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November 16, 2009

Hotwifing in mainstream

Ok, this question has been about before concerning mainstream movies with a hotwife theme. I have collected or at least extensivly reviewed the list that everyone must have seen by now on every HW related site (below) and many more.

I have been trying to find if any of them present a hotwife lifestyle were the husband/boyfriend gets off on her HW activity and they enjoy it as a couple. The greatest example of what I mean is of course Animal Instincts. It has everthing. The HW lifestyle and the loving fun marraige in a very mainstream movie. After this the soft porn, all the ladies do it, is very good but still is not quite what can be termed a mainstram movie. Mainstream movies make it easier to bring up the topic without arrousing suspicion and letting the idea take root in her mind, when she can work out what she thinks of the idea over time. It is a non pushy way of getting things started.

The Cuckold is a great movie but it is too focused on race dynamics and overall more cuckold orientated than HW. The only other good example I can find is from Sideways, it is not the main point of the movie, but hwing appears in a positive setting after a husband finds his wife in bed with another man and later we hear them fucking together and both of them getting off on what has just happened. I quess there is no other mainstream movie out there like Animal Instincts, however does anyone know of any other parts of movies when it features or is at least alluded to? and can you give a little detail in the comments below?. There are perhaps many more movies that feature swinging or cuckold activity where the wife loses the love for her husband but that is not what i am looking for. So please positive or at least funny examples. Please include mainstream TV also.

Here is the old list.

and one here

Come on guys, there must be something more out there. ?

Submitted bt: Jon - Ireland

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  1. Gazlar said:

    hi Jon - have not checked your list, but “Henry & June” springs to mind. wife has wild affair with writer - husband clued up to it. Three leads are all great actors. Well worth a watch - lead actress also looks great in some of her sexy attire !!

  2. gabriel said:

    check out the second season of True Blood. many references to the swinging lifestyle and the attraction that Sookie begins to feel for Eric definetely creates a hotwife-cuckold fantasy.

  3. Pablo said:

    The Blue Max had a bit of hotwifery, particularly hot there as it was a very hot Ursula Andress playing that role.

  4. jon said:

    Hi everybody, I am the originator of this post. I have actually being posting my reviews on another site for a short period now. Thanks for posts. I have cut and pasted my reviews and recommendations into one long list below. Somebody on the other site liked my work and asked me where I was getting all the movies, so I gave them the following reply, printed here in italics just above the long list review. Enjoy and please keep them coming

    “I am kind of a movie buff, but actually it is just that I am putting in a huge effort to find them. I have to review a lot of duds in order to get to the gold. I have always believed that this theme is out there mainstream but kind of hidden away in a corner. It is just a case of reaping what you sow, believing and making the effort. I have a few others to watch ( in my ‘to view’ section of personal DVD collection) that i think will bear serious fruit on the positive hotwife front, so keep posted. I think i will have about 10 seriously good hotwife/girlfriend themed or partly themed movies by the end. I would like to name this list The Positive Pulsemann Top Ten Hot Wife / Girlfriend Movie Experience. What do you think ?, not an ego thing, but i just want to separate it from the existing lists and set a new standard.

    I am finding them mostly on Amazon or other sites and spending a lot of time reading reviews (detailed ones before deciding to invest my time and money on buying them. I have most bought now, and I should have the final list by Christmas.

    Still need help though”

    Ps, it does not end well for husband as she leaves him ( but he is not important to the movie anyway, in fact we never see him) but there is a a great scene in once upon a time in america where robert de niro and the rest of his mob crew learn that one of the women in the high class bordello they visit is brought there every weekend to bang about 10 strangers while her husband watches. She then goes on to perform a penis inspection line up with all the mob boys. very titillating.

    There is a funny hotwife scene at the start of old school ( will Ferill comedy) were he walks in on girlfriend about to get it on with a man and woman wearing blindfolds. Also at the end of the movie she asks another man to SWING by her house some time, I should add that it is not really true hotwife as he leaves her straight afterwards, but all very light hearted, and a good scene to use and mention that you would not be too annoyed if it happened to you.

