December 30, 2010

Cruise Seduction

We are a happily married couple in our early 40’s.

My wife has a regular that she has been seeing for three years going, to put it bluntly she has fucked him 8 times now. He’s a 49 year old musician that works for a cruise line and the three of us met while we were on vacation aboard the ship he was working. Talented and flirtatious, the wife fell hard and this musician zeroed in on her affections. I saw it all happening and thought it was kinda cool to see her get so turned on. Each night we had incredible sex and it was fueled in part by the energy she was feeling for the musician.

Months later we talked about how great it would have been if we would have simply asked the guy if he would be interested in a three way or interested in the wife alone. It was complicated on that ship and probably not the place, but we wondered if we found a way to contact the guy now where it would lead.

A good sign of what was to come came the minute we typed his name up on a goggle search, in seconds or in the time it took two simple clicks we had an email and contact phone number for him from a website. We decided to communicate.

The wife sent a couple of sexy but tame pictures first off and laid the compliments on him in a email. She tried to explain everything she could about our open relationship and how turned on I got listening and watching her. It was a classic email sent from a horny lady looking for fun. He replied in kind, but was far more direct clearly aware of the sexual frequency of the letter. He flirted and asked to see more of her beauty, he remembered her clearly for her blonde hair, low cut tops, and cleavage. He boldly suggested she send him topless photos if she was serious.

Without any delay she picked three nudes and sent them his way, this time with an invite to call if he liked what he saw. Once the phone conversations started the reality of what was going to happen began to come clearer. My wife was acting like a slut and having fun fully aware that all the wild talk would have to be backed up the day we actually met this lucky musician.

That day came on a summer day in the Long Beach, Ca area. We drove down to met him at a bar/grill during a short stay between cruises and hit off even better in person. Helps he had a great sense of humor and was able to make her relax. The three of us walking to the hotel room was as comfortable and natural as walking into a store or club.

Once in the room we determined the rules of play…. none! Several shots of Patron’ and in the safety of my presence my wife seemed nearly slave like and very playful. She was willing to do whatever we wanted and was prepared to get ass fucked, Dp’d, bukaked, even lightly spanked if it was what he wanted.

All of the above happened with a emphasis on the ass play. He took great pleasure in that. Also a huge cummer he dumped a load straight down her throat into her tummy That I know she was digesting well into the night.

Ever since that first get together we try to meet him a couple times each year. He even got married, but could not give up the four hour’s of fun with the wife each time he comes into town.

Here is a picture of my wife and I hope you enjoyed my story.

My Wife

Submitted by: J and K, California


December 28, 2010

Sexercise Plans

A Christmas diary update from our fave hotwife Jackie on her dietary plans for the New Year and an appeal for fresh cock.

Well, the cross country move is finally over (like a nightmare that just wouldn’t end!). I’ve got a storage locker full of my stuff. Jason and I downsized, big time, from two homes down to one very modest ranch house. I literally don’t have room for even a new pair of shoes without first getting rid of a pair I don’t need anymore (fat chance of that!). It’s been a real challenge and I’ve been incredibly generous to my local Salvation Army, I can tell you that. We’re on a first name basis these days. I can almost hear them say, “Here comes that lady that donates red lingerie and stripper heels , cool!”

So in terms of possessions the move has left me quite a bit lighter, but the bad news is… it’s left my body heavier. Wow, moving really takes a toll on your work-out schedule. And trying to eat right? Yeah, that goes right out the window along with those size 4 super tight jeans. In order to keep up your energy on those long days of packing boxes you start to replace healthy salads with hot fudge sundae’s. Well, at least they have nuts on top! Instead of grilled chicken and spinach you end up with chicken nuggets and french fries, sodas instead of herbal ice tea, greasy take-out pizza instead of fresh fish and veggies. Normally I’m the poster girl for healthy eating, but moving cross-country? All that discipline just gone, baby, gone.

And now I’m stuck in the middle of the holidays! Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, fudge, chocolates, stuffed turkey, candied yams, it’s THE hardest time of the year to start a diet! But start I will, because frankly I just don’t feel very sexy being this out of shape, and feeling sexy is the thing that keeps Jackie happy!

