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May 16, 2010

Art Hammer Interviewed

Following his debut interview with Nichole Wet, Hotwife Blog reader Ken is back with another interview, this time with black bull legend Art Hammer. I met Art last October in Miami at the Swingfest show which my partner Daisy hosted. He and some of his friends ran the notorious ‘Chocolate Room’ where some of the female halves of swinging couples went to fulfill a fantasy or two by having some multiple black entertainment. I have to say out of all the Playrooms there, this one was the one that was packed out and everyone was talking about by the pool the next day.

Thanks for this interview Art and for your work on it too Ken, it’s always great to have a different perspective that others can bring to the table. Look forward to your next one.

Art Hammer

Art Hammer


Ken for Hotwifeblog: The first video I saw of you opened with you staring directly at the camera, confident as the cock of the walk; you said something like, “we’re going to introduce another soccer-mom, housewife into the world of interracial passion.” Then, this very mild mannered woman came out. She was dressed conservatively and was obviously nervous. You proceeded to treat her with all the respect and consideration that a group of frat boys would show to a twenty-buck-a-trick hooker.
Art Hammer: Yes, that was our very first video. The white BIG BLACK COCK LOVING SLUT WHORE was Sweet Des; it was her first video too. She was a genuine PTA, soccer-mom housewife and a non-practicing attorney.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: No wonder she was nervous. Did you worry that you might be too hard on her? You tied her up. You blindfolded her. You said the nastiest stuff to her.
Art Hammer: Yes we did all that! Actually I had met her, her husband and 2 children at a mall a week prior to discuss what they wanted to happen when we got together with my crew and filmed it. I want to be clear that everything we do is consensual, and we agree on everything that we’re going to do beforehand. Our role-play works because EVERYONE is getting what they want. Once it starts, I’m the boss, but that’s how everyone wants it. And that’s the beauty of amateur porn: you can’t fake the funk! The camera is rolling continuously, so what you see is what you get, unlike staged, edited professional porn.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: That reality comes across in your videos. Is it something that you aim for?
Art Hammer: ABSOLUTELY!! And the fact is that it is all very, very real! You need to know what you’re doing, and that means you need to communicate honestly and clearly, well in advance. That’s true for what I do on my site and what I do in my private life.

I love meeting a cuckold couple after having only spoken to them on the phone or chatted with them online. When they describe what they want, I always immediately ask about their experience level. I want to know their threshold, because, as a dominant black man, I’m going to push any white wife to her absolute limit. Nothing, I mean nothing, turns me on more than having both a beautiful, white wife and a loving husband want me to treat her like a total white sub-slut-whore. I use her EXACTLY as I see fit from the instant they walk through the door. They want me to do that every bit as much as I want to do it myself. Sometimes, even more.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: And how do you typically see fit to use her?
Art Hammer: She will be dressed according to my instructions. I will push her down on her knees and then shove my BIG BLACK DICK deep down her throat while telling her how much of a white, black-cock-loving slut-whore she is. I tell her that she knows that she is mine to use as I please for however long I want and then tell her husband how much she loves a real man’s dick and how much better, even after only a few minutes, I know her sexual nature more than he ever will.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: That’s… impressive.
Art Hammer: “Ay, tis a consummation devoutly to be wished”
Editor’s note: That’s Hamlet, Act III, Scene I, the famous “To be, or not to be” soliloquy. Art, you should know, graduated from one of America’s top universities. He isn’t being fake or pretentious here. He’s just that well educated. He knows a lot, including Shakespeare. But even Hamlet isn’t as impressive a cultural artifact as Art’s spurting cock!

