May 30, 2009

Used Pussy Arrives Home

Been a few months since we heard from Scott, husband of the very sexy hot wife Emma Kelly… Thanks Scott, I love getting your updates. Great photo too. Take care guys!! x


Hi Trash,

Em’s new Black FWB, Darius, knowing what a cuckold I am, emailed me Sunday morning saying he was out of town but would be flying home later that day and wanted to fuck my wife. He said in no uncertain terms that I should “make it happen.”

Em’s not usually that spontaneous. She likes to plan events but she’s been raving lately about how he makes her cum multiply every time they get together. She surprised me by agreeing to meet him at his place that evening. She can be full of surprises.

When she got home, I managed to grab this shot of her fresh fucked pussy as she climbed out of the car.

I knew you would approve.


Emma Kelly

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May 28, 2009

Barbi Models For Us

Oh Barbi we miss you, where have you been? But how lovely to hear from you again wearing my hotwifeblog gear. It looks so sexy on you hunnie. Here’s the email I just got from her.

Hi Trash,

Thank you for sending me the sexy shirt set. I hope you like them pictures, as they were taken in my hotel room right before a hot guy, whom I had just met downstairs at the bar, came up to have some naughty fun with me. Things have been crazy busy, in a very good way, satisfying many cocks. How are things with you? I hope all is well with you and I look forward to finally meeting you someday in person. :)

Thank you again.

Barbi Sinclair

It would be an honour Barbi… Keep in touch, we want to hear all your lastest horny adventures!!




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May 26, 2009

Fucking Husbands Friends

Cuckold Place Update

Fucking My Husband’s Friends

First of all, yes, I have, but they are all black friends from back in Pittsburgh when he was younger. I don’t do his current friends at all due to the politics of friendships and careers. SO, with that in mind, let me tell you what is happening right now.

As background, my husband, then just a friend took me to a Phoenix Swing Club because I was curious about it all. I had two guys that night at the same time and was hooked. We went every couple weeks and eventually found ‘black’ and as they say, never went back. Right before my first black guy, two weeks earlier, I had an earth shattering, toe curling experience when I was the center of attention in a train of 11 guys. On the way back to my place, my husband was playing with me (and everything that was left in me by the guys). Almost as soon as we got in my door, I grabbed his head and shoved it between my legs as I was standing there. He ate it, he ate it all. I had a cuckold in the making and hell, didn’t even know then what a cuckold was.

Now fast forward 5 years and one day a call came in to the house. We were married three years by then. It was some guy named Earl, from Pittsburgh that was now living in Mesa/Chandler area and was asking if the guy he was calling was the same guy that hailed from Pittsburgh. I told him yes and that he should call back a couple hours later. He did, they connected and later that evening, we met Earl at Char’s Has the Blues, an R&B bar in town. Long story short, I found myself that night in Earl’s back seat giving him oral attention while my husband stood outside the car keeping an eye for cops and other people getting too close to the car. Slurp, gulp and a few long minutes later, I got what I loved. Yes, I am an oral type, enjoy it, can climax from it and love the taste of what I can keep in my mouth before I greedily swallow.

That evening turned into an invitation for steaks at Earl’s place a week later. While my “now fully cuckolded” husband was standing at the grill on the patio, flipping steaks, I got to get on my knees in the living room and re-live the previous week’s car thing. For what ever psychological reason, I was getting more of a thrill doing my husband’s friend, than I do/did with other black guys! Go figure! When Earl popped, I kept it all in my mouth and we went to the patio. There was my husband’s coffee cup, (we don’t drink). I took the contents of my mouth and pretended to take a drink of his coffee, but instead put Earl’s load of semen into the coffee, mixing it with the milk that was already in the cup mixing it with a stirrer before he saw. My husband never knew. I have never told him. It is my secret and frankly, makes me wet when I think of it and has over the years, caused me to do it again with other guys, anytime and everytime I can. (But that is another story for another time)

Earl eventually took a transfer of jobs and moved back east to Texas first, then to Alabama and now to Denver. Two years ago, we took a vacation back to Pennsylvania and I met another one of my husband’s friends, Stan. Stan was nice and yes, before the evening that we hooked up was done, I had sex with him at his place, alone, with my husband told that he was going to show me his house, and told to stay put. It took Stan a little over an hour to show me his 3 bedroom, 2000 sq.ft. house …. hee, hee, hee, ha!