So I’m hitting the bike trail and lacing up my running shoes. I’m trying to say no to holiday goodies (not easy, folks), and getting back to high fiber, veggies and protein. It’s hard for sure. But the most important part of my weight loss plan will involve sexercise, melting the pounds away while getting pounded. If you are interested in helping me sexercise these lbs off go right ahead and stuff my email box. There is one kinda good thing about carrying a few extra pounds, It comes with extra cleavage, a lot more than usual. So check it out while it’s here, cause it’s going fast! Just watch me go!


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December 26, 2010

My Latina cucked me

Cuckold Place Update

My Latina Cucked Me Last Night

My wife has cucked me before, but it has been since August of last year that she did so.

Anyways this story that happened to us was a little crazy. She was at work and she got a text from someone and she had no idea who it was. They had sent a picture of their cock. She said it was a nice big one too. She thought I was playing a joke on her or one of her friends but they had no idea what she was talking about. So she texted them back and they were shocked and very sorry, because they had sent it to the wrong person. It was supposed to go to a girl he knew with close to the same number I guess as my wifes.

They got to talking some, since my wife liked the pic. He was a lot younger then us, he is 23, his name is Josh and his dick is like 9 inches! The past 2 guys my wife cucked me with were black, he is white. I love seeing her fuck black men and she had them before me too, but white is good too. He did not have experience in this type of thing, so he was shy to meet. They talked a bit by text and sent pictures to each other. This was the first time that I was not directly involved with finding the guy. I have never spoken to him or seen him. I kind of liked that. The first text was Sunday and they met last night! She had never met someone so quickly either.

On Monday of this week she asked me if she could call him and I said that was fine. She wanted to talk alone at first because she felt akward with me listening. She ended up caching me listening to them talk, I was jerking off and she caught me. So she let me in the room to listen. It was just small talk at first but then I pulled out my cock and put her hand on it and she started jerking me and the conversation got really heated then. He made her suck my cock while he listened. My wife is awesome at this and can deep throat like no other, plus not very hard to do with my cock! We ended up fucking while he listened and he cummed for her on the phone too. This was new to us and very erotic.

So finally on Wednesday as we were bored that night and we had someone watching our kids, we decided to meet him. Well just my wife, I was not allowed to go. This was a first for us too, because I have always gone along. I love how my wife is becoming a little more dominant now. She dropped me off at a bar as I watched the Red Wings game they met in a parking lot. He is young and not experienced with a lot of women but he loved the fact my wife is older, she is 31, he is 23. My wife has a thing for the young bulls! She texted me a few times and then when I sent one, I didnt hear anything back for like 30 mins! I was rock hard while thinking what they were doing. She had told me they were not going to do anything but talk, yeah right! They ended up in the back seat of our suv, kissing, and touching and finally my wifes pussy was soaking through her jeans and they went at it. She said when he pulled his cock out, she was shocked at how large it was, she has seen many big ones, but I guess not on a white guy lol. It was hard in the back seat to fuck but they managed. He made her cum a ton, she squirts so it got all over in the car hahaha. He made her pussy sore and she ended up taking his cum in her mouth, she loves doing that. They kissed and said goodnight.

She came and picked me up and we talked about it at the bar. I was so fucking horny! As soon as she came in she kissed me and said he came in my mouth, which I could taste on her lips. That got me even more turned on. Wish I could of taken his cum from her mouth right after he cummed in it. She said the sex was great.

We came home and I ate her pussy like no other, thinking of his big ass dick pounding my loving wife. She orgasmed like crazy. Then she let me get some, her pussy was too sore from him so she let me fuck her ass. Which is heaven too. It was a great night and we hope to do more this weekend. I hope I get to watch.

These pics are what I took on her phone and she had me send them to him. They were for him! So hot.

I am not any good at writing stories, just wanted to tell you how our night went with our 3 bull now. Enjoy.

Submitted by: dustinandleeann

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December 24, 2010

Training Course

Here’s another gallery set for you from the latest adventures featuring myself and Sensi, The Undercover Lover.

Sensi has been saying for ages he needs to start a training course for neglected wives, turning them into hotwives in one hour haha. Anna was one of those neglected wives. Her husband Big Dave has been making up excuses not to fuck her for years. He knows of Sensi’s site and his reputation so he made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. £100 to satisfy his wife.

