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October 23, 2009

Nichole Wet Interviewed

Recently one of our good readers Ken asked me if I’d be interested in him interviewing a woman on my behalf. He recently come across the delightful Nichole. Although now divorced Nichole currently describes herself as a “polyamorous female in a hedonistic lifestyle”. She, very much like Jan B, encourages different men to come and play the role of her Cuckold and serve her and the men she fucks. Knowing Ken’s mind and seeing his comments over the years I knew he’s be able to throw a different angle on his approach with the questions. Thanks for this interview and your work Ken, Nichole is a great find. Keep up the great work on looking out for new and interesting women that we need on this blog.


Ken for hotwifeblog: You didn’t start out into black men. When did you have inkling that you might be a slut for BBC?
Nichole: You are right, I didn’t start out dating BBC. I went out with my first black man about 2 1/2 years ago.

Ken for hotwifeblog: After your divorce?
Nichole: Yes

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, had the curiosity been brewing for awhile?
Nichole: You have to understand that I grew up in an area where there were no black people. I had a hard time understanding why that was so as I was growing up. When I went into the Air Force, I starting recognizing black men, but didn’t date any. Not sure why. I remember always noticing them. And if I were at a club and dancing, they were the guys to dance with! I was engaged or married most of time from high school. All to Caucasians. I didn’t fool around, and was very loyal. So, until my divorce, I really didn’t explore. I didn’t think about it until I was asked out and even at that point I didn’t necessarily ’see’ any skin difference. I just looked at the person… handsome? polite? educated? well spoken? etc… It wasn’t until I had been to several swinger parties, etc. that I started noticing a difference. It’s hard to explain. It’s not just cock size. Although there are benefits of that! ;-)

Ken for hotwifeblog: What else do you think it might be?
Nichole: Well, at least for me, black men had this sense of calm (or chill). So now when I’m in a room of black and white men, the differences between them is noticeable. (laughs) Now, I’m more black man “aware”, how they behave toward me, each other, and especially how they are built.

Ken for hotwifeblog: What’s different about their behavior?
Nichole: I’ve noticed black men have this bond with each other when they socialize. They are more open and friendly; more self-assured and direct. There’s this closeness they have, like a family, even though they might not know each other. Maybe it’s a kind of fraternity; I didn’t expect that and its nice to see. At parties, when people are mingling and checking each other out, there always some awkwardness and hesitation at first. But black men don’t seem to fear rejection, they don’t push up on you as much and if you signal you’re not interested, they don’t lose their cool or make you feel they’re offended when you say “No, Thanks”.

The white guys don’t socialize like that; even if they know some of the other men at the party. They keep to themselves more. They need a lot more reassurance and can come off too ‘cocky’ I know I’m generalizing and my expereince is limited to just the white and black men I’ve met, but I’d have to say honestly that’s how it seems to me.

Ken for hotwifeblog: Anything else?
Nichole: (laughs) Wow I could go on for hours about black men. Another thing, at least for me, most of black guys in the lifestyle I’ve met have great bods. Lots of six pack abs, strong shoulders, forearms, and legs. Maybe its because I work out and stay in shape, but by comparison with white guys the same age, height, weight, etc. black men have pretty good bodies. And they tend to be younger; white guys in the life style are older and many don’t seem to stay in shape. If you do come across a white guy with a really hot body, typically they have an ego to match. Much like really hot women; the ones men howl about and drool over. Also, black men know how to talk to women. They come on differently, life style men are really direct and suggestive toward women, but it’s not vulgar or crude. Sure at times, there’s a bit too much profanity and swearing which can be a big turn off if it’s not done at the right time. But honestly, black men can say things with their eyes, hands, lips, and tounge that that make me wet. Granted, most of it’s just flirting and talk, but it still sounds good. :-)

Ken for hotwifeblog: Can you give me an example?
Nichole: Sure. When you meet and they don’t know your name they always call you ‘baby’, ’sweetie’, or ‘honey’. They tell you how hot or beautiful they think you are. They definetly want a woman who has some ‘bounce’ to her, whether it’s in her hips, backsides (azz) or chest: they don’t want a Twiggy model.

Ken for hotwifeblog: What about cuckoldry?
Nichole: To me cuckoldry can be one of the purest forms of love between a husband and wife. The husband is giving his wife something that she should have, but society doesn’t typically allow. The stud is just a tool. The real relationship is with the husband and wife. Any BBC will work. But there needs to be surrender of the man to his wife’s needs. It’s about letting the BBC be in control, because he should be. The idea of a black stud saying to me, “face down, ass up” in my marital bedroom right in front of the man I love puts a huge smile on my face. Cuckoldry is about the husband giving his wife her freedom to be submissive to the man she wants to submit to.

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, the husband’s role is what exactly?
Nichole Wet: It’s like this. BBC fucks. BBC cums ropey streams of jism into you and it’s like they’re filling you with life. Husbands love and surrender. They help you spread your legs. They accept their role. And in accepting that role, they are sharing what women have always had to go through! It’s nice that she has an opportunity to transfer roles.

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, is it about humiliation?
Nichole: It depends, for some men it’s all about humilation. Others it’s more about voyeurism. Many cucks want to be humiliated. But cuckoldry can also be about two people sharing a process of submission to BBC together.

hotwifeblog: Which is it for you?
Nichole: Being a true romantic, the later option (not the humiliation) is best. Cuckoldry works best when it’s part of a romantic relationship which includes the typical things… flowers, candlelit dinners, walks while holding hands, trust, affection, sharing hopes and dreams, good and bad times. The poem ‘The Invitation’ is a perfect example of a deep relationship. “It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.” It’s just that I need a man who understands what BBC is for and why he needs to submit to it along with me.

Ken for hotwifeblog: Thank you for your time, Nichole. This has been very illuminating. And best of luck with your site.


Visit Nichole Wet’s site here

Interview by: Ken - Hotwifeblog Reader

3 Responses to “Nichole Wet Interviewed”

  1. Jordan said:

    That was an amazing interview. Great job, Nichole and Ken! I loved how she talked about “two people sharing a process of submission to BBC together.” I never thought of it quite that way. Very thought-provoking. She talks about romance and a genuine, loving relationship with a cuckold. That sounds wonderful. Here’s a woman talking about a loving, intimate relationship with a white cuck, while being sexually satisfied with BBC on the side. What could be better? I don’t know if there are very many women out there like that, but hopefully the number is growing!

  2. Panzer said:

    This is a very important topic for my wife and I. I feel that when we share her with another man, (Her choice is BBC and I let her have what she wants) that we are “swapping” or “sharing”. I don’t want to be cuckolded and certainly not humiliated. I want to be there and share her joy. I am seven years older and she is 45 and in her sexual prime. It would have been nice that she had done the same for me 20 years ago when I was too much for her, but time doesn’t go in reverse and I do not want to be vindictive. I truly love her and her happiness is of the utmost importance to me. I am still fit, but nature is what it is and I simply cannot perform 3-6 times a day as was common when I was young. She loves me all the more for giving her what she wants and needs, however that might be accomplished.

  3. carvino said:

    great looking woman i love her.

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