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May 30, 2010

Delivery Boy

True story submitted by Cindy from Pennsylvania.


A few weeks ago I was working at my computer in the lower level of our home when the sliding glass door unexpectedly opened. I knew my husband Dave was outside doing something and thought for certain it was him reentering the house. It was a Monday morning and Dave had just returned from dropping off our eleven year old at the bus stop. I was sitting at the desk facing the door and was clad in my robe only. The robe was loose at the top and my breasts were almost completely exposed. As the door closed, I called out Dave’s name and looked up only to find that it wasn’t Dave …. it was the Culligan man …. or rather the Culligan boy. I blushed, he blushed, and I pulled the top of my robe closed. Too late however, I knew he just had a peek at what I’ve always considered to be one of my best assets, my ample breasts. Seems that I’d forgotten that this was the Monday we were scheduled for our monthly water treatment delivery. This was a new delivery guy and I tried not to appear too flustered as I directed him to the room in which he was to place the water treatment equipment. He was young, tall and handsome, probably in his mid twenties. As he left, he had a difficult time making eye contact with me as he said goodbye, he was still blushing. After saying goodbye to Dustin (I noticed the name tag on his uniform), and closing the door behind him, I sat back down at the computer and realized that I was excited by the unexpected surprise visit. I found my mind wandering, what if? What if I had been sitting there in the nude? What if I had been really provocatively dressed? What if I were to have seduced him? Doing my best to remove these fantasy thoughts from my head, I wondered what Dave would have thought? At 42 years of age, 5′2″, 120 pounds with 36c breasts, Dave refers to me as his MILF, and has encouraged me to “explore” my sexuality and “enjoy” myself whenever the opportunity presents itself. Well, I knew what Dave would have thought. Hell, he would’ve probably encouraged me.

I closed the project I was working on, turned the computer off and went upstairs as Dave was coming through the front door. He had been in the garage working when the Culligan truck arrived and asked me if everything went okay downstairs with the delivery. I hesitated, but then thought what the heck, and told Dave that it was a new guy and that he caught me somewhat indisposed. Dave could tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t at all upset by the fact that this young stranger had caught me off guard and had seen most of my breasts. I decided to take it a bit farther and quickly fantasized to Dave that the next time, I’d be prepared and perhaps seduce the new guy. Dave’s reaction…”Go for it”.

Weeks passed and I had dismissed thoughts of my “Culligan man encounter” when again I spotted the delivery truck enter our rural driveway. Curious as to whether it was the same guy, I proceeded to open the lower level sliding doors to allow him access to the room housing the treatment equipment. This time, fully dressed, I greeted him. It was the same young guy, Dustin. I could tell by the look on his face that he clearly remembered the last time he was here. This time I paid a little closer attention to his appearance. He was tall, lanky, maybe 6′2″, clean and well groomed with a real boyish look. On several occasions as he was changing the equipment I caught him glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. As he handed me a receipt and exited the house to the driveway, I found my eyes trained on his lanky frame and again found myself fantasizing about a possible sexual encounter. With Dave gone for the day, I proceeded upstairs with a recently completed load of laundry in hand. Depositing the load of laundry on our bed for folding, I couldn’t help myself and reached for my favorite vibrator. I had to relieve the sexual tension I now felt between my legs. My imagination ran wild. I removed my slacks, slid my panties down and reclined on my back on the bed. As the vibrator Dave bought me hummed away on my clit, I imagined greeting Dustin at the doorway dressed only in thong panties, my black bodice and 4″ heels. I imagined closing the door behind him, pulling the drapes closed and telling him that the water treatment system was not the only thing that needed serviced. This was about as far as I got when my orgasm washed over me and my hips and abdomen shuddered to a very wet climax. God, how I wished Dave was there to finish the job. I needed his cock in me. Truth was I needed “a” cock in me.

