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May 22, 2010

Shy Wife

A recent letter submitted to me by a new hot wife from Arizona. Thanks for posting Shywife, you have the full support of me and my readers.

Hotwifeblog readers please post in the comments to welcome this lovely hotwife to our community.


I don’t know where to go - no matter how hard I look on the Internet - I find NO support sites for the “hot wives” who are new to this lifestyle. My husband has had this fetish since the day we got married. On our honeymoon he was BEGGING me to go find another man. It took me several years to get over the shock and rejection, it may sound weird, but it hurt me so much that he wanted to “share” me. I would agonize over it and cry over it. I just couldn’t understand how, if he LOVED me, how could he want me to be with other men. He said it would “bring us intimacy” and I was scared he would divorce me if I didn’t. Everytime we made love he would bring it up. Say I needed to “find someone else to do this with in the afternoons” It drove me mad.

Finally, after I had had it up to my ears with his pleas and demands etc - FINALLY - something snapped inside me. I figured, fine, I am completely unsatisfied with our love life anyway, so maybe I can find some “hot stud” who will make me have butterflies and since I have my husband’s blessing and encouragement, I might as well. I had always been such a “good girl”. My husband had been my 4th sexual partner in my whole life when we married. I had always been very shy and never been one to date or have many boyfriends. I had never even had a one night stand. I had always prided myself on being chaste and a good loyal wife so it was so hard and so confusing to me that most other men would LOVE that trait about me and I married a man who wanted me to… well… go out and date, instead of stay in and clean the house, make dinner and take care of him.

As I look back, I see how very lucky I am that I did Marry a man who wants me to have my freedom. He loves me more than I have ever been loved, dotes on me, brings me coffee in the morning, makes me breakfast - he is the most wonderful husband in the world. I would never, could never ever leave him. So, finally after several years of me screaming NO, crying, being so confused and hurt, I finally met someone. I was lucky because he was a nice boy, but he was too young for me and I ended up realizing I was just a “Cougar” to him and I stopped the “relationship” after only a few months (much to his disappointment and my husband’s disappointment).

So, now, I have decided that I am OK with this lifestyle and am ready to pursue it but I am having such an incredibly difficult time doing so, it is almost driving me crazy. I am so sick of being judged and harassed and made to feel weird or feel as though I need to defend my husband. Every man I have met online/in person (no other “boyfriends” yet - simply met a few men as potentials) all of them, when we meet, their jaws drop and ALL OF THEM say something along the lines of “HOW COULD YOUR HUSBAND SHARE YOU? IF YOU WERE MY WIFE I WOULD TIE YOU TO MY BED AND NEVER LET YOU LEAVE” ETC. When I hear those comments, I go right back to where I was a few years ago (heck, a few months ago) to the same question - They are right! HOW COULD HE SHARE ME! And I get so upset and so frustrated and don’t know where to turn. Then, I come to a website like this, and I see how the people are respectful and I know that none of the “true” members on this site would judge me or my husband.

It is a subculture that the mainstream narrow minded people are not able to handle. They don’t understand that it takes the only the truest definition of a “STRONG” “SECURE” man / marriage to allow his wife this gift. I just wish I knew of a place to find “bulls” who were respectful of my boundaries and understand that we are not into this lifestyle to humiliate my husband. He doesn’t even want to be part of anything in the bedroom, doesn’t want to watch, or be a 3rd or anything. He just wants me to go out and have fun, and that, brings him pleasure.

I don’t know if this is the right place to send this but I am at my wits end and done with being judged or feeling weird or alienated. I just want to be part of this community and know that there are some men out there who will respectful and understanding of my situation. I simply wanted to thank you for putting this website up so that I could see that there are others in my situation and are not beating themselves up or feeling “weird”. I just wish I could find “friends” who are supportive of this lifestyle.

Thank you.

