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March 17, 2010

Top 20 Hotwives No.1

Wooooooo. We’ve made it to the top spot and are about to announce the winner of our 5th Birthday Hotwife countdown. This top spot goes to the wife that has amassed the most number of image clicks and searches on the site over the last year. Before I announce the winner I’d like to include some of the names that just missed out on a top 20 finish.

Hotwives, that deserve a mention that had high scores include the original veteran hotwife who seemed to start it all Multi-Orgasmic Mary. The up and coming slut with her Queen of Spades tattoo Fonda Black. Despite her rare appearances on the blog you still love extreme slut wife Babs. Also still popular is German creampie gangbang Queen Natascha. Gorgeous hotwife and now LA Pornstar India Summer. And last mention and sadly on the web no more, we miss her, the gorgeous Heather.

Ok, here’s your number one hotwife…

Ranked 1: Jackie


Consistently popular and loved by you all, Jackie has been making hotwifeblog HOT since we started in 2005. What I’ve always loved about Jackie and her amazing website My Hot Wife is that is does so much more than just throw random sexual encounters at it’s members, you get depth, it shows Jackie preparing for her dates, driving off to a hotel to meet a lover etc. giving you the background of each intimate encounter she has. And the real life approach goes a lot further than just being extreme and trying to be more slutty than the next Hotwife. When Jackie does anal, it seems as extreme as her doing a 20 guy gangbang, thanks to her sophisticated non-porn look she has. In fact she looks like a regular married professional woman that could live down your street… I only wish Jackie COULD live down my street lol.. Congratulations Jackie, a well deserved winner you are. Please don’t ever stop treating us to glimpses of your wonderful hotwife life.

Jackie: I like men that have that look in their eye, that “I really gotta have you” look. If they have that, I’m putty in their hands.

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Meet Jackie

2 Responses to “Top 20 Hotwives No.1”

  1. Christine Brehm said:

    Just knowing that Fresh Black-Seed is going to be Deposited Deep into her Ovulating Pussy,,makes any limp dick white guy Hard,,I ‘M A Proud Volunteer,in Alexandria Va.

  2. Holly said:

    You are my idol! Amazing!

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