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June 9, 2009

Cleanup Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Cleanup Cuckold

The story below is part fiction and part fact; the overall scenario is pure fantasy, but some of the incidental details, the emotions and the dialogue are based on actual experiences with Sarah, my ex-wife. Sarah cheated on me from the very start of our relationship (she was 16 when she first cheated on me – I was 17) but it was only after a drunken threesome some years later and a spate of ‘confessions’ on her behalf that she took a lover with my knowledge and indulged my excitement for her fucking other men.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was woken by the text alert going off ‘Wardrobe, naked, 12:30am’ was all it said. I had an hour to wait and I knew it would be one of the longest hours of my life. The feelings of excitement, anticipation, nervousness, jealousy and humiliation all combining to create that feeling in the stomach that only cucks can ever experience and appreciate.

12:55am and still Sarah wasn’t home. I was getting cold, my body ached from being cramped in the wardrobe and my eyes hurt through searching the blackness of the house beyond the wardrobe slats. But it didn’t matter; in fact I didn’t feel any discomfort at all only the prolonged aching in my cock as my mind ran wild.

1:05am and I heard the door open and saw the downstairs hall lights come on. I heard Sarah giggle; it was her ‘come fuck me’ giggle that she always had after a few glasses of wine. For several minutes I hear talking from down below but I was unable to make out what was said. Now and then I heard laughter, mostly from Sarah and I could tell she was getting turned on. Then the upstairs hall light came on and I had a clear view of the stairs through the open bedroom door. Sarah stopped halfway up, leant forwards and thrust her arse out to the man behind her. I couldn’t see his face but I saw him hold her hips and push his crotch towards her. ‘I hope you’re going to fuck me like this? Sarah said as she looked towards me. My cock twitched as she stood up and walked into the bedroom followed by her lover, a man in his early 30’s and well built.

Sarah turned on the bedside light and turned to her lover, throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply. My cock was now fully erect as I watched them kiss heavily. Of all the things I’ve seen Sarah do with another man kissing a lover passionately, almost lovingly, always brings on the strongest feelings.

As they kissed harder they undressed each other until finally Sarah dropped to her knees and removed his trousers. His cock was massive, easily the biggest Sarah had ever had and a smile spread across her face. She sucked on it greedily, all the time telling him how big his cock was and how it must have been twice the size of mine.

As soon as he was fully erect she got on the bed, on her knees facing the wardrobe. She reached under herself, opened her pussy and whilst looking towards me said ‘Fuck me, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before’. He obliged and soon they were fucking hard, moans escaped from Sarah as she came over and over.
Suddenly I heard the front door open but neither Sarah nor her lover stopped or took much notice. Then I saw another man run up the stairs saying ‘Sorry, fucking taxi couldn’t find the street!’ quickly followed by ‘Wow, I see you’ve started without me?’ Hurriedly he stripped off to reveal a cock as impressive as hi mates. He fed it into Sarah’s mouth and she graciously took it in as deep as she could. They fucked her at both ends, using her mouth and pussy roughly. Sarah took all they had to offer and stopped only the once to say ‘I could get used to this!’

For the next hour they fucked her in every way possible, sending her to orgasm after orgasm; Sarah was cuming like I’d never seen before as she begged for more. I couldn’t believe how much Sarah loved it and at one point I almost felt as if she loved it too much. The feelings of jealousy and humiliation seemed to rise above the others and thoughts of doubt about what I was witnessing came into my head. I looked away, wondering what to do until I heard Sarah scream out ‘Yes, fill me with your cum’.

I looked back through the slats to see her on her back, her legs were up and her lover was deep inside her. His head was thrown back and he was groaning as he pumped into her. His mate was beside Sarah’s head and she was sucking and wanking his cock until he too started to cum, shooting his spunk over Sarah’s face, neck and tits. As I watched I realized I was fixated on the scene before me, my cock was hard and I was rubbing it softly. All jealousy had gone, the only thought in my head was of how proud I was to see Sarah take them on and be rewarded with their cum. I knew then that my place in life was as her cuck.

Sarah laid back and asked one of her lovers to place a pillow under her arse ‘Your cum feels so deep and warm inside me, I want to savor that feeling for a while’ she said giggling, her face, neck and tits still covered in cum. ‘Let me get you a tissue’ said one of her lovers, and started to make for the bathroom. ‘No, I’ve got something better, go to the wardrobe and open it!’

My heart skipped a beat and panic set in but I was powerless to do anything as the door opened. ‘What the fu’ he said but was interrupted by Sarah ‘Guys, this is Rob. By day he’s my hard-working loving husband, by night he’s my submissive cuck and clean-up slut’. I’d never been so humiliated in my life as I stood there, trying to hide my cock which was wilting fast.

‘What have you got to say cuck?’ asked Sarah. ‘I . . . I . . . . I don’t know’ I stuttered. ‘For fuck sake cuck, have you forgotten your training? These two lovely men, with the biggest cocks your wife’ pussy has ever taken, have just fucked your wife to the best orgasms of her life! Don’t you think you should at least say Thank You?.

‘Thank you’ I said quietly, but Sarah interrupted with a sharp ‘Cuck do it properly! If you embarrass me by failing to obey my commands I won’t be happy!’ She looked at me sternly and I had no option but do as she asked. ‘Thank you for fucking my wife. Thank you for giving her your big cocks and for fucking her to the best orgasms she’s ever had’. The guys laughed and Sarah said ‘That’s better cuck, now come and clean my neck’.

As I cleaned the cum from Sarah’s neck the guys got dressed. I could hear them talking; ‘So does he ever fuck you?’, ‘Yes, sometimes’. ‘Does he ever join you and a lover?’, ‘Yes, if I want him too. He only ever does what I want him to!’. ‘So what does he do if he joins you?’, ‘He serves me however I demand, sometimes he’ll serve my lover too if that’s what I command him to do. Would you like him to serve us next time? Would you like him to hold me, his wife, open as you feed those lovely cocks into me?’ My cock twitched at the thought and it took all my self control to keep me from cuming when they both replied ‘Yes, that could be fun. How about next Saturday?’ I gave Sarah’s neck a little kiss to say Thank You, and then returned to cleaning her neck and tits.

Once the guys have left Sarah looked at me. ‘Now then cuck, you let me down tonight and for that you’ll be punished. But first get your head down to my pussy, remove the pillow and carry out your cleanup duties while I think about their big cocks pounding into me. If you do a good job I’ll take it into consideration when devising your punishment’ she said, pushing my head down to her pussy.

As I cleaned the cum from Sarah’s pussy she said ‘That’s it, lick it all up and don’t miss a drop. You like that don’t you? You like to see me fucked and you like cleaning me afterwards don’t you cuck’

‘Yes Mistress’ was all I could say as I did my duty.

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Submitted by: Rob

3 Responses to “Cleanup Cuckold”

  1. Online Sex Shop said:

    “As I cleaned the cum from Sarah’s pussy she said ‘That’s it, lick it all up and don’t miss a drop. You like that don’t you? You like to see me fucked and you like cleaning me afterwards don’t you cuck”

    That’s amazing. sounds like a good time.

  2. Bill said:

    This is far more arousing than nearly anything else we’ve done! Great post!!!

  3. FellatioM said:

    I would love to be Sarah’s little Clean Up Cucky boy! Hot story! Thanks for sharing.

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