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February 18, 2009

Cuckold Cream

Here’s some fantasy cuckold play from Cuckold Cream

My girl came home and said she had another man with her. She wanted a bigger cock and someone to make her scream. It was one of her co-workers and they were going to show me how to fuck properly. She sucked his cock like I’ve never seen before. He fucked her while I sat and watched in humiliation and after he filled her pussy with cum, she rubbed my face in it, literally.







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8 Responses to “Cuckold Cream”

  1. joe blow said:

    U my friend are a lucky guy a gr8 looking gal with a cunt full of hot cum

  2. Jordan said:

    Yes! That’s right down my alley! I love the pic where she’s riding the BBC and pointing at the white guy’s smaller penis. There’s nothing that turns me on more than size comparisons. My absolute favorite.

    I know a lot of people don’t like the fantasy stuff, but for those of us with very specific tastes (for me, IR cuck porn with SPH… that’s pretty specific!) it can be the only way to get our “fix.” :-)

  3. a good boy said:

    I love seeing the lover’s cum smeared on his face

  4. sliderr said:

    my wife was drunk and bold about a month ago and brought home a black dude we had seen out before and I too got to watch his big veined boner slam her hole and then she told me she needed big man cock while i had a little 5″ boner. Then she pushed my face down to clean his cum out of her and she said you better clean Ty’s cock too and I slurped his and her juice off his rod. Then they sent me out to get more to drink. Awesome pics!

  5. sam said:

    your very lucky my ex wife used to get fucked and make me beg her to let me lick the cum out of her pussy i loved it i bet your girls pussy tasted so good with that cum in it i got to jack off now thinking of it

  6. robert said:

    i know i was on the same boat!great to know that there were sites like this one! my wife and i also has the same lifestyle for the past 12yrs and i say, i loved her being the most honest woman i have ever met. she’s madly obsessed with huge cocks. she truly loves me (i know, believe it or not)and frankly, it’s not an issue she confides being less in love with her lover (huge cock). i could relate with sliderr though. she doesn’t wanted me to join them, just watch she would say and later had me eat every last drop of his juice from her and after, she took my face and had me cleaned his shaft also.

  7. robert said:

    i don’t feel shame about telling this. i’m still confident with my sexuality(i expect no one to believe), but my wife loves to have lots of load in her sweet love pussy. it’s a big turn on for her knowing that i do not refuse eating nor cleaning her boyfriend’s cum from her pussy. she had always pushed me to suck clean her boyfriend’s cock. it was huge really and it really pulls me out of my nerve!

  8. FellatioM said:

    If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Big cocks rule in our bedroom and call the shots. That is the way it is and should be for my wife to totally enjoy herself.

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