April 30, 2009

Black Cock Wife Queue

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Obama, Obama, damn I love America!! Since Obama has won the Presidency we have been hit with a rush of new hot wives looking to try black dick for the first time! Meet Amber a 33 year old wife, married six years with two loving twin girls! Amber thought it would be no time like the present to try a meaty black dick for the first time. Her husband agreed! We even let him listen via cell phone as Amber got her pussy destroyed for the first time!

Damn, I love married wives they make the best Internet porn sluts!!

Black Bachelor








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April 28, 2009

Letter to Hotwife Blog

Hey Trash,

I found this blog a couple of days ago after reading your profile on a swingers site that we are also members of. We are Paul & Amanda, a married couple in our late 30’s. We met over 10 years ago and I instantly knew Amanda would be the one I spend the rest of my life with! She is a girly girl, make up and nails type with long blonde hair and great tits who always looks fantastic. We talked about our previous sexual encounters and Amanda told me about a MMF she had once had and really enjoyed it. One thing leads to another and we started swinging about 7 years ago. We are not hardened swingers by a long mile having started off with meeting a few single guys and then some couples. In total about 6 couples and 8 single guys in the 7 years. Amanda needs a little encouragement as she says it’s all done for me but after she would admit to having enjoyed it with the exception of the last 2 single guys. One of them she really liked and he had a huge cock but she was a little rough whilst giving him oral and he lost his hard on. He couldn’t get it up after that and made some excuse and left. I think he was embarrassed and did not answer our e mails for a couple of weeks. He mailed us a few months back but nothing came of that, a little like the night in question! LOL! The second guy we had an incident with no condom on and he was put out of our room. I believe this has really put her off as we have not met anyone in almost 2 years.

Anyway, she mentioned a few nights back that she would consider meeting again and of course I immediately logged onto the swingers site and here I am! We had talked about separate rooms before and once she left our hotel room to go to a single guy we had met but returned saying she couldn’t do it. On another occasion she had been in the foreplay stages with a guy when I left the room for a drink. When I returned they were having sex. It was extremely exciting to think that she could do it without me there! I have been reading the experiences of the other couples on this site with horny amazement but definitely wouldn’t be into cream pies. Safe sex only. Just the thought of her getting dressed up to go and meet a guy gives me an instant erection. In fact I have been walking around with a semi for 3 days now thinking about the ifs and buts and would she do it. Maybe she would contact the guy with the huge cock and promise to be gentler with him. Even the thought of her meeting him for a drink with possibilities makes my head swirl with jealously, the horny type! Perhaps chat him up or a quick feel in the car before bringing him home and letting me watch him fuck her. I would still enjoy MMF and MMFF but this has an entirely different feeling.

I don’t want to pressure her so I was just thinking about letting her read this blog. I might mail her the link whilst I am at work and wait for her to phone me. If it happens I will certainly keep you posted.

Submitted by: Paul - UK


April 26, 2009

Boyfriend Revenge

Here’s a quick update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

After a game of Squash and workout at the local leisure centre, Sensi got followed by this mystery blonde. We had noticed her in the Gym looking over and while we were chilling in the changing rooms she came through and started using the showers in the mens hehe. We could tell she was interested, so I locked the door and Sensi made his move. It turned out she was on a revenge mission for her dumb boyfriend had been cheating on her and she had just found out, so she welcomed the chance to get to grips with Sensi’s black cock and wanted me to film it so she could take it home and leave it in the DVD player for her boyfriend to find… We took her back to Sensi’s apartment and her sweet blonde body got ravaged by BBC and Sensi also left a huge deposit of cum in her pussy to go home with. Sweet revenge Kimberly, come and see us again soon.






And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi on Hotwife Dating Here

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April 24, 2009

Jealousy Takes Over

Cuckold Place Update

Have you ever changed your mind?

Have any of you cuck hubbies changed your mind part way through an evening?

Maybe you helped your beautiful wife get dressed for her date, saw her wearing lingerie under her way-too-short skirt and heels, watched her answer the door by giving this new guy a long deep tongue kiss while his hands roamed around your wife’s waist, hips, and ass. Then sometime during the evening … perhaps when she is about to get into his car … you decide you can’t handle it.

What do you do? Have any hubbies tried to stop what was about to happen? How did it work out? Tell us your experience.


