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January 5, 2009

True Confession

Not only is this a true story, it is also a confession to my husband. We (I) have enjoyed the company of several men throughout our marriage, but there are also a few events that my husband doesn’t know about. When he reads this, he’ll know.

I love fucking other men in front of Mike, whether he likes it or not. One of the very best was a guy named Rick. I met Rick through a personal ad I answered one day after Mike failed again to satisfy me. After a few phone conversations (with Mike forced to listen on the extension), Rick and I agreed to meet one Saturday . I am your stereotypical Southern California blonde. I am 6’ tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes, very long legs and 36C tits with nipples that can be seen through any bra and sweater. Don’t roll your eyes - it’s the absolute truth!

I agreed to meet Rick one Saturday at a local mall. I looked amazing – long blonde hair falling halfway down my back, tight jeans with a black thong that enhanced my shapely ass, a thin T-shirt with no bra. I would meet him alone and bring him home where Mike would be waiting to serve us drinks. Then Mike got called into work. Before he left, I assured him that I would have Rick wait until Mike could get back home to serve us.

I don’t enjoy being told I can’t have something. And as two hours passed (and Mike was still working), I got restless. I look great – why should this go to waste? Fuck it, I thought, and called Rick. I boldly gave him my home address and directions, and he agreed to come right over. Then I called Mike and told him my guest would be arriving soon and he should get his ass home. I assured him that nothing would happen until he could be there to see every moment of it.

Rick showed up looking even better than his pictures. 6’2”, dark brown hair and green eyes, great body. He liked what he saw too, as he planted a kiss on my cheek as he entered my home. I explained my husband was working, and he would be home shortly. I brought him a beer, grabbed myself a glass of white wine, and we took a seat on the couch. The more we chatted, the wetter I got. He was semi-hard (I could see that through his jeans) and gorgeous, and it was obvious that our attraction was strong. I was squirming and he was adjusting himself, and Mike was calling every 20 minutes to find out what was going on. I assured him I wanted him to see everything, and nothing would happen until he came home.

Rick took a drink of his third beer and said, “Let me see your tits.” All thoughts of my husband left my mind, and I took another sip of wine and lifted my T-shirt. “Nice,” he said, and he immediately leaned over to squeeze them with both hands. His mouth followed and he licked and sucked my tits until I finally pulled away. “God,” I sighed. “You’re getting me so hot!”
“Duh!” he grinned. “Now show me your ass.” “Let’s wait for Mike,” I sighed, without any conviction whatsoever. “Fuck Mike,” he grinned again. “Show me.” I stood up and moved in front of him. Slowly, I pulled down the zipper of my jeans and slid them teasingly to my thighs. I turned my back to him and, glancing over my shoulder, I whispered, “You like?” “Yeah baby. I like,” he said, and reclined slightly on the couch. “Come here.” I pulled up my jeans and the phone rang as I walked to him. Mike again. I answered it as I leaned down to kiss Rick. “No, nothing’s happening yet. Just come home.” I hung up without letting Mike say a word. Rick’s hands pushed my shirt up and he continued to squeeze my tits as we kissed. After a very heavy make-out session, I pulled my shirt off.

“I thought you wanted your husband to see us,” Rick said, pulling off his shirt. One look at his muscled chest and I knew I had to have him. “He will. Someday,” I said and kissed him again. My hands went to his jeans, rubbing his very hard cock through the thick material. I unzipped them and slid my hand inside. Rick moaned and started licking and sucking my tits. I was going crazy – husband or not I was going to have him NOW. I pulled away and slid his jeans down. His big, hard cock wanted my mouth so I couldn’t disappoint, could I? I began sucking his huge shaft, sliding my tongue over the head everytime before it slid into my mouth. Rick was moaning and playing with my nipples, getting them even harder (if that was possible). I moaned, he moaned, and the phone rang again. Against my better judgment, I answered. “What’s going on?” Mike asked, his voice husky. “Nothing,” I managed, sliding Rick’s cock out of my mouth. “Just waiting for you.”
“Nothing? Really?” he said. “Nope,” I said, quickly sliding Rick’s cock in and out of my mouth. “Just talking. You know I want you to see everything” “Ok.” Mike sounded relieved. “I should be leaving here in about 30 minutes.” “Cool. See you then.” I hung up and resumed sucking like he was the last man on earth.

