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May 8, 2009

Meet Kristen

What is it about the state of Florida that breeds so many hotwives. There must be something in the water down there. Walking around the place, must be a sea of roaming horny women and ankle bracelets lol. Today I’d like to introduce you to the very yummy Kristen. I just can’t believe I hadn’t come across this beauty before. Well since I found her I’ve been making up for lost time and been delving into all her dirty secrets and the hotwife life she leads and I have an interview with her coming up next week.

Her entry into the hotwife world came by chance when a friend posted some pictures of her on an amateur forum. The feedback was great and it turned Kristen on to see herself naked and online. So she took it a step further and started doing online cam shows. Her next step was meeting her husband who loved the fact she was getting dirty on camera and he encouraged her to do more. Kristen didn’t need asking twice, they started going to swingers clubs and her husband found out he loved watching her with other guys. It just blossomed into who she is now… A true hotwife always looking for her next cock to consume.

Welcome to the blog Kristen, I look forward to seeing so much more of you over the coming months.


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5 Responses to “Meet Kristen”

  1. candy said:


  2. Size Queen said:

    Hey hot love those lips!

  3. Kristen Cameron said: spelled my name wrong. Ouch! It’s KRISTEN not KRISTIN…

  4. Trash said:

    Whoops, sorry Krist-en :)

    Too many late nights this week lol ;) x x x

  5. lchr788 said:

    Hot stuff!!! Can`t wait to see her interview.

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