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March 19, 2010

Tog takes advantage

A true story submission from a couple who’ve just signed up to


I guess we’re the newest couple posting into this community. While we’re no way new to the swinging or Hot Wife lifestyle we’re quickly moving over to the (unofficially) cuckold scene. While she started enjoying having sex with other men back in about 1998 she really came out of her shell and letting loose in 2005 even though she is still sweet, shy, and not at all a dominant type. The following is one of the first major turning points for her in her Hot Wife journey in several parts. It was written back in April 2005 right after it all happened. We were not married then but we’re married now and she just turned the hottest 50 anyone could ever wish for. Here’s the story…

While we aren’t married my wife and I have been together for 11 years and get along better than most married couples we know. We tried swinging and didn’t like it because she didn’t really like seeing me with other women. We did like doing the MFM scene and the more we did it, the more we gravitated to me just sitting there watching her enjoy the attentions of other men. We have sort of moved away from the scene over the past few years but lately she seems to have found another man who has become an almost “regular” lover for her.

Back in January I got an IM from a local man complimenting me in the picture of a flower I had taken and posted on our msn profile. We started chatting and it turns out he is a professional photographer locally. My wife had once sat for some of the mall glamour photos about ten years ago and looked super in the pics but regretfully the pics got lost during a renovation of our house. I mentioned all this to this guy and told him that I wanted new glamour shots of her since she was turning 45 this past January. I sent him a G rated pic or two of her and basically told him a little of our lifestyle and how it would be horny for me for another man to take some sexy pictures of my wife. He definitely was interested in her when he saw the pics because he couldn’t believe she was going to be 45. My wife is very tall at 5’11” and slim at only 125 lbs. She is a brunette with very long legs and 34B breasts. I told him about us and told him that I would mention him to her and see if we could get together.

My wife was mildly interested in getting some new pics. This was surprising to me because she has always shied away from the camera. I assured her that this man was a professional and that all we wanted to do was to take only some nice glamour shots of her that we could have framed to put in the bedroom and maybe have a few to give to relatives. After a few weeks of her hemming and hawing and getting a perm that took awhile to relax, we set up a Saturday afternoon to stop by, meet this man, check out his portfolio, and, if she was comfortable, maybe do a few test shots. In the hopes of this we brought along a hanging bag filled with different outfits.

It turns out that A, the photographer, was her age, bald, in decent shape, and of Mediterranean descent. His townhouse was all set up with the proper backdrops, professional lighting and he had tons of money invested in camera gear. His place was decorated with examples of his work from flowers, to landscapes, to human interest. This guy did have some super talent and was definitely a professional. My wife was nervous of course but A took charge, fixed her a few drinks, and had her change into a black tux top, jacket and bow tie for some more formal shots. I let them work together sitting out of the way behind all the lights on a futon sofa.

Gradually she began to relax, changing in A’s back bedroom, and then coming out to pose for the pics. From the tux shots, she changed into a man’s white shirt with a loosened necktie and a black thong for bottoms. The shirt covered the thong so she felt reasonably covered but she carried herself very shyly obviously not wanting to expose herself more than she had to. A was always talking to her getting her to relax and always suggesting ways to get better shots with different outfits. He was able to convince to her remove the white shirt and to pose with only the black necktie and thong. She kept her 34B breasts tightly covered with her hands the whole time and her back turned away from A when she removed the shirt. He then took some really terrific shots of her lying on her side wearing only the thong, her pearl necklace with her arm draped seductively over her breasts.

He then followed her back into the bedroom while she changed into another outfit to show her an outfit he had that he wanted to see her in. I could hear them talking back there through the open door though I couldn’t see her. They were obviously getting very comfortable with each other, I did hear him telling her how incredibly sexy she was and how turned on he was looking at her and photographing her. She tried to sort of laugh it off saying it wasn’t true and that he had had so many younger, sexier, girls model for him that there was no way someone as old as her could turn him on. I could hear him tell her that there was only one way to prove it to her and, seeing all this from the rear, I could tell that he had unzipped himself and exposed his cock to her. I could hear her express some surprise and shock at seeing his hard penis unzipped for her but, in a sense, she had asked for proof of his excitement. I did hear her tell him that she was surprised that a professional would do such a thing.

They moved back out from the bedroom to the new outfit that A had for her. It was a medieval style chain mail tank top that was tightly woven chain links that was very long, almost acting like a mini-dress for her coming down to her mid thigh and being almost see through. It was very erotic looking even though it weighed about 20 lbs. She was still wearing the black thong under the mail shirt. He told her that it was visible and that the pics would look much better if she slipped it off since the shirt was, quite honestly, not really see through. It did give some hints at nudity by showing the outline of her nipples and closely trimmed pubes and was very sexy though its weight did flatten her small breasts a bit. He then took a series of pics of her like this.

I said that I wanted to see a few pics in the pearl thong I had bought for her for her birthday that she had never worn. So she went back to the bedroom again to change. he followed her back there again. She was becoming more comfortable because it was obvious to her that he had pretty much seen all of her, more or less, during the course of the session and had photographed hundreds of women in his career. I stayed back in the living room but could see parts of them and hear them both. he again was telling her how well he thought the shoot was going and what a terrific model she was. He was sitting at his office chair while she was out of sight of the doorway. She then came into view and I could see her briefly grab and squeeze his crotch saying that he wasn’t hard anymore and she guessed that she didn’t turn him on anymore. Seeing that surprised me a lot because it is very out of character for her to be so forward.