Nearly four weeks passed and it was approaching delivery time again. I told Dave that I had seen Dustin again during his last delivery and that it appeared he was now our regular delivery guy. Remembering my initial comments regarding my fantasy to seduce him, Dave got that knowing little grin on his face and said “well, did you give him an opportunity to experience my MILF?” I laughed and said “No, but tomorrow is delivery time and who knows?” Sensing I was serious, he asked me what my plans were. I said I wasn’t certain, and I really wasn’t, but that if he was interested in seeing what unfolded, he should be in position at one of the lower level windows at delivery time the following morning. I should mention at this point, that this is not at all the kind of thing I usually do. I have had a number of extra-marital trysts over the last several years. All of which were with Dave’s approval and encouragement. Yes, encouragement. Me having sex with other men was and is his fantasy. At first, I was more than just a bit reluctant to fulfill that fantasy, but as time passed, the thought of having another man’s cock in me became more appealing and I found myself enjoying Dave’s fantasy of sharing me with other men. Now there have not been many, (not nearly enough according to Dave), and those lovers that I have taken were people that I came to know either professionally or were mutual friends of ours.

If I followed thru and made my “Dustin” fantasy a reality, it would be the first time I had sex with what could indeed be considered a stranger. That night in bed Dave sucked and licked my thick dark nipples, kissed me and slowly finger fucked me while I held my vibrator against my clit and fantasized aloud what I was going to do to Dustin and what I wanted him to do to me. As badly as I wanted Dave’s cock in me, I knew that if he fucked me he would cum in me and I wanted to be fresh in the morning so I insisted that I wanted to see him cum and asked him to masturbate with me and cum on my tits. I just love that. In no time I was cumming as Dave deposited his load on my quaking tits. After some recovery time he told me he was really looking forward to the “delivery” Dustin was going to make. So was I.

The following morning, no words passed between us regarding the Culligan man’s scheduled appearance. However, you could sense the sexual tension in the air as I disappeared to the bathroom and bedroom to prepare myself. Dave disappeared to the garage and I knew he was waiting there until the appropriate time. I can’t remember when I was ever this nervous and excited about the prospect of having sex with anybody. I dressed in my sexy black bodice and chose a pair of skimpy see-thru black lace panties. Adjusting the panties, I realized just how excited I was by the moisture forming in the juncture of my thighs. It was just about time. I pulled on a pair of 4″ high heels, my cum fuck me pumps, grabbed my short red silk robe and headed down the steps to the lower level of the house. As I sat staring nervously at the computer, wondering if I should really go through with this or for that matter if I could go through with this.

I heard the delivery truck in the driveway. God, what if it wasn’t Dustin? What if it was another delivery man? I glanced out one of the side windows and saw him. It was Dustin. As he disappeared from the driveway pushing his lift truck toward the walkway leading to the lower level, I tried to calm myself by taking several deep breaths. What would I do if he wasn’t interested? The potential for embarrassment was enormous. So was the excitement! As he approached the sliding glass door, I opened it and he entered pushing his lift truck. Knowing where he was going this time, he passed by me and I closed the door behind him, locking it and pulling the drapes closed. Hearing the drapes sliding shut, he paused and looked over his shoulder at me. He appeared somewhat confused as I took several steps toward him in my high heels and robe. Now about six feet away, I faced him and undid the sash on my robe. Spreading my stance ever so slightly and placing my hands on my hips, he now had a clear view of my breasts trying to escape the top of my bodice and my lace panties. Seconds passed that seemed like hours as he stood there, mouth hanging open, clearly wondering just what was going on. The moment of truth was here as I told him that we were alone and asked him if he was interested in servicing more than the just the water treatment equipment. Glancing at his crotch as his eyes wandered up and down my body, I knew by the instant bulge in the crotch of his delivery uniform that the answer was yes. As he parked his lift truck in the middle of the room, he asked if I was serious. I answered his question by walking up to him, encircling his waist with my arms and kissing him full on the lips. His response was tentative at first but within seconds his tongue entered my mouth and his hands went beneath my robe and were cupping and massaging the cheeks of my ass. As I ground myself against him, I could feel his excitement as his hardening cock pressed against my belly. God I was excited! I stepped back and allowed my robe to fall from my shoulders.

