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May 18, 2010

Wife Going Solo

Cuckold Place Update

Going Solo

Hello there ladies, cucks, bulls, wannabe’s, and creepy guys pretending to be one of the aforementioned! Let’s jump right into our true story shall we?

First a brief history… Around this time last year my girlfriend, whom I live with and intend to be with for a very very long time, and I started fooling around with the idea of playing with other couples. It progressed into MFMF play, and somewhere along the way a single guy snuck in for a few vigorous MFM romps. Lately it’s settled into a steady couple friend that we see every few weeks at best (work / school / life priorities). What started at my behest has been progressing away from our original motivation; Daddy (that’s me) sometimes feels like he should turn his girl out, and despite this she (my gf) will very happily do it because Daddy said so.

About two months ago Mrs. HBT was at home wet and ready while I was stuck at work. She wanted to fuck and the best I could do is contact our couple friend who, because they were both off from work, were free in the afternoon. I arranged for them to meet the Mrs at the house an hour before I got home and then contacted the Mrs to let her know. The idea of her on her own TOTALLY turned her on. We talked about her calling me during my drive. We talked about what I wouldn’t be able to stop since I wouldn’t be there. Sadly the plans fell through and haven’t come to pass yet, but I would find out later that it was a seed.

A month ago her and I were talking and she confided that she had been crushing on a new friend of hers which led to us discussing the possibility of her fooling around with him, and maybe taking it further than fooling around. While she was out with him that night, reportedly just to hang out, my mind wandered as it tends to, and the “what if she is…” rush started to hit me and really turn me on. I texted her and let her know and she replied. She liked him but said that she wasn’t sure if it was going anywhere. It was doubtful. When she got home she told me she had given him a peck tonight, and that while joking around he had bitten her shoulder during a playful exchange of roughhousing which had left quite a large bruise. Now with her home our talk turned to the steamy, which turned into me fucking her. What happened next nearly made my head explode….

When she whispered in my ear, “okay, so he really bit me while we were in his truck fooling around and I told him ‘no marks’ but I wanted something only you would see” I nearly came. Needless to say as she retold the details of what was her first solo experience with a guy of any kind since we’ve been together, I pounded her harder and harder from behind, pulling her head back hard by her hair, pulling her onto me by the shoulders until she bottomed out on me. I came in her with a loud release of built-up energy from stroking myself for hours without release before she came home.

Some time the next day she confided that she didn’t expect it, but the idea that I was home letting my imagination run, stroking myself waiting for her, was a huge turn-on. Knowing these guys, and in fact enjoying their company, made the prospect of fucking them so much hotter for her. So much so that she wanted to explore it more. Wanted to do it again. With some reservation I agreed because it was a huge turn-on despite making my stomach flip-flop regularly the whole time. But it’s impossible to argue with the results.

Over the past month or so she’s fooled around with a few guys but until recently really hadn’t made any decent connection with someone she was willing to do more than make-out with and dry-hump. Until recently…

Three days ago she let me know that her new friend was going to take her out to dinner. A date. My cock instantly swelled inside my pants, uncomfortably confined. I encouraged her to see where it would lead, and was encouraged by, “I hope it leads to him fucking me.” We talked about how she would approach things. Should she lie and say she was cheating? Should be truthful and tell him everything? We both agreed that we have nothing to hide, that he would get the full story, and if he’s down for a friendship with side benefits, but nothing more serious than that, then great. “If not, then we’ll go dutch on dinner and call it even.”

Over the next 24 hours my head was all over the place with the possibilities. Her newfound enthusiasm has really increased the hotness of everything. As hot as it’s been to watch her take strangers’ cocks, the sly sparkle in her eye as she fucks with my head has been unbelievable.

On the day of the date I texted her to find out if she was excited and she said “totally”. I was instantly hard at work when I asked her, “are you wearing panties or no?” and she replied with, “it’s up to you, Daddy.” I can’t imagine not being involved in some way, and dressing / shaving my play-thing with the intent of surprising someone always turns me on. I’m proud to see her confident and slutty, which isn’t meant to imply that she’s ever been shy and mousey, but it’s a different confidence and it’s amazing to see her. I sent her off with a kiss and a couple of well-placed condoms in her purse. As she walked off I asked if she could text me during the evening to keep me updated, and if she was going to fuck him if she could try to call me and leave the line open. She said, “we’ll see.”