I digress though. Now comes two weeks ago. I get this Messenger contact from Jay. I have no idea who Jay is, so I ask, “Who are you!” He tells me that he is a Pittsburgh friend of my husbands, and the he, Stan, Earl and my husband used to run together back in the ‘Burgh’. Well-l-l-l-l-l, guess what my private parts did. Yes, everything went warm and bubbly and very liquid immediately. Another friend, wow! I had heard my husband talk of Jay, he was the youngest of the crew between the 4 of them, but only by about 4-5 years. I found out that he had just left the Marines after 10 years, and that he was living in the far west valley, near the Air Force Base. That his last duty station was at MCAS (Marine Corp Air Station) in Yuma and just decided to stay in Arizona after discharge. By this time, Marine , in Phoenix, black, friend of husband, talked to Earl (who told him I was into black) … BINGO!

So here we are, a couple weeks of conversation, him wanting to surprise my husband because they have not seen each other in years, and me already knowing that somehow, on that visit, that I am going to have this guy. Last night, I gave up our home number and address to Jay. I have been playing it cool though and have not told him that I would do him, in fact, he has brought it up, and I have told him that just because I have done my husband’s friends in the past, and continue to be a woman that loves black lovers, that it is not a guarentee that I would do him. RIGHT! SURE! If you believe that, I have some ocean front property that I can help you invest in right over along the Colorado River - that is as soon as California falls off into the Pacific!

I am guessing that he is going to call and come by sometime this weekend. There is an excitement in the air that is in my head!

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Submitted by: Carmen


May 24, 2009

Alexis Doubles Up

Here’s a hot Alexis Golden diary update. You might recognize who the hot redhead she’s hooked up with her to share some black cock.


My best girl pal Janet Mason wanted to meet Richard Mann. I am “very close” friends with Richard having fucked each other silly a few years before and often times after. As a good friend, I of course shared. Janet was so hot for him for so long I thought she was going to ride his dick off! And of course at the end, we share his huge load of creamy black cum. This is quite the event!

Kisses, Alexis






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May 22, 2009

Ricks Comes To Visit

I had quite a surprise last Thursday night, I was helping Daisy with some errands and I got a phone call. It was Rick, the husband of super hotwife Katie. He was in a car with his buddy from Las Vegas and on his way to Brighton where I live haha. So me and Daisy went to meet up with him for some food and drinks.

We got on really well, such a great guy. I never realised how much of a complete cuckold Rick actually is. He told me he’s been in cuckold relationships since his early twenties and now is in an ultimate position of having a girlfriend that is not only beautiful, but fucks around when she pleases and like my very own Daisy, gets regular cock from her new career in porn. Rick is in heaven lol.

We had a fun night, it’s rare to meet a guy that you can talk to so openly about your own fantasties and desires, so we were chatting tons all night. Have a safe trip back to the US Rick.

Katie Kox and Rick
Rick with wife Katie Kox

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May 18, 2009

Lisa’s Boyfriend Visits

Message submitted by Drew, husband of Hotwife Lisa………

Hi Trash, it’s been awhile since the last pics we sent ya, however Lisa is still at it. Her guy on the side continues to visit her on a regular basis. Recently I was able to keep my hands off my cock long enough to take a few pics to share with you and the blog followers. This last date night, was awesome. After only one cocktail Lisa says to him, “I am gonna put on some Pantera, and then i wanna suck some cock.” And that is exactly what she did. After sucking us both, I sat on the sofa and enjoyed the view while he fucked her really well. Actually she fucked him three times before departing, leaving her pussy loose and used for me. She is truly an incredible lady, and I feel very privileged to be her husband of many years.

Until next time, .. keep the love. Drew.

