January 11, 2010

Changing the rules

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Changed the Rules of the Game

My job takes me out of town for days at a time. When I got home from my last trip, I told my husband about a nice looking younger man buying me drinks during happy hour one night. I told my husband that the attention he paid me really make me feel good about myself. My husband asked if I considered taking the man up on his offers. I had to admit I thought about what it would like, but would not consider cheating on him. He asked me would I do it with his knowledge and approval. I was not sure what to say. We talked for hours about his question. I told him if he was sure he could deal with it I may give it consideration if the guy was as nice looking as the young man in the bar. We talked more about it and came up with some ground-rules. My husband did not want me doing anything with anyone that he worked with, or anyone that knew our family. He also said I did not have to tell him in advance for one night stands. He did want to know the details ASAP after I fucked a stranger. He also wanted to know and approve of any ongoing relationship I may have. My husband said he did not want me fucking any black men, because he did not want to have to explain a black baby to our friends and family if I got pregnant. I agreed to his rules.

I did not have any out of town business during the next two weeks. My husband and I had sex nearly every day. During sex he would start talking about me being with other men and the things they may do to me. He seemed to get more and more turned on each night.

Then after that couple of weeks I had to have lunch with a nice looking salesman from out of town. He started hitting on me and I told him I was married. He did not seem to mind, saying he had a lot married girlfriends. After we completed our business he said he would really like to take me out for dinner before he left town. My mind started racing, thinking about fucking this stranger. I also started thinking about how my husband may react to me going on a date with this man. I asked him if he was free tonight. He said yes, and we set a time and location for our date. The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I stopped on the way home from work to buy a special outfit to wear on my date. I picked out a little black miniskirt and a very revealing silk blouse. When I got home, I told my husband I had to meet someone for a dinner appointment. After my husband saw me getting dressed, he said it looked like I was going out on a date. I told him, you could call it that. I reminded him about our rule regarding one-night-stands (I did not have to tell him before hand). He said yes that was what we said. I told him that he could wait up and I would give him the details before we went to bed. He said OK. I did warn him that I expected to be late getting in.

My new male friend was named Mark. Over dinner he managed to touch me every chance he got. When I did not turn down his advances, he got even bolder. It turned out we were having dinner less than a block from his hotel. We both knew what we wanted, so we cut dinner short and went back to his room, got undressed and went for it. My lover pushed the large mushroomed head of his cock into my pussy. When he finally came, I could feel his semen pumping into me. I got between his legs and licked and sucked his ball until he was hard again. I then rode his cock until he came again, pumping another load of his seed into me, until it was overflowing and dripping down my thighs. My thoughts went to my husband waiting home for my return. That gave me my biggest climax of the night. I then left my lover and told him I had to get home.

It was 1AM when I pulled into my driveway. I sat in my car thinking about what I had just done and was about to do. I pulled my panties off and slipped them in my handbag. My husband was awake and came to the living room nude to greet me. His cock was hard with anticipation. I asked him to make us some drinks. He did so and sat on the couch next to me. I took a slip of my drink and reached into my bag and pulled out my panties handing them to him. He knew that I was naked beneath my miniskirt. He gave me a hard passionate kiss. I asked him to get on his back on the floor in front of the couch. He did so without question. I got up and placed one foot on the coffee table and the other beside his head. I told him that I wanted him to see my well fucked pussy. I told him to run his hand over my thighs. He did as he was told. I explained that he was feeling another man’s cum that had dripped out of my pussy. A drop of cum dripped from my pussy onto his cheek. I then lowered my cum filled pussy to his lips. I told him that I wanted him to eat all the cum out of my pussy. He sucked and ate my pussy all night long. I told him that it was clear that he enjoyed this due to the hardness of his dick. He could not deny what was true. When he did get around to putting is dick in my pussy, he shot his load as soon as it was inside me. I told my husband that since he enjoyed other men using my pussy, I was going to update our rules. I explain that now we only had one rule. That rule was “I was going to fuck anyone I wanted!” As I pushed his head back down to my pussy for him to clean out his own cum, I asked if he understood the rule. He said “yes”. I asked if he had any problem with that rule. He said “no”. I said “good” and pushed my cunt into his face.

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Submitted by: open couple


January 9, 2010

Birthday treat

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Sensi gets a lot of married sluts who contact him via his website for an illicit meet-up when their cuckold husbands are not about.

Scarlett had actually emailed me via the blog about meeting Sensi and I arranged a secret encounter for part to fall on his birthday. I sneaked her in to my place just before he was due to get over and hid her in the cupboard.