“My turn.” Rick said after a few minutes. I really wanted him to come in my mouth but he was not a man to be denied (what a perfect match for me!) He sat up and pushed me down on the floor, tugging at my jeans. I kicked my shoes off and he quickly slid my jeans off, spreading my legs and shoving his face between them. I moaned, enjoying the feeling of a strange tongue on my clit. He knew what he was doing, no doubt about it, and soon I was squirming on the floor with Rick’s amazing tongue teasing me. He slid one finger inside me and I came almost immediately. I heard him chuckle before his tongue slid into my pussy. “I thought you like to do all of this in front of your husband,” he said. I couldn’t see his face but I could hear the smug smile in his voice. “I do.” I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to my pussy. “But it looks like you’re changing my rules.” Rick licked me to another amazing orgasm. By then, I was on fire. When I come from oral sex, it only makes me hotter to fuck. “Come on,” I smiled, pulling him down on top of me. “Fuck me.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Rick grinned and kissed me as he guided his hard cock to my pussy. He shoved, and my legs came up around him. He shoved again, and his entire length was inside me. “Fuck me,” I moaned into his ear. “Fuck me good!” “No sweat, baby.” Rick pumped his big, hard cock into my hot, wet pussy. I came again, enjoying the excitement of being fucked without an audience. And for such a long time! Mike is a true “minute man”, telling me I’m too hot and he can’t last. Whatever… Rick kissed me and licked and sucked my tits, fucking me to yet another orgasm. What an extraordinary lover, I thought, just getting swept away by this amazing fucking. Rick moaned a little. “Don’t come in me,” I said. “Why?” he asked breathlessly, frowning. “Come on my pussy,” I smiled slyly. “But…” “Just jerk off on my pussy.”
“Oh yeah.” Rick fucked me until he couldn’t hold back, then pulled out and shot his beautiful come all over my nicely trimmed pussylips.

“God, that was awesome!” I pulled him to me, kissing him deeply. He smiled an stood up, reaching for his pants. “What are you going to tell your husband?” “Don’t worry about that,” I stood up, his come still smeared all over my pussy. “I’ll handle it.” “I really should go,” he pulled his jeans and T-shirt on. “I hadn’t planned on being here so long..” “I understand,” I said, pulling my T-shirt over my head. “But I want to see you again.” Rick grinned and pulled me to him. “What are you doing Friday night?” He kissed me. “You.” I smiled. “Cool. I’ll call you.” After another quick kiss, I escorted Rick to the door wearing only my T-shirt and his come. He got into his car, carrying his shoes with him. I shut the door behind him. No more than a minute later, Mike came in the door looking wildly around the living room. “Where is he?” He sounded almost desperate, then he frowned at the way I way dressed. “What happened???” “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” I assured him smoothly, kissing his cheek. “I have a little something for you.” I immediately sat on the couch with my legs spread. “Oh my God,” he whispered, falling to his knees in front of me. “You said you wanted me to see everything!” “We just played a little,” I said calmly, shoving his head to my still-wet pussy. “Played…?” he asked, before running his tongue lightly over my pussylips. “Yes. I had him jerk off on my pussy. Now clean me up like a good boy.” Mike hesitated and sat up to look me in the eye. “That’s all?” I smiled. “Of course that’s all. You didn’t think I would fuck him alone, did you?” “No… I guess not…” “Good. Now clean me up.” My reassuring voice put him at ease and he did as he was told. He did a great job, even licking me to another orgasm. After I was nice and clean, I kissed him, told him I love him, and then said, “Don’t make any plans for Friday night.” “Why?” he sighed contentedly?
“Rick and I have plans…”

That story took place 5 years ago. To this day, Mike thinks Rick jerked off on my pussy. If/when he reads this, he’ll know the true story. And there are others…

Submitted by: Lynn - Los Angeles

10 Responses to “True Confession”

  1. mike z said:

    Absolutely hot.Lucky Rick and even luckier Mike for the clean up.I’d gladly take Mikes’ place anytime.

  2. Bernice said:


    Amazing story. Reminds me of a time I fucked my husbands friend while he stepped out to get something to eat. And when my husband came back I told him we’ve just been waiting for you. I blew his friend in front of him once he got home, but he still doesn’t know that we fucked while he was gone.

  3. Rachel said:

    OMG, I thought I was the only person hot for her hubby’s friend. I, too, have fucked one of my husband’s friends from time to time, and no one is the the wiser. I can’t help it — the guy is built like a Greek god and can go at it for hours.

  4. mitch said:

    that is hot my name is mitch and my wife is christina i have a small 4 inch penis when its hard one of her guy friends keeps sending her pics of his big dick i caught her looking at them and playin with herself and now she wantsto try him should i let her

  5. gary said:

    these stories are so hot if you or any of your gilrfriends happen to come to the cayman islands please email me and let me as i would lovvvve to meet women like you !!