Looking at him, I turned full circle and asked him if he approved. He answered with an emphatic “yes” and stated that he didn’t have much time. With that I moved forward, lowered the top of my bodice, took both of my breasts in hand and offered them to him. He licked and sucked both of them. Moaning, I lowered my left hand to his crotch and rubbed his stiff cock through the front of his slacks. God, he was hard, and thick. He reciprocated by cupping my soaking pussy with one hand and squeezing my ass with the other as he licked my nipples. I was sure I had been this wet before, but at that moment I couldn’t remember when. I almost came as his fingers traced back and forth over my pussy. I dropped to my knees in front of him, undid his zipper, unbuckled his pants and lowered them to the floor. He quickly stepped out of them, kicked them aside and removed his shoes and socks. Again, I reached out and ran my hand over the bulge that was forming a tent in his boxer shorts. Lowering his shorts, he kicked them aside and his rigid cock was now bobbing in the air inches from my face. He was seven to eight inches long and incredibly thick. I couldn’t close my hand around it as I tugged him toward my waiting mouth. Although I tried, I couldn’t get more than two inches of him in my mouth. As I jacked the base of his cock with one hand, my free hand went to my pussy. Pulling the soaked crotch band aside, I rubbed my fingers in circles over my swollen clit and then easily inserted first one, then two fingers in my open pussy. God I was wet. My juices were running down the inside of my thighs.

Dustin moaned as I removed my mouth from the head of his rock hard cock and moved toward the couch. Standing in front of the couch, I removed my panties, turned to face the couch and while looking over my shoulder at Dustin, I placed both knees on the couch, leaned forward, spread my knees apart and invited him to take me from behind. I told him that I just had to feel him inside me as he approached from across the room with his cock in his hand. He positioned himself directly behind me and reached around to cup my swollen breasts. He lightly squeezed my nipples as I reached back and took him in my hand, guiding him to my opening. Preparing to take him, I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wetness and positioned him against my opening. “Do it”, I said, “put it in me and fuck me”. Both hands on my ass now, he slowly pushed forward against my opening and finally the thick head of his cock was in me. We both gasped, and time stood still as I took the opportunity to adjust to his thickness. Then I felt him press forward ever so slightly and another inch or two entered me as he lovingly squeezed and separated the cheeks of my ass. Again, he remained still to allow me to adjust to his girth but it was me who continued to move. My hips twitching involuntarily as my first orgasm rippled through my convulsing abdomen. He asked me if I was ready for more and I answered by pushing my ass back on his cock taking another two or three inches. God, I felt so full inside. He asked me if I was ready for the rest of it and all I could think to say as I looked over my shoulder at him was “fuck me….fuck me”. He began slowly at first, and then faster until soon I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. I had all of him in me now. The head of his cock was pushing against my uterus and I couldn’t stop cumming. The sensation of being this full was exquisite and I was screaming over and over “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck me hard, fuck me hard”. He sawed in and out of my wet pussy with an unrelentingly steady rhythm, his groin slapping noisily against my upturned ass. And then it happened, he began bucking into me even harder and moaning and I knew he was about to cum. Reaching back, I cupped and gently squeezed his balls, looking over my shoulder, conscious of my tits swinging violently from his steady pounding, I urged him on, telling him how much I wanted him to cum in me. At that moment I felt him go tense as he pressed himself deep into me, his cock swelling and jerking, splashing spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into my pussy as he groaned and struggled for breath. I came again feeling him release in me and at my urging he continued fucking me as his cock began to soften. God, I actually felt his hot cum spray the walls of my pussy. My hips continuing to twitch and my ass twisting back against him, on shaky legs now, I was still cumming, attempting to milk every last drop of cum from this incredible cock. Finally, the convulsions in my abdomen slowed and then stopped as his deflating cock slipped noisily from my cum-filled pussy. Out of breath, I quickly turned around and sat on the hand towel I had the foresight to place on the couch earlier. He was all smiles as he struggled to quickly put his pants on. I too was all smiles as I caught myself marveling at the size of his now flaccid cock as he pulled his underwear on.

