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April 10, 2009

Baby Ruthie Update

Email from hotwife Ruthie

Hey Trash!!!! Hope you remember me.. the slutwife from the Midwest of the U.S. (he he he). I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive out here and fucking like crazy in Iowa. Really I wanted to updated you on my latest adventures of people that I’ve hooked up with.

I see that you have been traveling around quite a bit on Holiday/vacation and stuff. I do hope that you get this email cause I love showing off to you and your friends of hotwife blog. I’ve been busy and naughty as ever finding some strange cock. lol.

I put and ad on hotwife dating with my picture and got lots of responses. One black guy got in touch with me and I Emailed him my phone number. He called about an hour later and asked if I could come over to his place so he could fuck me. I really wanted some black cock so Jim got his camera’s ready and we drove over to his place . On the way over he called me again and ask if I would fuck 3 of his friends too if he invited them over. Of course I said yes. I love black cocks and I love gangbangs.

When we got there his friends were already there. All of us went down in his basement where there was more room and I started sucking their hard black cocks . MMMMMMMM they tasted so good !

I sucked all their cocks and then they took turns fucking my pussy. They all gave me a nice big load of cum. Some in my mouth and some in my pussy. WOW ! 4 black cocks on a Friday. It’s a lot better than shopping at the local mall lol

Love Ya Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Read Ruthie’s Interview with Hotwife Blog Here

Click here for Baby Ruthie’s home on the web

4 Responses to “Baby Ruthie Update”

  1. steve said:

    Thanks for posting your great pics and Narration. Jim, it seems you have a wife who is very comfortable with this lifestyle. Jim, when taking your photos, please include one with her hand, holding her lovers cock, with her wedding band enlarged. That just turns me on to the extreme.
    Wish I had a wife like baby ruth.

  2. CountryGirl Jill said:

    Just wanted to say hello Ruthie from another midwest country gal. Love your photos and reading about your fun adventures. You keep having fun but don’t use up all that BBC out there. Save some for me sweetie.


  3. forrest pettigrew said:

    you have beautiful nipples and a gorgeous asshole. would love to suck and lick on all.

  4. TIM said:

    Hey Ruthie! Headin back to Afghanistan for the third time in 3 years….comin to Iowa to visit friends. Wanna get together for a send off party?


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