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January 3, 2009

Jackie’s Lunchtime Fuck

A classic picture set from hotwife Jackie. The ankle bracelet makes this one so hot for me.


Everyday I get lots of email messages from guys that want to fuck my wife Jackie. I usually reply with a polite thanks, but no thanks but one email sounded like a guy who I might like to set up to fuck my wife. This is what he wrote:

“Hi baby, I keep thinking of you, that gorgeous body, and that beautiful face swallowing my full hard on. Visions of me drenching you with load after load of my hot, sticky cum always enter my head. There are times when I just imagine you underneath me, looking up at me as I fuck your face with reckless abandon. I keep dreaming about cumming all over your gorgeous face as you stare up at me. Write me back….Sonny”

I wrote sonny back. Sonny was from NYC but would be in Los Angeles on business the next week. We chatted on Yahoo a few times and I liked Sonny’s attitude. No nonsense, no games. He just wanted to fuck my wife no strings attached. Would I mind? I told him I did not mind him fucking my wife as long as I could shoot some pics of her servicing him. He had no objections so I agreed to bring my wife to his hotel when he arrived in town. Sonny emailed the day he arrived and said his work schedule was crazy and the only time he had available was his lunch hour at 1:00PM. So instead of drinks and dinner and a slow get to know each other, would I mind bringing my wife to his hotel at 1:00PM so he could fuck her but he would have to go right back to work afterwards.

I actually liked this scenario better, so I agreed. I much prefer to take my wife to a guys hotel so she can suck his cock and have him fuck her without all the social niceties and waste of time. So if Sonny wanted me to bring her to his room so he could fuck her on his lunch hour, that was fine with me. Sonny called our cell phone as I was driving my wife to his hotel and told me he would be a few minutes late. He arranged with the hotel desk to give us a key to his room so we could wait for him there.

My wife opens the door to Sonny’s room and waits on the bed like a good girl for Sonny to arrive. Ten minutes later Sonny comes in and introduces himself to us. My wife says “Hi.” “I haven’t got much time.” Sonny told her. As he talked Sonny walked over to the bed where my wife sat. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He pulled his shorts down, grabbed my wife’s head and pushed it towards his cock. My wife knew what he wanted, and she knew what to do. She opened her mouth and allowed Sonny to push her mouth over his cock until it was buried all the way down. He held her head over his dick for a few seconds pushing his cock as far as it would go in my wife’s mouth. He finally let her up for air then began fucking her face slowly, then speeding up till he was pumping her mouth with his cock and my wife’s head was jerking back and forth.

He didn’t want to bust his nut without fucking her so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She did as she was told and as soon as she spread her legs open to him, he pushed three fingers into her wet cunt. My wife was desperate to keep sucking his cock as he fingered her hole and she kept reaching for it with her hand. Finally he let her up and put his hard cock back in front of her face. He finally spoke to her again. “”Suck my cock you married slut. Take a big mouthful you horny bitch!” That really got my wife wet and hotter than ever. She swallowed his cock again. But only for a minute this time before he told her to lay back on the bed again. This time he got up over her head and laid his cock across my wife’s face. She opened her mouth and he continued to fuck her face again.

By this time my wife was trying to talk to him with her mouthful of dick. “Fuck me. Fuck me please!” she finally managed to speak. Fuck her he did. He got between her legs and shoved his cock into her slippery hole and began pounding away, hitting bottom with every thrust. After a few minutes of hearing my wife yelp each time he hit bottom, he told her to turn over. Again he shoved his dick into her twat and began pounding away but his time he pushed her head down on the pillow so she wouldn’t make so much noise. His lunch hour was almost over so he pulled out of her cunt and told her to get back on the floor, on her knees. Again, my wife followed his orders and down she went in a flash!.

“Jack me off on your face you slutty bitch. I want to cover your face with my cum so your husband can see what a fucking whore you really are!” My wife grabbed his cock and began pumping it with her hand. It was not long before he yelled. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Open your mouth you slut!” My wife opened her mouth just as streams of jizz began to spray all over her face. She kept jacking his cock and more sperm shot out into her mouth and began to stream down her chin.