Dave!… oh no… in my excitement I completely forgot that he intended on watching. Did he? What did he see? Still out of breath, the thought of Dave watching and now joining me here had me excited again. The only attempt I made to cover up was pulling one of the couch pillows over my lap as I sat there, my swollen breasts heaving, my nipples still hard, watching Dustin prepare to leave. As he walked out the door, the only words he uttered were “Thanks” and “Again next month?”. I looked at him and said “We’ll see”. With that he was gone. In another minute I heard the delivery truck exit the driveway.

Conscious of the copious amount of cum, both his and mine, now running freely from my pussy onto the towel, I attempted to retain as much of his cum as possible by pushing my butt forward on the towel, reaching down and placing a hand over my pussy and leaning back against the back of the couch. I could feel the hard nub of my clit against my palm and the heat emanating from within. Tilting my pelvis upward against my palm I realized just how much I was looking forward to having Dave’s hard cock moving in and out of the sloppy mess that was now my pussy. With a slow but steady rhythm, I was pushing my pussy upward against my hand realizing that I was actually going to give him the sloppy seconds we so frequently fantasized about.

With that, Dave came down the steps from the upper level of the house. He was nude with one of the largest erections I ever saw him have. He stopped at the foot of the spiral staircase, and with cock in hand, asked me if I had a good time. I just grinned and nodded my head. With a very large grin, I asked “Did you see it?”. He grinned in return and nodded, saying that so as not to be seen, he had to look through the side window by the picnic table and that “Ray Charles could have seen that you were having a good time”. I looked at him and his raging hard cock and felt that old familiar twitch between my legs as I spread my legs placing a foot on each of the small round coffee tables situated about three feet apart in front of the couch. Removing the hand from my pussy and pointing to my crotch I said, “Wanna see what a good time I had?”. Dave moved forward, his cock bobbing in the air in front of him, and dropped to his knees between my outspread legs. He reached forward and gently ran his finger up and down my open slit. My hips jerked forward, telling him that I was hungry for more. What a slut. God forgive me, I wanted to fuck, and be fucked again. Reaching down with both hands, I spread the lips of my pussy as he inserted one finger and then two, slowly pushing in and out. There was virtually no resistance as Dustin’s cum bubbled from my open, used pussy around the two fingers Dave slowly moved in and out of me. Standing now with his cock in his hand, I leaned forward taking him in my mouth. He told me how turned on he was from watching that big cock saw in and out of my pussy from behind. “You loved it didn’t you?”. I responded by moaning and shaking my head up and down as I licked and sucked him. “You’d like to fuck him again, wouldn’t you?”. Again I moaned around his cock and shook my head up and down. Removing my mouth from his cock, I looked up into his eyes and while working his cock with one hand and my swollen clit with the other, I admitted that I would like to do it again and that I loved the feel of his large cock. As I jacked his cock he moaned aloud as I went on to tell him that I was on the edge of cumming again at just the thought of that big cock forcing its way into my pussy. Dave moaned again, backing away from me with his cock in hand, watching me, staring down into my lust filled eyes as I my fingers pistoned in and out of my pussy, my hips twitching and my abdomen once again convulsing. I was there, announcing through clenched teeth that I was cumming.