    Ok, I have found or more correctly remembered a great hotwife movie while shopping in my local DVD store today. It is an oldie but an absolute classic. Shirley valentine. It is a warm funny story about a middle aged woman finding herself. It is as much about falling in love with one’s own life as somebody else. Bored with life in suburban uk and with her distant husband Shirley suddenly runs off to Greece and among many other funny moments has sex with a Greek waiter. At the end husband comes to get her back and all ends romantically with both happy. a word of warning on the DVD produced by paramount, it has many Americanisms dubbed over the very strong regional uk accent and this loses some of the humour and jokes. it is a great movie in its own right besides hotwifing about seizing the day and not accepting the ordinary life many blindly follow. . Very real story too, quite believable

    Ok I have found another excellent movie. It is spike lees, She’s gotta have it. basically one woman sleeping with 3 men that are all perusing her. Not exactly pure hot wife material but close enough. lots of insatiable woman material. it is a comedy with spike lee acting in it himself as a bicycle loving freak.

    I have just hot pay dirt and cannot believe this gem has lain dormant all these years. Just received my copy of Almost pregnant and reviewed it tonight. Enjoy

    It is a perfect movie, hotwifing, breeding, wife writing, and actually very funny as a movie. Not oscar winning but very mainstream and enjoyable. Soft core sex scenes but very well done and quite titillating.
    When Linda and Charlie discover that his sperm just ain’t up to getting Linda pregnant, they decide Linda should take a lover. But Linda falls in love with a lover who’s had a vasectomy, so much for plan A. She finds out but attempts plan B and takes another lover on the sly while still seeing lover number one ( because she loves the sex with him) all in the hopes to get her all-too-elusive baby. Delightful sex scences, including one dream sequence when hubby has to imagine it all happening before taking the plunge ( he is given a bed side view and a bottle of oil to hold) . Yes the husband eventually starts an affair with the wife of lover A but even this is done in a hot wife fashion as this second wife instigates it without even knowing her husband it sleeping wth the first wife tring to get pregnant.
    This movie has two beautiful women (Tanya Roberts and Joan Severance) both of whom display their bodies plentifully. The movie has a lot of laughs. The ladies are delightful and funny. The guys (Jeff Conaway and John Calvin) are very good too. This is a funny positive movie with happy ending. Enjoy.
    it seems I am well on my way to creating the perfect happy hot wife movie list

    Here is the review of Le secret and why it makes the grade.

    In simple terms it makes the grade because it is about a hotwife coming to terms with her desire and also about her husband coming to terms with her desire too. It is interesting because it is the wife that starts the process and she is certainly trying to hide it from the husband ( who she loves) initially but then is so blatant that it is obvious that she wants him to see her for who she is and finally understand. It is not a light movie with real world issues such as her mother turning slowly blind, but the sex scenes are great. I have included it here because at the end of the movie after his turmoil the husband accepts this. He clearly still loves her and will put up with it and they all live ambivalently ever after. I include it because if you remember i was looking for positive or at least neutral examples of the hotwife phenomenon in mainstream movies and this is at least neutral and I am sure many women will find it an uplifting story in many ways because this film is about real life issues. It is about love and changes; being afraid of time passing and not being able to find fulfillment, losing passion and struggling against your own guilty pleasures. It is about what happens frequently with many couples but anybody is willing to face. It is hotwife material because she is not in love with her lover and she knows there will be others, as she says herself ” IT IS IN ME”

    It is one of the films with the best ( multiple) erotic hotwife scenes , she is a very attractive but real looking woman and great use is made of the interracial skin on skin camera shots with plenty of wedding ring close ups and other little hotwife bits and pieces such as her changing quickly out of sexy knickers for boring housewife ones hubby gets to see and a great scene where she does not try and hide the love bites and other marks her lover left on her from her husband so that he can begin to understand. For lovers of interracial hotwife material i doubt there is better on offer.