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Submitted by: Drew


May 16, 2009

Julie Gets Filled Up

Slut Wife Training Diary Update.

Husband Doug has always fantasized about watching his sexy young wife Julie with another man. He sends Julie to visit Dirty D to make that dream a reality. Dirty D is eager to break in such a young cute wife by teaching her to be a good slut. Dirty D strips Julie naked exposing her taut nipples and shaved pierced pussy. Julie is ready to please, so Dirty D puts her on her knees to assess her oral skills. Dirty D works on Julie’s gag reflex by shoving his cock down her throat. Dirty D moves on to what Doug really wants to see, his wife being fucked. Julie rides Dirty D’s dick, then Dirty D flips Julie on her side spreading her legs and plunging his cock into her wet pussy. Dirty D drills Julie’s tight snatch shooting a big hot cum load inside her giving Julie a messy creampie. Dirty D takes his finger and scoops up a healthy chuck of cum feeding Julie her fresh creampie!







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May 14, 2009

Party Encounter

Cuckold Place Update

The wife and I met when we were both 17 just before our 18th birthday, a sweet church going Catholic girl she was, I took her cherry when she was 19, we married at 21, two kids at 28 and 30 and she was 35 when she went with her first ever other guy, and did she ever take to the lifestyle, here is a typical session for her, a rather exciting time with my wife at a straight party.

The wife and I were at a day time straight party of a friends of ours, I had gone off talking to some of the guys and after a while I noticed the wife talking to a guy and they were looking over at me every now and then, it just seamed a bit funny the way they were chatting, finally the wife caught my eye and signaled that she wanted to talk to me so I wondered over to her and the guy she was talking to. He stood off to the side looking a bit sheepish as the wife told me that they had the hots for each other and wanted to have it off if it was OK by me, which it was, but they could not think of a place to do the deed as the house was full of people who were also wandering around outside at times, I told them I would have a look around and see what I could arrange.

After looking around the only place I could find was one of the two bathrooms which was not being used very often and suggested that if they were to go in there and I was to wait outside and if any one came to use the bathroom I would tell them that my wife was inside with a small problem and direct them to the other bathroom, they agreed to it.

When it was all clear the wife and the guy slipped inside and I waited outside knowing what was going on inside, a few people came to use the bathroom but I steered them to the other one, no trouble at all. While I was waiting outside at one stage I could hear a funny clicking sound coming from within bathroom that I could not work out, after a while they knocked and the wife checked it was all clear and they came out and we rejoined the party.

I never did get to know the guy’s name but who ever he was he went and got a beer for us and a soft drink for the wife and rejoined us. He could not get over the idea that I had not only said OK to them doing the deed but had willingly stood guard while they did it, and then was standing there as calm as could be talking about it. I brought up the clicking noise I heard and they explained that he was doing her doggie style as she hung onto the hand basin and she had a large bangle on that was clicking on the sink as he was fucking her… different! As we were talking the wife said she could feel his spunk starting to run out into her knickers and that I was in for a good time when we got home, and was I ever lol.

Story from the Cuckold Place forum here

Submitted by: Rick


May 12, 2009

Memorial Weekend Orgy

Email from hotwife Oasis


Hey Trash -

I wanted to let you and your readers know that I’ll be hosting a crazy hot wife/swingers event here in Lake Havasu City, AZ over Memorial Weekend, and everyone is invited!!

The event is twofold - during Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I’ll be out on the lake with my girlfriend Kacey (also married and -like mine - her husband also watches a LOT more often than he gets to participate). This is one of the biggest weekends of the summer boating season, and eveyone congregates at a couple of places on the lake to get crazy and party. Kacey and I generally go topless (and all the little girlies always tell us we’re going to get in trouble, but its just because they’re jealous!) and flirt and tease all the younger guys that are out. If we find any that we like (which we usually do!), then we invite them back to my house later that night to continue the party. Last year I had about six marines show up after midnight and they all bukakke’d me! As my hubby watched and took photos.