  6. Mike said:

    I love cuckold, always ask girls to call me and let me hear them get fucked. I’d love to be like that other mike guy at hotel and fuck your brains out and let ur hubby watch. Look at my pics, let me know if ur interested. I live in Los Angeles, Hollywood area. Model/actor. www.Myspace.com/afmike23 Email michaelceorgoveanu@yahoo.com

  7. Susan said:

    My husband has trouble lasting at all…I’m 35 and he’s 50 but he’s always been a premature ejaculator and rather small down there;) Since he has trouble satisfying me I have fucked a family friend repeatedly. He’s just turned 22 and was home for Christmas from college and loves to fuck me. He makes up for my husband in both departments as his seven inches feels like 12 after my husband’s little thing. My young man also lasts and therefore makes me come from intercourse…my husband has never made me come with his penis. I did have him lick me once right after my lover finished in me…I let my husband catch me playing with a dildo (he was sooo disappointed as it was much larger than he was, omglmao) and convinced him I was wet from my play. I toyed with his penis as he begged me to let him have me…I shoved the dildo deep and told him it was touching places he never could. LOL, he came in my hand, perfect! I pulled him down since his penis was now soft and instructed him to give me oral as he was flaccid. He licked me so good I came and I held his face between my legs as I squirted in his mouth! Funny, I don’t suck his dick, but my young man’s cock is constantly spraying in my mouth. That’s what my sissy mary husband is good for, cleaning me afterwards. Funny thing is licking me gave him the first erection he’s had after he orgasmed…he’s never been able to get hard right after…he usually takes like one hour plus. He asked to be inside me and was excited about his erection, but I destroyed it by grabbing the dildo and teasing him about how deep it was in me as I jacked him again:) I teased him by saying, “honey, it just so big…I can’t stop, he feels so good…watch him, see how wet I get with him?” My hand covered his entire penis…I simply squeezed and jacked him as I teased him and guess what? Yes, the ladies already now the answer, he came immediately in my hand. I made him lick that too…and OMG he licked it up with gusto!! Ladies, I am telling you, those small dicked husbands love to be teased about their size! Mu husband has been so kind since I’ve treated him so mean in bed…he’s acting like a teenager again, lol! Right now I’m enjoying his humiliation more than anything and I still keep the affair from him. Just teasing him about his small penis, lol. I have subscribed to Playgirl too!! I make a fuss about the hung young models and their six pac abs. I sit next to him on the couch and compare the sizes of the model’s cocks to my husband’s. Ladies, you have no idea the attention you will receive from your husband when you start looking at young guys in the mall and pointing them out to your husband. I whisper that I bet the young man can last all night, lol. I also brush against his crotch as I say this, in order to give him a little erection in public, I really don’t think anyone knows the difference:) I’m having too much fun to cuckhold my man just yet…besides, if he could satisfy me, I wouldn’t have to go to other men to get myself off. I still order him not to come and one those rare occassions when I do give in and let him have me…it just makes him squirt that much earlier and I always quickly roll over and grab my dildo out of my nightstand and work myself over for about 15 minutes in front of him. I love driving home the point that he cannot keep up with me sexually!! Mount the big ones and throw back the small ones, lol!! Kiss to all you guys with little ones stroking them to my story, mwah!

  8. morgan said:

    im a bull an i fuckin love these stories sometimes very rarley i wish i had a small dick just so i could be humiliated hahahaha nvr mind we arew the way we are

  9. mike said:

    Hi my name is mike. And yes, i am THAT mike…
    ‘Lynn’s’ husband… (Not Her real name - nice of Her to protect Her name but not mine… thankfully Mike is a very common name but if Rick ever reads this, he’ll no doubt know who wrote this..)
    Imagine my surprise when my Wife had me read this story… This Confession…
    i am curious… Why would She lie to me about having actually fucked Rick when i asked her? i am embarrassed to have to admit this…. (one of my Wife’s “RULES” for me is that i have to be completely honest in anything i post online, so I have no choice.. When it comes to anything to do with sex, She is my Superior, She is my Mistress and I must obey.. ) So.. though it is thoroughly embarrassing to admit this publicly, i find the idea of Her being with Another Man extremely erotic. And the fact that She simply could not resist Rick and His Big Cock is even hotter!
    So why would She lie about having been with Him, about letting Him Fuck Her?
    I have tried to figure this out and cannot.
    While it is true that we established some basic Ground Rules before we ever started playing these ‘games’ (or what I thought were just games…), and one of those were that we would only ‘play’ when BOTH of us were present. So maybe She felt bad about violating the ‘rules’…?
    But if that was the case, why did She invite Him over on a day that She knew I had to work? I remember that day clearly, He called the house right before I left for work, and She made up some story that She thought I had the day off… I even remember being upset that She would do that. She swore She thought I had the day off.. Why would She even think that..?
    She also swore that She would put Him off until later in the day and I was on my way home…
    I remember calling Her later in the day, letting Her know i was coming home soon and her sounding ‘distracted’, preoccupied.. Now i know why…
    But i still don’t understand why she hid it from me… Especially since, as I said, when it comes to sex, She is the Dominant one. She calls the shots. She could simply have demanded that this is a decision She made.. But She didn’t…
    Was it because she truly enjoyed being with Him without my watching? Was it because She simply could not resist Him and was afraid of hurting my feelings..? If that’s the case that ship sailed long ago, as i did have the opportunity to finally see them together. I say finally because She had Him over several times after that and each time They would make out a little bit together, play with Each Other while Dominating me, get naked together… But They did not Fuck, at least not in front of me…
    Each time, toward the end of the night, She would tell me that They were hungry and I Should go get them so food, or They needed more to drink and send me out to get more alcohol (on one of these occassions she had me dressed very feminine for the evening and I had to go out with coveralls over my attire – this led to a very embarrassing encounter with store security.. But that’s another story…
    But each time, when i got back home, He was gone…. And I asked Her what happened and She would tell me he had to leave and would swear NOTHING happened.. Which i found nearly impossible to believe… And now, i suppose, i don’t…
    One night She even wore a very special lingerie outfit i had bought for her but She had never worn. Part of Her particular torment of me that evening was that She knew i had been dying to see her in that outfit and She made a special point of letting me know that She was wearing it specifically for Him and that i was not allowed to look at Her while She was in it!
    They spent much of that night in Our Bed, under candlelight with romantic music playing, while I knelt at the side of the bed, serving whatever they needed. All the time, forbidden to lay my eyes on her. Even when She had me remove Her heels, she admonished me not to look at even her feet! All I could to was listen to Them making out, cuddiling and whispering and giggling about God only knows what. I never heard Them have sex, but I could tell They were making out very heavy and She was sucking His Cock at one point. Again, I was sent on an errand before the night was through and when i came back He was gone and She was dresses normally… And again, She swore NOTHING happened, He simply had to leave.
    But as i said earlier, i did finally, get to see them together, once…. And it was the most humiliating and erotic night of my life….
    As She said, He was very well built and bigger then me, and She LOVED His Cock! But that is another story entirely, for another time. Suffice it to say that i did things that night i thought i would never do, but even more surprising were the things my Wife did for HIM. Things She had NEVER done for Me.. And still has not to this day! And the way He made Her come! The sounds that He illicited from Her, the Things She told Him…! I have NEVER EVER Heard Her like that before or since! With me or anybody else! He definitely knew exactly how to push her buttons! I guess you could say, He pushed buttons i never even knew She had!
    Now that i think about it, i do remember her telling me, after that first day She had Him over, the one she wrote about.. i distinctly remember her telling me, “You should be worried about Him… He knows just what to do to get me Hot without my even telling Him!” Earlier on in our relationship I had learned her hot buttons, but only with Her help, encouragement and outright spelling it out… Apparently He was able to discover all of these, and MORWE, all on His own, and on Their first “Date”.
    One of the things we discussed before agreeing to ‘play’ these ‘games’ was the possibility of her becoming more attracted to another Man…. (I love her dearly and did NOT want to lose Her…) She said that I knew all Her little secrets turn ons and to not worry that would not happen..
    And though i have not lost her, we are still together quite happily, I do have to wonder what exactly She meant by telling me that i should “worry” about Him…
    And now to have Her confess that She Fucked Him that first day and lied to me about it… As I said, after seeing them together that one night.. After witnessing the way She was with Him, he way She reacted to Him, The things She said to him and did for Him… I cannot blame Her for not resisting… It is really no surprise She did Fuck Him….
    And the way She described Him in Her confession, her feelings about him, His Body, His Cock, His Stamina (Sadly – again i am forced to be honest – Her assessment of my performance and its relatively short duration is accurate..), it ks no surprise and who could blame her…?
    But still, why did She lie? Was it to protect my feelings after all?
    Maybe She will read this and explain… Or maybe some of you hot ladies who responded to Her post and have done the same can explain… Or one of the Real Men out there – Maybe You have some insights as to why the Wives you have Fucked would lie to their husbands about having done so.. Even though it had been firmly established that their inferior hubbies are less capable ‘men’ and confirmed cuckolds…?

  10. SirDuction said:

    Nothing in this world nicer than leaving a cuntful of spunk in another man’s wife - whether he finds it or not.

    If she ask me not to spunk inside her I tell her to get the fucking morning after pill, they shouldn’t open their thighs unless they expect to be topped up

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