    Ok guys, I have another one, again it is a rather complex mainstream movie so as it is rather late, I will hopefully get around to full review tomorrow. It is an really good Irish period piece set around 1900 called The December Bride

    End of list

    That is it so far folks. I would like to include a recommendation made by somebody else, as it looks very good, he wrote

    I found the Torremolinos 73 scene where the husband had to give tacit approval for his wife to do a live sex scene in front of the entire crew to complete his film, which of course was what she wanted, along with his boss,… titillating.

    I have it but have not had a chance to watch it yet. I have a few more to get through so keep posted and please keep posting 

  5. Train said:

    Agreed, “Henry and June” is fabulous movie, is the story of Henry Miller (author) and his novel “Tropic of Cancer” (which anyone interested in sex/cuckolding/fucking should read, anyway). Another classic movie along these lines, somewhat, is Lolita.


  6. jon said:

    Ok, December Bride is a very good if a rather brooding movie. It is
    set among the protestant community ( ulster scots for those in the US
    and Canada) in northern Ireland about 1900-1910. A young woman takes
    employment in the house of a better off farmer and following his death
    decides to shack up and sleep with both his sons in definace of the
    very religious and conservtive society. While there is no steamy sex
    scenes in this movie, she clearly gets what she wants :evil: :evil:
    and has two children with the brothers. It is a fairly dark movie in
    that they have to suffer the predudice as a family that their
    lifestyle envokes from the
    wider community, but she is the hero ofthe movie because of this by
    refusing to conform to how they think ( including her mother) she
    should live. This is why it makes the grade for a positive hotwife
    movie.She only marries one of them later in life ( December bride)
    because her own daughter wants to marry a local man and she has to
    become respectable. It is clear that she will continue to live her
    hotwife lifestyle regardless of the legal situation. :D This is why
    it will make my list. It is a very good mainstream movie with
    excellent acting and plot. Not hollywood but a great well crafted
    small movie. So mainsteam you could watch it with granny but still be
    able to make a comment on a positive hotwife lifestyle, ( not that I
    would personally like to share the lifestyle with one of my brothers)
    but each to their own.
    I will be taking a break for a few days now, busy in the other parts of life.
    please post anything you have found guys.

  7. Pablo said:

    Check out KINSEY: the sex researcher gives in to his gay side, but his male lover gets bored and switches, publicly, to screwing Kinsey’s wife.

  8. Mexbull said:

    I started to enjoy others wife because i came a cross whit a few italian movies this guys is the cuckold mastermind he uses drama sexynes and some very powerfull svenes hes name Mario salieri he has many movies which many wiifes r made to give them self to others. My favirite clínica de la vergona, clinic of shame youll cuckolds out thete will thank me. Enjoy.

  9. jon said:

    Thanks, I have it in my ‘to view’ section. I believe it will be a useful movie in any case given that it is one about challenging views about ‘normal’ sexuality, whatever that is.

  10. jon said:

    Ok, just watched the 1972 version of the Getaway. Fairly good movie, however this is not a movie review website, so what does it say from the perpective of this post. Well the cuck theme does not do much as the husband kills himself!!!, however the main story has a mild hotwife theme in that another woman uses sex to get her husband out of prison, he later finds out and had trouble dealing with it, untill finally accepting it and going forward to their happy ending. She says at one point during a argument about it ” woud’nt you have done the same for me” and ” i chose you not him”. Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, this is not the main theme of the movie, that is bank heist and getaway, shoot em up stuff type movie. I don’t think it makes my positive grade but it may make neutral in that it could be used in a light way to say ” i’d hope you would get me out of prison baby if i was in that situation” ;) . Overall, i doubt it has much value beyond this. Good movie anyway, if you like movies. Steve McQueen was always very cool. :cool:

    My last post referred to Pablos recomendation of Kinsey by the way

  11. jon said:

    Thanks Mexbull, but this thread is about mainstream movies, not straight out porn. Mainstream can be used to introduce or bring up a subject in a way that porn can not.

