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February 22, 2008

UK Hotwife

This is the night my husband watched me as i was fucked by a sexy guy.


Submitted by: Amanda - UK

6 Responses to “UK Hotwife”

  1. Big Dave said:

    Very erotic, saw this happen to my wife many years ago.
    I remember every detail, lucky couple.

  2. Strongandtalented said:

    Watched my girlfreind well and truly fucked by a guy with 8″s twice and loved, she made clean her up after too. sadly we split up and never found another girl willing to do it. Lucky people

  3. cyric said:

    Wauw! Well interested! Do you have a link, or more pics?
    This is somethink I`de like to do also. Inspiring!

  4. Cedric said:

    I love screwing wife who are already married…wooooo the sensation is so high and exciting….UK wife….really would love lickign your pussy non stop and also having with you non stop the whole night

  5. BarbieQ said:

    Hey BigD does your wife know?

  6. essex said:

    looking for a fit guy in essex for my wife…any sites you recommend?

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