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April 14, 2010

Our Camping Trip

A true story submission about a couple’s first time with another man.


My wife and I hadn’t had sex for a few years. My fault really. I had not really shown her too much attention sexually and I think one of the reasons was subconsciously I was hoping she would eventually get so frustrated that she would look for sex elsewhere. I always had fantasies of being cuckolded and my wife having an affair, and one summer my wish finally came true.

We went on a biking trip in the Mosul River valley. Our guide was a dark French guy named John. He was about six four and was a handsome man. We all got on very well and I immediately started to think of ways I could get my wife into his arms. On one of the first biking days I would slip back and let her ride up front with John and watched their relationship develop. My wife is a smoking hot doctor, so he was flirting, obviously he found her attractive and you could tell that she liked it.

At night John would lay his pad out and sleep under the stars. One night it was particularly cold so I asked John if he would like to sleep in our tent. My wife looked surprised but didn’t say anything. We had large sleeping mattress that we could all fit into quite nicely. I purposely scooted up to the edge of the bed, putting my wife in the middle. As we turned off our tent lights I pretended to fall asleep facing away from her on my side and all was quiet for a while. At least for an hour nothing happened but I was aware of some slow movements and slight adjustments of bodies going on. Then I could feel my wife slowly bending her ass towards John as her knees went into the back of mine. A few moments later I heard a slight whimper and I knew she could feel his cock pressed against her pussy. It was a sound mixed with submission and surprise. I knew from the sound she must have been turned on and soaking wet. I even suspect he may have using his fingers at some point too.

I then felt some more movement, my wife lifting up and then raising her legs slightly, and I knew he was pulling down her panties. I lay dead still, breathing heavily, feigning sleep. Some more adjustments and rustling then she moaned. I knew his cock was inside her. He started to move in and out. I could feel on his thrusts inside her pussy her body pushing slightly into mine. She tried to be quiet but was letting out little whimpers and moans while I pretended to sleep on. This went on for about 10 minutes when I felt the rocking reach a slight urgency and then it was still and I felt him roll over onto his back. My wife stayed on her side and dropped her legs down straightening up. I then turned over and faced her and slowly put my arm over her and down her body, real casually. I wanted to feel her pussy. I reached down and came into contact with the crease of her ass and top of her left leg which was soaking wet. I knew this was cum that must have leaked out of her pussy and ran down. Satisfied she’d been fucked and had another man’s cum inside her I feel asleep with the biggest smile on my face.

In the morning I broke the ice by asking if she had any good dreams. She smiled and said she had the biggest best dream she had in a long time. I told her to never stop dreaming. And so it began.

Anonymous submission

5 Responses to “Our Camping Trip”

  1. Tom said:

    awesome, I would love to hear more!

  2. MOON said:

    nice job…..that was very accomadating of you…. can’t let the poor guy sleep outside.

  3. Clayton said:

    that was great!! So, tell me, did the her “dreams” continue? I hope they did, and if they did, please tell us about them.

  4. sex beast said:

    this thing turned me on and i ended up coming without masturbating

  5. friendlyman said:

    Wow, great story. Really loved it more because am a mountain guide myself too. Couldn’t help wishing that the two of you could come here some time and I could guide you around.

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