October 30, 2008

Janet’s Birthday Bukkake

Being a huge fan of one of the original Internet hotwives, the beautiful Janet Mason, I was thrilled for her to get in touch with me and send me her own private pictures from her recent birthday party. Her husband Steve, set up an amazing surprise for her, a 15-man bukkake party!

Janet also mentioned to me “I love bukkake and I want to do one every year from now on for my birthday.” I also have her other famous quote ringing in my ears “I love everything about cum - the way it looks, the smell of it, the way it tastes, the texture, the sight of it spurting out of a hard cock, the feeling of it inside me or smeared all over my face and body or inside my pussy or ass, and the “pure virile masculinity” it symbolizes.”

Love it Janet, keep on keeping it real. You’re amazing!!!

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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October 28, 2008

Losing Interest in Husband

Cuckold Place Update

So we’ve been doing the cuckold thing for about three years now - mostly hubby’s idea at first - and I guess I’m struggling with something that maybe some of you can comment on.

I’m noticing that over time, I get more and more physically distant from hubby, like my body just isn’t capable of responding to him any more. My heart belongs to him as much as always, but the thought of any sort of sexual contact - geez, even the thought of him seeing me naked - is seeming really weird and nearly impossible to me these days.

Of course, I don’t have these issues with my bf…with him, I get within twenty feet and the arousal lights up. When I’m not with him, I fantasize about him touching me and making love to me, but I haven’t had these kinds of thoughts about hubby in a very long time now. It’s like my body is pre-programmed to be exclusive to my bf somehow.

Believe it or not, I was never the cheating type - never even crossed my mind to want someone else, it was mainly my hubby that brought these thoughts into our relationship, and it took him nearly a year of pleading until I got comfortable with the topic. I guess I’m sort of conservative and old fashioned in my thinking, so it’s been rough for me to really get my head around the whole cuckolding thing.

Still, I try to just go with the flow since it seems to work for all of us, but part of it is that it’s natural for me to be faithful to the guy I’m having sex with, and that’s not hubby at this stage. At the same time, putting hubby in a role more like my brother than my hubby also seems a bit wrong to me, even though I know it’s what he probably wants.

The whole thing just feels awfully complicated to me right now, and I don’t see it getting easier any time soon. The pregnancy thing and it’s probably a common fantasy for a lot of guys in here, but from my perspective as a woman nearing 30, there’s also a very pragmatic side to it regarding whether I want kids, and if so, who would be the father and how would we raise them.

I talked to hubby about it, but I’m not sure he understands how deep this reflex goes. As a result, I walk around feeling sort of guilty and evil - like maybe I’m this terrible person just taking advantage of hubby or something. Hubby seems okay with it - we talk about my outings with my bf and I know he gets aroused by it - but he doesn’t pressure me for sex and seems kind of turned on by the cuckold eunuch lifestyle he’s arranged for himself. Still, it really has me worried - has anyone else experienced this, and what’s the solution?

Submitted by: ValGal

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October 26, 2008

Some Love From Barbi

How lovely it was to find some Monday morning cheer in my mailbox. Amazing hotwife and one of my personal favourites on here Barbi sent me this pic and the following hear-warming message.

“I wanted to show you just how much I love your hotwife blog that I had a naked picture taken of myself holding up a sign just for you next to my bare pussy. I hope you like it!!!”

I love it Barbi, you’re amazing, please keep up all your amazing work…


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October 24, 2008

Risky Play

I have a true story, some observations & questions which might become a survey.

I had never been a cuckold, at least knowingly, until a few weeks ago. The incident occurred during a family vacation to Florida. One day was set aside to tour NASA which my wife was disinterested in. We agreed she would stay behind to rest by the pool. I suggested she might get an all over tan. The trip went far faster than expected. I got the kids into their swim suits & we went down to the family pool to find her. She was not there so I went to check the adults only pool. I found my wife in swimsuit bottoms reclining to display her breasts. Even more amazing she was casually chatting with a much younger, handsome, black man sat beside her. My reaction was strange. I felt jealousy & anxiety but I also felt pride & arousal. I suddenly understood the husbands who write to magazines about their cheating wives. I watched covertly as their flirting escalated to him putting lotion on her back, butt & even her breasts.

I waited for the guy to leave and when I finally joined my wife I was very casual. After a round of drinks I escorted my wife to our room. After I confronted her my wife was embarrassed and apologetic until she realized that I was aroused rather than angry. She eagerly responded to my efforts to seduce her. As I entered her she reminded me to be careful because she was in the fertile phase of her cycle.