  12. jon said:

    ok folks, just watched the top hit Spanish movie Insatiable, Diary of a sex addict 2006. it is the story of a nymph woman trying to come to terms with herself and her journey from promicious woman ( having sex with many boyfriends :) ) to looking for love and denying her true sexual self, to exploring that theme before finally coming to new terms with it.
    This movie is realistic, provocative, hard hitting in places, sexy as hell but at the same time elegant and pure. Belen Fabra is a georgous but real actress and perfect for the role. She gives a depth to it. She makes you think about it. The directing is unique and although the movie presents a lot of “raw hot sex”, for some reason,it is also delicate and sophisticated. That is probably because It’s not a soft porn movie, it is a movie about complex sexuality and how that links to other values in life and presents them in a way audiences are not used to seeing.

    It is useful from the hotwife/girlfriend theme of this post because she always remains the hero and her rampant sexuality is never looked down upon, even if the men fail to live up to the mark. If anyone seems perverted it is is them with their shallow selves and insecurities. There are unpleasant scences but not too bad. Overall the sex scences are amazing and she reamins true to herself, even if she is back to square one ( although now at peace with herself because of the personal journey). I watched it with two female friends ( that have nothing to do with hotwife interests) and made the comment at the end that she just needed to find an average joe to marry and then take a few lovers on the side because that was the only way for her to possibly live and be happy while remaining true to herself. They both agreed. :) Neither thought anything negative about her and had great sympathy for the character.;) I think it will make the grade for its positive if complicated protrayal of an insatible woman. ;) . The girls thought the sex scenes were very well done too. :D

  13. Trash said:

    Just saw the movie Young Adam (2003), where an unhappy wife living on a canal barge has sex with the hired help (Ewan McGregor) right under the unseeing eyes of the cuckold husband.

  14. jon said:

    Hey the posting seems to have gone very low here besides myself, any feedback ? anybody agree, disagree with my reviews?,find them useful ?, thoughts ?, support and recomendation?

  15. jon said:

    I saw young Adam, but it is very dark and unlikly to convince any woman of the joys of hotwifing. I have some coming up that i believe will.

  16. jon said:

    For a mainsteam movie when one woman has sex with two men at the same time. I can fully recommend Y Tu Mama Tambien ( in Spanish with english subtitles). I have it in my collection and I was going to watch it to give it a full hw relevant review later in this thread, but i have read eneough reviews of the movie to understand that this is done in a very beatiful way. They are teens, she about 29. It has gotten great reviews as a movie in general. :D

  17. jon said:

    Ok folks. I have a good one, mentioned above ,but here are the details.Delta Of Venus It makes the grade. Mainstream movie about a female American writer in Paris just befoe the outbreak of 2nd world war and nazi invasion starts writing erotic fiction. From encouragement from her friends, her lover, and her publisher she gets involved in nude modeling and progresses onward through many other forms of voyeuristic and participatory sexual adventures. Contains full frontal nudity and simulated sex, and lots and lots of sexual dialogue. Despite the very many erotic and tasteful sex scenes likley to appeal to a great range of woman that the leading engages in, through her journey from sexual innocent to expert, (that would get it onto my list in itself,) it has one were she narratates and we see the sexual ritual of one rich couple. He blindfolds and takes a man from the street to a place where his very sexy wife fucks him. The best line in the whole movie. She narratates the whole thing “He ( the husband) gets his pleasure from watching, while she gets hers from being watched ( by him). ” It is a fantasic scene and she makes it very clear that this is their regular sexual practice. The wife has the men blindfolded with a wide scarf becuase she only likes to fuck strangers each time and does not want to see their faces. :whip: She is a real vixen, slighly older, dripping with expensive pearls. It is a show stealer. :twisted: It is a well acted movie and is a great one to talk about after in order to identify the favourite scene. : :cool:
    By the way i would love to hear of anybodys attempt to use any of these movies to try and start that disscussion and what happened, reactions etc?. Did you try more than one ?