Art Hammer: I love to go to a vanilla club with a husband and a wife that I’ve required to dress like a slut. I’m talking about a non-swing club here. We walk in with her on my arm and him behind us. When the cashier asks for the money, I turn and point. I sit with her and he sits at a table beside us. I order drinks and he pays. Sometimes, I let him come to our table while I kiss and fondle her. Everyone in the place knows EXACTLY what time it is. When it’s time to settle the bill, I tell the waitress to give it to the husband. Then I make a point to loudly announce that we are going to fuck.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Wow. Tell me more about how you might use the husband.
Art Hammer: I have him wipe my forehead or bring me water or a towel, whatever makes me comfortable. I tell him to sit in a chair while I fuck his wife, sometimes I will tie him to the chair. I will have her tell him how good it feels for a real man to fuck her and cum in her pussy. But no matter where I cum, I command him to clean her up. It’s total domination, but understand that, with many couples, when the sex is done, we are friends and go out together socially. That is the difference between being a swinger versus a lifestyler. I am a single male in the lifestyle with a fetish for BDSM and cuckold relationships. A swinger is a bed-post notcher while a lifestyler is interested in friendship outside of the bedroom. For example I gave my very first party in May 03 and I am still friends with 90% of the people who came to that party.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: So, it’s important to you to have at least some sort of a wall between the cuckold world and your regular relationships.
Art Hammer: I have so many good friends because they know they can trust me to be 100% discreet. Many of the best times I have had, no one can ever see, because the couple has insisted on no pictures or video; my reputation is based on discretion! What they ask to be private will always be private! Still, I’m always looking for the couple-next-door who are willing to sign a photo release and show the world what cuckoldry is all about.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Can you give me an example?
Art Hammer: Yes, Jazzi and her hubby (picture above). Now, that was intense, because when I first met them, he was her Dom. After she became our Mandingo gangbang party slut, he got completely obsessed by the thought of being submissive to her after seeing me and my Florida Mandingos deep fuck her in EVERY hole. I don’t think he was prepared to see us fuck her bareback in all three holes. I mean we fucked Jazzi for six hours straight. When he saw that, a light went off. She is, at the bottom of her soul, a black-cock sub-slut-whore. But she’s also a switch and a chameleon. Outside the bedroom, she could be a rabbi’s wife.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Can you describe the transformation in greater detail?
Art Hammer: Initially, she was submissive to both him and us. After six months, she told me that he had been hinting that he wanted to be cuckolded. She loves her fiance dearly, then and now. So, she asked if I thought it would change their relationship or how we thought of him? I told her ABSOLUTELY not, because I like and respect them as people.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: It sounds like the kind of person a woman is matters to you a lot?
Art Hammer: That’s true. I love smart women; rich, educated, professional women make the very, very best sluts. All of the ladies I fuck for fun are perfect ladies in the street and slut-whores in bed. I’ve fucked doctors, veterinarians, CPAs, schoolteachers, school administrators, and lawyers. Sweet Des is a lawyer and a very capable one too. I won’t say what she does, but I will say that there are maybe a handful of lawyers who are as knowledgeable in her field as she is. I know how competitive her specialty is, and I can confidently say that you would be very lucky to have her representing you.

Jewish women are great, like Jazzi. They tend to be smart and well-educated, but that doesn’t keep them from submitting to cock like their lives depend on it. Sometimes I think about the Jewish guys that some of my Jewish conquests have married. If they knew the sorts of things that I made their wives do!

