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November 6, 2009

Jinxypie Interviewed

As promised last month I have the interview you’ve all been waiting for. Even since I can across this beauty from North Carolina I’ve been dying to find out more about her. Every time I see a picture or video of the amazing Jinxypie, my mind becomes a horny mess. She is a very sexy girl and she has such a sweet and innocent look about her you would never believe what a sexual creature she really is.

For the last year and a half Jinxypie has been embarking on a sexual mission of discovery and cuckolding her husband and treating him to a steady stream of her tales of new lovers and variety of cock. She meets guys on the Internet and films them for her website often with the camera in the corner of the room. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s very very horny.

I think that’s what really does it as far as her appeal goes, it’s the normality of it all, this could be a girl that lives down your street. I love the way she posts normal, everyday pictures on her site such as a simple day in the park, dressed like a normal girl would and not provocatively for the sake of it.

Thanks for the interview Jinxypie. We love you, you’re a true star and I know you going to be a very popular girl on these pages from this day on.


hotwifeblog: Hey Jinxypie, So great to be able to interview you for Hotwifeblog. I’m very excited. Let’s start on your home town.. North Carolina? Correct?
Jinxypie: Yes, North Carolina, United States.

hotwifeblog: And how old are you Jinxy?
Jinxypie: 30

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Jinxypie: 5ft 3inches

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Jinxypie: Blue

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Jinxypie: Brown

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Jinxypie: Only my ears are pierced

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Jinxypie: Friendly, caring, flirty, witty, confident.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Jinxypie: Webmistress - I develop and maintain websites.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Jinxypie: At a previous place of employment 

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Jinxypie: 2 years

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Jinxypie: I do, but I had suppressed them for many years.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Jinxypie: My husband actually brought this up. He has been a cuckold his entire adult life, so after we were married he and I started having the discussions, wanting to figure out if this is a step we wanted to take. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy me the way I need, so naturally he wanted me to take on other lovers.

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Jinxypie: A little “out of character” for me at the time, I guess. I used to be the type of person that needed to feel really comfortable with someone before meeting them. One random Sunday morning I was chatting with a guy that lived close by, and he invited me over. “Now or never” I thought, so I told him I would be there soon. I talked to my cuck about what I was going to do, where I was going, etc, and he helped me get ready to go. During the drive there I was really nervous, but once I got there and said “hello” it didn’t take long for us to have our hands all over each other. After we finished, I went home and told my cuck everything that happened. Seeing his excitement over what had just happened and feeling the rush of emotions along with him was like magic, I really wanted to experience this again and again…

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Jinxypie: The freedom to do what I want at the moment I want to. The power I feel when the animalistic urge for sex comes over me and I have to find a big cock for my pussy, knowing my husband just won’t do. The attention it seems to draw from men and even some women, curious to have a relationship like this of their own. But most of all I love the look on my husband’s face when he is watching me get pounded by some guy that wants my pussy as bad as I want him to fuck me with his dick. The look of love and satisfaction, he’s done his job as a cuckold husband, making sure his wife is getting the pleasure she deserves.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Jinxypie: About a year and a half, and I have no plans of stopping!

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Jinxypie: One reason I think men get so excited seeing their woman with another man is, when they themselves are the one doing the fucking, they can’t fully focus on every movement and facial expression made by their woman. If you’re on the sidelines watching, you can drink it all in – every touch between the two, every smile, every happy sigh and every pleasure filled moan. You will see the satisfaction.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Jinxypie: I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m an exhibitionist, although sometimes I do have exhibitionist tendencies. I’m a little freaked out by public nudity, but do like to draw attention – usually not by being loud or obnoxious.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Jinxypie: Interesting question. If you’re talking about the qualities a man needs in order for me to be attracted to him, then he needs to be able to carry on a conversation that isn’t about sex. I like intelligent men, but if they flaunt it then I’m totally turned off and have even gone so far to tell some men to cool it. But, if you’re asking about men that I have sex with, I prefer confident men (but not cocky), men that don’t have to “feel a connection” to know two people can have hot sex and be OK with it, men that keep themselves in decent shape and are attractive. I’m just saying they don’t all have to be scholars. Even dumb guys can fuck, right? ;)

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Jinxypie: 32

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Jinxypie: Well, there was a plan for it, but it fell through. I have had 2 threesomes though.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Jinxypie: Size, well, since I cuckold my husband, size obviously does matter a bit. I’m not a “size queen” though, I won’t ONLY fuck men of a certain length/girth, but the men I see should be bigger than my cuck husband and should be able to use their penis properly!

