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June 2, 2008

Judy in Jamaica

I had been in Jamaica for 6 days. I wanted to make my last day there the best yet. I was traveling with a male friend who was taking several meds for migraines and unfortunately was having some difficulty in the sex department - if you know what I mean. My husband had sent me on vacation with his friend Tom for stress relief and to create some exciting stories to come back home and share with him. He loved fucking me while I relayed my experiences.

I wanted to give my friend (lets call him Tom) one last shot, but also wanted to make sure I got a damn good fucking that night. I had decided to entice Tom into bed that afternoon for one last shot. (I had hoped to spend that evening doing as much black cock as I could handle.) He was more than happy to participate, but once again he was unable to give me the hard fucking both he and I wanted. Luckily, he had a really talented tongue, and I started my day off with a couple of good orgasms.

After dinner that evening there was a naughty nightie party in the disco of the resort. I put on my sexiest black and red nightie with black fishnet stockings and my black heels. I decided to skip the panties. They’d only get in the way. I’m sure Tom and I went to party with completely different intentions in mind. Tom wanted to drink and dance the night away. I wanted to drink and fuck the night away.

It wasn’t long before I saw my first target. He had big broad shoulders and a muscular body that just didn’t quit. And he happened to be black. I just knew he had a large package to go along with what he was already showing. I politely ditched Tom then hit the bar for some liquid courage. It wasn’t long before my target came to the bar to quench his thirst. I made some small talk with him, then he asked me to join him in some vodka shots. Little did he know he didn’t need to prime my pump. I was ready to jump him in the middle of the dance floor. After the shots and a couple of seductive dances we headed outside to take a walk on the beach. We only got to the first little pavilion. It was simply a square wooden floor abut 3 feet off the ground and covered with a roof. It conveniently had a pad on it to cushion the floor. There were no walls - just wide open for anyone who happened to walk by to stop and watch.

We didn’t speak at all. He simply lifted me onto the pad, then removed his boxers. I spread my legs to invite his huge member into my pussy that was longing to be banged by him. Instead he got onto his knees and licked until I could no longer stand the wait. I pulled him up and onto the mattress with me. He pulled a condom out of the air and after I stretched it onto his cock he began to give me every last inch he had. It felt so good that with a little gentle rubbing on my clit, I completely exploded followed soon after by his release. After we finished you could have sworn someone had poured a bucket of water on that pad, but it was all me. We jumped into a nearby pool to freshen up a bit, then he went his way and I went back to the disco to look for my next target.

The disco was mobbed. It wasn’t long before I was approached by 2 Asian men. They were friends who were on the island for a buddy’s wedding. They were only staying the one night. I had high hopes for a 3 some at this point, but after we danced a bit one of them wandered off to find himself a friend of his own. The other one and I headed off to my room for a romp in the sheets. When he took off his underwear, I think my mouth must have dropped, because he asked me if everything was okay. I assured him that I was fine. How could I tell him that my son at 6 years old had a bigger cock than he did at 23? At this point I so wished I had invited his friend to join us. There was no way this guy was ever going to do much for me. He tried, but it felt like someone’s pinky wiggling next to my vagina. He was so intoxicated that he couldn’t even tell he wasn’t inside me. I knew this was a waste of time - especially for me, so I sucked on his cock to see if there was any hope of enlarging it. While we were in the room, my friend Tom entered the room to get his cigarettes and left. Afterward, we joked that my guest looked at him rather concerned, but I never skipped a beat. We both had quite a laugh. After no success in getting either of us off, I convinced him to go back to the disco for a bit. I quickly ditched him by going to the bar for a drink, then I slipped out the door and around a couple of corners to avoid him.

I saw him come outside and look for me, but managed to stay hidden behind some foliage. I almost gave myself away by screaming when someone approached me from behind and asked me if I was okay. I assured this helpful stranger that I was fine, but was trying to avoid someone. He asked, “That Chinese guy?” And I said, “Yes!” He took my hand and said, “Come with me. Let’s get out of here!” His Jamaican accent and friendly smile convinced me that he was an employee of the resort and that we definitely needed to find a more secluded spot.

We strolled on the beach holding hands and talking about our lives outside the resort. He was employed by the parent company who owned several resorts in Jamaica including the one I was staying at. He told me that as an employee of the resort he was not allowed to fraternize with the guests. Well, if anyone knows me at all, they know I love to lead men astray and break as many rules as possible. (I didn’t really have to twist his arm!) I led him over to a dark spot on the beach with a couple of secluded lounge chairs. He laid down on one of the chairs and pulled me over to sit on top of him. I mentioned to him that one of us had way too many clothes on. As he took off his shorts and shirt (he was sans underwear) I stripped off my nightie.

His cock needed no coaxing, It immediately sprung to attention and ready for action. It was huge and hard. I wanted to insure that he wouldn’t get a conscience and back out at the last minute, so I gave his cock a good lashing with my tongue and mouth. He was so ready to go and so was I. I started out on top. This was a good thing because it took me a little time to become accustomed to his size, and being on top gave me control of how deep he entered. Next I was moved onto my back for more. At this point John Melloncamp’s song “Hurts So Good” came to my mind. I don’t remember exactly how many positions he managed to twist me into, but I do know that every one of them seemed to let him enter deeper each time. We fucked continuously for quite some time. I had cum so many times that I lost count, but he was still as hard as ever. When we both finally crashed out of shear exhaustion, he commented that he would need to finish with his hand since it was the only part of his body that could still move. We laid together, hot sweaty bodies pressed against each other as he shot his load into the sand.

While we lay there recovering from our “breaking all the rules” sex, we exchanged email addresses. I couldn’t walk him to the front gate as he left, so he walked me down the beach close to my room and said our good-byes. I went inside to find Tom sound asleep in bed. It was 4 am. I had to get up at 5 am to leave to head home! I quietly showered and climbed into bed totally satisfied and in major need of some shut eye. An hour was all that I was allowed, and I left knowing I would return as soon as I could to enjoy more of the native Jamaican pleasures.

I never expected to hear from my new friend Carlos. I figured he was just being polite. When I finally got home, I found that he had gone home and immediately emailed me. The subject of the his message was “You fucked me so good!” We have talked on the phone since and I will be returning to Jamaica soon to enjoy my friend Carlos again. Maybe this time I will take my husband. As much as he enjoys hearing of my adventures, I know he would love seeing me in action!


Submitted by: Judy - Maine

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  1. marcian said:

    you need to try Nassau, the Bahamas
    alot of good hard cocks are there.
    see you soon!

  2. MrAsian said:

    I’m Asian and have a thick cock that I’d love to treat you to. Send me an email.

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