  18. jon said:

    I have found several other ways in which female infidelity gets presented in my movie research. They generally all end bad or else have negative conotations, however some are less negative than others and may allow guilty pleasures to be enjoyed. To that end i have created a few categories and examples below

    1) Married woman has sex and then bad things happen

    2) When the female is not the main culprit, but kind of duped or forced into it.

    3) Where the husband is presented as a idiot

    4) Where the husband is considered cruel or at least insensitive to his wifes needs

    5) A complicated moral or life situation

    Bearing in mind what you say above, I think it may be possible to use some of these negative issue versions of hotwifing, particularly if the man they are cheating on is a babe magnet. Now i know that in unfaithful that the husband is loving but the guy she fucks is a babe magnet, so that movie fits into what you said.

    I have viewed many movies that could fit into the categorys i have outlined above but they are still not going to make my positive list. I really want to create a different list of more positive images. That said i think for established and healthy hotwifing relationships that the other kind can feature, so I will include a few recommendations under those categories. They may also be used safely for nubies because they have moral ending, as pointed out. However as first impressions last, i would still think the postitive stuff should come first but every situation is different. You can sometimes have your guilty plesaure cake, girls, and eat it. ;) I have not included any really depressing ones like breaking the waves or even bitter moon or ice storm. I have
    marked them P partial and M major to denote to what degree hotwifing features

    1) Type one, married woman girlfriend has hw sex and bad things happen

    Unfaithful M ( Wife cannot contain lust for a extra lover :whip: , killing occurs)
    The Cuckold( hot interracial subject matter but a husband loses it and killing occurs)

    1) Type two, not really bad women compared to the man

    Devils avocateP ( The devil as al pacino has his way with a wife)
    Internal affairs P(Richard Gere is a real bad cop with a side interest love for others wifes )
    Dead Calm P(wife has to fool mad but sexy drifter picked up at sea to save husbands life and decides to have sex with him so he will trust her) You will never forget billy zane ripping off nicole kidmans shorts :twisted:

    2) Type three, husband is an idiot

    Chigago P ( husband is cheated on by wife that just uses him to get into showbiz)
    Layer cake P(Hot girl has to cheat on idiot bfriend when she meets sexy Danial Craig)
    Love Lessons M(swedish teacher has affair with young schoolboy under idiot husbands nose)

    3) Type four, cruel or insensitive husband

    Incendiary P ( Husband is distant and non comunicative) This only has negative vibe because her husband and kid are killed by terrorists while she is having sex with another, but it is clear from the movie that this is mis placed quilt because had she been making her dinner instead of having sex ,like she was susposed to, her husband and kid would still have been killed by terrorists. The sex scene is very hot is too short and many ladies will like it.
    Heat and Dust P ( Husband is not senstive eneough to understand that his wife has a more true vision of colonial india than he and his limited racist world)
    Casio Royale P ( Bond fucks nasty unlikable villians wife, bond at one point in this great movie says that the woman he is taking to is not his type “single” :D

    4) Type five complicated moral or life situation

    The getaway P( wife has sex with another man to get husband out of prison
    Monsters ball P( another prison complication) what a scene :whip:
    The Scarlet Letter M( wife thinks husband is probably dead
    Notes on a scandal( school teacher has affair with young student, she is married to much to old of a man, has sacrificed much of her youth being mother to downs syndrome child, and then is finally half taken advantage by cunning teen with crush and gives in)

    I also think Hereward made a good point about shorbus in that unorthodox sexual behaviour isn’t remotely condemned in it. I think movies that do that are very useful to the HW experience. One that is about this and features hwing as one theme is Kinsey.

    I have now decided to print below the list of movies i hope to review over the coming weeks. I know already that some of them are hot wife examples material while others i strongly suspect of having it. I own all of them, but you will apprecaite it takes time to review them all.