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Jinxypie: I do not have a preference. I have been satisfied by both black and white lovers.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Jinxypie: I do, but I want a new one. I’ve been trying to find a jeweler to make a custom cuckolding charm for me, but no luck so far. Maybe I’ll get into jewelry making and just do it myself, haha

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Jinxypie: Well, cuckolding is an obvious one. I also have a bit of a foot fetish, as well as one for socks/stockings. There has also been a little bit of experimentation with insertion.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Jinxypie: Gotta be the insertion stuff… putting things where they don’t belong!

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Jinxypie: Internet, through various forums and message boards or directly through my website. Believe it or not, every time I’ve went to a club/bar I’ve struck out! 

hotwifeblog: When you have a ‘date’ with a lover does your husband like to stay at home and let you be alone with the guy, watch you, or participate sexually? or a mix of them all?
Jinxypie: Most of the time he’s watching the kids, so he’s at home. On rare occasions that my lover and I want my cuck in the room, he’s there taking pictures and video, and listening to me tell him how much better the other man is than him. He doesn’t ever get to participate sexually when I’m with a lover.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband swing as well or remain faithful to you?
Jinxypie: He is faithful to me, he is not interested in swinging. To be quite honest, I’m sure I would be extremely jealous if he wanted to have sex with another woman.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Jinxypie: Most of the time, sex for us isn’t “normal” sex, we lie in bed and talk while he jerks off. I talk about sexual encounters I have had, men I’ve been with, what I would like to happen in the future, amongst other things. I do occasionally let him have sex with me, but that’s more for his benefit, or for me to tease him while he’s inside of me.

hotwifeblog: So you compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Jinxypie: All the time! He’s a cuckold.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a monogamous relationship if your husband ever suggested it?
Jinxypie: Yes, because my relationship with him is more important than anything… but I would fondly remember and talk about ‘the good old days’.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Jinxypie: I’ve been told I’m a little submissive, but I personally like having some control in every encounter. I hate knowing I have no control in the matter.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Jinxypie: Nope, not something I’m in to yet.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Jinxypie: Absolutely

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys?
Jinxypie: Yes

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Jinxypie: I have, my cuck husband

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Jinxypie: He does, it’s one of the best times to talk to him about how pathetic his tiny penis is and how it can’t satisfy me like I need.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Jinxypie: Yes, most cucks do.

hotwifeblog: Since having your website, have you ever been recognised by anyone who knew you were a hotwife?
Jinxypie: Haha, only by someone in the grocery store that is a member of my website. He sent me an email after the fact though, he didn’t approach me in person.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Jinxypie: I do like dancing and photography and music, and I have a large family that needs my attention. I also have a freelance web and graphics design business with my husband that takes up a lot of time.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Jinxypie: If you’re a man that would enjoy seeing your wife take on other lovers or if you’re a wife interested in becoming a hotwife, I want to stress that communication is KEY in these types of relationships. When you block off communication or hide your feelings from one another, you’re really setting yourself up for failure. The more honest and open you are with your significant other, the easier it will be to talk about hotwifing or swinging (or cuckolding), and the more you’ll feel good about doing it. Sure, everyone screws up once in a while, and nobody gets it perfect the first time, but if you never talk about it, then you’ll never be OK with it actually happening.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Jinxypie: Well, I update pictures and videos about 3 times a week, so there’s always something to look at. I do website chats twice a week and a video stream usually once a week so people can watch what I’m doing as I chat with them. If you’re a cuckold and want me to do a video specifically for you, there’s a place to submit your pictures and info for that. You can also make suggestions for a specific idea (certain outfit or place to take pictures, specific scene you’d like to see in a video) and I try to make it happen. I’m all about trying to please the “fans”!