“God, you really did enjoy that big cock didn’t you” Dave said. With ragged breath I answered with a throaty “Yes” and leaned forward taking him in my mouth once more. God he was hard. I could tell by his breathing that he wasn’t far from the edge. The thought of my husband’s cock entering my cum-drenched pussy, cum deposited there by another man, the thought of his cock moving in and out of the slushy mess had me wanting still more. Looking up at him as I held his swollen cock in my hand, I turned and repositioned myself on my knees in front of him and said “Fuck me Dave”…. “Fuck me now”…. “Cum in me”…. “I want your cum to mix with his in my pussy”…. “Take me from behind just like he did”…. “You want that don’t you?”…. “You want your wife’s used pussy”. Jerking his cock slowly back and forth, Dave groaned in lusty anticipation. Reaching back with both hands, I spread myself open knowing that he had to see Dustin’s cum oozing from my opening. “Do you see how open I am for you, do you see how his big cock stretched your wife’s pussy”? Looking over my shoulder I urged him to “Take me, take me now”. Dave surprised me. I thought he’d move forward and ram his cock into my waiting pussy. Instead, he went to his knees behind me, leaned forward and pushed his tongue into my upturned ass. He knows this drives me wild. As he licked and tongued my ass, I continued rolling and fingering my hard clit… I was almost there… again.

Standing now with his cock in hand I felt him rubbing the head up and down over my waiting pussy, spreading and smearing the leaking fluid over the head of his cock. He entered me slowly and with no resistance until I felt his groin pressed tightly against my ass, holding himself there until at my urging he began to saw in and out of me. Looking back between my legs as I fingered myself I could see his balls dripping with Dustin’s cum, could see it pooling on the towel between my knees as his cock forced it to run from me. God forgive me, I’ve never felt this depraved or wanton, but at that moment I wished that Dustin was still there. Wished that I could take his thick cock in my mouth again as Dave fucked me. The thought of fucking both of them, of both of them fucking me, taking turns, alternating between my mouth and my pussy, licking and playing with my swollen breasts, and filling me with endless amounts of hot cum had me right on the edge. Looking over my shoulder again, I urged Dave to fuck me harder as he rubbed a wet finger in circles over the clenching bud of my asshole. Whimpering I pushed back against him. “Yessss…I want that”, “I want it all”. As he slowly and gently inserted his finger deep in my ass, I went wild. It was at that point that I verbalized my lusty thoughts about Dustin, about my desire to fuck both of them, to have them take turns fucking me. “Would you like that?”, I asked. “He wants, wants to… to come back; he wants to… to fuck me again”. “Would you like… like me to… to make that happen, would you like to share, share my pussy with him, to watch his big cock… watch it stretch me and make me cum?” We were both on the edge, and the wet noise coming from my pussy as Dave groaned and slammed himself in and out of me was just too much. I was cumming… cumming again as I felt Dave go tense behind me, felt his cock swell and twitch inside me as he grabbed me by the hips, pulled me back against himself and held me there while he emptied his balls in my used pussy. As Dave’s cock slid from my pussy, we both moved forward onto the couch. Breathless, lying there on our sides, Dave directly behind me, pressed up against my back with an arm draped over me and a hand cupping my left breast. Dave nuzzled and kissed my neck and cheek. We exchanged “I love you’s” and remained motionless attempting to regain our breath. We remained in that position for about an hour with not one word spoken regarding what had just transpired.

Dustin Delivered - Now What?

The balance of the day evolved as most other days. I set about housework and business as usual while Dave busied himself with cutting firewood and working on mountain stone walkways at our pool deck. Our son was away spending the day and the coming evening at a friend’s house. Throughout the day I had reoccurring thoughts about what had transpired and on more than one occasion felt a growing sense of remorse over what had happened, frequently wondering if things would ever again be the same between Dave and I, wondering, but not knowing for certain what Dave thought or for that matter what I thought. To a great extent I dreaded the coming evening when we both went to bed. I wanted to talk about my mixed feelings and my growing feelings of regret and guilt with Dave, but elected to hold off.