What I always say to “wannabe” cucks is to make sure they can handle the transition from fantasy to reality. One makes the fantasy scenario to suit whatever he is comfortable with but real life is out of his absolute control. Real life has smells, sweat, real semen, uncontrollable opportunistic horny studs, etc. That being said, the first time is thrilling for its shock value alone. The second thoughts came a bit late: after I ejaculated I no longer felt very horny and the whole scene seemed ugly to me, watching the stud going on and on in her, trying to get the most of the situation he found himself in. I could tell that she had had enough of his rough handling but neither of us could make him leave her alone. Yes, I did have second thoughts and I regretted pushing her into it. It took us one whole year to attempt anything of this kind and when we did we chose same-room swap with another couple, normal sexy pleasure seekers.

Written By: SA Tyr


I’ve said before our first few times were VERY emotional for me. I still always wonder how she could love me when these guys give her such pleasure. But I now handle it much better.

One situation that I did back out of was once when we met with a couple that wanted a FMF. My wife had had sex with the guy a few months earlier, but then he found a girlfriend that was bi. They invited us over to take pictures of them, but everyone knew what they really wanted. I thought I would have no problem since I’ve seen my wife with many guys 1 on 1 and even with 3 guys at once and his girlfriend was cute so what was there to lose.

The evening started out cool, I picked up wine coolers for the girls and beer for the guys and we started talking. Then Joe started playing with his girlfriend in front of us. She became very turned on. He then looked over to my wife and said he missed her and started kissing her. Then all three of them started playing with one another. When both girls started giving him a blow job. I lost it. I didn’t expect to be so jealous. Thinking back I’m sure it was because the situation seemed to me to be for Joe not my wife. All the other situations all the attention was on her. This one seemed to be for him and I knew for certain I wouldn’t be included. I wasn’t even close to turned on. I also knew my wife although open was not bi, we had talked about it several times, so that even made me feel worse. Finally I just couldn’t handle it. I got up and told everyone I was sorry, but I couldn’t handle this. They all looked at me dumb founded, since they knew what I’d seen before.

I felt absolutely terrible. My heart started racing, my chest hurt. I felt awful for my wife. She kind of looked at me and almost didn’t get up, but then did and we left very quickly with Joe and his girlfriend saying they were sorry as well as me. I almost didn’t make it to the car.

When we got to the car my heart just wouldn’t stop beating I felt terrible and my wife started asking my why in the world would I do that. She was completely embarrassed, which made me feel worse. All I could say was I was sorry. We ended up having a big fight.

Things are fine now, and we are even friends with Joe and his girlfriend, but at least for now my wife only plays with other guys. Moral of the story make sure you can handle it or you will make everyone feel bad

Written By: mred4682


When being present and watching I have never had regrets.

The second time my wife played she did so in another room. The plan was for a blow job only. My thought was it would be over in 5 or 10 minutes, 40 minutes later they were still in there. I wanted to pound on the bedroom door and ask them what the fuck was going on. But I didn’t. I sucked it up, buried my jealousy, and waited it out.

A few times I have told her she could go out and play with her fuck buddy when I wasn’t in the mood. But again, I let my emotions run their course without interfering with with her pleasure.

In mred situation I would have gone to the other room, gotten another beer, gained my composure and then gone back and watch them finish. I would have felt bad, but it wouldn’t have made my wife or friends feel embarrassed. But that is just me, mred did what was right for him in that situation. Congratulations to him for taking that courageous step to stop things when he felt he needed to.

If you take small steps the damage can be mitigated. Your wife gives a hand job, you’re not ok with it, no big deal it was just a hand job. Everything works out for a hand job, she moves to blow jobs. You freaking when you see her sucking on another man’s cock, no big deal, it’s just a blow job. On up the scale you move until you reach a place where you don’t want to explore further.

Written By - cuck252

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Submitted by: ABFetish


April 22, 2009

A husband’s perspective

Following on from Janet Mason’s updated interview a couple of weeks back, I am now proud to bring you another updated interview with gives another exciting insight into Janet’s life. We first spoke and interviewed Janet’s good husband Steve back in September of 2005. so 3 and a half years on I wanted to speak again to the man behind Janet to see how his life has changed and developed in this time.

I want to take the time again to thank both Steve and Janet for their time with both interviews, for speaking so honest and candidly about their life and I wish them all the best for the future.

