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May 9, 2008

Meet Mandy

Some more good hotwife finds here on hotwife blog. Luscious Mandy has been on line for a staggering 10 years with her website depicting her debauched lifestyle. I can’t believe I’ve only just caught up with her now. I feel like I’ve got some serious catching up to do. Well, here’s a little introduction to this lovely hotwife and next week I’ll be publishing an exclusive interview I did with Mandy which is hot hot hot. Welcome Mandy.


My name is Mandy and my husband is Keith. We are swingers and decided almost 10 years ago to share our lifestyle on the internet (yup, I’ve been online since late 1998). Keith loves watching me get fucked good and hard by my bOYtOYs (who are sometimes members from my site or a new hot guy I lured back to our room, lol). I truly love sucking cock (I’ve been told by dozens of men that I’m extremely good at it, BTW) and YES I swallow :-) I don’t like to waste a good load of cum, so when one of my bOYtOYs cum on me, I love to massage into my skin and let it dry to a lovely nasty glaze. My biggest turn-on is having a stranger shoot a big load in my pussy then having my husband fuck me afterwards, letting the other guy’s jizz to drip everywhere and eventually mixing with my hubby’s load. Very hot! Lately, Keith’s kink has been seeing me with younger men (you know, the Cougar thing). I’ve fucked guys in their early 20’s (one was even a 19 y.o.) which makes me more than twice their age (I’m in my late 40’s). That’s a lot of fun because the young ones are always ready, hard and charged to go, lol. Hopefully see and chat to some of you soon.



Visit Mandy’s website here

6 Responses to “Meet Mandy”

  1. zack said:

    yo girl any time u feel like talkin im here..if not iss aight

  2. wagz said:

    Been a member of her site in the past and check it periodically for updates. She’s the damn sexiest thing on the web!

  3. Terence James said:

    Hi THere Mandy i really enjoyed the story it was really good to read so you just keep on trucking there girl and you just keep on pumping it out all the time and do take care bye

  4. Mandy said:

    Hey Guys,

    Thank you for the nice comments :-) Yes, I do fully intend to “keep on pumping”!


  5. brian and melinda said:

    Wow, we heard about Mandy. I am taking my wife to a swinger hotel in hollywood florida next month also she can tie me up and cuckold me all weekend long. My wife also loves the BBC and swallowing a strange man’s cum!

  6. jay stern said:

    you are a lucky man brian! and dont spill a drop mandy, and if you do im sure your hubby will clean you up!

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