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November 27, 2008

Cum Eating Cuckolds

Fantasy pic gallery from Kiss Ass’s Cum Eating Cuckolds.

For Katia Cuckoldry is her version of high voltage crank - it’s what gets her going, and it’s her sense of balance in a very fucked up world. Sometimes when Katia gets up in the morning and is a ball of bad nerves, she plans novel ways how she can humiliate her husband. Besides him paying the bills and listening to her bitch all day, of course. Katia’s got this friend Leroy who’s a Democrat and she fucks him on the side. Only her hubby didn’t know about this arrangement. And if told, he wouldn’t have believed it because he’d have bet on lovely Katia’s fidelity. He lost the bet. And when you have to suck a black man’s bleach out of your wife’s lying ass, those election wagers can be murder.







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10 Responses to “Cum Eating Cuckolds”

  1. Jordan said:

    Sweet! I love the CEC series. Sometimes they’ll do size comparisons, which are pretty rare. Unfortunately for me, since that’s one of my favorite parts of a cuck scene. :-)

  2. Drew said:

    Love the pic of her getting fucked and both guys sucking her lovely sexy toes! Guys the gals love this. If you want to send a hottie into sensory overload put her feet on your chest while you are fucking her, lick and suck her toes, with one hand that is wet with saliva rub, pinch, pull or tweak her nipples and with other fingers, wet with saliva, rub her clit for her unless she prefers to do it herself. But most appreciate a man doing it while fucking her. She is just lying back and taking it all in and feels like 3 or 4 guys are mauling her!!

  3. FellatioM said:

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  4. sliderr said:

    Great pictures! what a turn on she is a hot slut. I especially luv the pic when he is licking your ass when your bull is fiiling your cunt. I did the same on my wife and as her studs cum dripped out of her pussy I slurped it up licked her ass and his cock and balls too. I like sucking black cock as much as she does. I showed my wife the pics and she luvs how much your wife is enjoying fucking her stud. happy cuckolding

  5. Larry said:

    Single white male who would love the honor to serve a Black Goddess as her cream pie eating 24/7 sex slave.After she has a true man fuck her it is my honor to clean her up from the sex I did not get to be involved in.And as a true slave her needs come before mine.I will obey and worship and comply to her orders.

  6. Larry said:

    Single white male slave that would be honored to eat all her cream pie 24/7 after she was fucked by a real man.I get the honor to clean her up.I am a true sex slave who would love to worship and obey my owner to be.A black Goddess is a true Queen to obey

  7. Paul said:

    Would go anywhere to suck all that cum out of her asshole and cunt.

  8. iamcuckold said:

    I love eating my wifes pussy after its filled with cum. the more guys that cum in her pussy the happier I am.

  9. dwayne said:

    my wife and i had threesomes with white guys several times and i kept asking her to be with a black guy. she finally agreed if i agreed to eat her afterwards. i accepted. this man fucked her for 45 minutes and came in her 3 times. after he left, her pussy filled with a black man’s cum, i kept to my word and cleaned her out with my tongue. she has been wit 5 other black guys since with the same result.

  10. ken said:

    I Would Love To Get My Wife To Fuck A Black Stud and Clean Her Pussy After He Fills Her Up ! Also I Would Like to suck his big Cock !!! MMMMM

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