Janet Mason

hotwifeblog: Hey Steve… It’s always great to get the male perspective when it comes to this lifestyle so thanks so much for agreeing to open up again for us three years on from your original interview here on Hotwife Blog.
Steve: You’re welcome…I’m glad to be here!

hotwifeblog: How are you settling into LA life? Have you noticed any differences yet? The women? the lifestyles? the parties?
Steve: We’re still settling in… we’ve been super-busy between setting up an office and studio for our site in “the Valley” and settling into our home up north in Ventura County, away form the porn biz and the hubbub of the city. Plus we have been shooting like crazy – both amateur stuff for our site and Janet’s pro work on the side. All that while keeping a family life going!

hotwifeblog: How would you say your relationship with Janet has developed in the last three years?
Steve: Janet and I have been together about 20 years now. We’ve always had a continually growing and evolving relationship and we work hard to keep things that way. We’re both better individuals now than we were, say, 5 years ago, which makes us a better couple.

hotwifeblog: How are you finding your own kinks within the lifestyle are developing? Are they growing stronger? Are you trying different things with Janet’s play?
Steve: Honestly I have not changed that much. My biggest kink is Janet and all her infinite splendor. Exploring HER kinks is still what really “does it” for me.

hotwifeblog: Any new fetishes you’ve found or developed in the last three years?
Steve: As a voyeur, yes… Janet has gotten more and more into much-younger white guys, and watching her fuck them is a sight to see. She just goes totally bonkers with really fit, attractive studs half her age who can literally fuck for hours on end and keep on cumming. It’s a totally different thing than her primary kink of super-well-hung black studs.

hotwifeblog: You’ve been in this lifestyle since you were 19? Any signs of getting tired with it all as yet?
Steve: No, not at all, because we keep it under control. We’re into all kinds of things, personally… the lifestyle does not define us, it’s just one part of who we are, both as individuals and as a couple. Janet and I are both super-healthy and fit… we don’t “party” or do drugs or have alcohol issues, so there’s nothing to “burn out” on for us. The sex is GREAT and that’s what the lifestyle is all about… so what more could we ask for?

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Steve: I honestly can’t say what it is for other men… it seems to be different for every guy. I’m not into the “humiliation” aspect of it at all, and some guys are. For me, it’s the same voyeurism that makes any guy watch porn… only it’s much more intense because it’s my own wife and soul mate. It’s also about “giving” and “pampering” or “spoiling” her. Having sex with the love of your life is great, but with watching, you see things in and about her that you just can’t see face to face, up close… the way her body tenses up, little facial expressions, the way she moves when she is aroused… it’s the difference between being in a photograph or taking the same photograph… each is a totally different experience on a certain level.

hotwifeblog: Do you think your exposure to the lifestyle at an early age has made this certain kink stronger in your mind than if you found it say 10 years later?
Steve: I doubt it. Especially based on email we get from men and women who are much older than us who have been obsessed – and I do mean OBSESSED – with some of the kinks Janet and I are into for their entire adult lives, even though they have never had any actual experiences like them at all and just live vicariously through people like us, who openly enjoy it.

hotwifeblog: In what way would you say you’re able to control the jealousy emotion in your mind that so many men would never be able to do?
Steve: Can’t answer that as I have never FELT that kind of jealousy. Janet is not “dating” men alone, nor does she want to. She and I have intense sex all the time. Her love for me is obvious – not just to me, but to everyone – so there’s nothing to be “jealous” about.

hotwifeblog: One question I always get from people asking after me and Daisy is “How can you let your woman fuck other guys?” How do you deal with that question?
Steve: Anyone who asks that question seriously doesn’t “get” the kink, and never will… so I don’t bother answering them at all. You can’t “explain” sexual arousal, you can only describe it, so all talk is wasted on those whose kinks are different.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever get embarrassed or feel awkward in front of people when they are aware that you’re enjoying your wife fucking other guys?
Steve: No one knows except others into the lifestyle, so that’s not an issue. We’re very discreet people and don’t broadcast our sexual life everywhere we go, with anyone who is around. We’re all about respect for others.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one Janet’s recent hotwife experiences you’ve particularly enjoyed?
Steve: One experiences in particular really stands out…watching her get fucked senseless for a few hours straight by Lexington Steele, right in his own house, while I filmed it. Janet had shot a pro video with him for his MILF Magnet 3 DVD (for which she made the cover) in January, soon after we moved to L.A., and she said the sex was amazing. Bear in mind that we’ve both been huge fans of Lex and his work since he started in the late 90’s, and that Janet had been fantasizing about his cock all that time. A week or so after their pro shoot together, Janet and I were having lunch when Lex called, saying that he had just watched the footage in editing and that it was “really hot”…and he invited us to come over to his house that night for a little fun. He said I could film it and we’d both use the footage for each other’s sites. Well, they fucked like ANIMALS that night and Janet made Lex cum three times in a row, which is nearly unheard of for him apparently, from what we’ve been told. Janet came at least 5 times herself, too. (The DVD of that night is available for sale on our site, or as a download.)

hotwifeblog: What’s your current involvement with Janet’s website?
Steve: The same as ever… photographer, videographer, and webmaster. She still does her own personal email, etc.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Steve: Take your time, and only make the plunge when you BOTH know you want it and you are both ready. Keep your standards and don’t let others in the lifestyle try to tell you what you “need” to do or not do. Keep the communication open at all times. And have fun!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future in the lifestyle?
Steve: None at all… just keeping on as we always have, one day at a time, appreciating every moment of it!