Anna was no spring chicken for sure, but as The Undercover Lover he’s got a duty to give all wives the experience of Big Black Cock. She took to it like a duck to water, and he even managed to uncover a hidden talent. After taking off her wedding ring and putting her through her training, he sent her home satisfied, quivering and full of his seed. She had that look in her eye of a ruined gal, one that will never look at their husband’s dick in the same way ever again.. It looks like Big Dave is going to have to budget for Anna’s fun from now on.

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

Sensi and Anna

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here

Visit Sensi’s Site The Undercover Lover Here


December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year upon us again when the majority of us have to take a break from our naughty calendars and enter the normal world with family and friends. I personally can’t wait to get back to naughty again but am going to revel in a 2 day break of doing very little, eating too much and lazing around watching movies.

But before I go I wanted to send you all a little e-greetings card to mark the time of year and to say thanks to all of you that visit the blog, read the posts. submit your stories and pics, comment on posts and make it the site it is today. I thank you all and wish you a splendid Christmas/Holiday period and a wonderful New Year.

Here’s to more people finding this wonderful lifestyle in 2011..

Your Webmaster,

Happy Christmas from Hotwife Blog


December 20, 2010

Lingerie Show

A work of fiction today about a wife who decides to put on a show for her Husband and his buddy.


Christina made the turn onto her street, and pulled her Acura into the cobblestone driveway. Putting the car in park, she noticed Larry’s truck parked on the street in front of her house. It was Sunday, and she remembered Doug, her husband, had invited him over to watch football. Christina didn’t mind, since she liked Larry, and had a small crush on him. She opened the trunk and unloaded her shopping bags from a day at the mall. She walked up the front steps, and pushed the door open with the toe of her high heeled boot, entering the living room. “Hey guys” she greeted as she passed in front of the coffee table, temporarily blocking their view of the game. “What did ya get?” Doug asked. “Check out the Fredericks of Hollywood bags” Larry added. Christina smiled as she kept walking towards their bedroom.

Laying the lingerie laden bags on the bed, her mind began to drift towards a conversation her and her husband had awhile back. They were playing a little game called “Who would you Fuck.” During the game, Christina mentioned how hot she thought Larry was. He was, after all, tall and very athletic, and most appealing was the fact that he was black. Besides his physical attributes, he was the life of the party; charming with a great sense of humor. Doug knew he made Christina hot; and that actually excited him.

Christina snapped out of her little daydream by the sound of Doug’s voice. He was calling from the other room and said “Hey baby, can you make some of your famous wings?” Then Larry chimed in with “Maybe you can model some of that stuff in the Frederick’s bag too!” Both men laughed and continued watching their game. Christina made her way into the kitchen, and proceeded to cover a few baking sheets with her famous buffalo wings that were marinating overnight in her homemade sauce. Opening the oven door with a potholder, she grabbed a tray and slid it on an oven rack, followed by the other tray. Setting the timer for an hour, she went back to the bedroom to unpack her shopping bags.

Laying her new outfits on the bed, Christina started to become a little flushed. She was seriously thinking of going out there in lingerie and seeing the reaction of the guys. She did have a fishnet body stocking in mind, perhaps with black “stripper shoes”. The outfit left little to the imagination, and she wondered if she really went though with the dare, what would be the outcome. As she paced back and forth, softly biting on her index finger, she heard the guys yell again. “It’s half time, we want a show!” With a stamp of her bare foot on the carpeted floor, Christine picked up the body suit. She stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt and stood naked for a moment, admiring her reflection in the antique full length mirror, positioned in the corner of the bedroom. “Not bad” she thought, as she slowly turned in every direction, nodding with approval. Walking back to the bed, she worked herself into the mesh lingerie, adjusting it so it hugged every curve just the right way. Her nipples poked through the fine fabric, and were clearly visible. She could even feel the cool breeze of the open window wisp across them, and that made them hard. Sitting on the bed, Christina slipped her feet into the platform heels, and buckled the ankle straps securely. She paid the mirror another visit, this time a sense of arousal welled up within her. She made her way to the bedroom door, all the while thinking, “OMG am I really doing this?” The thud of her high heels could be heard on the carpet, growing louder as she reached the door. Larry and Doug looked at each other; and smiled.