I’ve fucked women who’ve graduated from top colleges, both private and public: Stanford, Cornell, Brown, places like that. These are women who come from “respectable” families and who are going on to “top positions” in their communities. But they all learn lessons in “respect” and “positions” as they kneel before my dick and milk every drop of sperm they can from it.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: LOL. Nice one. Does your preference for smart women surprise people?
Art Hammer: It does. They assume that because I’m dominant, I’d want someone of less than average intelligence and education to comply with me. But they’ve got it backwards. A dominant male desires a smart, educated female because when she submits, she’s bringing all that with her. She’s submitting her Ivy League M.B.A. and using her Bryn Mawr education and natural creativity to serve me and my cock. Many people just don’t understand. Sometimes, as shorthand, I explain it this way: I love Victoria’s Secrets sluts as opposed to Frederick’s of Hollywood sluts! They start to get the picture.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Do educated women act differently than uneducated ones? What’s the appeal?
Art Hammer: I see you don’t see it either. So, I’ll give you an example. One husband asked me to arrange a gangbang for his wife. I nicknamed her Ms. Victoria’s Secret because she had the body and looks of one of their models and enough of their wardrobe to open her own store. He reserved a suite at the Tampa Hyatt and asked me to bring 6 guys, telling me that his wife had been preparing a show for us. I commanded him to bring Grey Goose vodka and Moet champagne. He bought them, and, just to show his gratitude for the cocks we were providing his wife, a large shrimp and fruit tray without being asked.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: He sounds eager to please.
Art Hammer: He was. 5 of my “A-Team” members and I met him in the hotel bar and then went upstairs. She came out and modeled for us, so I gently pulled her to me. This was not a submissive couple, just a husband and wife wanting a gangbang. There was no need to be rough. I made her kneel in front of my crotch and asked her if she craved the taste of my dick. The slut nodded and went to work. My guys closed in on her and the gangbang was on. To this day, that is one of my favorite memories, because she is a very classy lady, very high profile in the Tampa area, and very well-educated. Even now, she loves to get dicked down while her husband takes pictures.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Have you posted those pictures somewhere we can see them?
Art Hammer: Unfortunately no one will ever see the pics from that encounter! They’re for their personal use only. I mean what I said before: I am 100% discreet. Not only is it good policy, but it’s just ethical. A woman may be my slut. A white husband may be a cuckold for me to order around like I’m the plantation master and he’s the slave. But I will always treat them the way I promise to treat them.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: You refuse to use condoms. Why?
Art Hammer: I am adamant about ONLY playing with people who are tested for a minimum of HIV. I get tested once a month. I just love dumping my black seed into a hot white wife’s pussy as her hubby watches. It’s even more of a rush when they initially tell me that I can’t cum inside her and I respond that if you want me to fuck her; that is EXACTLY what I will do. Mostly, they obey. If they don’t agree, I say “no problem, get someone else.” I make white men’s wives into my property, and I always mark my territory, and that’s all there is to it. I will respect your marriage but your marriage will acknowledge the supremacy of my cock and my cum.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Interesting. Can you give an example?
Art Hammer: About 2 months ago, a couple I had been communicating with online wanted to come down from Indiana to meet me and my guys for the wife’s first gangbang. They had tried several times to arrange a gangbang at home, but the guys who showed up either didn’t look like their pictures or were smaller than they had claimed, so she was frustrated. They told me that any guys would have to wear condoms, but they wanted me to participate because they knew that, if I did, my best guys would join in.

I let them know that I only fuck bareback, but, because the wife was hot, I would post in my group, looking for strong, extra-potent, black cock. The husband kept trying to convince me to fuck her with a condom. We finally talked and she repeated her policy. I told her that I respected that, but, while I’d help her find men, I was not going to fuck her. Not being experienced and having always called the shots with men, she was deluded into being certain that I’d give in. So I let her know that she was now dealing with a REAL DOM BLACK BULL and that I was the one in control.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: What happened?
Art Hammer: She finally resigned herself to the fact that she couldn’t win. They had spoken to many people who knew me and my crew. She knew what she’d be giving up if she didn’t cave in and she realized I wouldn’t cave in. She wanted to experience the pinnacle of a white woman’s sexual life: a black cock gangbang. So, she acquiesced, but, while I’m happy to help a slut and cuckold, I expect them to show me proper respect and compliance. Before I would ask my guys to gangbang her, I would fuck her bareback in all three holes and cum in her pussy and all over her face and tits. They finally , totally defeated, agreed to my demands.