Janet Mason
Janet with legend Lex Steele

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Interview by Trash


April 20, 2009

The Horny Neighbour

One night recently I told my husband about my sexual encounters when he was traveling and it really turned him on. While he was fucking me he stated that he would enjoy watching me fuck another man. I agreed to grant his wish. There was a married man (Walter) who lived in the apartment complex, we had been out with him and his wife on several occasions before and I found him sexually attractive and often fantasized about fucking him. When I knew my husband Tom and I were next going out with Walter and his wife for dinner and dancing I wore something sexy and see-through to get Walter’s attention and I didn’t care who wanted to look.

A couple of weeks later Walter’s wife was going out of town for the weekend to visit family and I suggested to Tom this would be an opportunity for us to get what we both wanted. I also told Tom that the last time we were out as a couple Walter had his hands up inside my blouse when we were dancing a slow dance together. Tom was turned on. So, after Walter’s wife left on her trip I called Walter on the friday evening and told him Tom and I would like to drop by later and he said ok.

We arrived at around 7:00 pm and I was so fucking horny. I was wearing a see through blouse and a short skirt with no panties. I could tell Walter liked what he saw because he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. After we had a few drinks we ran out of beer. Tom volunteered to go to the 7-11 at the corner to buy some more. I winked at him as he left and could tell he knew what that wink meant. He took his time and while he was gone Walter immediately opened my blouse and pulled up my skirt and was licking and sucking me all over. When Tom returned I knew what he expected to see. We didn’t disappoint him. Walter had his head between my legs and was playing with my nipples. I asked Tom if he liked what he saw and he said yes, but he would like to see Walter’s cock in my mouth. Instantly his cock was in my mouth. Then Tom got involved and Tom and walter took turns on me for over three hours and then we decided to call it a night (or so I thought). After Tom and I went home Walter called and started talking dirty to me and wanted more. Tom said ok and I returned to Walter”s place alone and we took turns masturbating for another hour or so. This was the most sexually satisfying night i have ever had. Can’t wait until walter’s wife travels again.

Submitted by: Beth - Northern Ca.


April 18, 2009

Double Creampie Jacy

Rick Lee from Hotwives and Girlfriends diary update:


Jacy is a HOT hot wife who found the site online while surfing for porn. She herself is working on a site, so she sent me a friendly email to get acquainted and we started to email and chat for a while. Jacy is very open about her needs for sex and her husband loves her for her sexual appetite. She told me she wanted to be on my site and that she wanted to do something she had never done before, and after a bit of thinking, I told her I could have me and my friend double team her and then filled her up with cum. She was really happy to hear that and she was especially excited about getting filled with loads of cum since only her husband has creampied her since she got married couple of years ago. She told me the thought of having hot loads of cum going in her made her pussy wet, which in turn made my cock hard for her. And after a few weeks of working out the logistics, she was able to come to my place to meet up and to do this video.

She came to my placed dressed in this very sexy and slutty red dress. She is nice and curvy, the kind of woman that makes men hard when in public. And as soon as we were in my place we started to fondle her and rub our cocks against her hot ass and pussy, I actually started to fuck her a little since her pussy was so wet and in need of cock. But I remembered the camera so I grabbed it and I started to take pictures of her while fucking her in between pics. And after that, we just started the video and started to fuck her. She loved being with two guys, she sucked both of our cocks like they were candy. And when we started to fuck her pussy and mouth at the same time, Jacy was in heaven by the sound of her moans and the looks on her face. We double teamed her for a while and then we just started trading turns on her all over my place. And after fucking her for a while, we got her on the bed and we dumped two heavy loads inside her pussy for a double creampie. We then too a little break, had some drinks, she called her hubby to let him know she was bringing him a present that night. And then we started to fuck again until we again dropped some more loads in her to make sure she had plenty to show her hubby when she got back home. I am sure her panties were soaked with cum by the time she got home.








