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February 20, 2009

My Wife is a Prostitute

Cuckold Place Update

My wife and I are both in our 50’s and we have been fortunate to be together most of our adult lives. We are attractive and successful. On our second date she told me that she had done many guys, many black guys while in college and waited to see my reaction. I said “That’s ok with me, in fact it’s a turn on. I just would like to hear all about it!” A lifetime of cuckoldry began. Back in the 70’s no one knew the term “cuckold” but we got into the swing scene and had alot of fun. We saw couples and singles.

She expressed a desire for black men almost from the beginning and she has had hundreds. I have kept a sexual journal for years and some day I hope to find the time to type it up and put it on the web, but it will be a massive job.

She later became a stripper and was very successful at that also. The guys loved her and when we moved to another state, they actually threw big parties for her at some of the places where she danced. I later found out that in addition to dancing, she would “walk the bar” and let the guys feel her for tips. Much later I found out that she took “special” guys into the men’s rooms and did them right there.

We will skip way ahead now, to the present day. She is now a well known mature escort. I will not post photos of her, so don’t ask. However I can report that in the past 8 months she has done almost 400 guys. Those are just the clients! She also now has a boyfriend and also a possible dom male in one of the cities she visits.

I have never seen any of the guys, and I get precious few details, though she does inform me of every day’s count, which is how I know. However the fact that she now has a boyfriend and that they don’t fuck anymore, they make love, as she says turns me on even more.

Many years ago we stopped swinging so much and it became more of a cuckold relationship. However I do have a few females I do see and She does not object, though She must meet them and approve of them.

Our social life together is mostly concerned with having her meet guys or seeing the guys she already knows. I act as her secretary and confidant.

My wife is on” tour” right now and I am at home for a few weeks. We talk every day and she keeps me up with her “daily score”. Her average is about 3 or 4 guys a day. Yesterday and today were exceptional. She very dominantly told me yesterday that she had 3 guys and they all in their 20’s and very well hung. In fact we talked only about 10 minutes after she was with the last guy. He was the biggest of them all and she was still sore as we spoke.

Today was a record breaker - 7 guys. I want to emphasize that she always requires rubbers, so I don’t want someone telling us that we should be aware of safety issues. We are quite aware and she is a very intelligent woman. She is a very intelligent woman who needs and gets cock - lots of cock, much it very young cock and much of it very big cock.

Where does this leave me? I am home handling her affairs and taking care of our home. I have a lady or two I see as well for soft domination. However whenever I get hard, I always think of my wife and her clients and lovers.

She also is hoping to see her lover soon. They both travel, so it isn’t that easy. She shares her deepest secrets with me about their relationship. She says that most of the time they are together, they are naked and in bed. She is a woman who loves to have her beautiful pussy eaten. However when I asked her how good he is at eating her, she paused, smiled and said “You know, I don’t think he ever has”. I said “You mean to say that you have been with him about 5 times (each visit lasting an entire evening) and he hasn’t eaten you. Do you mean he was actually in your pussy most of the time”? She said “I hadn’t realized it. But yes, and he is the best lover I have ever had”. This from a woman who has had sex with thousands of men and women. And who also has been married to me for over 20 years.

Every time I think my humiliation can not go any deeper, she finds a way to take me to a new depth. We were in bed when she told me, and my cock got hard right away. She looked down and giggled and said “Well what’s happening to your little pee-pee?”

She went to describe to me almost his entire body in great detail. I should mention that I am 5 and 1/2 inches but fairly thick. My balls however are large. She mentioned that her lover’s cock was big. I asked her how big, show me with your fingers. She took my hard cock and used her thumb and index fingers to show me about another 4 inches in length and then circled her fingers and placed them around my cock to show me how much thicker he is.

The interesting thing is that I don’t know which turns me on more, her being an escort and seeing so many guys, or the intimacy she shares with her lover. They are both sources of extreme humiliation and I love it.

I will write from time to time and I would like to hear from others in long term cuckold relationships and those whose wife is prostitute.

Submitted by: Herpleezer

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4 Responses to “My Wife is a Prostitute”

  1. bobbylyynn sue said:

    does she ever use 2 condoms?

  2. FellatioM said:

    Do you ever get to eat her after she has been filled to the brim by her lovers? My wife can’t wait to get home and sit on my face after she has been made by her lovers. She usually has a massive orgasm while doing this and I love to watch her reaction.

  3. sx782sx said:

    That’s beautiful. My ex-girlfriend and I did the swing thing on and off for about three years. Off and on because she had issues with it. She’d want to then she’d feel bad about it, then she had a hard time seeing me with women. Eventually we setlled on very rare occassional play dates with strange men. I was cool with it since I enoyed watching her more than anything. Over a year ago we parted ways amicably and we’ve kept in touch…. Well, as it utrns out, she’s now a call girl making up to 4K for a few days travel all expense paid with certain wealthy gents. She has a new boyfriend who is cool with.
    If I had known she would have eventually gone this far, I would have never let the little whore go. Enjoy your whoring wife. I know I would. Cheers.

  4. Robert said:

    Your story fascinated me for several reasons.

    One, my wife is also a prostitute and we are also in our 50’s.

    Our relationship is slightly different, however. I act as her scheduler and pimp. Due to work and family commitments, she is only able to whore a few days a month. We rent a hotel room and she offers “incall” to as many as twenty guys over two days. She also has a couple of regulars who she sees on an outcall basis.

    I am always nearby, either in an adjacent room or parked in the car down the street while she is working.

    We have been doing this for about ten years and it has been an amazing supplement to our income, but the best thing is that she lets me have seconds as soon as I get her home.

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