March 30, 2008

Jane Loves Black Cock

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

There is nothing better than making a depressed, horny housewife find her inner slut. Jane Goldberg is one of the more popular black cock sluts on my website. Jane has five children at home and a loving husband. In this session Jane gets fucked by a huge black cock and once you hear the screams from this married wife, you will quickly find out blackbachelor doesn’t fuck around with any hollywood style bullshit porn. We represent real black men who love fucking the hottest white married pussy in the world.

Black Bachelor




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March 28, 2008

Double Anal Wife

Just wanted to share a story about my wife who I have been bugging about trying double Anal but always get a ‘no’. We went to Cabo for a swinger’s party in a local resort and met up with a few friends also attending, one of those was a guy we have seen before but never met. He brought a girlfriend but only to get into the resort. I always see my wife flirt more when he is around. So that night after the party everyone went down to the hot tub he came over to say hello, my wife said hello while soaking with her big tits and t-back showing. She was a bit drunk so I asked her if she wanted to go back to the room and she said yes if we can bring him as well. I asked the guy if he would like to go back to the room and he said yes. Once we got to the room it didn’t take but a minute when I saw her on her knees blowing and choking on his cock, I was quick to get my camera out. Then after they moved to the bed were she asked for some condoms and had him put one on very quickly and she started to ride him shoving his cock from the tip of his dick down to his balls.

I made some drinks and when I got back from getting the ice, he was fucking her in the ass very hard she kept asking him could he shove his dick in harder. A bit after she wanted to suck my dick while he kept fucking her ass. I love the whole thing, there’s nothing like seeing a guy your wife is into fucking her like she wants and he did. Well after about an hour of fucking off and on she put him on his back on the bed and got on top and inserted his dick back in her ass and asked me to join them. I thought she was going to shove my cock in her pussy but she stuck it in her ass with other guys cock in her. Me and the guy looked at each other and kept fucking her, she was so fucking wet all she kept saying was to shove does those dicks in like men. I couldn’t handle it any more and I came in her ass and she went crazy and turned around and had him pound her ass with my cum inside her until he shot his load as well. The only thing she didn’t like was after seeing how much cum he shot in the condom as she really wanted that load shot directly in her ass instead. until this day I’ve never had another double anal experience. But I can hope.

I took this pic of me and Mike fucking my wife’s ass.

Mikes Wife

Submitted by: Mike, LA


March 26, 2008

Barbi Flashing

Got some cool pictures from the gorgeous Barbi today of her flashing her stuff at the local garage. Would have loved to be pumping some gas while getting a glimpse of Barbi. Thanks for the pics.







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March 24, 2008

Office Romance The Start

Let’s go back to the mid 1990’s. My wife and I had been married for just a few years and we had just turned 30. My wife Susie is such a cute and sexy woman. She is a petite, 5’2” strawberry blonde about 105 lbs, with beautiful big deep blue eyes, sexy pert 34B boobs, and a hot ass. I had long harboured a fantasy of seeing her have sex with another man. We would have fun and flirty conversations about who was hot and who would be on our top 5 list for spouse approved “get-out-of-jail-free-card” sex.

Typically, she is a very shy and conservative person. But she had her moments of wildness, pretty much right from the beginning of our relationship. My little shy Susie surprised me with how wild she could be. During our honeymoon in the Caribbean she really got me going when we rented a paddle boat one morning with another newlywed couple we had befriended on their honeymoon. We were told that just beyond that out cropped cliff there was a very secluded beach we could get to easily. We paddled out there to discover we had a long stretch of a sandy beach all to ourselves.

