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October 13, 2010

My Wife’s Affair

Here’s a true story submission from a hotwife lifestyle experience that happened over 40 years ago. It’s interesting to see what life in the lifestyle would have been like then. I think it certainly would have felt strange to be a cuckold then and not having the Internet to share those feelings, wonder what those sexual desires were, where they came from and were you the only one to feel like that? A bet so many men kept it to themselves like Joseph in this story.


I worked for a truck body company in the 1960s. My wife would pick me up after work. Usually when she was waiting for me I noticed her spending a lot of time talking to our parts man. One particular night I overheard her jokingly asking him if he would take her out to supper. This flirting went on for several weeks. My feelings on this were a little confused. It should have been so wrong but something inside me was letting it continue.

One night, my wife told me she was going to bingo with some of the girls. It happened to snow that night and when I opened the shop up in the morning I noticed tire tracks going into the building. I had a closer look and could tell they were from our car.

So I knew what kind of bingo she was actually playing. But I said nothing to her. I just let it continue with a kind of sick fascination to the affair. It went on for about a month. Then one night after work I went to the local bar and saw the parts man having a drink in there. He noticed me straight away and looked very uncomfortable like he did not want to see me there. We made small talk and had a few drinks. After I asked him if he wanted a lift home but instead I drove to my house. He looked confused when we arrived. I just smiled at him, told him I knew everything and it was fine and told him to go inside and have a good time. I then went round to a friends house to let them have some fun. That night my wife didn’t say anything when I walked in, but he must have told her I knew. She just carried on as if nothing was wrong. It was strangely erotic to see her behave in this way.

The next day in work the parts man told me when he seen me walk in the bar he thought he was dead but got a very pleasant surprise he wound up fucking my wife. And he continued to do so throughout my employment with that company.

Somehow my boss found out about this affair and he too started spending time with my wife while I was at work. I knew nothing at first but then when I started getting a lot of overtime and given long business trips out, it didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. But he never knew that I knew what was going on.

The last company I worked with was more exciting, but that’s another story. Here’s a picture of my wife from just after we got married.

Josephs Wife

Submitted by: Joseph - Massachusetts - USA

5 Responses to “My Wife’s Affair”

  1. notact said:

    Great photo. Hope she’s still making you both “happy”.

  2. Adrian said:

    Mmmmm… I really enjoyed this one. Joe, are you still out in Mass? I live close by; maybe I can come *visit* with your wife sometime? If I may ask, what’s your email?

  3. Fred said:

    Nice that you could accept your wife in the arms of other men. I do hope that this worked out for the 2
    of you and for a long time. Always a pleasure to read a true story about a wife that is shared.

  4. drew said:

    Very nice story!! We live in Andover Mass, nice to hear you were doing this way back then!

  5. redrubber said:

    This is easily one of the best stories I’ve ever read even though there wasn’t alot of explicit detail. I sure hope you post a follow-up about the other company you worked with and what happened with your wife:)

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