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April 16, 2009

Meet Shelia

I am a married natural redhead, I love to get fucked by black men, and am hoping to get a chance to meet more of them. I only do bareback with them, so I am hoping that some are interested. They have to have test papers showing they are clean, pics and video are done of the fun. Just looking for black men 21 to early 40’s. I love heavy cummers, and hoping for both 1 on 1, and gangbangs. I am bi too so hope to meet some bi women like myself. I am hoping to put a gangbang with about 5 men together for a party soon in Savannah, GA. Anyhow just a little brief thing about me, I hope to hear from you, and hope you can help me get something going here. Thanks.


You can meet Sheila here, on her hotwifedating profile


April 14, 2009

Corporate Whore

Hotwife Jackie’s husband writes in to us.

Milt is my wife Jackie’s boss. She only works part time for him now since we moved out of state. She works from home on the computer and phone doing client relations work. Jackie was always Milt’s favorite employee but really became a personal favorite after he started fucking her. Milt quickly recognized my wife’s talents at sucking cock and her willingness to please men sexually. One night when he was over fucking her, he asked if it would be okay if he gave my wife a little extra work.

My wife became the company whore. Milt would set her up in a nice hotel suite and send prospective executive employees or prospective clients over. They would usually meet my wife and take her to dinner. When they got her back to her hotel room she would make it clear that they could fuck her, and if they joined Milts firm, she would be available for them to fuck on other occasions.

My wife worked full time for Milt doing both her regular client relations work and providing her extra services when Milt requested. A couple years ago we moved out of state for my job and Jackie had to give up her full time job with Milt but she still continues to service other men for Milt every now and then if they happen to visiting our town. On rare occasion she will make a quick trip back to California or some other city if Milt needs her special talents for some important deal.

Jackie was really surprised when she got a text from Milt that he was in town and wanted to come by our house. It had been a couple years since she had seen him and since he had last fucked her. He would not miss the opportunity to fuck her if he was in town. We live close to the airport and Milt had plenty of time to come to our house so he could fuck Jackie during his layover. We both got what we wanted and each of us dumped a big load of cum into my wife’s mouth and all over her pretty face. My wife got what she needed, to service both her boss and her husband at one time!


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April 12, 2009

En Medias Ras

En medias ras. That’s latin for “I’m starting in the middle,” and would be happy to back fill you on all the previous and more recent stuff, but since the whole subject of “who do I find a hotgirl and/or hotwife” seems to be a hot/current topic.

My 2-cents are:
a) if you are single, find a girl that ALREADY is slutty, or that fucks around, etc. Don’t try to find “Miss Perfect” and think that you’re going to change her with your patience, carefully timed comments and carefully placed porn/movies. Now, that doesn’t mean you bring it all up, out of the box, on your first date. In fact, don’t ask about her sex life either, right away, that’s a flag that you’re borderline wacko, lol. But you have eyes and you have ears, isn’t that right? So, take her to a place for dinner that also crosses over as a bit swanky, come when the families and kiddies go home, and see if she enjoys the attention. Anyway, just as a starting point, if you’ve no other ideas. And perhaps you point out that some other men have taken note of her, and tell her you think it’s wonderful, she’s attractive and should enjoy being so. If she clams up and heads for home, you’ve saved yourself further dates.

b) If you’re married, well, depends on how long you’ve been married, right? If you’ve been married for several years and suddenly want (or expect, or demand) that your girl become “hot,” then you might well take a step back from that and put yourself on the LONG TERM plan (of which I’ve no experience). If you’ve only been married a short time, then you still want to be sensitive and aware, but NOTHING wrong with asking your better-half to meet you somewhere, after-hours, for a drink whilst you pretend it’s your first date again. Never seen a single girl or a newlywed shrink from the idea of dressing up pretty and being appreciated by her man again.

Now, you can adjust any of the above to fit your/her fancy, of course, but if you are hoping for her to suddenly approach you with any sort of “hot” ideas if it hasn’t already been a part of your lives, then you might well put your and her toe in the water with something romantic as the above. And don’t forget to let her know, with a wonderful smile, that you want her to feel sexy and that you love her getting some attention from the blokes that might be watching.

If you’ve a jealous bone in your body, then off with you. Too many, I’ve discovered, fantasize about the hotwife/hotgirlfriend, but then hit the roof if a man looks at her. That will kill ANY freedom she might wish to share with you someday, my friends. Just a thought.

Pics included are recent girl I’ve taken black, and I can’t wait to detail that in my next submission!

Train Her

Submitted by: Train - Florida - trainher@live.com

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