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June 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

The summer is here and I’m off again for a little travel and debauchery. Me, my girlie Daisy and are heading to Las Vegas for the Xbiz show for a week, then driving to LA Erotica to cause havoc in California for a week or two. I’ll be keeping you updated on all the action as much as I can as I’m sure they will be tons going on. We are planning on meeting up with the delicious Katie Kox, Sara Jay, Raven Black and many, many more.

If you’re in either town and like to party with us on or off camera or have a drink or two with us Brits, then let us know and comment below here.

See you Stateside.



Visit my own hotwife Daisy Rock here

6 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Jake said:

    have to say that is a great picture

  2. anonymous coward said:

    Love your site, and if you’ve thought about coming up to Salt Lake City (a 6 hour drive North of Vegas) there’s another Brit with an Asian hot wife who’d love to host you guys.

  3. The Naughty Wife said:

    Have fun on your trip, I’ll be looking forward to your adventures!!

  4. GunThere said:

    Of the best pictures ever uploaded on the Internet.

    And to Daisy: Wish I could replace the man on top.;)

  5. vegas bull said:

    hey great pics an I love this site. if you guys are still here in town hit me up and we can grab some drinks at ghostbar

  6. aled said:

    Live in Henderson, would like to meet an older bull.

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