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June 20, 2008

Backseat of the Car

I am a newbie to the Hot wife scene. My Husband is a cuckold and arranged a date for me through a social networking site. For the first date I made him sit in the Mall in the bookstore while I went for coffee to meet the guy that he arranged for me to date.

This guy was tall and hot and definitely wanted me;, and I was a little nervous with this being my first time Hot wife experience. We walked around the mall for a while, then I decided to go out to his car with him to see his lovely car. Then, we got in the back seat, and I proceeded to take his bulging cock out of his pants and give him a blow job. His cock was much bigger than hubbies. I cold feel it pulsating and throbbing in my mouth. Then, he ripped off my panties and fucked me in the back seat, grabbing my tits and pounding my ass numb. Then, I could feel him unload inside me… so hot…

After I was finished, I walked back into the mall to the bookstore and told my Husband all about it. He was very excited and we are both looking forward to my next Hot wife experience.


Submitted by: Connie - Massachusetts

4 Responses to “Backseat of the Car”

  1. Heavyballs4u said:

    Hi Connie,
    Ya got a great fishnet bodysuit in that pix, if ya wanna ever try a Geezer with a Pleaser … contact me … for a tryst at the Natick Mall

  2. Bill said:

    very nice Connie:

    Love to chat sometime … Central MA here.

  3. paniwala said:

    Iam alonely man seeking lonely housewavies

  4. steve said:

    i would love to screw you silly in the parking garage contact me ma/ri border here

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