We beached the boats and started swimming and frolicking in the water and started to play with the idea of skinny dipping …which was kind of a thing you just have to do on a honeymoon of course. Off came the swim trunks almost as fast as any guy could do. The we removed our wives tops and then playfully splashing around like all newlyweds (right?). With a little more flirting, we were able to get them completely nude! I couldn’t believe that my sexy new wife was now completely naked in front of another guy. I was pretty turned on and we were making out in the shallow waters and I was rubbing my hard on against her lips under the water and was about to go in when the other guy broke the mood by loudly joking “Hey, you don’t want to get any salty sand in there or watch out!” Well, that broke the momentum, but shortly afterwards as we were getting ready to get back in the boats Susie had to walk out of the water completely naked to retrieve her bikini. Man, that was a moment! We had great sex that afternoon back at the hotel and I told her what a turn on that was.

Later the next year Susie (who was an accountant for a small high tech firm) had hired a consultant to help the company with some financial structuring. By all accounts this guy was very good looking, and the contract was for 6 – 8 months as I recall. She would come home at the end of the day and recount her many conversations and seemed quite smitten with this guy Dan. They pretty much worked together all day long and had lunch together, so the closeness was already there. At some point he took her out for a dinner after working late one day during year end financials, and he broke the news to her that he and his wife were separating and that they had been going thought some difficult times for a while. Susie was compassionate and sympathetic of course to Dan’s issue, but there was something in the way he was looking at her and the awkwardness of the moment that she said was “unusual”, as if there was an unspoken implication or perhaps – opportunity. Nothing was said beyond that and their professional and personal relationship continued onward.

I don’t remember at what point of time but, one night Susie and I were sitting in the kitchen after a few drinks and our flirty conversation was taking a direction as was usual for a Saturday night, when the topic of her “boyfriend” - as I had come to call Dan - came up. Susie said that she was sitting next to him reviewing some reports when she leaned over and brushed her hand across his upper arm while reaching for something on the desk, and she cooed and commented on his muscles, saying he was pretty fit. He laughed and held his arm out for another feel and said that he had been working out in the gym now that he was back in the dating game. She took his unspoken invitation to feel his arm again and she said she immediately got that “tingle sensation…down there” - as she put it with a smirk on her face. Well, well, well, was all I could say!! How hot is that? We talked about that and I didn’t show any husbandly jealousy or anger as some guys do, but I egged her on, encouraging her I guess, with my heightened and stimulated interest. We talked about how fun that was and I told her this is just normal, we are of course are going to be attracted to other people the idea of flirting or being found attractive by members of the opposite sex was fun and flattering. I mean marriage doesn’t somehow make those basic human instincts or human nature, magically disappear… you’re only fooling yourself if you think it does. So we accepted that we will find other people attractive, and that we will have feelings like this and that it is only normal, but that we still had our primary emotion and bond of love for each other, without question. Later on as we explored this she also admitted to having had a sexual fantasy about a store clerk at a record store that she found particularly sexy. She said that she fantasized that she was at the store at the end of the day and that she had sex with him on the counter top. Wow, that was a sexy admission. Needless to say conversations like this flourished and always ended with good sex at the end of the night!

Anyway, (I know this is a bit long but it really sets the ground work for how everything that comes to be after words …I mean how do two pretty normal university kids who fall in love come to have a lifestyle where the wife steps out every now and then)… as I was saying, a short while later Dan’s contract expired and they stayed in touch, but because he was about 40 minutes outside of town from us, Susie didn’t really seem to cross paths with Dan unless Dan was “in town”. We lived in the far west end of town, and Dan was another 40 minutes away in a small town outside of our city. They would get together for lunch every now and then, but I could tell Susie was a bit disappointed. That fun spark at work had ended.

But one day I had an idea. I had never met Dan, but knew where he was now working so I placed a call to him and told him I wanted to arrange a sort of a surprise for Susie because she had been sad about missing her “boyfriend” I joked. And he wasn’t sure how to take that, so I just kinda laughed and said that it was an inside joke between Susie and I and we kinda kidded each other about that sort of thing. Anyway, I said I wanted to take her down town to a dance club / bar that played good rock tunes…not just “club beat techno music”. I said that I wanted to arrange a fun surprise by having him be at the club at the same time, and together we could have a fun time…and I know that Susie would love to see him again, in a less formal environment that was not “work related”. Would he be up for that? “Yes, definitely!” came his reply. So the plan was hatched…but I told him that he couldn’t tell her that I was behind it…the meeting would be accidental, so she wouldn’t feel awkward or anything.

