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February 12, 2010

Daisy and Barbi

Well here’s something I wasn’t expecting. To see my own girlie Daisy sat next to the incredibly Slutty hotwife Barbi Sinclair both wearing my t-shirts and hotpants and looking like heaven on earth. Barbie had emailed me that day with some new pictures and mentioned she had just moved to Las Vegas, I could not believe it as we happened to be visiting there for a few days. We quickly arranged to meet up and plan some naughtiness.

This was taken a few hours before Daisy and Barbi had an intimate shower together and then a night out on the town together. Yes, together! Lock up your husbands and sons lol..

That reminds me, will post the shower pics soon!!

It was a wild night in the bars and clubs, the girls getting so much attention dancing away and flaunting their bodies to a sea of hot blooded males. Daisy had a few kisses in some dark corners of the clubs and even managed to blow a guy in a toilet cubicle. Barbi had a few hot grinding dances with some guys on the dancefloor and snatched a guy and took him home from outside the club while we were waiting for our car to be brought round. Nothing beats a night out on the town and the mystery of cuckold fun it can bring.

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

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2 Responses to “Daisy and Barbi”

  1. Enoch said:

    Now that’s what I call a dream team!

  2. Liam said:

    How does a man get a threesome with these two?

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