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March 28, 2008

Double Anal Wife

Just wanted to share a story about my wife who I have been bugging about trying double Anal but always get a ‘no’. We went to Cabo for a swinger’s party in a local resort and met up with a few friends also attending, one of those was a guy we have seen before but never met. He brought a girlfriend but only to get into the resort. I always see my wife flirt more when he is around. So that night after the party everyone went down to the hot tub he came over to say hello, my wife said hello while soaking with her big tits and t-back showing. She was a bit drunk so I asked her if she wanted to go back to the room and she said yes if we can bring him as well. I asked the guy if he would like to go back to the room and he said yes. Once we got to the room it didn’t take but a minute when I saw her on her knees blowing and choking on his cock, I was quick to get my camera out. Then after they moved to the bed were she asked for some condoms and had him put one on very quickly and she started to ride him shoving his cock from the tip of his dick down to his balls.

I made some drinks and when I got back from getting the ice, he was fucking her in the ass very hard she kept asking him could he shove his dick in harder. A bit after she wanted to suck my dick while he kept fucking her ass. I love the whole thing, there’s nothing like seeing a guy your wife is into fucking her like she wants and he did. Well after about an hour of fucking off and on she put him on his back on the bed and got on top and inserted his dick back in her ass and asked me to join them. I thought she was going to shove my cock in her pussy but she stuck it in her ass with other guys cock in her. Me and the guy looked at each other and kept fucking her, she was so fucking wet all she kept saying was to shove does those dicks in like men. I couldn’t handle it any more and I came in her ass and she went crazy and turned around and had him pound her ass with my cum inside her until he shot his load as well. The only thing she didn’t like was after seeing how much cum he shot in the condom as she really wanted that load shot directly in her ass instead. until this day I’ve never had another double anal experience. But I can hope.

I took this pic of me and Mike fucking my wife’s ass.

Mikes Wife

Submitted by: Mike, LA

8 Responses to “Double Anal Wife”

  1. john said:

    nice id love to fuck her too. where you from cuz my cock is hard and i need som ass and some of your cock too. u think her ass is tight cu fuck mine

  2. Chris said:

    The opening line of your post was hilarious. Watch out
    wives! First they bug you to do anal then they’re still not happy and they bug you to do double anal!

    Next time try a DVDA. That’s Double Viginal, Double Anal!

  3. fred said:

    i would love to eat her cum filled cunt

  4. Terry said:

    I would give any thing to have a wife like that!

  5. John said:

    I’d love to join in. All she needs now is an additional cock in her mouth. Not sure how to maneuver to get her pussy stuffed too but I’d be willing to be the third guy and try it.

  6. Cícero Ferreira said:

    I’d love to lick her pussy while she takes those two cocks in her asshole.

  7. Jerry said:

    I’d love to fuck your wifes ass and then hear her demand that your cock be in there too…or visa versa haha…and unlike the other guy , i won’t disappoint…i’ll cum in her ass…

  8. Deano said:

    I’d love to fuck your wifes ass and then hear her demand that your cock be in there too…or visa versa haha…and unlike the other guy , i won’t disappoint…i’ll cum in her ass…

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