So that Saturday night we headed down to Maxwell’s, the dance club which has a reputation for being a bit of a meat market, and I encouraged her to dress sexy …something she had been doing for me for “date nights”, which was pretty sexy. This night I asked her to wear the black leather mini skirt, thigh high stockings, the black demi-bra, and her red silk / satin shirt. She looked fricking hot! Because the demi bra is basically only a support bra with no face, her erect nipples were as noticeable as erect nips can be under the thin red satin material which I love!

Susie and I headed down to the club and had drinks and munchies on the first floor in the restaurant first, and then proceeded upstairs after eating to the bar and dance floor. Susie had a few drinks and was feeling pretty good. I was DD so has less to drink. We bought some more drinks upstairs at the bar and the music was pumping as Susie took a sip of her drink while holding the straw. After a few more drinks and some bump and grind on the dance floor I excused myself to the bathroom. When I got back who should be talking to Susie, no other than Dan! When I walked up, Susie was completely ecstatic and had her drink in one hand and her other was rested on his arm as she talked to him. She was clearly excited to see him and was quite animated as she leaned in to talk to him. When she saw me she burst out: “Guess who else is here?!- This is Dan! My Dan…you know from work?!!” Apparently now that he was single and on the market, he was out checking out the club scene. Well, well. Actually he really was a pretty good looking guy. I didn’t know what to expect. Any pang of jealousy was completely eroded by the excitement of the moment. I had a plan that I had not shared with Dan, but was going to leave to the fate of the night. We chatted for a while and had a few laughs. Susie upon seeing the smirk on my face that told her I was finding this to be an interesting twist of fate, grabbed Dan and dragged him to the dance floor where she danced one song, than another, and then a third song, which happened to be a bit slower, but not completely a slow “slow” song. However, she took this opportunity to “slow dance” with Dan, which started with her facing her back & torso completely to him and slowly gyrating or rubbing her ass up against his groin by wiggling her hips slowly and seductively with her arms held above her head, she was looking so hot with this blissful smirk on her face, knowing exactly what she was doing to the poor fellow, and knowing that I would not object at all. Dan, the poor guy – looked at me at first with a look that said “I don’t know what to do about this.” but when he saw me laughing he relaxed a bit and then I raised my glass and winked and he relaxed even more. I think he was beginning to clue in that I was pretty relaxed about their “relationship”. Eventually Susie turned and they slow danced with her basically hugging him and resting her head on his neck and shoulder… sort of nuzzling his neck. The next song was a full on high energy rock tune, but Susie didn’t let go and they continues their slow dance stance… with Susie eventually letting go about half way through to turned around and did that sexy “back dance” rub thing against Dan as he held onto her hips…man, I love it when she does that to me, so I could only imagine what Dan was feeling when she did that to him, especially as he was now divorced and single!

They came back to the bar and we talked over the music and ordered more dinks and I danced with Susie next. She was almost humming or buzzing from her excitement – or so I sensed. I whispered in her ear that Dan must have loved that, to which she replied that SHE loved that! I told her she was making me horny watching her turn on Dan like that…and she giggled or laughed that she was feeling a bit horny herself and that she was feeling naughty! Hello-hello, thank you Mr. Gin & Tonic! Hallelujah!! I laughed at that and said well, here’s to feeling naughty!

The evening continued and both Susie and Dan had a few drinks. At one point I challenged Susie to remove her panties in the bathroom and bring them back to us as proof that she was having a “good time” so she took the challenge and marched back with no shame with her black sheer panties and slammed them down on the table and slammed back the shooter someone had bought her and took a slug of the beer she was now drinking! At some point we settled into a table / booth sort of thing, which was not entirely a booth, but it had that feel to it. I was talking to some other friendly people towards the end of the night, and I noticed that Susie and Dan were close in the booth next to each other. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like Dan had his hand on her upper thigh… but I wasn’t sure about that until later. In fact what he was doing was stroking about as high as you can on the inner thigh on the bare skin between the top of her thigh high stocking and just inches away from her pussy without actually going to the pussy. Susie was looking rather blissful, and a little out of it, so I thought I should move this party.