After taking the kids to dinner I took my wife dancing. We were amazed when we ran into the black guy from the pool. When I made no objections, he started dancing & flirting with my wife. Eventually I asked my wife if I should leave her with her new friend. She thought I was angry until I assured her I was okay with her spending the evening dancing with him. When she asked me how late she could stay out, I told her that was up to her. You have to understand that my wife & I have never done anything like this or even talked about it. To be blunt my conflicting emotions confused me.

I finally dozed off as I waited for my wife. It was almost dawn when I was roused by her joining me in bed. We kissed & she asked if I was upset about her staying out so late. I assured her I wasn’t. We started making love & I kissed my way from her breasts past her belly. She tried to stop me as I approached her pubic hair. When I asked my wife why she had stopped me she tearfully pleaded with me to not be angry. When I assured I wouldn’t be, she nervously parted her thighs, it was obvious she had had sex and it looked like she had dried cum on her pubic hair. I was amazed at how arousing it was to discover that what I had been fearing & wanting had happened. I kissed and cuddled my wife as I asked her about her tryst. Was his penis bigger than mine? Twice as long and much thicker. Did she fellate him? Yes & she’d even swallowed his cum at one point. Did he give her an orgasm with his penis? Yes, many. Then there was the most profound question. Had she allowed him to ejaculate inside her? My wife nervously said that she’d warned him that she wasn’t on birth control & had pleaded with him to be careful. He told her he pulled out before he had come but she thought he may of shot a little inside her. I then started pleasuring my wife orally. The smell and the taste of her pussy stopped many unasked questions. Had he pulled out in time? Had he kept his penis poised at her vagina while he ejaculated? Had his penis been coated with semen when he reentered her? How many of his sperm were swimming around in her fertile womb as we spoke? After bringing my wife to orgasm I positioned myself between her thighs. Once again she reminded me that she was in the fertile phase of her cycle & asked me to be careful. Her vagina was so stretched that I felt lost inside her. She felt warm and very slippery. A film of white froth built up around the base of my penis and the entrance to her vagina. However: It was not long before I had to pull out to squirt my sperm on her breasts & belly.

A few weeks later my wife nervously revealed that her period was a few days late. The implications were alarming. I assured her that I wouldn’t be upset if she was pregnant. Then my wife dropped the real bomb shell on me. She confessed that she hadn’t been totally truthful with me. She had warned him that she was fertile & had pleaded with him to be careful, but after he brought her to several orgasms she was overwhelmed by the desire to have his sperm in her womb, so when he told her he was about to cum, she held him in position with her legs. He shot a lot of cum inside her before pulling out and wiping his cum covered cock over her pubic hair.

My wife & I did a lot of soul searching during the days before she finally got her period. But the idea turned us both on so much, we agreed to some rules.

1. She is free to bed other men as long as she is honest with me about it.

2. She is free to have extramarital sex when she is fertile.

3. She is free to let other men fill her womb with their sperm even when she is fertile.

4. I am free to ejaculate inside her whenever I wish.

Anonymous Submission


October 22, 2008

Sammy’s Back

I got a lovely surprise last week, I got a message from the gorgeous Sammy. I haven’t heard from her for ages and she was the first Internet hotwife I ever met so she always has a special place in my heart. I’m glad to say she still is living the lifestyle to the full having sex parties whenever she can. I got her to send me some of her latest pics and tell me the sexy story surrounding them. Welcome back Sammy.


These pictures were never really intended to be shared with everyone but after masturbating to them myself I figured you would enjoy them too. We started out with two girls and two cocks, fair enough, right? Ok, fair, but I wasn’t in the mood to share that night. I wanted both cocks to myself. I got double fucked by both guys and then I cleaned off their shafts by giving them a double licking. Having two cocks inside me felt so damn good. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to do this. Kisses.. Sammy x





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October 20, 2008

Fight The Kinky Porn Ban

For the first time in the western world, when extreme image clauses come into effect in January 2009 it will be illegal for anyone in England and Wales to POSSESS such an image. The central issue here is not whether violent and abusive behaviour is defensible. It is not, as everyone agrees. Rather, the issue is whether this proposal will criminalise non-abusive activities engaged in by consenting adults. It seems crazy that we live in a world where Hollywood produce movies of murder, rape and serial killers, our news programs show daily images of war, people being blown up, shot, killed and abused. But no, the attack by the powers that be is as it always is - against porn - movies and images of consenting adults indulged in fetish activities.

The question that immediately follows is this: if the activities or material in question are not abusive, should they be outlawed because some (even most) people find them distasteful? It is worth remembering that a majority once took that view on homosexuality.

The Consenting Adult Action Network - CAAN - are organising an action day against the upcoming law. As a British citizen with a keen interest in cuckoldry, fetish and femdom erotica I am very concerned about the Government making criminals out of people LOOKING at kinky porn with CONSENTING ADULTS. It’s just one step away from thought crime. Very, very scary. Please help spread the word and show your support by fighting this ban on our freedom.

