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January 11, 2009

Holiday Fun

I thought I’d fill you in on all the latest on my trip to Thailand. It’s been a great holiday first and foremost, my first one for some time. Me and my girl Daisy have traveled to some beautiful places and experienced a wonderful trip over the last few weeks. We are due home on Wednesday so I thought a little update on Daisy’s exploits here is well due.

The first week was very quiet and we spent a while finding where the hot spots to go of an evening were. There seemed a lot of couples about, having romantic holidays together. Not many single guys at all. When we got to the Island of Koh Samui I was getting concerned that we would not find anyone or the right moment for Daisy to play. But all that changed when I gave Daisy a challenge. I said to her if she could find a man to go and fuck I would treat her to a few days spa treatment at a luxury resort. She was very quick to take me up on my offer. It was 2 days before New Years Eve when the opportunity arose. The evening started with a romantic dinner, just the two of us, Daisy looked great in a sexy casual yellow tshirt dress (pic below). We then went to a bar on the main beach. We shared a truck-taxi tuc tuc thing with a few guys also on their way to the bar. Daisy was flirting with them all the way and giving them glimpses of her knickers under her very short skirt. When we arrived we noticed there were lots of Westerners partying here and it was very busy with pre-New Years celebrations and we got chatting to a few people from the UK and Europe at a lounge table on the beach. The music was great, the weather hot and the atmosphere very sexy. A hour or so later I noticed Daisy was not at our table, I thought she had gone to the bathroom but she had been gone too long. I peered around the place and could not see her. A moment later one of the girls who was with us on our table came back from the bathroom. I asked her if she’d seen Daisy and she said she had, she gave me a strange look as if she shouldn’t be telling me but she said she was at one of the tables at the front of the bar talking to a guy. I immediately got very excited and went off to find her. I made my way towards the bathroom and way over in the corner I spotted her. I kept my distance, she was indeed chatting to a guy. He was tanned, had his shirt off and looked like a great looking guy.

She was flirting for sure, the way she held her body and talked, the other guy seemed bright-eyed and very into the conversation they were having. He was also with a group of friends, but had his attention away from them as he chatted to Daisy. Occasionally he would look over at a guy within this groups of friends. One time I saw him give his friend a little wink. His friend smiled back, obviously pleased his mate was making progress with this hot British chick. After a while I needed to hit the bathroom myself and tried to slip by without disturbing them. Just as I got near them Daisy looked up and noticed me and said “Hey, Trash, come say hello” I went over and shook the guys hand, Daisy introduced us “This is Mike from Australia… Mike… this is my one of my best friend’s from back home, Trash” I loved the way she was ahead of the game and introduced me as her friend.. She continued “Trash and I have been on holiday together a few times, we’ve known each other for years” Mike looked at me with an enthusiastic expression “So Trash, are you in the Porn Industry as well?” I chuckled, Daisy had played the Porn Star card and got this guy ultra-keen. “No” I said “I build websites for a living”. He turned back to Daisy and they continued their conversation. I took the chance to excuse myself and head for that much needed pee lol..

When I got back to them, again Daisy noticed me and spoke out again.. “Hey Trash, would you mind hanging around with the others if we headed off and used the room for a bit”. It was very hard to keep my composure but I managed a very casual “No that’s fine hun, I’m not ready to head back yet, this party is really cool.”. “Great!” Daisy said, she turned to Mike “Have you got some ‘you know whats’?”. The invitation for sex was so obvious that Mike knew she meant condoms. He nodded and she said “Well let’s go then…. Bye Trash, we won’t be long, I’ll text you when we’re done”. . I loved her direct style in front of me. The Erection in my shorts felt huge. I was dizzy with excitement. I then saw them disappear out and off down the beach towards our hotel.

I went straight to the bar and had a Tequila shot to steady my nerves. Wow this seemed to good to be true. I decided to give them 5 minutes lead time and head after them.

As I walked down the beach, it was very dark, I was straining my eyes ahead at the shadows to see if I could see them. It was about a 30 minute walk back to the hotel, straight along the beach. A couple of times I thought I got too close but the shadows turned out to be someone else on the beach, enjoying the warm night air. I was thinking if they have stopped to sit down for a bit I’m going to run straight into them and I wasn’t sure how I would explain why I was heading back straight after them. But I didn’t catch up and didn’t even see them all the way back to the hotel complex.