After opening a few rubbish gifts I got him from the pound shop I told him to look in the cupboard. He was expecting another joke present but ended up being very shocked to see lovely Scarlett dressed up in sexy lingerie waiting for him. After some kissing he didn’t take long to take her into the bedroom and stuff her full of big black cock.

They were at it for hours. She wouldn’t let him cum inside her as she wasn’t on the pill so he had to do with filling up her mouth with his hot cum. We then had to get ready to go out and celebrate his birthday, Scarlett had to get home as she was meant to be cooking dinner for her Hubby that night. Hopefully they’d both end the day full and satisfied.

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

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January 7, 2010

Wi-Fi Camera Fun

I want to share with all cuckolds a new way to experience our favorite sexual game: an Internet camera. Let me tell you how my wife and I use it.

She is a beautiful Latino raven haired beauty, 35 years old and hot as hell. She loves fucking and that is all she thinks about. Her desire is far above my capabilities to satisfy her, so she has always had other men in her bed. Several times a week she calls one of her lovers or she picks up someone new and takes him to the same downtown hotel. She always calls me before she starts and after she has finished fucking. This way, when she comes home late, I never worry.

A few weeks ago I bought this great Internet WiFi camera and set it up with the hotel’s code. I hid it in a compartment inside her purse, with a small opening on the side for the lens, so when they get to the room, she places it on a convenient surface and switches it on. The camera automatically connects and starts streaming the video and audio to my computer or iPhone. Then she calls me and tells me she is going to fuck for a while.

Yesterday morning, for example, I was at work when she called. She mentioned she had picked up someone new. There were other people in the office, but fortunately my cubicle is near a wall so no one can see my screen. I immediately browsed to the correct address and saw them kissing and undressing. He was a big man and when she knelt to unzip his fly, I saw the largest cock I’ve ever seen. Jesus! She admired it and said it was the most beautiful dick in the world and proceeded to lick it, bite it and suck it. I don’t know how she managed it, but she ate it to the hilt. He then held her head and started mouth fucking my lovely wife until he came inside her mouth, something she likes very much.

Then they undressed and went to bed. At this point I was called to a meeting so I missed the next scenes, but when I returned and tuned in again I saw him entering her from behind, doggy style, while she panted and screamed with delight. She must have orgasmed many times. Then they changed positions and tried front to front, front to back, she on top, 69, standing up, she sitting on his face and any other possible fucking position. The man had never ending sexual energy and kept fucking her hour after hour until she pleaded him to stop. In all they were together for about ten hours and I watched most of them from my office. My coworkers even commented that I was staying later than usual.

Eventually she stopped the recording and called me saying she would be home soon. I left immediately and we both arrived home at the same time. She asked me not to fuck her as her cunt was too swollen and hurt, however she sat on my face and asked me to clean her up, which I gladly did. I put the video recording on my home computer so while I was licking her, she could watch the show she had given me. As the recording progressed she was commenting it and mentioned several times that Charles, as the man was called, would now be part of her stable of stallions, an idea to which I completely agreed.

Ours is a very happy marriage. I earn a good salary and like my work quite a bit. I fuck her two or three times a week and she fucks her lovers every day. There are days when she fucks two and sometimes even three of us. Fucking, eating and sleeping is all she does. Sometimes she goes shopping and once in a while we go to a party, but her main activity is fucking. She also likes to have two or three men at the same time, all inside her at the same time. Sometimes I’m one of them. Others I just watch or wait for her. But what makes our marriage work is that I’m very happy supporting her and enjoying her very intense sexual activity.

Submitted by: Alonso - Mexico


January 5, 2010

Fonda back in Florida

Black Bachelor Update:

There is nothing like fucking a married woman who has accepted her fate in life. She’s a dirty slut wife and there is nothing her husband can do about it! Fonda sent me a text a few days ago, telling me she needed a weekend get away to take her mind off her non fulfilling sex life with her husband. I knew that was a code word for “meet me in Miami to stretch my pussy apart with your thick, black dick Blonde whores nasty motherfuckers!” So I quickly jump online and find a cheap airline ticket and boom, 48 hours later, I’m holding a Rum and coke with my shorts on the patio ground and my dick in slut wife Fonda’s mouth!