London - 21st October 2008 - 12:00

St. Stevens Tavern, Bridge Street, London SW1A 2JR - then after to The Houses of Parliament

CAAN are back in London again on 21st October for another awareness raising action against the kinky porn ban and for the freedom of consenting adults to express their sexualities.

We’ve tried being reasonable and now it’s time to be a little bit more interesting..

If you can attend the action to leaflet and so on, or are able to assist with things behind the scenes like transporting equipment, people, or donating resources during the time surrounding the action, please get in touch with us ASAP at info@caan.org.uk or via the web-form.

If anyone feels generous cash wise and is able to donate towards either materials for the action or getting people there who would come if they could afford it, please contact us at the address above.

“We believe in the right of consenting adults to make their own sexual choices, in respect of what they do, see and enjoy alone or with other consenting adults, unhindered and unfettered by government."

"We believe that it is not the business of government to intrude into the sex lives of consenting adults.”

If you’d like to support this simple notion, please Sign Up

If you are concerned about any of the issues surrounding our freedom, please visit the links on the right hand side of this blog under ‘Our Freedom’


Visit The Consenting Adult Action Network CAAN Here


October 18, 2008


I am now divorced, but ten years ago my 26 year old native American wife and I lived in an apartment complex. She was the hot chick of the little ‘playton place’. During the hot summer she would wear short shorts and half tee shirts. I was working all day and my wife often entertained a much younger young man who would ditch college summer school classes to spend time with my wife. He was a good looking young man and my wife liked him very much. I would come home and he would be there. I always read Penthouse magazine stories about men knowing their wives were having sex wither other men, so, I asked my wife about what they do during the day. After some coaxing she went into all the intimate details about how she was spending the hot summer days sucking and fucking a very good looking young guy while I was at work. I was very happy for her and gave her my blessing to have as much sex with him as she could. Oh, by the way… Her pussy tasted great.

Submitted by: Ron - California


October 16, 2008

Subway Slut Angie

Black Bachelor Diary Update:
Subway Slut Wife Angie Loves Dark Sex Encounters

How do you repay a loving white man who takes you from a life of poverty in Thailand, and brings you to America to reside in a beautiful home, two wonderful kids and a stable lifestyle. There is no price you can put on this lifestyle. This is the American dream. Somebody should have told that to Angie, because she has forgotten what real work is all about. David is her husband. He’s approaching 50 years old. Angie is 31 and has both of David’s kids.

David told Angie she could have take some classes at the local college to better her English and education. They both live in the suburbs away from heavy crime areas. Angie likes to ride the subway to the city instead of being stuck in traffic. Angie loves her husband, but she has a deep dark secret that she could never tell David.

“She’s a whore for black dicks’!

When I saw this hot piece of Asian ass sitting on the train with her legs open, I thought she was just on some teasing shit! But after seeing that she forgot to wear panties, I knew this bitch wanted some black cock action! My homies told me that the real freaks come out late at night to ride the subway trains! Tonight was my lucky night and this little bitch was about to get it! Well first of starters my dick has been hard and jumpy the last few days so a shot of fresh ass would calm my “mighty joe” snake dick down!

I got on the blue line train heading uptown to chill at one of the jazz lounges when I first met Angie, like I stated earlier the bitch had her legs semi cocked open, I could see the pink lips as she stared out the window! My dick moves to the right of my leg, as I get up and sit beside her. Angie notices me and gives me a blank stare as I get a better look at those perky tits! Asian bitches are naturally submissive, so I knew I was going to control this sex act real quick!

I reach over to Angie and introduce myself, “excuse me Ms., my name is Derrick, you look lost, do you know what stop you are supposed to get off on? Angie looks at me, cracks a smile before she answers (I knew this bitch was mine before one word came out of her mouth)! Yes, I’m getting off on Grand street!

“Grand street”? That’s on the other side of town darling, you took the wrong train! You are on the blue line train, you should have taken the orange line”! Angie’s eyes must have popped open wide like a deer in the middle of the road”! “Really”? OMG, how do I catch that train? Is the next stop a good location to catch it, is what my new cum sucking slut asked me. (so like a gentleman (a pussy hungry gentleman), I reply.

“You know what, let’s get off at the next stop and I will show you how to catch another train to get you home faster, you seem lost”! The trains begins to slow down as we both get up and walk towards the doors awaiting for them to open. Once we got off the train, I could feel a nice fresh breeze from the dark night! Its late, and this stop is pretty much empty, if I don’t count the homeless people sleeping near the stairs.