The hotel itself was typical of a Thailand resort, lots of individual hotel bungalows dotted around a garden setting. I entered the resort with caution, my heartbeat thumping in my ears above the sound of the Crickets. I got to the bend which lead to our property and I could hear Daisy, they were having a cigarette on the porch outside the room. I withdrew and walked back the way I came towards the beach. I would have to wait this out for a while. I was wondering if it actually was a good idea to leave the party so soon, they might be at it for hours. It was already 1am.

I sat myself down on a lounge chair on the beach and laid back, the stars were shining bright, the moon was out, the sky was also full of lantern balloons, lit by various people all over the island and set into the sky. The sound of the waves crashing down and the dark of the beach made me relax for the first time since I knew Daisy was on the prowl. But as soon as I thought of Daisy again, my sexual desire entered my mind once more. What was she up to right at this moment? The thought was so sexy, this was what it was all about, this was my fantasy, the thing that makes me more horny than anything else. Daisy was about to or was already fucking another guy in our holiday bed. What I love most about this situation is letting the mind run riot, you can’t see the actual act so you have the whole of your imagination to predict what is happening. It’s a wonderful and intense feeling and I compare it a higher sexual feeling personally that actually watching Daisy in the flesh.

An hour passed, I must have concentrated on every minute so it went very slowly. I decided to go and investigate the room once more. This time when I came round the path bend, it was silent. The porch contained now two empty chairs, two empty bottles of alcohol that they had been drinking on the walk home and an ashtray. The curtains were drawn across the porch front. There was a little crack in between, I know Daisy would have thought of that, just in case I wanted to come back early and voyeur. My heart started thumping again in my head as I approached the porch. Over the noise of my heart and the insect night-life in the bushes around me I heard a giggle. An unmistakable giggle that belonged to Daisy. I crept closer and then jumped for my life as a security light flashed on plunging the whole porch area and the area I was standing into light. My heart lunged as I turned and made back down the path as quickly as I could. Then as I approached the beach I saw a security guard who was obviously patrolling the grounds. I passed him with a polite wave. I laughed to myself, if he was to catch me hanging around a room where a couple where having sex in, OMG I must look so dodgy… I headed back to the beach… No chance of voyeuring for me tonight then.

Another hour gone, it was now 3.15am. I was really getting edgy now but so enjoying the thought of knowing what was to come later. To have Daisy’s used body all for myself. The long wait I compare to when you’re having sex and stop yourself from cumming to prolong the intensity. There is nothing like the ache of desire, nothing else matters when you’re in that state. It’s like a head-fuck. You’re so anxious, senses alert, staying on that edge of intensity. I got to the stage where I could sit still and wait no more. I decided to head back one more time to the room, just to maybe hear something, or glimpse something to add some spice to my over-active imagination.

As I made my way down the path, I slowed at the bend. No sign of the security guard. That was good. I was very careful to not enter near the porch area this time and trip the security light and carried on down the path until I was level with the gap in the curtains. I peered through and had a look. All I could see was the end of the bed, the covers were creased and there was no obvious movement in the mattress. Then suddenly I saw the curtains twitch as if someone had just grabbed then. My heart lurched and I again sprawled back and quickly hid behind a bush on the property opposite. I cursed myself again for not staying on the beach. I was not having any luck and if Mike was to notice me out here crouched behind a bush, what the hell would he think. I peered up and the curtains were still again. I waited a couple more minutes and again quickly headed down to the beach once more. Right, I thought, stay here until you hear from her. No more prowling around. A little over 20 minutes later, my phone gave a bleep in my pocket. My heart raced with excitement as I grabbed it and went to read the message. It was indeed Daisy and it read simply “I have been fucked, you may come home.” I loved that simple sentence, she was playing the game so well tonight. I almost ran to the room, slowing only with the sobering thought I could bump straight into Mike coming the other way lol.

I didn’t see Mike on the way to the room and entered the porch, the 2 bottles still there, there were 4 cigarette buts in the ashtray, post-sexual smoke perhaps? I knocked on the door and Daisy answered naked. She had a devilish grin on her. All I could say was “I can’t believe it, that was amazing”. She looked pleased with herself “Did well huh?” I nodded my agreement as I looked around the room, the bed was a complete state, the covers thrown off to one side, there was two condom wrappers on the floor. “Did you have fun?” I said “Fuck Yeah!” Daisy said “He had a lovely cock, I drove him wild, he really fucked me hard. He even fucked my ass”. I was amazed, I looked round the room some more and noticed the lacy red knickers she had been wearing that night draped over the TV. Definitely thrown from the bed. I then noticed a used condom by the bedside light, it was actually laid on a book I’d been reading on holiday. An accident perhaps or cleverly placed by Daisy to increase that cuckold play excitement. My wild thoughts were interrupted by Daisy’s voice “Get on the bed” she said, I removed my clothes and laid down on my back. I was so hard and turned on laying on the bed Daisy had just been fucking on moments before that I’d been sleeping in with her over the past few nights.