Time passed…. An hour into dinner I receive a text. “Love you”. I reply immediately: “Love you too baby!” and add “I assume you’ve told him the stuff and since I haven’t heard otherwise, he’s down?” A half hour later a reply: “You assume correctly. I tried to call but have no signal.”

Time passed…. Over the next two hours I heard absolutely nothing from her. No replies to a few questions. I texted “does he know you’re not wearing panties? If he doesn’t you should let him know” and still nothing. It’s nearly impossible to describe the utter pain and pleasure I was experiencing. A blend of excitement and terror that she might currently be riding him, moaning, and feeling him deep inside her. I shivered with the cold rush of adrenaline that I’ve become familiar with ever since she started going out on her own. For hours my rock hard cock was all I had to keep me company. I hated her for torturing me and not keeping me in the loop. I cursed that it really isn’t THAT hard to send a text. I loved every minute of it and loathed my own desire to endure it. I wanted her fucked and home. I wanted to be there.

Then a call…. She calls and tells me that they’ve just then left the restaurant and are headed “around the corner”. She tells me “he wants to fuck, bad” and I’m thrilled. To this day I don’t know if they found a parking lot, an alley, or what, but she tells me, “he pushed me against the car in the garage and I felt his cock, it’s big” and I’m shivering again. She tells me she wants him and that she’ll be home in a bit. As she asks me, “are you okay?” I quickly stammer out, “oh I’m great… can you leave the line open? Just put your phone in your purse maybe?”

To my surprise she agrees! I’m stroking myself knowing full well that she gave me one rule, and that was not to cum until she was home. Over the next however-many minutes I listen to the action unfold, clear as day. I nearly cum 3 or 4 times and have to let go of my cock like a live wire. As it ends I’m sure what’s happened, what she’s done, what he did, and I just want her home. I tell her, “you need to come home, now, and I need to fuck you.” What she didn’t know at the time was that I managed to stagger across the room to my computer and make this:

Download mp3 recording of phone call here

As she was pulling into the garage I was waiting for her talking to her on the phone. Inside the car it smelled like sex and humidity. She asked if I could taste his cock on her hand, if I could taste his precum and I obliged her by investigating with my tongue. Sure enough, a faint flavor could be detected and the thought of her with her hand on his cock drove me crazy hot. I tasted her mouth and she smelled different, foreign.

We hustled inside and into the bedroom like our lives depended on it. It wasn’t long before we were deep into fucking, and I was deep into her, whispering for her to tell me more, always more. In the car she said they didn’t have sex and that she wanted to come home quickly to me, but inside her pussy felt different. Open. And while fucking her from behind like mad she managed a moan, “I may have fucked him… does my pussy feel open? Can you feel the warmth, the looseness?” I could, and I also didn’t last long from that point forward.

I was exhausted and shocked and amazed. I believed her because I heard those moans (you can hear too) on the phone. I heard his moans along with hers and no one makes that much noise going down on someone (she did tell me that he went down on her in the car quite a bit).

After fucking another two more times over the next hour or two we were both spent. I had cummed three times and her twice. My excitement over the night and focus on her absence meant that I completely forgot to eat dinner and was now dragging ass. With a spent and broken cock I curled up next to her in time for her to say, “I’m gonna break your heart… but I didn’t fuck him…. or maybe I did, I don’t remember.” Clearly, she likes to fuck with Daddy’s head!

So that leaves us with today…

Did she fuck him? I don’t know. I suspect she did because her purse was missing a condom. But then again if he fucked her it was brief and he didn’t cum, but then again she can do that at times. Stop and leave you wanting more. Give the audio a listen and let me know what you think. I can go either way.

Oh and in other news… He has emailed and expressed a desire to do it again. Last night she passed me her email client and said, “Go ahead Daddy, write whatever you want me to say to him.” And so I’ve started to mention getting him back to our place for some fun. We’ll see where it leads!

Submitted by: HBT

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2 Responses to “Wife Going Solo”

  1. Mike said:

    Hi HBT,

    From listening to your audio. I with you. It sounded like they might have fucked, but then again maybe he was just eating her out. Either way I must say thanks for sharing the audio track and please please please share more as it happens.

  2. KyFlyer said:

    Wow!! That audio was FUCKING HOT! Really fun just hearing the moans and whimpers and trying to figure out what they’re up to!!!

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