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September 26, 2008

The Wife’s Perspective

There seems to be something in the air with the hotwife stuff lately, and I don’t contribute too much, I let my Train take care of most of it, but I DO READ THIS STUFF, lol.

Well, I’m married, and after reading some of the stuff that men are asking about how they get their wife or girlfriend into it, I thought I’d say something too, since I don’t think any of you GUYS have nailed it on the head yet.

Speaking of which, am I the only female that actually reads this website?

I think that you don’t make a hotwife or a hotgirlfriend. I think she already was, or is, and that’s how it should probably stay. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could handle how complicated it could get if I were a guy, because we can want something but not really want it and i think you just think we want it and that’s how we should always be.

Train is my master and has been for 12 years. We are not married. I am married to an amazing guy and have a wonderful sexlife with him. But he can’t train me, it wouldn’t even be fun. You can’t be everything to your wife, you men. Be what you are. And take the time to ask if they ever want anything else and be a part of it rather than telling them what you want them to be and do. That’s all I can say, I think that’s the whole truth. There is no magic word or dinner or man that will make me (or any woman) decide to express myself. It really is up to me.

You guys, I love to fuck in the morning, and my husband doesn’t. There’s an example of how he’s not sharing something with me that I want to share with him. How can I then share what he wants me to be if he doesnt’ share what I want to do too? Just a thought, little things like that, we’re not a fantasy, we’re flesh and blood.

No, I don’t have a website, lol, but Train and I are thinking about it. Not a money maker, just a place to share. Anyway, get in touch or share your thoughts.


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