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August 7, 2008

My Wife’s Affair

My wife has always been the more dominant person in our marriage. She has always flirted with men and teased me about how men come onto her. This became an ongoing theme in the bedroom.

About a year ago she took on a client and he and she immediately clicked over the phone, as he lived 2 hours away and there was no reason to see each other in person, I pushed her to meet him. She did. Nothing happened the first date, but ultimately they began meeting in hotels for sex. She would lie to me about the dates, but I always knew or could easily find out what she was doing and where. She finally admitted that she was having sex with him. He is very dominant and holds her hands down above her head while he fucks her very hard. He always cums in her pussy and once made her pregnant. She miscarried.

He likes her to suck his cock and he holds her head down when he cums to force her to swallow his entire load. She admitted that she loves sucking his cock and will usually do it after he has cum in her pussy. She told me that he wants to fuck her ass. So I have been using a dildo on her ass to get her ready for him. I am not allowed to have her ass.

Lately she is making me fuck her, cum in her and then kiss her pussy. She likes when I’m licking my own juice. She has told me that she loves him and will do whatever he wants.

I get so horny thinking about him fucking my wife, cumming in her pussy and mouth and making her pregnant. I’m obsessed with hearing how he dominates her, without regard for me. Making me a cuckold. I’ve asked her to let me watch, but she refuses saying that it’s private between them. I know that he makes her feel better than me, because she has fallen in love with him and that is why she doesn’t let me watch. It’s driving me crazy!

Joes Wife

Submitted by: Joe - New York

5 Responses to “My Wife’s Affair”

  1. Realist said:

    ….if she’s fallen in love with him - then it appears that you’ll soon be a cuck with no spouse! Good luck with that!

  2. Scott said:

    Wow, I can totally relate to your experience. The situation between my wife and I started out in a very similar way. Tamera also met a guy through work that eventually let to her having sex with him. I was totally in the dark about it for several months until by chance I found out about the affair.

    When I asked her if she was in love with him, she was kinda coy about it, paused before answering, and then said that she really wasn’t in love with him in a romantic way but that she was physically addicted to the sex and told me “I guess you could say that I’m in love with his cock and how it makes me feel”.

    At the same time, she reassured me that she still loved me and had no intention of leaving me, but that she also didn’t intend to stop having sex with Frank. “You’re just gonna have to share me with him, honey”, she said in her matter-of-fact way.

    My emotions at that point were confused and intense at all levels, to say the least. Internally, I had to admit that the IDEA of another man regularly fucking my wife, and her so freely giving herself to him, knowing that he was cumming inside her, was an extreme turn on. But the reality of it left me feeling intensely jealous and humiliated.

    About a month after I found out, she came home from a date with Frank with that “just fucked” look. But I could tell that she was still very horny. As she undressed and got into bed with me, she teased me that “it’s his pussy now”, told me that it was still full of his cum, and invited me to lick it. And as I did, she kept teasing and asking me “do you like the taste, honey? Can you taste his nasty cum inside my pussy?” I swear, my cock was rock-hard the whole time, that’s how turned on I was by her whole attitude.

    As time went on, she shared more and more with me about her experiences with him. She told me how extremely dominant he was with her in bed. “He’s always gives it to me rough and nasty”, she said. When I asked her what she meant by that, she told me that he gets very aggressive with her when she sucks him off, and likes to fuck her face, and smack her face with his cock. He likes to make her kneel down on the cold concrete floor while she sucks his cock. And likes getting blowjobs in the car.

    She told me that he took her ass the first time she was with him, and that “he always fucks me that way”. She told me that one time he flipped her over on her stomach and tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, taped her mouth shut with duct tape, and fucked her that way, first vaginally and then anally, until he nutted in her ass. She said that on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “making love” and 5 is “fucking” and 10 is “forceable rape”, it was about an 8. After he was done with her, he ripped the tape off her mouth to let her catch her breath, but left her tied up to the bedposts while he went downstairs to go do something. She said he left her like that for over an hour. Then he came back upstairs, asked her if her “sweet whore pussy wanted some more dick”, smacked her ass a couple of times, and then he fucked her again, this time nutting in her pussy. She described it as the most intense sexual experience she had ever had. She said she fell asleep with his cock in her mouth that night, suckling it like a baby.

