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December 31, 2008

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My wife Jacqui is a Filipina, and we met a few years back when I was living in the Philippines. This woman is a knockout: 5’7” (tall by Filipina standards), professional dancer with a body to show for it. Long, muscular legs, tight belly, and beautiful C-cup breasts.

I brought her back to the states with me and we settled in New York, where she got a job as a dance instructor. Being a sort of conservative Filipina woman, I don’t think she ever thought of straying from me, but over time I found myself really turned on by seeing black men check her out. Over time I gradually brought up the idea of sharing her. She seemed turned on by the idea too, and we always had fantastic sex after I brought it up, but I think the conservative Filipina upbringing mostly stood in the way.

Then one night, shortly before she turned 30, we were out late at a bar, and a very muscular black man sat next to her. He saw me there and saw her wedding band, but he started hitting on her aggressively. This guy was absolutely ripped and looked like he could tear most guys in half. The two of them talked for a long time while I pretended to be busy, meanwhile I had the biggest hardon of my life when I saw him touch her thigh. He left for a minute to check in with his buddies and I urged Jacqui to go home with him. She was obviously horny and readily agreed. I told her to text me, and if she didn’t want to send a real message, she should just text me the number 1 if they had sex, 2 if they didn’t. Terry came back and, within a couple of minutes, she was walking out the door with her arm wrapped around his waist.

That night was the most anxiety-filled and sexually charged of my life. My heart pounded and my dick throbbed while I waited at home for her to text. About an hour later, I got the first text: a 1. Without even touching myself I instantly came so hard, it practically sprayed around the room. This was about 2 a.m., and I decided to stay up and wait for her to come home. Around 4, she texted me again, saying simply, “Be home in the morning.”

Jacqui came home around 8 in the morning, looking tired and guilty and blissful all at the same time, and I immediately pressed her for the details. Apparently Terry had an enormous dick—she guessed 9 inches, and thick—and they had sex almost straight from 1 until 7, using every position imaginable. I asked if she wanted to see him again, and she said yes, absolutely.

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6 Responses to “My Filipina Wife”

  1. davedagga said:

    i love your story really a turn on i wish iwas there to watch

  2. owen231 said:

    Damn…that is HOT…can not wait to hear more…

  3. sun2b said:

    I’m absolutely envious. Can’t wait to replay this with my own filipina!

  4. tengu7 said:

    I am a white guy married to a Japanese, I wish more black guys would take the lead with our wives! I would love to see or know my wife has been well fucked like this.