They came down, and she got tested. But, when I went to visit them, she, to my total surprise and annoyance, told me that she changed her mind and I could not cum inside her. I simply informed her that I was not going to wear a condom. She was so conflicted. I think she really thought that once I was there, just seconds away from being able to screw her, I’d accept her terms. When it became clear, I would not change my mind one bit, she consented. Of course, once I started doing my fucking, she became a bitch in heat. She wanted to be dominated and so did anything I told her. She was ready for a REAL BULL to take control. I spanked her ass, pulled her hair, fucked her mouth, and talked to her like she existed for one purpose only: to take my cock and cum. “Take this BIG BLACK DICK , slut. You know that’s why you drove a thousand miles. You came to get fucked by me. Right, slut?” She replied, “Yes sir!” as if I were her drill sergeant. I fucked her in all her slutty, white, married, needy holes and came inside her pussy and mouth. The obscenities that came out of her mouth were enough to fill up ten volumes of letters to “Penthouse,” and the way she talked to her husband would make her the trash-talk champion of any football field anywhere. At first, they hadn’t wanted me to cum inside her. But after I’d dumped some loads in her cunt, her husband gratefully gobbled down every drop of that creampie like he was starving and this was the last food on the planet. Needless to say, they were blissfully grateful to me. Once again, I demonstrated the superiority of my black dick over both a white pussy and a white cuckold husband. I then arranged the gangbang.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Impressive.
Art Hammer: I’m not bragging. It’s just a fact that it’s my way or the highway. Last year, at the Naughty in N’awlins convention in our “Chocolate Room,” there was this drop dead gorgeous brunette with a body like Sandra Bullock’s. She kept asking me to fuck her but insisted that I wear a condom.

I told her that I had four guys who I would get to fuck her brains out while wearing condoms. She replied, trying to keep her cool but increasingly unable to hide her exasperation about the fact that I wasn’t giving in, that it had to be me and guaranteed that it would be the best pussy I ever had. I told her I did not doubt the quality of her pussy and that she was probably right that she had the best pussy. Unfortunately for me, I would have to miss having it! She must have been a lawyer because she tried to convince me for 30 minutes, offering any ridiculous argument she could imagine, and gradually becoming exasperated as she realized it wasn’t working. She was promising me everything she could think of. She thought that it would provide me with incentive to back down. But I knew I could have whatever she was offering anyway from several other hotties who would let me fuck them my way!.

It was funny how desperate she was. My guys are listening to her beg while her husband waited beside her, and they are laughing because they knew it was not going to happen, no way, no how! They started joking about her desperation, but she didn’t care. I’m pretty sure that she held her ground and did not fuck anyone in our suite that night. I sure would have loved to fuck the slut, but you win some, you lose some; I don’t sweat it.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Great story. Let’s move on to my next question. Any advice for aspiring bulls?
Art Hammer: Good question! Frank Sinatra once said, “You treat a lady like a dame and a dame like a lady.” Ol’ Blue Eyes is correct and that is how bulls should treat them. Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady, and they will love you forever!

Ken for Hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future?
Art Hammer: I’m working on getting my own swing club and a studio where I can do 24/7 live video feeds with sluts who come over for me and my crew. If all goes well, it will happen by September 10.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: I’m sure many Hotwifeblog readers are looking forward to that.
Art Hammer: So am I.

Art Hammer

Art Hammer

Visit Art’s Florida Mandingos Club Here

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  1. Jordan said:

    Wow, what an amazing bull!

  2. PeeTWheatstraw said:

    Just want to commend Hotwifeblog for another great interview. I have been following you guys since day one and this is by far the realest interview you have done. A lot of times people think that swinging is just for couples to meet other couples but there are quite a few couples around the world that enjoy playing with single black men. In my short tenure in the lifestyle, I have watched many black men step to the plate and try to imitate the things that The Great Art Hammer just mentioned and they totally fuck things up. Guys please accept that this is not for everybody to attempt. The lifestyle is definitely about more than just getting to fuck another mans wife..take pics of the action…and post all over the net as if you are some superior Black Dom. The lifestyle is a full contact sport and its not for kids or those lacking the confidence to deliver what the couples want and earn their respect outside of the bedroom.

  3. Lynne Carter said:

    I would let him do whatever he wanted to me

  4. ThaMan1 said:

    I think Art and his group of Mandigos need to pull a train on Janet Mason. Nasty creampies and feeding her cum.

  5. matthew said:


    My wife and I would love to contact you.. how do we email you?

  6. jay stern said:

    OMG! my wife is going crazy right now! she needs some BBC’s STAT!

  7. bill said:

    He is an amazing bull. He stretched my wife out. She wanted him to move in.

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