Submitted by: ShyWife - Check Out Her Hotwife Dating Profile Here

14 Responses to “Shy Wife”

  1. Ethan said:

    Shy Wife’
    Your boundaries need to be clearly communicated and you don’t need to worry that you are part of a small minority, maybe even of the users of this board. If you are clear about what you want and people sicerely tell you they will accept your baoundaries, then you are all set. If you have any doubts, or don’t like people’s responses, don’t follow up. You are in charge and it doesn’t really matter what other people think.
    Good luck,


  2. drew and lisa said:

    Shyw, it took us quite awhile meeting men and exploring potentially finding the right bull. after about a year we found our guy, he still is a part of us and just last week he was over to fuk lisa 2 times while i watched. he is a keeper. i have accepted and watched 4 other men with my wife, however our current man has been visiting us and fuks her regularly. he is her only man on the side for a long time. take your time finding the right man for YOU. peace…

  3. Bob said:

    Your husband wants to share you because he does love you and wants to be a part of making you even happier than you are. He will get his pleasure, by helping you get more pleasure. That is his sacrifice for you. Embrace his love for you, and you might just find out that it’s the lifestyle that will help to strenghten your love for each other, and yopu might just enjoy the increased pleasure that you will find.

  4. Shy Wife said:

    Thank you all for your kind words! I feel SO much better now after writing out my troubles and fears. I am feeling so much more confident and excited to embrace this lifestyle! I have the BEST husband in the world to allow me this gift. I love him MORE and MORE each day and realize that it is just the fear of the unknown which is scaring me. Thank you all for your wonderfully kind comments! Muah!

  5. Lucianna said:

    I wanted to comment on shy wife’s blog because it describes me to a tee, and it was really good to know someone else felt exactly how i did and that it all worked out for her because i am trying to embrace the lifestyle now with an open mind and these blogs help so much.

  6. f said:

    Let me throw this out there as a casual visitor to this site. Shy Wife and Lucianna, it sounds to me as though you are trying to hard to make this happen. From the outside looking in, this is lifestyle is not for you, and that’s OK. It’s not for everyone. Shywife in particular, from what you say, you have more doubts about this and seem to yearn for a monogomous relationship. That’s what you should have. I just see this ending badly for your relationships if you continue to put yourself in situations that you are not comfortable with and have the feeling of not being the exclusive partner with your husband. Best of luck

  7. Congrats said:

    Shywife, you and my wife are very much the same. She would never actually go through with this fantasy of ours… if she wanted to, I would allow it. However, I do not leave her feeling empty either. We use the “talk” to get things going between us. She is rather prudish and very concervative, so just her role playing with me brings things to the next level. Like F Said - this type of lifestyle should bring you too closer and be something that you both experience and get pleasure from, not just pawn you off to get satisfied. Maybe play it up a little and pull the ole chasity trick - make him promise to NOT masturbate, then after a few days of egging him on, tell him that you had an dream you want to tell him about… have him get into bed and make up a story of you having sex with other men, if that does not get him in the mood… LOL Good luck!

  8. George said:

    We are from India - I let it happen - so I guess anyone can, as we are in a very conservative society. With the right settings and an experienced man, any shy wife would happily spread her legs.

  9. Feakland said:

    Shywife, your husband loves you so much that he wishes what is the best for you. He wants you to be open to something new, to expend yourself to the greatest. It is quite scarying sometimes to quit our comfort zone but it has to be to achieve a new level in life. He said it would “bring you intimacy” and it is, more and more as you understand his wishes for you and take steps for it. He’s a wonderful husband and you are a more and more wonderful wife. He’s so lucky!

  10. Andy said:

    Thank you very much for sharing your story, it makes one feel “not so alone” and not so weird. I love my wife too, and hope she takes to this lifestyle as well, you have given a person hope in any case that any person can enjoy this freedom, not just “the strange ones”, which is how most people make one feel, thank you. I too am tired of being judged. Good on you.

  11. CaptainNeo said:

    Dear ShyWife,

    Me and my wife is in this lifestyle more than 8 years by now. I am pretty sure that she will never ever do this if I had not encougared ( maybe better to say insisted) her to enter this lifestyle.

    Up to now she’s been with 50 men. Non of them had a bigger dick than I have. But she always enjoyed.