  5. Jack said:

    My wife is Japanese and I am white, the third time we ever had sex and her third time to have any type of sex at all, my best friend, ~ , who is East Indian dropped by to visit. Yoko and I managed to collect ourselves quickly enough but he told me later he knew what was up. She had such a red glow and I had been really giving it to her and she had been so close to cumming when he came in that I often suspect she came sitting there on the sofa between he and I while he visited. Of course he never touched her at that time or anything. A year later she was sexually assaulted in Japan by a firefighter at a party. I remember I was so shocked and angry when she told me but there was nothing I could do as she refused to tell me who it had been as I told her we would go to the police. He had not hurt her physically she told me, everything he did he had done under the table and up her short skirt with his fingers in front of the other unknowing, unseeing guests and she had been too shocked and embarassed to do anything other than pretend nothing was happening. She said his finger never actually got inside of her panty hose and panties but had rubbed her to a sort of wierd climax as she described it. Later, I found I developed very strong fantasies about my young wife being fucked by other men, no one in specific just random guys and I felt so guilty and upset about it. After two years of marriage Yoko was 21 and I was 28 and we visited my East Indian friend. He and I went for drinks at a strip club and he told me for the first time how he had thought he had walked in on Yoko and I that time but had never said anything. He also said that she was really hot. Later he mentioned how horney he was and after another beer or two asked me if Japanese girls were good at sex, he said he suspected they were not if the guy was hung. He nudged me because we both knew from years of PE in school together that he was a lot larger down there than I am. Finally, he dropped me off at Yoko and my hotel and jokingly suggested he should come up and slip into bed next to her and see if she knew it wasn’t me. I told him I was actually interested to see if she would notice. We both went up stairs and into the room. He stood in the shadows next to the bed and I stood over Yoko’s sleeping body. I pulled the sheet off of her to reveal her perfectly smooth peach shapped ass as she rolled a bit he could see her nicely shapped breasts which are large for Japanese. I could see he was nervous so I gestured for him to lay down next to her but he quickly whispered, “what if she wakes up and screams?” I told him she wouldn’t and to prove my point I wedged my chin and jaw between her knees and softly slid my face up to her sweet tight litle cunt. She moaned and quickly became wet. I knew she was awake now but she hadn’t noticed my friend there because of how she was laying on the bed and where he stood. I licked her pussy for at least 15 to 20 minutes until she had 2 or maybe three orgasms and her thighs and mound were soaked. Yoko has always been very fast and easy to cum. I looked up at my friend who was still standing quietly in the shadows and maybe because I was afraid he may chicken out or because I really wanted to see this happen I sat up and said, “Yoko, I brought ~, he wants to play with you too. Would that be ok?” Yoko giggled and thinking I was teasing her until I pointed in his direction, she quickly squeeled and tried to cover herself with the sheet. I just as quickly pulled it was and spread her out and let my tounge get back to work. She tried to push my head away at first but very soon was pulling my head deeper into her slit to lick away at her perfect little clit. I pulled my head up and told ~ to have some fun as well if he liked and with one hand I reached up and pulled one of her breasts free. I quickly saw my lifelong buddy grab hold of my wife’s tit and roughly pull and kneed it inches from my face. When I saw their mouths lock in a kiss I pulled my dreanched face back and allowed her to pull his huge cock into her soaking wet little pussy. Whenever she was that wet my penis often slides out easily and I have a difficult time keeping it in or even realizing if it is in or not but ~ cock was at least twice the size of mine limp and hard it was unbealievable to me. He worked at her pussy for over 5 minutes more before he started to be able to fit just the head in. It was easily as large around as her wrist. As his head finally apeared to force it’s way in Yoko began to moan, it was low and almost a growl. I had and still have never heard her make that sound again. Her face wretched like she was in great pain and I stepped up and told ~ that it was over but he just continued. Yoko was now frantically crawling away from his massivley swollen organ which was rippled with veins like some great cedar tree fist full by fist full she had carwled so far up the bed away from him that her head struck soundly against the head board as he finally and swiftly drove the shaft of that manly beast as deep as it could possibly go into my agonized wife. I seized ~ shoulder and told him, ordered him to stop but without even looking at me he simply shrugged my hand off his shoulder and told me to fuck off. “Trust me this is what she has always wanted,” he sneared as he quickly increased the rhythem to a pounding, now holding her waist securely in both hands she drove my tiny wife’s girlish body onto that unbelivable dark cock of his, his balls slapping her wet ass with every thrust. Every time she came she screamed and growled and moaned, never in our lives together had I heard or seen her like this. She looked possesed by some sexual demon but I coul now she she was loving every milisecond of this. She was, once he slowed his rhythem, kissing him so passionately and deeply I was shocked. My little penis was actually dripping in my jeans. After 45 minutes of this, without stop he suddenly began to shake and he quickly pulled his manhood from her now visably streatched, loose and swollen pussy and ejaculated what must have been a cup of cream all over her belly and breasts. He then stood up and put his pants on. He told us he had to get home to his wife, thanked us and left. I walked over to Yoko who lay exhasted across the bed which was now soaked in sweat and other bodily fluids. The stench of ~ musk filled the room and for a moment I thought I would puke, but Yoko looked mischivously at me and giggled and within a hearts beat I was stripped naked and glued to her, sealed with ~ cum. we had sex until I felt like my little pink stubb was raw and yet Yoko still wanted more. At 2:30 pm ~ knocked on out Hotel room door as we were about to go out shopping. He simply handed me some money and told me not to come back for at least 5 hours or he would beat the shit out of me. As I got in the car I was sickened to see three other East Indian guys smile at me and climb the stairs to our hotel room. I went to the tavern and had a few beers and tryed to watch the ballgame on the tv but my hands were sweaty, cold and shaking on the dark wood table, my little dinky was throbbing at it’s maximum 3 1/2 inch capacity. At five hours I hurried out to my car and drove back across town to the Hotel. As I parked the car I saw ~ leaving with another East Indian guy I had never seen before there were three others standing by ~ car and another two in a pick up parked next to it. I hurried up the stairs and was stopped by ~, I cowered away from him expecting a punch but the punch was only play, he grinned and told me that we would be staying two more nights, that he and his ‘cousins’ had already paid. He told me they would be back later and that he wanted fresh sheets on the bed and he wanted their hole washed out. I told him I would and hurried on into our room where another East Indian guy with a turban was just adjusting his pants next to the bed. The smell in the is undescribably and Yoko and the bed was covered in slime and filth, she was laying spread eagle panting like she had just run a marathon. The last guy left and I hurried about getting clean sheets and pillow cases from the front desk clerk. I got Yoko up and in the bath, An hour later she came back in and we had sex once more laying on the cum drenched sheets now on the floor. After I came she went off to the shower again. ~ and his friends did not come back until about 4 pm the next day, Yoko slept much of that time. We ordered pizza in and just ate in the room, neither of us wanted to miss them when they came back. When they did it was all the same guys, ~ again gave me a wadd of cash and told me loose myself, which I did. I came back at 3 am found Yoko alone, passed out still covered in fresh ooze and I snuggled up to her an fell to sleep cooled and stickey but now loving that smell. This continued for the duration of our ‘visit’, Six Months later now and Yoko is very visibly pregnant we are expecting in two and a half months, her breasts have swollen and she is lactating like crazy. Her nipples are swollen and have darkened so much they are the color of stained wood now rather than the old strawberry pink. The Doctor said it is a boy and Yoko and I have a hunch it maybe a little darker skined than anyone in either of our families but that is alright with us because Yoko and I are happy and fulfilled now. It is or will be our baby no mater what the genes may say and one day we both talk about seeing if we could let this all happen over again. Next time it will be planned and I want to take video and photos.

  6. Leonard Green said:

    Great story. I’m going to the Philippines in a few weeks. Wish I knew how to find a filipina lady interested in a male she can “cuckold”!! If you know a interested person have her email me at cuckoldmale4u at Yahoo. Again, great story!

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