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August 22, 2010

Birthday Present for K

Here’s another update, a true story from L about his gorgeous hotwife K.


About a month after her experience in our last post it was K’s birthday. As a special gift for her I arranged for this young bodybuilder to come over to help make sure it was a happy fulfilling birthday for her. While a little shorter than her, he was very strong and well endowed. They never left the living room and he fucked her from pillar to post over the space of a few hours! Another good buddy of mine was there and he videotaped the entire encounter (her first time) while I photographed. Of course, afterwards K sucked, rimmed, and fucked my buddy as a thank you while I got to watch.

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

You can read some more of Wife’s K’s adventures here:

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Dominant Bull

Submitted by: L - Virginia

3 Responses to “Birthday Present for K”

  1. slim said:

    The 4th pic is incredibly hot

  2. AV8R said:

    Post the video!!

  3. L (the hubby) said:

    Thanks for all the kind words about K. Hoping all the true stories and pics will prove just how hot she really is even though we’re not into the commercial end of things with a website.
    Wish I could post the video but it is way too large.
    Stay tuned for more of K’s adventures!

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