I said that we should get going home, but because Dan was 40 minutes past us on the way home, he should follow us as it was on the way, and stop in for a drink. Susie completely perked up at that and insisted that he do that! His resistance was already weakened, so he accepted, and why not, he was horny and was just stroking a sexy babe’s inner thigh! When we got in the car and started driving Susan reached over and started to rub my groin and gave me a big hard on. She unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out and started to rub me up and down and tell me how much fun she was having and hoped that I didn’t mind her dancing with Dan too much. I laughed and said “Hell no!” I didn’t mind especially if it got her horny like this, I was loving it! “Good!” she said. I reached over and started to rub her leg and moved up to her bare pussy which was pretty moist, and she reclined the seat and I brought her to an orgasm while we drove home. Something we had not done before!

When we got home we all went inside and poured ourselves a drink, this time I made mine strong to “catch up” to where they were. We drank and talked and had a good time without having to yell over the loud beat of the bar music. At some point I pointed out that we were all drunk and that Dan who still had another 40 minutes drive home should really crash with us tonight. Susie insisted wholeheartedly. After a few more drinks and listening to music and talking I “discovered” that we had no more tonic for our G&T’s, so I said I was going out to get some more tonic and salt & vinegar chips. But because I was too drunk to drive, I was going to walk to the local convenience store and get some fresh air too, so I would be back in 30 minutes or more. Before I left I jokingly said “Don’t go having any sex until I return!” to which they laughed and said they promise, meanwhile I had set the tone…

Gee, as it turned out I had some tonic and chips in the garage after all (how about that ;-) so instead of leaving the house I went around to the back yard to see what was going on inside. At first they were just sitting there talking, then they got up and went to the kitchen and poured another drink of whatever they were drinking and they stood there talking for a few minutes, quietly and close to each other. Then they stopped and locked eyes and they drew each other in and started to kiss. Putting down the drinks as they made out, the hands started to roam. Susie went for his ass, and Dan, the gentleman, went for her back with one hand, and he ran his other hand through her hair with the other. Eventually he came around to cupping her tit with his right hand, which looked very seductive with her erect nipples poking the tight thin material of the red satin shirt.

Susie grabbed his belt buckle and walked backwards pulling him into the family room and onto the sofa. I had to change my vantage point from the nice open sliding door window view in the kitchen to the window view looking into the family room, which was not all that clear with the wood blinds tilted a bit. They continued to make out and slowly Dan started to unbutton her shirt. He was rewarded with a class A view of her gorgeous tits topped with her light pink rosy nipples snugly supported by her open faced black demi bra. He went for those nipples with his mouth and the look of ecstasy on Susie’s face was awesome as she tilted her head backward and enjoyed the moment.

With her shirt undone and her panties already off from the dance bar, Susie was steaming to go. Dan was on the floor in front of Susie, between her legs which were parted and open for action. Her black leather mini skirt was pushed up a bit towards her hips and as she slid closer to the edge of the sofa it rose more. She looked so sexy, all disheveled eyes closed and her sheer black thigh high stockings showed off her sexy legs leading to her trimmed pussy. Slowly Dan worked his way down from her tits to her belly, right down to between her legs to the steaming jack pot. Man, Susie loved to be eaten out, and I could tell this was her moment, she was relishing this. Dan spent a good amount of time going down on her, and did not rush things at all. Susie was clearly getting worked up and was running her fingers through his hair as she held his head while he expertly administered his attention. She gyrated and slowly ground her hips upward to meet his friction. He started to use his finger too, and Susie started to have a terrific orgasm. even through the windows I could hear her muffled screams or moans of ecstasy. It was awesome! I totally had a major hard on throughout the whole thing!!

