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August 16, 2009

Sloppy Seconds

I have had sex many times with my fiance after she has been out with other guys. She made it clear in the beginning of our relationship that she wasn’t about to stop seeing other guys anytime soon. That also meant that she was still going to have sex with them as well - whenever, and with whoever, she wants to have sex with. And she is still screwing others to this very day. I guess I’ve just had to get used to the fact that if I wanted her, I would basically have no other choice but to share her with others, and she won’t budge even a little bit on the issue. She doesn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to just one guy, ever. So I just deal with it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a turn on I guess just knowing that she is getting it from others on a regular basis. By how many? I do not know for sure. She doesn’t really discuss it, except maybe to say something like, “Oh, BTW, I’m going out with so and so tonight and I doubt that I will be home early” type of thing. But sometimes I do wait up for her, and then sometimes we have sex, even though she already had it at least once already that night. I am quite used to having ’sloppy seconds” (or, thirds) with her. And I really don;t mind all that much. She is very good looking, and lots of guys want her, especially for sex. And I don’t blame her for wanting to make the most of it while she is still young and sexy, and can totally enjoy all the attention and pleasure that she gets from all the guys she goes out with. She has quite a few male ‘friends’. Her phone is constantly ringing day and night (she has her own private line). Overall, it may not be for everyone, but I’m fine with it. I mean like if I was super attractive, like her, and I had all sorts of girls wanting to have sex with me all the time, I would want to be out there doing them. Like I said, I really can’t blame her for being like she is.

Submitted by: Anonymous

8 Responses to “Sloppy Seconds”

  1. FellatioM said:

    It sounds like you are already in a serious Cuckolding Relationship. While such an arrangement is not acceptable for most people, it does work out for some and they are perfectly OK with it. We use to refer to it as an “Open Marriage” and even back then it worked out for a lot of people. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.

  2. joe blow said:

    U are one lucky guy

  3. Anonymous 39 said:

    Sounds like a loveless marriage.When in a partnership,the other person’s feelings should be considered and yours aren’t.More importantly,this bothers you.Yeah,she told you how it was before the marriage and you agreed,wtf?You’re a side item who is her whipping boy. Her phone rings off the hook,i bet you see her a lot lol.
    Good looking is very common,so there are plenty of women who fit that description.Your lover should build you up.Does she do that?Who says you have to be monogomous.So many wives in this situation say they would be jealous if the husband did the same.They should just deal with it as well.

    You seem confused about this.I still hope that you’re young and you come to your senses.Hell,she won’t even communicate about it and allow you to participate.Why can’t you share in it if you’re truly turned on.

    Then their is the issue she could always leave you for another man since it doesn’t sound like the intimacy level isn’t very deep between the two of you.You put her first while i don’t she does the same.Whats the use of that?

    I hope i’m wrong and this isn’t another another husband treated like dirt.Women shouldn’t be treated like this either.Think about are you truly happy.I wouldn’t stay with a lady who wasn’t in love with me body,spirit and mind. I can’t have just one person is just an excuse.

    If you choose to stay in this arrangement,i hope your achievements will outweigh your failures!Finally,can you see yourself without her.Waiting around for your wife to get home all the time certainly doesn’t sound like a good time for you.


  4. a good boy said:

    If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll make you clean up.

  5. ivo13 said:

    i love sloppy seconds! my ex-wife and i meet doing three-somes. we had a 15 year marrige, with two kids. she would fuck with me there watching, or bring home sloppy seconds and good story of how it got there. i do not suck her off when i enjoy her pussy, that’s for other people to enjoy. i could not even, think of sucking her clean! i just loved sticking my dick into a freshly fucked pussy full of cum!

  6. cucky4me said:

    One guy told me after he had fucked my wife about 4 times, that sloppy seconds are the best fucking there is so it was my first time to fuck my wife right after another guy finished fucking her he said the best lube is another mans cum, I agree since then I put in my share then clean her out with my tongue fantastic.

  7. wife cheats said:

    my girlfriend ,wife now has let other guys mount her in front of me while dating and screwed their balls off.
    She also goes out alone with them and has sex after marrying her She never requires them to wear rubbers , they cum in her.We’ve had 3-somes and other guy went first , His cum lubes hergood for me. I don’t miind getting another guys cum on my cock . She hates it if I get a little srange. But we have good sex together and life goes on.

  8. george said:

    i like cumming on another mans cock while he fucking my girlfriend

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