Christina grabbed the doorknob with her dainty, manicured hand, the diamond wedding ring making a “clink” as she turned the brass knob. Pushing open the door, she stepped out into full view of the guys. “Who wants wings?” she chuckled, a noticeable nervous quiver in her voice. She did a slow spin, lifting her arms like Vanna White, and asked, “Well, how do I look?” Doug was heard to gasp “holy shit!” followed by the “thud” as Larry dropped a full can of beer on the floor. “Damn” Larry exclaimed, as he quickly picked up the foaming can, suds flowing everywhere. As the boys tried to compose themselves, Christina walked and stood in front of them, blocking the view of the big screen TV. Doug and Larry where taking her all in, from top to bottom. Christina had shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes that sparkled like polished jade. She wasn’t very tall, maybe around five foot two. The shoes gave her some nice height, and elongated her full figure. Her husband, perhaps sensing what may be happening, asked her to come over so they could get a closer look. Christina smiled, and slowly made the trip around the coffee table, making her way between the two men, standing directly in front of them.

Doug ran his hand over his wife’s perfectly round ass, and felt the material of the lingerie. “Check this out Larry” Doug said. “Really, seriously?” Larry asked in a sense of shock. “Yeah, it’s cool” Doug returned. “Right baby?” he asked his wife. “Certainly” she affirmed. Larry took his large hand, and slowly ran it up Christina’s leg, barley touching the fabric. If you listened closely, you would have heard a ghost-like “Mmmm” escape her lips. The fun game that she and Doug had played was now becoming a reality; and she was entering a state of heightened arousal. Larry became a bit more daring, and started to approach the bottom of her boobs. Doug wanted a better view, so he asked Christina to have a seat on the couch. She sat down between the two men and smiled. Not knowing where to put her hands, she thought one on each guys thigh would be a good a place as any. Nobody complained.

Doug and Larry where also becoming aroused now and that was evident by the strain of the hard cocks against their pants. Larry was wearing cargo shorts, and his member ran down his leg so far, that the head almost peaked out of the leg opening. Doug was no slouch in the size department either; part of the reason Christina fell for him.

The guys had their hands in front of her now and where exploring every inch of her. Doug was covering the lower half by rubbing her legs and Larry had her boobs in his hands, massaging the pebble-like nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Christine leaned over and kissed her husband, tongues dancing I plain view. Doug put his lips to her ear and whispered, “Do whatever you like. I love you.” With that, Christina turned her head to Larry and pressed her pouty lips against his. This was the first man other than Doug she had kissed since they were married 7 years ago. The fullness of Larry’s lips was something new to her, and she found the experience very enjoyable. As their lips parted and their tongues explored each other, she found her hands wander down toward the guys cocks. Rubbing them through the material of their pants, feeling their hardness and size, she began to imagine what having two men at the same time would be like. Her stomach was a blender of butterflies, as this fantasy was quickly becoming reality. On a bold move on her part, she stood up and declared “clothes off!” No one wasted a moment, and in a few blinks of the eye, all three were standing there naked, clothes strewn everywhere. Christine admired the bodies of the guys, especially Larry’s. He was strong, built like a linebacker. His features were chiseled which were complimented by his very caring eyes. Of the utmost interest to Christine was the size and thickness of his cock. “It had to be close to eleven inches” she thought, “and as thick as a pipe.” She rubbed against both men, and took their cocks in her hands. Larry’s eyes closed, tilting his head back, hard as a diamond in Christina’s supple hand. Doug also gasped a sigh of pleasure, this being their first encounter in what might become the first of many sexual adventures. The feeling of his wife’s hand on his rigid cock, coupled with seeing another man pleasured by her as well, was an amazing new feeling for him. He referred to it later as pleasure times ten. He loved seeing his wife so turned on, and with another man too. She seemed fine with it as well, judging by the smile of a Cheshire cat that lit across her face.