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Jinxypie: I’m going on the road! The first of my trips is in Greensboro, NC, and I will be taking on a cuck or two from the town. I’m choosing a bunch of guys to have sex with in front of the cuck while he takes pictures and video, which will be uploaded within 4 hours of the session. I’m really excited about this trip, because if it’s successful it will open the door for trips around the US, and around the world!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Jinxypie: Just keep steady in my mission to “educate” those that are unfamiliar with cuckolding. Many see it as a fetish where the woman/cuckoldress is mean to her cuck and that’s not always the case. Also men and women send me questions on how to get their significant other into this type of lifestyle. I answer those questions and post on my blog… there’s a lot of advice there. I’m going to continue to cuckold my husband by seeing as many men that I can fit into my schedule, and I plan to attend some swinger events in the near future!

hotwifeblog: Thank you Jinxypie, I wish you all the best to the both of you for the future :)


Check out the amazingly hot Cuckoldress Jinxypie here

Interview by: Trash

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  1. Enoch van Jartan said:

    Awesome woman, awesome interview!

  2. michael said:

    thanks for the interview trash - powerful lady!

  3. Eddie said:

    Truely amazing, I’m in love! x

  4. Hoosier said:

    No courage to do more than masturbate to Jinxypie at the present time, but I’m certainly enjoying that! Many thanks to you and her for this interview.

  5. Christine Brehm said:

    My pussy was filled with Superior Black-Seed on my Birthday,I will leave the window open,so all can hear&see this year. thanks Sandy

  6. T drew B said:

    Being a Carolina guy, I have recently started following the adventures of this hottie. She is an incredible gal. I just might have to schedule myself a session with her soon.

  7. Prathviraj said:

    and it can turn out bad. Often the husband uiflnray lashes out at the wife for maybe enjoying herself too much or puts her down for going along with it even though the husband initiate the idea!This is usually a case of worry and confidence on the husbands behalf. Worried that maybe the other man pleasured her so much that he can’t compare or and that she will leave him.With that being said, nobody really knows until they try and many times, after the initial overwhelming feeling, the husband may learn to how to control the jealousy and feel that he can channel it in a positive way to fuel the turned on feeling he gets from the fantasy aspect of it.I know it sounds a little crazy but us men are crazy lol.I call it positive jealousy (I have written an article about it at my site) and it’s what can create a positive experience, especially when the Husband can channel the jealousy into re-claiming where the couple has sex after the wife has been with another man allowing the Husband to reclaim his wife and the connection. Many couples feel that reclaiming sex can be some of the hottest sex they have ever had together!I am not sure of the timeline for your situation but this whole lifestyle can take years to evolve into something that works. Perhaps it was too much too fast, maybe step back and let the thoughts and feelings whirl around a little and then see if they come up again and if anything has evolved or changed As for him demanding that you not see John anymore Did you have feelings for him? Many Wives find it very hard to separate feelings from just sex for the first couple experiences. My wife and I are not into this for her to get feelings for another, it’s simply for the sexual part of it and she has learned to separate the need for feelings and sex to go together. Attraction is needed but not the whole, love feeling that you usually have when you are dating and have sex. Follow?It’s not rare for the Husband to have control for the first part of the lifestyle because it’s usually his idea and he feels the need to control how it all plays out in order to be careful and not lose his wife. Some feel that it’s fair because he’s allowing the fantasy to take place. But of course this power can be abused.My wife and I started with me initiating the fantasy and having the most control on how things happened but as we gained experience I started to find it very hot to let her take control and see how she evolved with it. It’s also not rare for a husband to be able to say that he doesn’t want you to see someone if his sense is that you truly are having feelings for the other man, at least for the first few experiences This again, can be different depending on what you two are looking to get out of this arrangement.My wife and I are into it for MFM’s, watching and on rare occasion she will play alone and usually brings home a couple pics or video (using her phone) for me so that I can enjoy the experience as well.This is usually how it begins for all couples, even if their main goal is a cuckolding lifestyle, you usually don’t jump head first into a more hardcore lifestyle like that.As we get more experience I am finding myself starting to fantasize about certain cuckold scenario’s and wanting to role play them, wanting to have her be more dominate with me, so you can see how the control aspect can evolve and change.As for the pimping, yes this can be the case and it will never turn out good. Although I rarely hear of this as a couple will not last long in that situation and usually will not make it to the whole, joining a hotwife community etc, when they are not both truly enjoying it.I encourage you to reply here and also join our site if you feel that maybe you two want to try the lifestyle but perhaps need to do more research and talk to other couples that are into it as well.Nothing is better than talking to another married woman that can relate to you and help you figure out your feelings in this often complex lifestyle.

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