They came back out in a minute with her wearing the pearl thong and nothing else, still covering her pert breasts. He set her up lying back on a red coverlet he had been using and started another series of pics. She didn’t want her face in any pics that were so revealing so he was concentrating on getting more close-ups of her rear in the thong. They were joking together by now and bantering back and forth. At one point he said; “fuck you” and she said; “kiss my ass!” He quickly said “O.K.!” and told her to present herself in such a way that she would expect her ass to be kissed. She reluctantly got onto her hands and knees and presented him her ass. He pecked her on the right cheek and the shoot resumed.

I was sitting as before behind all the lighting gear on the sofa. A was between my wife and I with his back to me taking the shots while she was on her side on the coverlet. I could tell he was adjusting the camera and then I saw a gleam in my wife’s eyes and figured out that he had again unzipped himself and was exposing his hard cock to her on the coverlet so that she could see it while he continued to snap away with his camera. She then moved onto her stomach with her rear in the air and he bent over toward her to adjust the pearl part of the thong so it was right between her pussy lips. He commented quietly to her about how moist she was and took some more pics. He was up on his knees again taking some shots and I could hear him quietly asking her if she liked how hard she had made him and if she liked what she saw. She didn’t really say anything but I could see her slightly nod. He told her that if she liked what she saw she could reach out and touch it. She then slowly got to her knees in front of him. This is when I got up and moved into the little raised open kitchen so I could get a better view. From there I could see her looking right into his eyes while holding his large, very thick, cock in her right hand, lightly stroking and squeezing it. I was surprised at his size because he was so much thicker than I. I hoped that, if anything was going to happen, that he had a cock that she would really enjoy and could fill her like I couldn’t. She then leaned back down onto the coverlet and he started to run his hands over her breasts down to her pussy and ass, all the time telling her how hot and sexy she was. I came out of the kitchen and joined them also running my hands over her body. A was asking her how she was feeling and her soft moans gave him the approval he wanted. He asked her if she wanted to feel him inside her and she didn’t say anything. He kept stroking her, turning her on even more and then asked her again in a minute or two. She was silent again and then apparently gave herself the mental o.k. and whispered “Only with protection.” He said: “As you wish” and got up and brought back a bag full of condoms and lube from his bedroom in about 30 seconds. He quickly rolled one onto his thickness. My wife was on her left side on the coverlet almost in a haze fueled by the alcohol, the excitement, and the acceptance of what was going to happen. He got behind her, moved the pearl thong aside, lifted and bent her right leg up a bit and proceeded to insert his entire length into her pussy in one long stroke.

With me, usually it takes a stroke or three to get fully inside her but, as wet as she was with A, his thicker tool slid right into her to the hilt and she gave out one long, satisfied moan of pleasure. He pumped away at her for a while in that position gradually moving her onto her back, fully spread for him. He continued to give her the long, hard, fast strokes she loves while they kissed passionately. I can never fuck her that way for too long without cumming but he didn’t seem to have that problem. He just kept pumping away at her pussy giving her orgasm after orgasm. She was having those orgasms she rarely has with me where you can see her stomach, groin, and thigh muscles quivering while she came. He then rolled off of her and they moved over to the futon sofa. He sat down on it and told her to mount him and to show him how good she could fuck him and how much she wanted him in her. She straddled him, grabbed his tool and guided him back into her wet, stretched out pussy. She rode him wildly for several minutes and I could tell she came about three more times before falling down onto the futon in exhaustion. His cock then slipped out of her and he leaned back, slipped off the condom, and they both rested and had a much needed cigarette. After a rest and chatting about how much they had enjoyed each other, she started to stroke him again at his request and he again became fully hard.

Then she said she had to use the restroom. After we heard a flush A said for me to wait and he went over to the bathroom and walked in. I got up about a minute later, followed, and peeked around the bathroom door. He had her bent over the vanity with her legs together, holding onto her hips, power fucking her from the rear. Her moans were intermingled with grunts as he thrust into her. I know she had at least one more orgasm as she watched her own face in the mirror and A’s behind her. After only a few minutes of this they went back into the living room and laid back on the futon. On her own, she leaned down over his cock, opened her mouth, and began to suck him. His thickness filled her mouth all the way and I loved watching her lick, suck, and stroke his length. A certainly had staying power that I would have loved to have. She blew him and stroked him for about 20 minutes before he closed his eyes tightly, and announced that he was going to cum. She then started to stroke him very hard and quickly and, with a groan, He then exploded all over her chest and his own stomach. I could hear her comment on how hot his cum was and how much of it there was. After that they lay cuddling for a few minutes before they both got up and started to dress.

He told us he would be calling in a week or so after he had processed the pics. We told him we were excited about seeing the results. On the drive home, my wife was very tired and satisfied. She told me she was very surprised and a little embarrassed that all this had happened and sort of thought that it was very unprofessional of him to take such liberties with her. She was also surprised at herself for letting it go so far but I told her that everything was o.k. and him getting so excited was just the natural progression of having such a sexy lady posing like that for him all evening. She understood but said that such a thing would probably not happen again. We’ll see!

Several more parts to come if everyone wants!

The picture is taken from that fateful photo session!

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  1. Frank Shumard said:

    Loved the story. Would love to see more and get to know more about your wonderful wife.

  2. Pacificman said:

    I really liked the story. Stroked off twice to it already. I would love to hear more.

  3. bigdickmaster said:

    Hott story I shoot big load while reading it!!

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