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September 7, 2009

Marion Hotwife Queen

Extreme cum drinking hotwife Marion sent me this picture this morning. What a way to start the week. Such a great shot. He laid down and ready to receive a line of strange men. Fantastic… She has to be one of the sluttiest wives on the net.

Here’s a quote from Marion about how she goes about picking up guys in the bars and clubs “I also love to go to the disco. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my husband. I like dancing and I like men, so this is a good location for combining my two big hobbies. Most of my nightly dancing partners are my new lovers. Sometimes 3 or 4 guys during one night. I’ll bring them all home for a gangbang or suck them off in the parking lot, the car or even under the disco’s table… It’s just that easy. 9 of 10 guys are saying “great” and give me their cocks. Doesn’t matter if there’s a cam or not. And when I want to have sex with more than one guy I just go to a group of guys or a gang that’s hanging around somewhere. For example at the disco. If I see a group of 5 guys with no girl sitting around at the table I just offer my body to them. A few minutes later we are at home (or in a motel-room) having a great spontaneous gangbang.”

Perfect wife material I’d say… Thanks for sending Marion.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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  1. cucky4me said:

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