Late that evening, Dave made steaks on the grill and we shared a quiet meal chatting about everything but, what I was certain, was on both our minds, certainly mine. Dave volunteered to do the dishes and clean up as I announced that I was going to prepare for bed. As I showered, my second one of the day, images of the forenoon’s adventure flashed through my mind. As I lathered my breasts, my thick nipples hardened as I recalled the vision of Dustin leaning forward taking them in his mouth as I offered them up to him in my cupped hands. My hands traveling down my body to the juncture of my thighs. Closing my eyes I couldn’t clear visions of his thick cock bobbing in front of my face as my soapy fingers found my hardening clit. No, I thought, what’s come over me? This isn’t right and I can’t allow this to happen, not again, not now. It didn’t work. I was lost. Lost in the lusty thoughts of the day as I raised one foot to the edge of the tub. I had to do this, just once, real quick, and then I could rethink everything. As I closed my eyes and steadied myself with one hand on the shower wall, I inserted one, then two fingers of my other hand into my pussy. Surrendering to visions of fucking Dustin and then Dave, I was oblivious to the mewling sounds coming from deep within me and the steady slapping cadence of my palm against my pussy as I gave myself up to the visions parading through my mind. I never heard Dave enter the bathroom and was unaware of his presence till he slid the shower door open. There he stood, naked, his hard cock in hand as he stared at me. I couldn’t stop. My fingers continued their maddening pace as I watched his hand on his cock. Apparently, he’d been listening outside the bathroom door. “Forgive me Dave”, I said, “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t, but I need this”.

Reaching out, he grabbed my wrist, removing my fingers from my pussy. Turning off the water he helped me out of the shower, picked me up soaking wet and shaking, kissed me and carried me out of the bathroom, down the hall and placed me on our bed. I wasn’t certain what to expect. Well, maybe I was, as he placed me on my back, spread my legs and lowered his mouth to mine, kissed me passionately, licked and sucked my nipples and then trailed downward to my wet, wanting pussy. Looking up from between my legs, his arms outstretched with a breast in each hand, he said, “Its okay, everything is fine”. “I know you’re wrestling with thoughts about everything that happened this morning”. “I need you to know that I love you and that what happened this morning didn’t just happen to you, or just because of you, it happened to and between us, and that makes it special”. “I know that you fear that you enjoyed what happened “too much” and that in some way, that in itself made it wrong.” “Believe me, that’s because it was something we shared and enjoyed together, it can’t be wrong”. “Anything shared and enjoyed between two people in love can’t be wrong”. “Do you love me?”, he asked. “Oh yes,” I responded. “I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed what happened this morning,” he said, “I know you did”. “I’m also certain you know that I too enjoyed it”, he said, “Am I correct?” “Yes” I said, “on both counts”. “Now”, he said as he lowered his mouth to my pussy, “tell me what thoughts were running through your mind in the shower”. As he repositioned himself, cupping my ass in his hands, I spread my legs as far as possible and tilted myself upward into his face and was greeted by his tongue spearing up and down thru the folds of my pussy. “Oh Dave”, I said, “are you sure you want to hear it?” “Yes”, he said, “everything”. “I was thinking about you:, I said. “And Dustin?”, he asked. “Yes…. both of you”, I said. “You were both there, I was…was sucking Dustin’s cock and… and you… were doing, you were doing what you’re doing now”. I was having a difficult time with this and then I decided, what the hell, and I gave in to the moment once again. “I was on my knees, you were behind me eating me and Dustin was sitting on the bed directly in front of me”. With that Dave moved me onto my side and got behind me. Raising one leg in the air, he rubbed the head of his cock over my pussy and slowly inched it forward, entering me. God, he was so hard again. “Do you wish this was Dustin’s cock in you?” Role play I thought, and excitedly I responded “Only if you were here and were going to fuck me too”, I said. “Would you do that?, would you… would… would you fuck me too”?, I asked. “Oh yes, baby, you know I would”, he said. “Oh Dave, would you… would you fuck me again after you know… after he… after he came in me? God I love that, knowing that your cock… that you were… that your cock was covered, just covered with his cum. God Dave I’m going to cum, this is all too much. I’m cumming thinking about it. Oh fuck, yessss, I’m cummming”. Dave held me close and didn’t move while I came on his cock.