Just as he had said. Sonny quickly went into the bathroom to wash up leaving my wife still on her knees with his cum covering her face. “Gotta go Jackie. Thanks! I’ll call you next time I’m in town. I really want to fuck you in the ass next time!” He ran out the door. My wife went into the bathroom and wiped all the cum off her face and all she could get out of her hair. She gathered her things, we went down to the car and I drove her home.

A job well done. I was extremely prould of her.






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12 Responses to “Jackie’s Lunchtime Fuck”

  1. Suze said:

    I don’t know why but I just can’t help looking at those shoes. ;)

  2. R4M said:

    Nice story, right up to the part where the FB calls her a slutty whore. I love watching or hearing about my wife’s adventures with her FB but I would never refer to her as a slut, a bith, or a whore; and the guy that does that just one time had better enjoy her because he will have lost any chance of ever having her again.

  3. mike said:

    Jackie you’re the hottest.I shot the biggest load after seeing and reading your lunchtime adventure.I’d love to clean up that hot creampie anytime.Maybe we can meet next time I’m in LA.I live in Ventura.

  4. reader said:

    R4M — to each one’s own, I guess, but I suspect *many* of the bulls are thinking exactly that. Sooner or later they’ll probably say it; why not unleash the full manliness and control of the bull? Your slut wife would probably enjoy herself even more.
    It looks like Jackie sure enjoyed pumping that big load on her face.

  5. Marc said:

    Such a classy, beautiful married lady.
    Wonderfully set out suburban tales about an elegant adulterous wife. Love Jackie!!

  6. Rudolph said:

    Really nice Jackie, I like you a lot,you have a beatiful face and nice body.
    My question is:if I mail you and you like my mail,is monety involved?or you two just select a fortunate e mailer?

  7. brend said:

    nice , looks like they enjoyed it

  8. Steven said:

    Hi, I am not sure this is the right place to look for other guys, but I try. My wife is Asian, 37 I am 57. We have sex everyday and she is very hot in sex. Sometimes we fuck 45 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. I told her about fantasizing having other men with me and her. I noticed she is very hot when I mention 3-4-5 men fuck her everywhere. And me too. She agreed now that I allow other men come to our house and fuck her same time. If you are interested answer to our email and we send you picture exchange to yours. Only STD-free men please! Age is not important, young or old. You must have hard cock and lot of jizz. She likes to drink it… I also like to watch her cocks in her pussy, ass, mouth and in 2 tiny hands. She has long brown hair and verys exy body. Let’s fuck her tonite!!!

  9. Steven said:

    Oh my! We got many e-mails and we responded to 4 who have sent photos too. One of the guys included a pic of his huge, erected cock and my wife Linh got so excited, she got very hot and wet to see that cock and we watched a video with 6 guys fucking one woman. My wife asked me to let her to swallow all 4 guys’ jizz and how can I resist such a sexy young woman’s request? We will meet next Saturday night in a pub in San Jose and from there we go to our house. I will be the cameraman and watcher to let those 4 guys to fuck my wife and she will suck the sperm out of each of them. She is a jizzdrinker and loves huge cocks. So far we fantsized a lot about many men insie of her body now she will be part of it. After shooting the video we hope we can post it here to see how my wife can handle so many men.

  10. Frank said:

    Jackie you are so pretty, I would love to have a lady as pretty as you, I am not sure I could share you as much as your husband shares you but it would be nice to have a pretty wife that would take care of my friends when thay come to town.

  11. Dcool said:

    Jackie… You are so-o-o-o-o hot. I love to look at your clips, pics, and read your stories. Do you ever come to TN? I would love to hook up with you. Whenever you are in Memphis… send me a shout. You got a hot body and I would love to adventure it…

  12. Tank said:

    Will you ever tour Wine Country (Temecula) for some real partying?

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