    It’s been over a year now since I found out about my wife’s little secret. She still sees Frank two or three times a month, and has also started to see another guy that she met in a bar during happy hour with her girlfriends. She said that Lamar is a lot more low-key than Frank. He’s also the first black guy she has ever been with. Like Frank, he knows she’s married, but doesn’t care. “He LOVES fucking married white pussy”, she teased me about it one time. “He told me that he’s gonna get me hooked on black dick”.

    I still live in fear that my wife will somehow fall in love with Earl romantically, or with someone else, and that I will lose her. Or that things will start to get out of hand. It still bothers me that she gives up her ass to Frank and Lamar, and that I’m not allowed to have it. She calls it her “nasty hole”, and that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing it with me. She explained to me one time that “sex between us is supposed to be sweet and loving and gentle and special, not all aggressive and rough and nasty like it is with Frank”. “I love the way he just takes it without asking”, she said, “which I know you would never do”.

    I still find myself feeling anxious and jealous when she’s out on a date. But all of that kind of melts away when she comes home to me and shares it all with me. She is always reassuring me that for her it’s just sex, and in a strange way our sex life (with each other) has improved 300% from what it was before.

  3. JP said:

    Be careful what you wish for.When you start into this lifestyle,you better make sure your relationship is rock solid.I guess when your submissive,you get slighted in the sexuality department since you won’t take control. There’s a place for sweetness,a time for an emotional gentle connection,however a husband should always use his lust for his wife and even if you go against your nature,fucking your wife hard,fast and dominantly should be a part of it.Learn how to do it and don’t be so petrified.

    Also,get involved with this.If you’re a bystander,then being left out isn’t an option. Explore your options,communicate and continue to have fun.

    I’l tell you what,in so many of these circumstances,the husband wants his wife to have a higher sex drive and doing this helps. If you feel disconnected,you’re not talking enough.Your marriage is more important than any sexual feelings she has toward another man. If she can’t understand or agree to that ,then you will ultamately lose her. She’ll see what kind of gift you gave her and how few men would even go that far,while her f/bs will be just a good time. She’ll crawl back and so many guys take them back.

    Quite a few guys love watching their wife fuck other guys,yet its not always the same for the wife to enjoy seeing her husband with another woman. She has a fantasy of having her hubby with that guy and/or licking his creampie.To bad women don’t think like we do lol.

    I’ll never understand why a husband would only desire his wife while she enjoys so many other guys.

    Damn Scott,she cheated on you and said she didn’t plan to stop. I would go find some other women to fuck and there’s nothing she could do about it. She didn’t feel guilty so why should you. That way you get variety. There’s always going to be someone better looking.That will increase your male confidenceo and you’ll get better at fucking your wife.If she throws the i’m leaving you card,tell her she started it. What she expect,you to be a good little boy.

    Scott,you should fear her leaving you.Thats why talking about this is so important. Women have a way to string you along and she knows she can. Stand up for yourself and become more aggressive. A wife that doesn’t allow you to do what other men do leaves you in a precarious position.When you tell her or she finds out how assertive you’ve been,she’ll be shocked but have to deal with it. Just tell her if you can’t be nasty with your husband,i'’ll find someone who i can treat like a slut.

    Good luck :)


  4. HammerHeart said:

    Look Joe, you need to be VERY careful at this point. You wont be a cuckold much longer if she decides she loves him and goes off with him. You will be an ex-cuck, a cuck-wannabe, and trust me that’s not something you want to be.It’s time to have a long sit-down Heart to Heart talk with your wife. This BS about not being allowed to watch or be involved in anyway will be the death of your marriage.
    You wife needs to be reminded that in a healthy cuckold relationship, the husband & wife are very much in love and choose to live this Lifestyle for each others enjoyment and fulfillment. Not so you can end up loosing your wife, body and soul, to another man. Think about it seriously Joe when you are not in Cuckyland. Feel free to email me if you’d like to talk more about it.

  5. joe said:

    Thanks HammerHeart. We have had that conversation and she assures me that she loves me and would never leave. In fact, she has been shying away from him and flirting with another guy - younger - so we can all play together.

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