What a loving husband to allow me this level of ecstasy. Raising me to my knees, he lowered his face to me from behind and passionately kissed and licked the cheeks of my upturned ass. In an attempt to give him greater access, I lowered my upper body and face onto the mattress. He immediately trailed his tongue down the crack of my ass and began licking and probing at my asshole. God it felt good and I told him so. He responded by spreading the cheeks of my ass with both hands and forcing his tongue deep inside. I reached back and started playing with my clit. I was on fire again. Dave backed away and slowly inserted a finger in my pussy. “So”, he said, “Dustin indicated he wants to come back - Would you like that?” I was reluctant to answer, fearing he may not like what I had to say. I responded anyway and indicated that although it was incredible fantasizing about the two of them with me at the same time, if I did arrange for a return visit, I wanted it to be just Dustin and I. I tried to explain that I’d be willing to share “all the juicy details” with him, and that I was certain I’d be less inhibited if it were just Dustin and I fucking one on one. Dave groaned a muffled “yesss” as I looked back and saw his hard cock in his hand once again. I decided to take it a bit further. I told him that I liked knowing that he was watching. Watching me play with that big cock, and watching him play with my pussy and suck my nipples. Dave now repositioned himself on his knees behind me placing his cock against my pussy. I could feel the mini convulsions beginning again in my abdomen as I spun yet another role play fantasy. Raising up now and looking back, I told Dave I wanted him to watch as Dustin forced that big cock into me stretching my pussy, watch him make me cum and fill me with his sperm. Now looking Dave squarely in the eyes, I said to him “Dustin, I need your cock, please do it, put it in. I need to feel you deep inside”. With that Dave began to slowly enter me. “Oh God yes, oh, slowly, easy, yes, a little more. Oh God, it’s so big, more, easy, Oh God yes… that’s it… oh, you’re in me all the way. Oh God hold it there… I’m cumming… I’m cumming… and I was indeed. I was convulsing from head to toe, my breasts quaking and shaking beneath me. Now fuck me Dustin. Fuck me hard. I need your cum. I need you to fill me. I need to feel it again.” With that Dave began fucking me as hard as he’s ever fucked me and I came again as he emptied himself inside me. With that we both fell forward struggling for breath, kissing, laughing, and hugging. I looked at Dave and said “God that was fun”.. I wish we had discovered this some time ago”. Dave responded by lovingly inserting a finger in my dripping pussy and saying “now certainly is better than never”.

“Hmmmm”, I said reaching down and squeezing his flaccid cock. “Looks like Dustin will be doing an encore”.

Submitted by: Cindy - Pennsylvania

7 Responses to “Delivery Boy”

  1. friendlyman said:

    Loved this story… very nice

  2. MOON said:

    great job Cindy… Dave should been eating you right after Dustin left, cant leave you dirty like that.

  3. notact said:

    I thought “Culligan” was suppose to make things “soft”? lol

  4. Andy said:

    Wow…that was an incredible story Cindy. Very erotic, detailed and hot. I loved it and pleasured myself to it a few times. If you ever write a follow up, please post it.

  5. Lisa said:

    Cindy this was an amazing story and what made it better was that it was true. I got really turned on and found myself wishing it were me that Dustin was doing. I have fantisized more than once about doing the exact same thing, tho not with the culligan man, but with the direct tv guy.

  6. mickbuely said:

    hi there every one - hope yous had a good xmas - iv blew 3 months of dieting in one day ha , all the best for 2012 -

  7. Mike said:

    WOW Cindy!!! That was a great story. The descriptions of Justins dick going into you and your husbands reaction…and yours…Loved that you were so excited about mixing their cum and taking a strangers dick…AND being true makes it that much more exciting!
    I once had a girlfriend who would fuck other guys every so often and it was such a turn on for me to know another guy had just been in her. She absolutely LOVED dick, mine or somebody elses’ and I loved it when she’d let another guy in her…
    Thanks for sharing both yourself and the encounter…
    I’m loving the notion that you live somewhat near me (I live in South Jersey) and that that went on somewhere closeby…
    Please, do Justin (or somebody else) again and, by all means, share again with us!

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