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April 22, 2009

A husband’s perspective

Following on from Janet Mason’s updated interview a couple of weeks back, I am now proud to bring you another updated interview with gives another exciting insight into Janet’s life. We first spoke and interviewed Janet’s good husband Steve back in September of 2005. so 3 and a half years on I wanted to speak again to the man behind Janet to see how his life has changed and developed in this time.

I want to take the time again to thank both Steve and Janet for their time with both interviews, for speaking so honest and candidly about their life and I wish them all the best for the future.

Janet Mason

hotwifeblog: Hey Steve… It’s always great to get the male perspective when it comes to this lifestyle so thanks so much for agreeing to open up again for us three years on from your original interview here on Hotwife Blog.
Steve: You’re welcome…I’m glad to be here!

hotwifeblog: How are you settling into LA life? Have you noticed any differences yet? The women? the lifestyles? the parties?
Steve: We’re still settling in… we’ve been super-busy between setting up an office and studio for our site in “the Valley” and settling into our home up north in Ventura County, away form the porn biz and the hubbub of the city. Plus we have been shooting like crazy – both amateur stuff for our site and Janet’s pro work on the side. All that while keeping a family life going!

hotwifeblog: How would you say your relationship with Janet has developed in the last three years?
Steve: Janet and I have been together about 20 years now. We’ve always had a continually growing and evolving relationship and we work hard to keep things that way. We’re both better individuals now than we were, say, 5 years ago, which makes us a better couple.

hotwifeblog: How are you finding your own kinks within the lifestyle are developing? Are they growing stronger? Are you trying different things with Janet’s play?
Steve: Honestly I have not changed that much. My biggest kink is Janet and all her infinite splendor. Exploring HER kinks is still what really “does it” for me.

hotwifeblog: Any new fetishes you’ve found or developed in the last three years?
Steve: As a voyeur, yes… Janet has gotten more and more into much-younger white guys, and watching her fuck them is a sight to see. She just goes totally bonkers with really fit, attractive studs half her age who can literally fuck for hours on end and keep on cumming. It’s a totally different thing than her primary kink of super-well-hung black studs.

hotwifeblog: You’ve been in this lifestyle since you were 19? Any signs of getting tired with it all as yet?
Steve: No, not at all, because we keep it under control. We’re into all kinds of things, personally… the lifestyle does not define us, it’s just one part of who we are, both as individuals and as a couple. Janet and I are both super-healthy and fit… we don’t “party” or do drugs or have alcohol issues, so there’s nothing to “burn out” on for us. The sex is GREAT and that’s what the lifestyle is all about… so what more could we ask for?

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Steve: I honestly can’t say what it is for other men… it seems to be different for every guy. I’m not into the “humiliation” aspect of it at all, and some guys are. For me, it’s the same voyeurism that makes any guy watch porn… only it’s much more intense because it’s my own wife and soul mate. It’s also about “giving” and “pampering” or “spoiling” her. Having sex with the love of your life is great, but with watching, you see things in and about her that you just can’t see face to face, up close… the way her body tenses up, little facial expressions, the way she moves when she is aroused… it’s the difference between being in a photograph or taking the same photograph… each is a totally different experience on a certain level.

hotwifeblog: Do you think your exposure to the lifestyle at an early age has made this certain kink stronger in your mind than if you found it say 10 years later?
Steve: I doubt it. Especially based on email we get from men and women who are much older than us who have been obsessed – and I do mean OBSESSED – with some of the kinks Janet and I are into for their entire adult lives, even though they have never had any actual experiences like them at all and just live vicariously through people like us, who openly enjoy it.

hotwifeblog: In what way would you say you’re able to control the jealousy emotion in your mind that so many men would never be able to do?
Steve: Can’t answer that as I have never FELT that kind of jealousy. Janet is not “dating” men alone, nor does she want to. She and I have intense sex all the time. Her love for me is obvious – not just to me, but to everyone – so there’s nothing to be “jealous” about.

hotwifeblog: One question I always get from people asking after me and Daisy is “How can you let your woman fuck other guys?” How do you deal with that question?
Steve: Anyone who asks that question seriously doesn’t “get” the kink, and never will… so I don’t bother answering them at all. You can’t “explain” sexual arousal, you can only describe it, so all talk is wasted on those whose kinks are different.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever get embarrassed or feel awkward in front of people when they are aware that you’re enjoying your wife fucking other guys?
Steve: No one knows except others into the lifestyle, so that’s not an issue. We’re very discreet people and don’t broadcast our sexual life everywhere we go, with anyone who is around. We’re all about respect for others.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one Janet’s recent hotwife experiences you’ve particularly enjoyed?
Steve: One experiences in particular really stands out…watching her get fucked senseless for a few hours straight by Lexington Steele, right in his own house, while I filmed it. Janet had shot a pro video with him for his MILF Magnet 3 DVD (for which she made the cover) in January, soon after we moved to L.A., and she said the sex was amazing. Bear in mind that we’ve both been huge fans of Lex and his work since he started in the late 90’s, and that Janet had been fantasizing about his cock all that time. A week or so after their pro shoot together, Janet and I were having lunch when Lex called, saying that he had just watched the footage in editing and that it was “really hot”…and he invited us to come over to his house that night for a little fun. He said I could film it and we’d both use the footage for each other’s sites. Well, they fucked like ANIMALS that night and Janet made Lex cum three times in a row, which is nearly unheard of for him apparently, from what we’ve been told. Janet came at least 5 times herself, too. (The DVD of that night is available for sale on our site, or as a download.)

hotwifeblog: What’s your current involvement with Janet’s website?
Steve: The same as ever… photographer, videographer, and webmaster. She still does her own personal email, etc.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Steve: Take your time, and only make the plunge when you BOTH know you want it and you are both ready. Keep your standards and don’t let others in the lifestyle try to tell you what you “need” to do or not do. Keep the communication open at all times. And have fun!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future in the lifestyle?
Steve: None at all… just keeping on as we always have, one day at a time, appreciating every moment of it!

Janet Mason
Janet with legend Lex Steele

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