I couldn’t believe it, this was frigging incredible!! This was what I had been hoping for, dreaming of! I could see that Susie was opening her beautiful blue eyes now and was reaching for Dan’s pants and undoing his zipper, he was about to get pulled out and they were going to do it for real! I was torn. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to be there to have that sexy wife stroke me, and so I could feel her tits and look her in the eye as he penetrated her for the first time. I was bursting at my seams! Should I continue to watch or could I make an entrance now and be part of it? Shit…talk about being torn!! Do I risk blowing everything I wanted to see just to be a part of it, or do I stay low and watch the fantasy unfold? What would you do? That’s what I asked myself, what would someone do faced with this choice, this is a great moment for anyone.

I’ll tell you what I did. I hedged my bet. I watched as Susie fished his erect dick out of his pants and she laid eyes on it on for the first time. She stroked it caringly and he was in total abandon. She led his cock towards her pussy and he took over and slowly guided it into her. She laid back on the sofa, and put her arms above her head and totally enjoyed feeling this new cock slide into her. Dan slowly put it in and leaned down to kiss her. He leaned back up and slowly started to slide in and out of her as he felt up her tits, and caressed her nipples. I watched this for about 2 minutes than decided it was “do or die” time.

I tore myself away, my whole body shivering from excitement despite the booze. I quickly walked around the house and readied myself to enter the house and come up with a quick line to ease their fear or surprise and allow the moment to flourish. I hadn’t planned any of this next stuff as I didn’t dare dream it would get this far. I was flying on automatic pilot at this point! Holy shit! This was happening! This was awesome!

I walked into the house through the door to the garage. I was relatively quiet without seeming to be sneaky quiet. I could hear the music coming from the stereo in the family room, and that covered some of whatever noise the door made. I walked in with my tonic and chips bought earlier in the week, and put them down in the hallway and crept forward to see it without the obstruction of thee wood blinds. I could hear Susie’s moans. Standing there watching it a mere few feet away. “Mind if I join you?” just came from my mouth, not even realizing that was what I was saying, as I laughed and said I thought you were going to wait! Susie at first was startled as was Dan of course, but my laughing and unbuttoning of my shirt, calmed them down and Dan slowly stared pumping Susie again although watching me for the first 20 seconds or so, until Susie touched his cheek and turned his face towards her. “Sorry, man, she was too hot to wait for you.” was all he could say, and they were back into their own sex world, emboldened by the booze, and my obviously playful approval.

I came closer, stroking my very hard cock and I got a closer view of his cock sliding into Susie as he kissed her neck and moved down to her right breast. I stroked her left breast and she moaned. Here was my shy and seemingly conservative wife, with her silk shirt open, laying on her back with her legs draped over the sofa while her black leather skirt was bunched up to her hips and Dan was doing a great job fucking her pussy. She was loving it. It was as close to being in a porn movie as I could have imagined, it was so surreal with the porn star being my shy “librarian type” wife, who was now moaning as another man fucked her good.

Susie reached out to my erection and started to stroke me as Dan fucked her. She was starting to motion her hips up to meet his trusts. He was building momentum too. “Whoa” I said. Let’s move this up to the bed room….make it last.” It was hard to stop a speeding train. Dan reluctantly pulled out very slowly. Susie groaned. But we both took her by an arm each and she stood up – although unsteadily at first. We stripped Susie down to nothing (but kept the black thigh high stockings on) and she kissed me and then Dan with great passion. Then she took a hold of both our dicks and turned and led us up the stairs to the bedroom. We collapsed onto the Queen sized bed and started groping her all over. I went for her pussy and started to eat her out, while Dan kissed her on the neck and tits. At one point both Dan and I were sucking a nipple each, me on the left and he on the right. I had never seen Susie react so sexually before, she was like a nymph on nymph steroids! She was lifting her hips and moaning the whole time without even touching her pussy. At one point she started to actually caress her clit, which I had not seen her ever do before, she was touching herself!! OMG!! I was going out of my f**king mind! Eventually Dan got up and stuffed his cock into her and continued what he started. This went on for about 5 or 7 minutes at least and they rose to a crescendo and started to climax. Dan came in bursts and Susie took it all in stride.

