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May 20, 2010

Condom Drinking Wife

A video clip for you today to show you a niche fetish from Hotwife Marion. One of her specialties and loves in life is to have her Bull’s fuck her and then hand her their used condoms which she then proceeds to empty into her hungry mouth.

Marion is once again showing us her extreme levels of hotwifedom and why she is known simply as the Cum Drinking Wife.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife
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3 Responses to “Condom Drinking Wife”

  1. Hoosier said:

    I discovered and joined Marion’s site a few years ago and have been masturbating to her faithfully ever since. I happen to understand Deutsch as well, which also heightens my satisfaction. But I especially love her long dark hair.

  2. Marques said:

    Hi there I love theses hot white wives. I have been with more married women than single. I live in Miami and Las Vegas. I have the best sex from them. swingers, and normal cheating women. I guess the ruch of it. Being a Black guy. I love it

  3. Feakland said:

    Marion is really an amazing and wonderful woman. The one we love and cherish. I love her.

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