    These are
    When will I be loved
    The other side of the bed
    The last Seduction
    Passion of Ayn Rand
    Lake Consequence
    Belle De Jour
    White Palace
    A walk on the Moon
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona (for lesbian HWing and 3 some)
    Bound ( for lesbian HWing)
    Wild side ( for lesbian HWing)
    Sex and Lucia
    The Piano
    The price of desire ( I have heard this is a mainstream movie bordering soft porn)
    Game of Desire ( italian movie, i also believe this borders the soft porn area)
    Basic Instinct 1 and 2) Saw 1 years ago and including it because the woman is empowered (if evil ) and strong character and because it may help hwing lesbian talk) I have not seen 2 but i believe a 3 some is included.
    Cabaret ( may be some love triangle references)
    The painted veil.

    I am still waiting to buy the human contract on uk amazon to avoid shipping costs and i am waiting to get caught at a more resaonble price ( I believe it will probably not be a great postive HW movie anyway.)

    So folks, this is what you can expext from me and my list. While there will be am actually hoping to create a few different kinds of lists now, along with it, that may include examples from the categories above and an extra soft porn one. :D That is the longer term project. I think in the shorter term i will have a top 15 for the positive Pulsemann hotwifing list fairly soon. . At the end of the day we are our thoughts and what we give our attention to. I searched for such a list myself many times but after no result then decided to create it myself. I really wanted to create a list that can be used to counter the negative stuff out there and could be used as a tool to get the topic off the ground for many people, so please let me know your stories in using the movies featured here, past and present.

  19. jon said:

    Just thought i would put up the list now, it is not finished untill we reach 15. Almost there. Mostly they are about hotwifing/hot girlfriend MFM or closely related theme of women freeing themselves sexually from Satus Quo or insatible women theme. They at least present hwing in at least a fair way and mostly positive. I would recommend starting with Kinsey in that is challenges the very idea of normal sexuality and includes hotwife theme, then follow with sideways and almost pregnant, after that you could mix and match as you please, but i would leave animal instincts to the very end. It is totally about HWing and while still mainstream, it is only maginally shy of being a soft porn. Anyway, keep the best wine till last, hey. I am fairly sure the next few to hit the list can fit in anywhere on the list.

    The Positive Pulsemann Top Hot Wife Movie List

    Almost Pregnant
    T tu Mama Tambien
    Torrmillinos 73
    Insatible diary of sex addict
    Le Secret
    Shes gotta have it
    December Bride
    Delta of Venus
    Shirley valentine
    Animal Instincts

    Now folks, i want to hear your stories and experiences of using these movies to start that conversation or just have fun. Please let me know here

  20. jon said:

    Hi, I have been busy on this project and have gone through a few on the non viewed list. However there is another inclusion to the positive list. Henry and June. So that makes lucky 13

  21. jon said:

    Ok folks 3 more for the list

    Henry and June (complex HW story, ends with everyone alive and not devastated in the usual way by movie infidelity.)
    Young People Fucking ( funny HW scene)
    Atomised ( sad movie but HW presented well and instigated by controled by woman)

    This is 15, the final list is looking more like 20. :)

  22. bigdick4amy said:

    In the late 80’s there was a movie on Showtime (or one of those channels) about a rich man who pays a brothel owner to seduce his wife. Long story short, the rich wife ends up working at the brothel just for the sex. She eventually realizes that “her room” has been set up the whole time for her husband to watch. The brothel was always referred to as “The Dress Shop.” I don’t know if that was the name of the movie or not. It was definitely one awesome movie as far as hotwifing goes. Unfortuately, I’ve never been able to find the film anywhere. I only remember it as I watched it about a 100 times during the month it was on!

  23. StaysinVegas said:

    There is a good recent mainstream comedy movie that features a Husband that pays a pool boy to seduce and have sex with his wife. It is not for his enjoyment, but the subject of him wanting to watch is mentioned. A very arousing and funny movie, and a great one to raise the idea of letting your wife be with someone else. The movie is called Extract. Look it up, it’s a good movie.

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