Once they calmed down, and Dan withdrew, I went over to kiss her on the face while he kissed and stroked her tits. I told her how much I loved her. Then Dan and I were both kissing her tits again, and I went down on her and started to lick her pussy, which was full of Dan’s cum. She was so juicy, and I was lapping it up. At first she tried to pull my head up as I went down on her, but I insisted with my body language and started to lap at her lips, she gave way and started to enjoy it all and as I dove deeper she started to cum again. Just as she was nearing climax, I got up a drove my ever hard dick into to her soaking wet pussy and started to slowly pump her toward climax yet again. I was so turned on, I didn’t last too long before I exploded with what felt like a can of cum as I shot into my wife’s’ already fucked and cum filled pussy!

That was the beginning of something awesome! It was life altering. It’s not like we became swingers after that, but we had it in us, and that was pretty damn exciting. We didn’t hook up with Dan again because he did eventually meet someone, but this event moved us in so many ways and it shaped our sexuality in such a great way. We became stronger. We became friend’s not just lovers. We shared and explored feelings and emotions in ways that I think many married people don’t do. We were equals and shared a sexy experience together that would take us to all sorts of sexually heights. This was just the beginning.

Submitted by: Susie & Hubby - Canada


March 22, 2008

Meet Savannah

Time to introduce another hotwife to the archives of hotwifeblog. Slut Savannah, as she is known, is a fine example of a modern Internet hotwife. She’s looks fantastic, great body, superb tits. She fucks her members, you just need to send her an email and she’ll meet you. She loves anonymous sex, especially picking up guys in adult bookshops and visiting gloryholes.

A self-confessed size queen, gangbang and black cock addict, I’m really surprised how we haven’t come across the lovely Savannah before. Make sure you check out the ‘updates’ tab on her website to see all of Savannah’s recent hotwife fun.

Check out this gallery featuring Savannah and two random black dudes she picked up that evening.



March 20, 2008

Husband Set-up

It took a while for me to convince my wife to become a hotwife. I started slowly, telling her how many men looked at her with eyes popping out of their heads whenever she walked into a room. She couldn’t believe how obvious it was. Then I started calling her a hotwife. She had no clue what a hotwife actually did at the time! I would persuade her to dress in mini’s showing hot legs and feet. She would add more seduction by wearing blouses with most of her 36c breasts exposed. She loved the attention!

I finally got the balls to communicate with her future lover on line. We chatted a while. I helped him on how to seduce my wife. We met at an arranged place, classy bar setting. My hotwife and I walked over to where he was sitting and ordered a drink. Her lover and I immediately struck up a conversation about her mini skirt and breasts. She was interested in our conversation, moving closer to us to listen.

Within minutes, I positioned my unsuspecting wife in between myself and her future lover. Within a matter of a few hours I encouraged them to dance, telling her to kiss him, telling her how erotic it would be to watch them make out. She was reluctant but like a good future slut wife she obliged. WOW, one minute my wife was mine, the next I would forever lose her to being a slut hotwife. Later that evening, as I drove around town looking for condoms they were fondling each other in the back seat, listening to them kissing and moaning, my cock was fully erect but I wanted to savor the moment. Finally, I found a local gas station open, how ironic, I was purchasing condoms for my wife and her online lover. I couldn’t wait to watch him fuck her. Once we parked, I gave him the condoms and he wasted NO time. Within seconds he was pumping his firm cock into her hotwife pussy. She would look at me and say “Is this want YOU want baby, do you want me to fuck other men? DO you want me to be a slut? DO you want me to suck another mans cock for you?” WOW, I would’ve never expected such willingness from my wife.

