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May 24, 2010

Molly’s Breeding

Message from hotwife Molly Mormon and what she’s been up to.


When you meet a guy for the first time, you always wonder just how really good the performance is going to be. Well, I don’t think this guy had been laid for two months, because he turned me every way but loose! He slapped the meat to me like only a few have done before. I’ve got to have this guy come back! Besides, I did promise him my fine ass! He pumped me so hard from behind that he made me gush all over the floor… No one has ever made me do that before, it was fantastic! I usually only gush when I’m riding cowgirl, so what a surprise it was when it started pouring out of me, bent over the bar! He bred me like he was Sea Biscuit and shot a huge load that I hope you can see running out while he was still pumping it in. After he left, my husband got so horny watching us, that I got his fine, wickedly curved cock as well. Damn, two cocks for Molly in one day! I just love a good breeding, don’t you??

Kisses, Molly







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  1. Feakland said:

    Dear Molly
    A wonderful woman like you deserve the best and I am really glad you find a lover who brings that best to you. Keep going on lovers, keep more fantasy and pleasure in your wonderful life.

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