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July 27, 2009

Barbi Fed BBC

Got some pics through today from my Vegas play partner Barbi. Still dreaming about all the fun we had together out there this summer.

There’s nothing quite like seeing petite blonde Barbi getting fed big black cock, here’s Barbi telling us how she got together with this Bull.

Hey guys, Barbi here!!, If you look at these photos, you can see I am being forced fed some nice BBC! I met Dante at the gym and now he is officially my boy-toy, or should I say I am officially his play-toy? Anyway, as you all know, I love BBC and Dante is one fine looking Black guy with one very large sex drive that has been keeping me satisfied in the naughty slut wife area. As for my husband Jimmy, he looks forward to seeing his little slut wife being made to suck a BBC forcefully. I know that everytime I am with Dante, whether it be just for a blowjob, as in this instance, or an all out fuckfest behind closed doors, with my husband on the other side of the door imagining what is going on. I always make sure I give Jimmy his sloppy seconds.

Will be in touch again soon,
Barbi Sinclair







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11 Responses to “Barbi Fed BBC”

  1. notact said:

    What a HOTTIE Barbi is! Course it don’t look like it took to much “force” to get her face full of BBC, just wish we got to see the creamy finish. Perhaps we’ll get to see Dante’s creampie next time, I mean before Jimmy gets into it and smears it all around.

  2. Jordan said:

    Yes, the hubby should always get sloppy seconds! :-)

  3. Train said:

    Unbelievable pics, those blue eyes with black cock on her lips. Outstanding. train

  4. Jeff said:

    Outstanding,Now make alot more.

  5. Reader wannabe cuckold said:

    Wow, those are great photos from one of my favs. Love that second to last one — he looks so in control, holding her pretty little head down on his massive cock. What a stud, and a sexy slut wife.

  6. ivo13 said:

    damn! i wish i could be your husband, or, damn i wish i could be black?

  7. geoff said:

    Honey her sweet married pussy will finally get,that Superior Black-Seed.

  8. Karen said:

    Barbi, Those naughty Black-Guy’s,think I’m Innocent,,but the Truth is…I fantasize about that Superior Black-Seed. while hubby jacks-off. Sincerely Ashley

  9. Mike said:

    Barbi is not only the hottest, sexiest woman on the planet, she is also the most exquisitely beautiful woman alive!

  10. Smalls Balls said:

    What a slutty cunt! I was humping my hand in no time looking at the filthy look in her eyes. Slut it out Barbi..wooohoooo..

  11. jay stern said:

    wow ashley!!! my wife tells me all the time how much she thinks of having a superior black cock instead of my tiny pee pee, she dosent call mine a cock, when she talks dirty like that it turns me on so much and sometimes she will tell me to take note while her lover is rocking her body and you know she has me clean up, sometimes while her lover and her lol at my “little pee pee” more dirty talk ladies, its a fucking turn on to hear you girls talk about how much you love having a real mans bbc inside you!

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