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October 9, 2009

Meet Jinxypie

Every so often I manage to find a real jem of hotwife website. Totally amateur, totally real and very very horny. Well this find ticks all the boxes, she even meets Bulls via her website and the girl in question is a complete stunner as well as an amazing cuckoldress. I introduce to you the wonderful Jinxypie. And YES! I have an interview with her coming up real soon..

Here’s some info from the lady herself.

“I’m a cuckoldress located in North Carolina. I am married to a sissy cuck. My husband knows exactly what I’m doing, and encourages me to go after what I want.

I prefer well-endowed men for either one-on-one or a group. (Heck, if you’re bigger than what I’ve got at home, you’ve got a shot!) I am very sexual. I enjoy many aspects of sex and cuckolding… not just being fucked. I’m always looking for the right men to fulfill my needs. I enjoy taking and being in pictures and making videos with my sexual partners; I love sucking dick, as well as being fucked in many different positions. I can never get enough and usually wear my lovers out well before I am finished.

Most guys I see don’t like the idea of my cuck being in the room. It’s not like he’s some big scary man… he’s a sissy that can’t satisfy his hotwife. That’s where the pics and video come in… I can show him afterwards how much I enjoyed being fucked right by a real man… and if I get permission, I will even share some video and/or pictures on this very website. Don’t worry guys, you can plainly see I work hard not to show your faces.

Cuckolding is our lifestyle, not some game we play. I don’t really have normal “sex” with him… I get sex from the men I see. He gets to jerk off while I talk to him about it. He won’t ever get to cum while a guy is here with me. At that point in time, it’s all about MY needs and wants.

I’m not asking for guys to participate any more than they’re willing. I won’t ask you to talk to my sissy cuck or even acknowledge his presence. If you want to talk to him, great… if you want to have the “bull” persona, even better! Just know I won’t ask you to do those things… but if you offer, don’t back down. ;)

I won’t give you directions to my place until the day you’re coming to see me. Sometimes I get “booked up” a week or two out (as you can see by visiting the My Schedule page). If we set a date, I don’t expect you to keep in CONSTANT contact with me… just send me a message every few days to let me know you’re still interested. I do understand when work / family / other obligations or even illnesses come up. All I ask is you let me know immediately if you aren’t going to be able to make it. I will give you the same respect.”

Form an orderly queue guys!!


Check out the amazingly hot Cuckoldress Jinxypie here

6 Responses to “Meet Jinxypie”

  1. cani said:


    You’re look so sexy! where are you from ? where do you live?

  2. ivoryqueens4blackkings said:

    No woman on the net gets the concept of cuckolding better than she does, as a member I can tell you her site is awesome!

  3. can it cani... said:

    WTF Cani?! The website linked to clearly states she’s in North Carolina and she says she’ll give you directions once you’re booked through her site. Why with all the friggin’ stupid questions already?

  4. Jim said:

    “No woman on the net gets the concept of cuckolding better than she does” Wow that’s a huge statement!

    Love to hear why you feel that way…

  5. Marques Wilder said:

    Hey Jinxy, I would love to meet you. I live in Miami, Florida, I’m a single, muscular build, well-endowed bald Black guy. here is my cell#786-238-9303

  6. dj u know said:

    mmm mmm when do i get to help with your 3som/4som,moresom. always wanted to see cum running down your ass after you had just been freshly fucked. always wanted to fuck you right after another man climbed off you. oh well, dreams only come true somewhere over the rainbow

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