Her husband called to make sure everything was ok (see picture below), but by that time I had already blown three loads of black sperm in his lovely wife’s pussy! The weather was so nice in Miami this past weekend, it must have been a slut MILF wife convention going on! The beaches were filled with married whores on the hunt for fresh black meat! Never the less, I gave your favorite slut wife a vacation fuck she had dreamed about! I thought she was going to pass out on me, when I rammed my dick in her tight asshole!

Fonda Black is a true slut wife and I love her for it!

Thanksgiving fell on the right week, because I gave Fonda’s pussy a helping load of hot sperm, I’m sure her husband is going to have the time of his life eating the left overs out of her pussy!

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

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January 3, 2010

Best night yet

I have enjoyed several sexual encounters with other guys but this one is the best so far. Our neighbor Walter has been involved in a few of them. One night when my Hubby was out of town I was very horny and asked Walter if he would like to drop by and listen to an idea I had. I knew his wife was out of town also. He said he would be right over. When he arrived he could tell I was hot by the way I was dressed. Short skirt, see through blouse and the way I was sitting on the couch with my skirt almost above my ass. I asked him if he would be interested in listening to my plan. He said of course. I told him I had talked to my Hubby about my idea and that he said he would love it.

The plan was that my Hubby and I would rent two adjoining motel rooms and that Walter and I would go to a local bar and meet up with two of the guys he worked with, Walter had told me before about them and trying to get me to fuck them. They were both married but didn’t get enough sex from their wives and were wanting some more and knew of Walter’s sessions with me.

He loved the idea and said he would ask the guys if they were up for it. He fucked me before he went though, I just laid back on the couch, pulled my skirt up and panties to one side while he took his trousers off and shoved his cock in me. He fucked me hard and fast and came hard inside me and then just left me panting and leaking on the couch.

I got a message a few days later from Walter that it was all systems go and we arranged a date when Hubby was back.

The date came, we had booked the rooms and me and Hubby headed to the bar. I told him to sit at a booth opposite that would give him a good view of what was going on under the table with the new boys. After a few drinks and a few dances I was so fucking horny that while I was sitting at the booth I pulled my skirt up over my waist and let the two guys Walter worked with play with my pussy under the table as my hubby watched from across the room.

It wasn’t long before Walter suggested it was time to head over to the motel and the three of them could take turns pounding my pussy. I agreed and we headed to the motel in Walts car. My Hubby left at the same time and was already in the adjoining room when we got there. I closed the door on him and told him to sit close to it. I wanted to made sure he could hear everything. I was fucked senseless for hours and when the three of them finally finished and left the room I knocked on the door to the adjoining room and my Hubby opened the door. He was as naked as I was and had a huge erection. He took my hand and led me to the bed where he began fucking my used pussy over and over. When he had finally finished he cleaned me up for over an hour. This was the most sexually satisfying night of my life. My hubby wants a repeat as soon as possible. I told him he wouldn’t have to wait long.

Submitted by: Beth - California


January 1, 2010

Hotel pick-up

Happy New Year everyone. As it’s the start of a brand new year I thought I’d post something a bit more personal and closer to home than usual. My partner Daisy has recently started to get even more slutty than she was before (if that is at all possible lol). She’s constantly calling me during the day at work and telling me she needs cock or can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy. Every time we’ve gone out lately she’s pulled a guy and brought him home and she’s even sneaked out a few times on her own as well only to send me a text from some other guys house or hotel room that she won’t be home for a while yet. I’m loving the new improved Daisy and I’m hoping 2010 will be lots of the same and I will try my best to get as much of it on camera as I can.

Here’s a few stills from a recent trip abroad. I didn’t go with her on this one and I didn’t actually know what happened until she tossed me the tape when she got home.

Apparently she met this guy in the hotel she was staying in and got chatting to him. He was from Scotland on a stag do, so they were chatting about the UK and stuff at home. Daisy said she was in one of her ultra-horny moods and felt like doing something naughty, so she came right out and offered him a blowjob in her room. His eyes went wide and he mumbled “yes!” and the next thing they were giggling their way over to the lift.

She really wanted to me to see it, so first she asked the guy if it was ok to video it. He said fine as long as he got a ’souvenir’ to keep. Daisy then stopped on the way to her room at one of her friends rooms and asked him to film it. The three of them went on to her room and as soon as she got him inside she was ripping his clothes off. They did it right in the window, she was hoping a few people down at the pool below enjoyed the show.

She was so hungry for cock, it didn’t take him long to shower her all over with his hot cum and make a mess of her makeup. Enjoy the pics and the video on her website

Happy New Hotwifing Year Everyone!





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