Both men began kissing Christina’s body, exploring her with their lips and tongues. She turned and sat back down on the couch, between the two men. AS they got comfortable, she draped a leg over each mans thigh, exposing her pussy in a silent invitation for adventure. “So far, this has been amazing” she thought. But now, she wanted more, the light making her wet clit sparkle. Larry wasted no time responding to her thoughts, as he placed a large, dark finger on her sex button, pressing on it in small, tight circles. Christine arched, and pressed back into the couch, this time a loud “ooohhh” projecting from her lops. With both cocks still in her hands, she was stroking them hard, like a cop firing off rounds from a pump shotgun. Turning to Larry, she leaned over, positioned herself on her knees, and took his cock in her mouth. Larry just yelled “Oh fuck yeah” as she did a masterful job of taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. What really got Larry going was the way she worked on the head of his massive cock, flicking her warm, wet tongue on the soft flesh around the underside of it. She also gently massaged his balls, which was the added difference of a woman who loved cock. She knew just the right spot behind the sack that sent those tingles up Larry’s shaft and through his stomach. While she continued working on Larry, Doug positioned himself behind her, and slowly slid his manhood into her dripping kitty from behind. He had never been in this state of euphoria, being able to fuck his wife, while watching her suck a big, black cock! “I could get used t this” he thought.

Christina was in heaven, having her husband pound her from behind and having a brand new cock in front of her. This had been a fantasy of hers for a long time, and the reality was far better than she could ever imagine. The slapping of Doug’s balls against her bare ass made a curious accompaniment to the muffles noises she made with Larry’s cock stuffed in her mouth. Coming up for air, she turned to look back at Doug and said “I wanna feel Larry inside me.” Doug smiled and slowly pulled out of his wife. Christina rose off her knees and elbows, and stood between Larry’s spread open legs. Facing away from him, she reached back and grabbed his cock guiding it into her, sitting down slowly on his lap. Christina shuddered, thinking “how far in is thing gonna go?” Finally, her ass came to rest on Larry’s muscular thighs, his massive cock filling ever inch of her. She began to ride, slowly at first, assisted by Larry’s strong hands guiding her by her ribcage. As she became a little looser, Larry gently kneaded her breasts with one hand, and with the other, reached down to tend to her clit. She too had a hand already down there, leaning back against Larry’s large frame; both of them explored her engorged parts. Not to be left out Doug stood in front of his wife, and she eagerly alternated between stroking and sucking her husband’s beautiful cock. Time seemed to stand still as the three of them never imagined how this day would end.

Christina’s first orgasm came without warning, as she was ready at the moment she walked out of the bedroom. The ensuing orgasms surprised her, as she never came more than once in a session. Perhaps it was the multiple stimulation, but she found herself engulfed in a rhythmic wave of pleasure, to the point where she had to stop. Fully satisfied beyond what she could have ever imagined, she dismounted from Larry and had both men sit on the couch. Getting on her knees between them, she stroked their cocks with the precision of a set of pistons. Both men moaned as they were nearing their payday. Christina stroked, with a fever pitch, little beads of sweat made their way down her forehead. Doug exploded first, spewing his warm load all over his chest. Now that she had both hands on Larry’s enormous tool, going at it like she was shaking a large can of whipped cream. Cream it was, because he erupted into a stream of hot cum, shooting onto Christina’s naked breasts and shoulder. Having gone this far, she dipped the tip of her finger and put it to her lips, giving it a taste. “Mmmm” she said, and smiled coyly.

Christina sat back on the couch and all three stared at the football game, each reflecting on the afternoon’s events. The solitude of the moment was disrupted by the loud “ding” of the oven timer. “Who wants wings?” Christina asked…

Submitted by: Steve - California


December 18, 2010

Daisy Won

Very proud to tell you all my very own hotwife Daisy won the Performer of the Year at this years UK Adult awards. Thanks to all of you who voted for her. Really appreciate it. We’ve just got back from a weekend of naughty parties where Daisy celebrated in style with a few random guys. Hope you all had a fun weekend.


See Daisy being a Slut Girlfriend Here


December 16, 2010

Day Tripper Gangbang

A story today submitted by Bull B.Max about a wife that was loaned out to him and his mates one day.


