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September 13, 2010

Meet Amy

I recently received these pictures from a hotwife I met a few months back. She was partying with me and Daisy round at my place and she asked if she could have one of my hotwifeblog tshirts, promising to do something naughty in it. I completely forgot about it until she hit my inbox with these photos taken at the weekend with a “Hope you like Trash” message. I called her straight away. Aparently her and her husband went shopping that day and picked up a sexy outfit for her to wear. She got all dressed up and was having a drink to calm her nerves as three bulls were on their way over to spend the night with her. She said she could barely walk the next day and those beautiful stockings were in shreds lol.

I asked her where the ‘rest’ of the pictures were and she said she was having such a good time she forgot to get the camera out again. I’m not sure I believe her just yet. I may have to see if I can get her to agree to post some more pictures on the blog.

Anyway for now meet Amy everyone. She’s going to be watching this post for comments so feel free to show your apprieciation of this fine hotwife.




6 Responses to “Meet Amy”

  1. Steve said:

    Those are great teasers. Hope to see more!!

  2. Axiom said:

    I can imagine her ample breasts under that tshirt after it’s been made wet. In fact, Trash I think you need to organise a Hotwife ‘Wet Tshirt’ competition! ;-)

  3. Joe said:

    Amazing body! Hotwife blog rules! and Amy you are stunning!

  4. Spurgeon said:

    Amy’s bulls are lucky men!

  5. Oskr said:

    hi there, im mexican may i meet you?

  6. Cuckolding Princess said:

    I really need to figure out how to get one of these shirts! If my cuckold is just a boyfriend will you still consider me a hotwife to get a shirt? lol Oh, and I love the collar. It would look good on my cuck.

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