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July 11, 2009

Brandi’s Wedding Anniversary

Slut Wife Training Diary Update.

Brandi is visiting Dirty D to make a special surprise video for her cuckold husband Neil to give him for their Wedding Anniversary. Neil enjoys taking Brandi to swingers clubs and watching her being fucked by other men but he does not have a video of it yet. Dirty D is happy to help Brandi document her plight and help make a slut wife training video for her cuckold husband. He strips Brandi naked exposing her all natural tits and trimmed pussy. He then puts Brandi on her knees to test her oral skills. Brandi proves she really knows how to suck a cock. He then sits back on the coach so Brandi can mount his dick and go for a ride. After a bit Dirty D turns her over so he can hit it from behind. Dirty D buries his cock in Brandi’s hot wet pussy making it gape open. He then continues drilling Brandi’s snatch shooting his cum load inside her for a sticky creampie surprise finale for her hubby to see in all it’s glory.








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3 Responses to “Brandi’s Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Train said:

    Dirty D, how do I join your team? Experienced cuckolder, Florida based.

  2. ivo13 said:

    i really wouldn’t need someone to teach my wife or girlfriend to become a hot wife or make me cuck. i knew long ago what i wanted a woman to provide to me, long before we the words to describe the given situations. i want my woman to fuck and suck all men they come into contact with. if he has a dick, fuck it! if he has a friend, fuck him also. bring that wet, full pussy to me, so i can soak my dick in your enjoyment. ilove sloppy seconds!

  3. cucky4me said:

    that is a perfect shot of your wifes cunt ther is nothing sexier than to see another man or mens cum dribbling out of your wifes treasure trove hot cumm! i get off sometimes just watching when men finish with my wifes cunt and she propps her ass up in the air for her cuck to clean house which I take care of no problem.

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