What a day. Several months ago a cuck husband was telling me how he and his wife were going through a new stage in their life, where he no longer satisfied her. In fact he said she goes out of her way to seek numerous black men to satisfy her cravings. I had been one of her fucks in the past and could see the change in her. He told me he had ruefully accepted this reality. She comes home at night after her “dates” smelling of foreign cologne and the unmistaken smell of just being fucked, she no longer hides her activities to him. This as evident of her cum stained skin or the tell tale marking on her body of handprints and bite marks. He was in turmoil, he was very much aroused by all of this but could not understand why. To make it worse his wife had cut him off not allowing him to have access to her pussy or even the simple pleasures of jerking off to release. Yet he was still very in love with his wife. I suggested since he can’t satisfy her she obviously needs more dick than he can provide, and to let me contact her direct. He nervously gave her cell to me and asked what I was going to do. I said “It’s not your concern, your wife pussy no longer belongs to you.” “Yes Sir” he meekly replied.

So it began, I started to text his wife, she was very happy to hear from me, we reminisced about the last time we fucked. I suggested I fly her into NYC for a treat since she was not getting what she needs at home. She replied “Interesting. What did you have in mind?” “When was the last time you were ganged fucked?” I crudely replied “Oh my, not in a long time” she said. “Well set up some thing in your schedule cuz you are coming to NYC for an over due GB.” She gushed that would be wonderful.

So for the next several weeks we texted back n forth trying to find the time. Finally we got a mutual agreeable time. We decided it was best for her to fly down in the morning one day in the week and then fly back out the same day. She would leave her house as she would every day, the only difference was she was flying to NYC to be a slut for the day and coming back home with her cunt used and abused. I often wonder what folks on the plane would think of this prim and proper articulate blonde with her sparkling wedding band and Anglo Saxon features who was sitting next to them was flying for. Perhaps to give a presentation or to close a deal, or a for a business meeting as most of the other passengers were doing. How little did they know she was about to spread her legs for some black dick in NYC. The night before I texted her with instructions on what to wear and she mused and agreed.

Cuck husband had sent me several pics of her to share with my crew they immediately pounced on the opportunity to fuck her. It was pretty easy organizing it. The wife we were to meet took great pride in keeping herself in shape, wonderful boobs and a killer ass that begged to be fucked. They kept asking for updates as the time approached. The wife and me kept our communication open. She kept reminding me how excited she was about finally getting to fuck me and my friends, she missed my big cock and her pussy got wet thinking about it. In the meanwhile cuck husband was going up a wall he was IMing me trying to get some insight on what I was planning for his wife. She deliberately kept him in the dark about her date with us, which only humiliated him more. He was desperate for information. Sensing this I told him his wife was not to fuck him any time before me and my boys get her. Exasperated he told me but that is almost a month, to which I laughed at him and said “Well get used to it, she does what she wants, if you want to keep her happy you will do as I say or she will cut you off completely.” “Please sir I don’t want that. can I please have a chance to fuck her when she gets back?” It was so pathetic, I almost felt sorry for him but it was not my problem and I said I would think about it. I decided to drop something else on him. I told him I would be fucking his wife bare and cuming inside her. They was a very long pause in his response, he did not expect that as he thought his wife always used protection. “Not this time” I told him “She is a black dick lover and she’s gonna go home to you with her pussy full of black seed.” “Are all the other guys gonna fuck her bare” he stammered. “No, but her new Daddy is” I told him, “she has agreed, not much you can do bout it, I am just telling you out of courtesy.” The next week was hell for the cuck with his wife denying him and he knowing she would be gang banged by men she did not even know.

The morning before she left for the airport she let him taste her pussy, it was pristine clean and untouched. When I picked her up at the airport she was dressed the way I instructed her to, with a minor adjustment (practical reasons). She was stunning and sexy when she got in the car I lifted her dress to see ‘my pussy’. “Spread them!” I ordered and she opened her legs to give me access to her married pussy. Traffic was pretty bad but fingering her sweet cunt as we weaved through traffic made the time past. It was moist wet and ready by the time I got to my place.