Needless to say, we have had many hotwife encounters since that first hotwife night. But I can tell everyone reading this today, there is nothing more sexier and intense than watching your sexy wife being fucked by her bull stud.

Submitted by: Rick - Midwest


March 18, 2008

Kelly’s Motel Fuck

Here’s a little video clip from gorgeous hotwife and friend Kelly Anderson. She set up this movie for her husband when she met one of her boyfriends in a local motel. They put the camera on a tripod and got down to some good fucking. Kelly then took the tape home with her to show her husband that night. Great clip Kelly.

Kelly Anderson

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March 16, 2008

Wife on the Hunt

My wife loves black cock. Last year when I was out of town she picked up a black guy at a bar and went home with him. Since that time he calls her about 3-4 times a week and she goes over to his place and sucks him dry. Then she comes home and tells me about it. I love watching and hearing about her sucking big black dick.

Does anyone know of a good place for white women to go looking for black men in the Seattle area?

Submitted by: Frenk - Renton, WA


March 14, 2008

Extreme Mia Update

Here’s an update from hotwife Mia Cummings formally known as Squirting Mia, she now has a new website called extrememia.com, she is just so cute, and she loves black cock, make sure you check her out.

Hi guys! This is Mia. These are a few pics from my latest night out when I met Mr. Horsecock! You will see little me taking on the biggest black cock in Texas. Mr. Horsecock has been a member of my site for over two years and claimed to have the biggest black cock, SO………..LOL (with a mischevious smile), I invited him to our hometown for a visit and I was really glad I did! After a 5 hour flight, and toting a 10 inch cock with a slight curve that is thick as a coke can, I gladly fucked this guys brains out! You will see little me mount this massive tool and literally soak him with 3 huge squirting orgasms ! Plus, don’t miss the finish when he jacks off and dumps the biggest and thickest load of cum you will ever see on my face! What an awesome night it was! I do believe that when I get my tiny pussy totally filled with a thick 10 inch black cock is my favorite part of being a hotwife!!!

See you soon! xoxo,

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

You can check out Mia’s profile on hotwife dating here

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March 12, 2008

Starting with Two

I am lets say a lady with a “fuller” figure. At 46 we still enjoyed a full sex life, but my hubby wanted more. He kept on and on about how he would love to see me with another man. This went on for months till I said “OK you find someone to fuck me & if I like them I will do it”

About 2 weeks later he said that he had met someone on the net how would like to meet up and it was arranged to meet on Friday at a local pub. Friday came and to say I was nervous was a understatement. David said he had packed a small case with things as I told him I was not walking in to meet a stranger looking like a hooker. We set off to the pub and at the time arranged David went to the car park to meet Tony. After about 5 mins he came in with this nice looking chap and introduced him. David said that Tony had a friend outside called Alan and he had come along in case we were “no shows” and they would go out on the town. David asked if he could join us. “Why not” was my reply. Soon the 4 of us were chatting like old friends. The question then turned up “Are we going to do anything?”. They looked at me. I just nodded. Tony left and returned in about 5 mins and told us he had booked a room in the adjacent Travel Lodge. Alan said he would wait in the bar. David without asking said come with us if you want. So all 4 of us went to the room. David handed me the case and I got changed in the toilet. He had packed black hold up stockings, black high heels, a see through lace dress and see through thong.

When I came back in the room Tony and Alan were both naked and supporting large erections. Soon I was on the bed being double teamed by these two. I had cock in my mouth and in my pussy. It was better than I could have imagined. They swopped places several times. Then Alan said he wanted to cum. He laid down on his back and I sat on top of him leaning forward and Tony put his cock up my arse. Soon they were going at me hammer and tongs. Then all three of us came together with Tony and Alan shooting their cum right in my arse and pussy. We collapsed in a heap.

Soon the guys left and I opened my legs to show David my cum filled pussy and arse. “Get here” I said and to my suprise he was down on me like a shot. I told him he had better find more guys as I enjoyed it so much, and he has.

Submitted by: David’s Wife - UK

David's Wife

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