Daisy climbed on the bed and put her legs either side of my chest. She then reached over and got the condom, showing me the evidence. Her eyes were wild, mine must have been too, it was so intense. After playing with it for a while in her hands, she lifted it to her mouth, holding it upright and sucked on the end of it, only the latex rubber between her mouth and her lovers cum. She then stuck her tongue out and started to tip it up. I watched the cum run easily through to the open end and then it was dripping out, over her tongue and down onto her breasts. Before it could reach my own chest, she tossed it to one side and moved back, sat on my cock and leant forward on me. I felt her wet cum-covered chest on mine and that was it for me. She must have moved up and down no more than five times on my cock before I blew my load deep into her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I came, but I knew the whole time waiting, the thoughts and torture I was going through was all the foreplay I needed. Daisy was a true star that night, and everything went perfectly and I could tell she’d really enjoyed the whole thing too. She said the sex with Mike was great and promised to repeat the performance “as soon as possible!” I couldn’t wait.

As I’m still out in Thailand (at the luxury spa resort presently lol) I can’t post some of the pictures from this night as I don’t have my card reader here, but will do as soon as I’m home. You’ll be able to see what she was wearing and some of her flirting on the night.

Well as I mentioned Daisy promised to repeat the performance “as soon as possible”, and she stuck to her word on New Years Eve. She managed to fuck two guys at different times during the evening. I’ll be posting that story and pics when I get home.

Daisy at our romantic meal before we hit the bar

Mike on the right with his friend

Visit Daisy’s Website Here

Submitted by: Trash

12 Responses to “Holiday Fun”

  1. max said:

    Now that ladies and gents is a story.

    Good one Trash!

  2. scott Kelly said:

    Hi there, Trash,

    Em and I spent two weeks on Koh Samui several years ago and have some tales to tell.

    We really enjoyed hearing about your adventures. It’s always cool to hear a story that takes place in a locale you know well. We know the beach, we know the resort, and we sure know the vibe.

    By the way, I mentioned before but it bears repeating, that your recent openness here at the blog is great. I like the way you honestly express how a couple actually play the cuckold game.

    All the best to you and Daisy for 2009.

    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  3. roy said:

    girl, need free holiday in indonesia? i’ll give u… just sleep with me :-)

  4. Damian said:

    Glad the holiday is going so well.
    Tailand is an amazing place, everything you could want (actually everything YOU could want it seems :) ).
    Look forward to the pictures, wish you were out there later in the year when i have a big house all to me and the girlfriend.

  5. Marc said:

    QUOTE; “What I love most about this situation is letting the mind run riot, you can’t see the actual act so you have the whole of your imagination to predict what is happening. It’s a wonderful and intense feeling and I compare it a higher sexual feeling…..”

    Great explanation there Trash. Yes the “tease & anticipation” element can blow your mind more than anything else. Yet most writers/producers of porn videos totally ignore this. Video Tales Of A Voyeur Cuckold? Yes please!

  6. Enoch van Jartan said:

    What a woman!

  7. Trash said:

    Thanks for the comments guys, really cool of you all to post such kind words, it’s really inspiring me to write more.

  8. JulianB said:

    I cant believe it happened the way you described and you said thailand? Wow thats just awesome!

    You have got a gorgeous wife!!!

  9. reader said:

    man, those pics are great. just love seeing daisy smiling with those studs. did only mike cuckold you, or the other stud too? i only wish we had some pics of the action.

    hot stuff trash. and i’m sure i would have popped before you did — probably when she let mike’s cum onto her chest and yours (if not just in my pants upon seeing the room). heck, my hard on is raging just reading about it.

  10. Trash said:

    Hi Reader, Yes just Mike, he left his friends at the bar before heading off with Daisy.

    I wish I got some pics too, would have been difficult, maybe a sneaky one through the curtains if I had been lucky. Knowing my luck I would have set off the flash on it haha. Now that would have fucked it up LOL…

  11. notact said:

    Trash, what about a digital camera with a “motion detector”? Then all you have to do is set it up in the room and leave. You get to “imagine” and then check your accuracy!

  12. Chault said:

    Hi Trash, loved the way you told the story, I was almost there with you. I live in Koh Samui and have a small hotel, have a few stories of my own too, am thinking of maybe setting up holidays for couples,and arranging a thai lady to join in for that bit of extra pleasure

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