers were, (the three of us would play pool together and they would openly flirt, kiss and feel each other up), and how great they looked together.
    She also has been prone to meeting alone with them and doing whatever they wanted.
    In fact she posted a confession here about one of her liaisons that she had kept from me for years.
    Like your wife, it seems, she has been really hot for these men and done things for them that she has refused to do with me, such as swallowing and licking up their come, giving one (or more?) her sweet ass.
    She delights in reminding me of these facts and telling me how much she loved a particular aspect of this boyfriend or that one (She has also done some very humiliating things to me in front of some of them)
    Conversely, I have many pictures of her with various boyfriends/lovers but not a single one of her having any sort of sex with me, her husband.
    She delights in telling me that the only proof their is that she has sex with me is my word… But not so with her many boyfriends..
    Thank you for sharing - hope you will share some more in the future.

  9. lee&ann said:

    all my friendslove fucking ann there is only one exseption i must watchshe loves black men sheloes tosuck them offher fist lover wasblack we were boy & girl friendsann was still a vergin sshe went to the office party after afew drinks the black mantock her on the dancee floor he was so well hung and harde ann could feel him pushing she loved it after the party was over thay went to his car he made her cry an bleed for him ann was so up set she had to tell me as she tolld me i got harde i went round his house not hit him but to ask to do annin front of mehe was delited ann ishis whore &i liketo see her get agood spangcing

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