On Saturday night we host an open party where we invite select single guys as well as couples to come over and play. I’m attaching a picture from last year’s party - Kacey and I had several of the single guys lined up in a row on the couches in the livingroom, and we rode them right down the line! We gave everyone at the party quite the show, including both our husbands who got their enjoyment out of watching us fuck all the party guests.

We are always looking for more single guys and of course more hot wives to come and join us. If you could extend the invite to your hotwifeblog readers, that’d be wonderful! Just tell them to drop me a note at oasis@pornoasis.com or to check out the promo page at
http://realorgyparties.com/parties/memday/ for more information.

Thanks, and Happy Fucking!!



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May 10, 2009

Wife’s First Time

Hey everyone I am submitting a story about my wife’s first experience and a little about how things are going now. I have been bringing up my fantasy of my wife having sex with someone else for sometime now. Mostly it is brought up during sex and she would really seem to get into it during sex but she would always say that she really wasn’t interested. Well after years of this I finally got her to start talking to guys on the computer. She really enjoyed talking to them and said she loved the attention but she wasn’t really sure she would ever do anything more. I was a little disappointed because this went on for some time and I figured if I could get her to start talking she would get into it and maybe meet someone. So I got really excited when I came home one night and she told me she had been talking to a guy and he really wanted to meet her. I told her that would be great and to go for it. She told me that she would go meet him but it would be in a public place and it would just be a meeting and not to get to excited. That is not what I wanted to hear but hey it was progress so I was excited to see if it would lead to more.

The day finally came for them to meet, he was driving through town and was going to stop and meet her her on his way and they could talk and see if they wanted to meet later. She spent a lot of time getting ready that day and seemed to be really glowing at the fact she was meeting a stranger for the first time since we were married. When he called she wasted no time and she practically ran out the door. Just before she left I gave her a condom so that she would know that I was ok with her doing what she wanted and she gave it back saying I am not going to need this I am just meeting him today. I stuck it in her pocket and said take it anyway.

So I sat at home waiting for my wife, it was a long and anxious wait. Then my phone rings and it is my wife she said she was on her way home and asked if I would like to go to dinner. I said yeah that would be good and I would see her in a minute. Well she came in the house and walked over and gave me a kiss and I asked how things went. She said it went good so I asked if she was going to meet him again and she said she didn’t know but possibly. So I gave her a big hug and kiss and put my hands on her ass and I noticed that the condom wasn’t in her pocket. I asked her where the condom was and I was completely shocked when she informed me that she used it. I actually had to ask her again because I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Well I definitely wanted details but we were about to go to dinner so I just asked how it was and she said it was great and she had a great orgasm.

So after dinner I was so turned on as soon as we got home I was all over her and wanting her to tell me all about it. So here is how it happened from what she told me. She drove to the gas station where she was meeting him and when she pulled up he was there sitting in his car waiting. She got out of her car and got into the passenger seat of his car and they sat and talked for a few minutes when he asked if she was ok if they drove and talked instead of just sitting in the parking lot. She agreed and he started out of the parking lot when he asked her if there was a road that went up to the water tower and she said she wasn’t sure and he said care if we go and see. My wife told him that was fine and off they went.

When they got to the water tower they sat in the car and talked for a few minutes and then he undid his pants and pulled out his dick. To my surprise my wife said that she then just reached over and started playing with it. He then started to pull her shirt off and kissing her all over her body and then he undid her pants and got them off and pushed his head between her legs. After a few minutes of foreplay he got out of the car and went around to her door and and opened it and pulled her out of the car, she knew what was coming and passed him back the condom. He then bent her over inside the car and took her from behind. He just pushed his dick in all the way and then started rubbing her clit as he pushed in and out. She told me that she was in the middle of an orgasm in no time at all. Then he came and they just got in the car and drove back to her car. She said that she would really love to try him again but it never happened. So after that encounter she was a little reluctant to try it again and it took almost a year for her to get up the nerve to do it again. Now it is quite often that she takes on a new lover and she has one that is a regular that gives her the best orgasms she has ever had. I am hoping that I can get her to tell you about then someday soon.

Submitted by: Simone’s husband - Utah

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