    From the beginning she never allowed other men to cum inside her. But last year she started to allow them to fill her pussy with their cums. Oh god, I cannot describe how exciting to enter in her “cum filled pussy” with my hard rock big dick.

    At the beginning she always wanted my precence during her fucking sessions. I had to encourage her to do it sometimes alone. Some years later she accepted to fuck in bedroom while I am in living room. And always rushed to come to me after fucking to finish with me. We always had big orgasms together.

    By the time she agreed to go alone to fuck with another man and rushing back home with car to finish with me.

    It is so exciting to wait her at home to come back knowing that she is nicely fucked.

    Last year it was her first time to let the guy to cum inside her while fucking at bedroom and I was in living room. She came living room some with “white drops” dripping from her pussy and jumped on me to sit on my rock hard cock. Oh god I love this women. She knows how to make me happy. It was one of the greatest orgasms in my life.

    And last year very unexpectadly she met a guy in a party. From her lookings I understand that she found him hot. It was the first time happening. Before it was different. She was chatting some months before getting warm to somebody. But this time at first sight she liked him. Even though she did not name it I could see it from her eyes.

    To make the story short we invited him home. She did not wait much to start seducing the guy. I felt the guy was a bit reluctant of my precence. So I excused myself to go to sleep and left them at living room.

    After half an hour or so ( beliving that I felt asleep), I started to hear moans kisses and extasy breaths. We have been in this lifestyle more than seven years and she had 40 men before him and had lots of lots of hot nights. But this time was really different. My wife was moaning like a wild cat. I had never heard her moan so loud. And she had a big climax with a very loud scream. After a few minutes she came naked and with her pussy filled with his cums. She jumped on me and kissed kissed and kissed whispering to my ears how wonderful husband I am. And not even waiting me to come she went back to him. After a few minutes same sounds. Loud and hot. In a very short time she had her second orgasm. Than third than fourth…..

    Unbelievable…. She was having serial orgasms with this guy. This had never happened before. ( and never happened after him with 10 orher men).

    Making the story short in 8 years having sex with 50 men she had only this guy gave her multiple orgasms.

    And one day she confessed that he is the second guy after me really delivering her deep orgasms.

    After that night we met this guy for mfm’s or sometimes she went his place or sometimes he came to our place to fuck her in precence of me or without my precence.

    Unfortunately he is not living in our town. Therefore this cannot be as frequent as she likes. I wish he would be fucking my wife if possible every day.

    Please do not misunderstand us. This does not mean that the other 49 men were not good. They were also great lovers and and great studs. She had a lot of extacy with them also. But she alwyas needed me to finish her after fucking any guy.

    The difference with this guy is that she did not need me to finish her. The guy is really making her exhausted…. ( which is great. I had always dreamed her one day to meet such a guy. and finally it happened.)

    So what I recommend shy wife. Do not hesitate. Take the step. It may not be as great as you fantasise. Do not be discouraged. Go ahead. Try the next guy. I am pretty sure one day you will meet the right stud and have greatest orgasms of your life.

    And don’t forget. Life is not that long. Every single day without great sex is reaaly a loss.

    Take my word shy. And just go for it. make yourself and your loving hubby happy.

    Wish you best luck in your new lifestyle.

  12. John said:

    I my wife said she would be my hot wife and be there for anything I wanted. Does this mean that she will suck or f**k someone with me.

  13. Fajar said:

    Hi rachel your pitrcues are pretty hot can you please email me some more so then i can decide to meet you and fill you with my warm load if you’re in kent. Xxx

  14. Tommy said:

    I’m a husband that shares my wife. It has brought us closer together. The question is do you enjoy being shared? If yes does your husband enjoy sharing you? If yes the go for it you don’t live but once and life is short.
    At one time I would never believe I could enjoy the idea of another man having sex with my wife. It wasn’t a fantasy of mine.But when it happened it turned me on. I’ve always loved my wife enough to do anything she wished. I would give my life up for her. I share her out of love. If you both enjoy it it’s right for you. Enjoy it

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