“Angie looks at me and says, wow I have never made this kinds of mistake before, thanks for telling me I would have been riding the subway train all night lost”! I give her a devilish grin as I tell her to follow me to the stairway so we could cross to the other side. She agreed and followed me. I bent over and pretended like I had to tie my gym shoe when I passed me, I grabbed her arm right tight and pushed her against the guard rail!

“Hold up babydoll not so fast, I think you are forgetting something before we cross the train tracks! I think you need to show me how Asian girls sucky, sucky, on big dicks!! Angie didn’t blink! “You want me to suck your cock, sir”? “Are you kidding me, I thought you wanted to help me, now you want to hurt me,”?? I held on to her and said, “No bitch, I don’t want to hurt YOU! I want to fuck that tight ass PUSSY of yours! Understand? Now get on your motherfuckin knee’s and suck my black motherfuckin dick!”

“Angie didn’t say another word, I could just hear her knee’s hitting the ground hard as she unzipped my pants and put her little mouth around my big black dick! Ahhh shit this bitch had some warm ass lips! My dick was at full attention! She sucked it fast and hard, just like a good little slut! Her diamond ring on her fingers looked good around my black dick! That’s when I realized this bitch was married. I had better lay some pipe on this bitch before her husband comes looking for her. What the fuck was she doing out this late by herself anyway is what I thought to myself.

“Get off my dick bitch, I got something better for you, walk downstairs”! I knew I didn’t have too much time, so I took this hot married freak right under the train station, “Pull up your dress bitch”! “Spread your legs”! I rammed my 10″ black dick inside of her hot tight pussy “OOOOh God”! “Goodness, that hurts”! Is what she screamed as I started to pound away on her pussy! Her lips got wet fast/ This bitch was groaning louder and louder. I could hear the echoes coming off the garbage cans! This bitch was into it, my dick was getting harder by the second! I could feel my load coming fast as I plowed her plump asian pussy!

“Dam, bitch your pussy is squeezing my dick, I’m about to cum!!! Oh shit, oh shit, turn around and open your mouth!!” I must have dumped the biggest sperm load of my life on this hot wife bitch! Shit, I could see white jizz running down her face and all on her black dress! “Damn baby, I sorry if I fucked up your outfit but you have some good ass pussy”! “Angie smiles and says, “do you want to fuck some more”? “My husband works late on Thursdays”! “You are a fun guy, and you fucked me good, usually I have to be aggressive on the train, but you forced yourself on me, and that’s a big turn on for me… I’m not lost at all, my mother in law lives about 4 miles from here, I love to fuck strangers late at night to get me off”! “Please don’t be mad at me or think I’m some sort of weirdo”!. My husband is a great guy, but he never fucks me like this or plays any mind games with me”! (I smile), “Hell yeah I want to fuck again, and any other time you want to play games, please let me know”! I love to fuck strangers too”! We both laugh about it, as Angie grips my cock and strokes it until I get right back hard. We moved to a more quieter and comfortable place (the park bench) and fucked all night!

This was my first encounter with Angie the bored slut wife, who loves to fuck black strangers on the subway”! We hooked up a few more times after this one. I made sure I got my bro to take some pictures one night we arranged to meet on the Subway again. But I have not seen her in a long time, I guess she moved on and found a new play cock”! “Everytime I’m on the blue line, I think about her. But damn, I feel sorry for her useless husband he has no idea what kind of slut his wife really has become”!

Black Bachelor







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October 14, 2008

Off To Venus Berlin

Tomorrow I’m off to Berlin for the amazing Venus show. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit this erotic fair you’ll know it’s one of the best in the world. If you’re planning on going my wife Daisy will be signing on the Paradise Films booth. Please come and say hi and mention the blog if you do. By the end of the weekend I’m sure I’m going to have plenty of stories to tell. If you missed what happened last year check it out here. and also in 2006 here… Crazy, Crazy times…

Daisy Rock

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October 12, 2008

Meet Becky

I wanted to introduce you to Becky today. Becky is a brand new member enjoying the fun on my free hotwife dating site. She has already met one guy through the site. She told me she needs some longer-lasting cock as all he did was come over and fuck her for twenty minutes and leave. Her partner didn’t even get to make it home and discover her being fucked which is what she really wanted… Form an orderly queue Bulls.

Here’s what she’s also told me about one of her first encounters with another man: “On my 21st birthday in Vegas. When my boyfriend was drunk and talking to another girl, another guy did two Irish Car Bombs with me (my favorite) and got me way drunk. He walked me to the bathroom, hiked up my dress in the stall and fucked my pussy so hard it would’ve hurt but I was so drunk the stretching, ripping sensation just felt really good. I’m sure I made tons of noise, his cock almost split me in half!”

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