Two of the guys were waiting for me as I got to the house you could see their mouths open and lust in their eyes as I guided this horny wife though the front door. We wasted no time in fondling her, she was on heat, I could smell her cunt as she moaned in delight and the guys pawed and pulled at her clothes. The fingering I gave her in the car had already warmed her up.

After a glass of wine we quickly moved to the bedroom where the guys gave an all out assault on her body. She was soon on her knees slurping on my cock, it was such a contrast from the refined woman I picked up at the airport. She was about to be smutted out. Drops of pre cum coated her tongue and she relished the taste of my cock. I fucked her velvet mouth listening to her gag on the big black cock, her pretty blue eyes stared at me intently as I forced more of my cock in her mouth. The other guys started to grope her body telling her how sexy she was and what a fool her husband was for letting her out. She replied “My husband doesn’t do it for me or tell me whom to fuck. I only fuck BBC (Big Black Cock).” That seemed to excite the guys as they peeled their clothes off and jumped in bed with this hot wife. I grabbed my camera and begin to shoot. “Nooo” she stuttered as she tried to hide her face. “Don’t worry” I told her I wont show your face. “But your husband needs to see what kind a slut you are, why you wont fuck him any more show him what a whore you are for BBC.” That put a smile on her face.

She took the rest of her clothes off and hopped into bed. The first guy propped his self up on a pillow in a sitting position, she greedily scooted over to his dick and started to slurp away making those nasty sucking sounds. It sounded so far removed from what you would hear from this articulate slut. While she sucked her ass was gyrating and grinding, she obviously needed a dick in her cunt. The guy she was sucking started to tell her what a slut she was, telling her to suck harder and make spit get his dick wet, which she did oblige too. He began to fuck her face more intently, grabbing her hair and ramming his dick in and out her mouth. The other guy mounted her from behind licking and probing it with his tongue and fingers. With a little bit of spit she was primed. He rammed his dick in her pussy, there was a long wail of “Oh my god oh my god”, she pushed back on his thick dick and he grabbed her thighs and went to work. They where both talking to her dirty asking her if she liked being gangbanged by BBC, but at this point she was being so stuffed what ever she was saying was inaudible. Her cunt was making wet sounds and every time her mouth was free there was a hard cock slamming into it, which caused her to emit squeals. 20 Minutes later the 4th member of our crew arrived. She was in the throws of having and another orgasm with her legs spread open by 2 of the guys while she was being fucked. I motioned for him to come in “you got another dick, say hello to it” I barked at her. I don’t think at this point she was aware he was new. All she kept seeing was a BBC coming at her. She hungrily reached for the new dick and sucked it to life. Timid and reserved at first but now she was fucking and talking like a sailor who really enjoyed black dick it was a non-stop invasion. When one dick got limp another was there to replace it.

By this time she did not care about the camera so I handed it one of my buddies and hopped on the bed and said “Now you gonna ride daddy dick raw!”. I swear I did not have to use lube she was so wet. I pulled her hair and brought her face close to my lips and whispered “How does that feel slut?” “oh god” she silently said “Your cock is so big!” her eyes fluttered and she closed them tightly as she concentrated on the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as her cunt swallowed my Dick “Feels good raw doesn’t it?” I demanded “Yes, yes, so fucking good. Fuck me!” she shouted as I thrust in. My dick sank deeply into her hot cunt, “Push that dick into me! Further! Fuck, Fuck!” She was pumping her hips as hard as she could, our two bodies slammed together making wet slaps. I grasped tightly onto her breasts. One in each grip, my fingers squeezing her tits roughly. But she just kept pushing, jumping, fucking. “Slide it in”, she moaned, “Harder, harder, I’m Cumming. Fuck me, oh! Fuck me. FUCK ME!” I jabbed my dick into her pussy as far as it would go. She took it all and just gasped as it bottomed out. Her screams suddenly died to hoarse gasps “Oh god that was good”. Coming back to reality she dismounted and took a break, while the guys stood around waiting for another round.

