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September 21, 2010

Meet Leslie

We have a brand new hot wife to say hello to today. Leslie and her husband Marc have been playing in this lifestyle for sometime now. They have been married for 18 years and have been having naughty fun for most of them. Leslie describes herself as ’sex-crazed’ and Marc, a ‘devoted cuckold husband’.

I’m really glad to have Leslie on these pages and I’m looking forward to posting a lot more of them in the coming months as well as the necessary intimate hotwifeblog interview. For now here’s some info from the couple themselves:

“Hi there-we are Leslie and Marc, a.k.a. LustCouple. We have been living the Hotwife Lifestyle for over 10 years now and are loving every minute of it..

We met in college and immediately were drawn to each other both sexually and emotionally. Leslie was a third-year undergrad at a large state university where Marc was a first-year grad student. Long story short, within one week of meeting, we were fucking like perverted rabbits and married within six months. Yes, it was just that quick and that unexpected and no, there has never been a genuine minute of regret. Sometimes in life, happiness just falls into our laps, if we’re really paying attention and receptive to possibilities! Given our compatible sexual personalities, shared sense of adventure and appetites for pleasure, we both consider ourselves very, very fortunate to have found each other. We think you’ll feel fortunate to have found us, too.

When weather permits, we are usually outside-gardening, taking walks, attending sporting events or just enjoying the sun and fresh air. Indoors, other than enjoying our favorite pastimes (wink), we tend to spend a good deal of time on the computer, renovating our home (a never-ending process) or cooking/trying new foods, wines or entertaining “special” friends. We are both hopelessly kinky exhibitionists. and love to play games that include interracial cuckolding, femdom play, fetish sessions, Marc taking stap-ons, facials, cum-play and loads more.

Married for eighteen years now, like most married couples, we spent our first few years together following along the same mundane, monogamous dance that society expects of all couples. After that, after we honestly shared and acted upon our deepest sexual desires with each other, a whole new world of love, life and sexuality opened to us! For more than ten years now, together we have explored all of the sexual pleasures that this life offers and we have enjoyed every step of the journey. Both bi, we love welcoming select singles, couples and groups into our sex lives-and we both get off watching one another enjoying these experiences. For us, our website is now a natural expression of that same sexually gratifying reality. We love each other, we love sex and we love sharing with our members the endless possibilities that exist for singles and couples willing to define and create for themselves their own sexual relationships.”


You can Visit Leslie’s site LustCouple by clicking here

4 Responses to “Meet Leslie”

  1. Ken said:

    Very glad to finally see Leslie on my favorite blog! I’ve subscribed to her site several time over the past couple years and she is fucking H-O-T!

    One of the best REAL amateur/cuckold sites I’ve found so far!

  2. Misty said:

    Uhm yeah…She is definitely a HOT wife! Can I just say, *YUM*!!

  3. Hoosier said:

    Like fellow poster, Ken, I belong to Leslie’s site and masturbate frequently to her there. Welcome to Hotwife Blog!

  4. jay stern said:

    very nice, love her! bbc queen!

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