After another glass of wine she was ready to fuck again. The last guy that came in was ready and he hopped on top of her sliding his long wet black cock back and forth all over her body. Her hands were caressing his balls as if they were precious gems moaning “I want your cum. Let me feel it shoot all over my breasts. “I’m Cumming.” he suddenly shouted. He sprayed his wad all over her belly and tits. He squirted about 4 shots into the air, splashing her belly, her breasts, and above her cunt, then one of the other guys that was jacking off to the show groaned “I am gonna nut soon”. We scrambled out of the way to give him room and he fed her his dick Grabbing her hair he glided in and out her mouth and then with a roar he pulled out did a couple hard strokes and erupted all over her tits. He too also had a huge load, her chest was like a glazed donut dripping with all that cum. “Where are my panties” she asked as she looked with pride at all the cum she coaxed out of the guys. I threw her panties to her. “You’re not done yet” I told her. “Oh I know” she said “This is for my hubby” as she wiped up all the cum dripping from her body onto the panties. I want him to see and smell all the cum I took today, she gleefully told us. These are gonna show him what a slut I am, We all laughed at her last comment.

“I want to see that huge cock cum in me” she said and pointed to my dick. So I handed the camera back to one of the guys and got inside her. She made several guttural sounds and adjusted to the incoming invasion. I guided my stiff dick into her waiting cunt. In and out my wet, slippery dick pumped into her cunt. Then one of the other guys took over inside her “That’s what you want slut?” he asked as he rapidly moved his hips back and forth-in unison with her head. While he pumped in and out, she licked my shaft and balls. I was nearing an orgasm and pulled back and jacked off while watching her fuck. After the hard pounding she collapsed on the bed and looked at me with her devious eyes and leaned up on her knees and stated to play with her clit and just said “Cum inside me!. Cream my pussy. Let me feel it shoot into my cunt” I pushed inside her and started pumping furiously. I grabbed her and pulled her close and I dumped my pulsating load in her married white pussy.

And as promised I dropped her off to the airport in time to be home for dinner with a story to tell her husband. The pic is a still from the video we took.

B Max

Submitted by: B. Max - NYC


December 14, 2010

DP for Alexis

Some piccies today from impressive Interracial mega site Black on Blondes. They have featured a huge amount of Hotwives in the past and in these ones you’ll notice one of HotwifeBlog readers Alexis Golden getting a good seeing too in the pictures from none other than Byron Long and his mate. Alexis loves a bit of anal, so here with two guys around she went a bit further with some DP. I don’t think she’s even been so full before. And her treat from these two bulls - a mouth full of cum. We love you Alexis.







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December 12, 2010

Pool Partner

A fantasy submission today from a hotwife.


This is a fantasy story My Husband and I created quite some time ago that he loves. We often talk it through when we are in bed together and it always makes him cum uncontrollably to think about it.

We are in a bar with a pool table. We are playing pool with a younger guy and I am flirting with him in front of my Husband by leaning over the table and brushing up against him as I walk past him. He is getting turned on by my flirting but is nervous as I am doing it in front of my Husband. At some point the younger guy goes to the bathroom. I follow him, leaving my Husband at the pool table.

In the bathroom I walk up behind the younger guy and whisper in his ear that I would like to suck his cock. He turns around with a surprise on his face and unbuttons his fly to see whether I would really do it. We are standing in the middle of the communal area of the bathroom and anyone could walk in at any time. I crouch down in front of him, spreading my knees wide, and never taking my eyes off his. I take his soft cock in my mouth and run my wet lips down the shaft. It becomes hard instantly. I cup his balls with one hand and start slowly moving my lips up and down his cock until I can feel it throbbing. Then I spit on the head and use my hand to rub the spit up and down the length. I spit, suck and rub faster and faster until he is moaning with pleasure. I go faster and faster, using both hands, until the spit is dripping off his cock and he doesn’t know where he is. I want him to cum as soon as possible. Faster and faster I go with my hands, my lips and my spit until he can bear it no more and I feel his cum start to explode out of his balls. I keep sucking his cock harder as I feel his cum fill my mouth. When my mouth is full I swallow it all and listen to the almost scream that escapes from his mouth. I laugh and wipe my mouth to make sure none went over the side.

Standing, I take another look at his face … his eyes are still closed and he is leaning back against the wall. I walk out quietly.

Back at the pool table I walk up to My Husband and kiss him so he can taste the cum of the younger guy in my mouth.

Submitted by: House Whore Wife

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