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January 17, 2008

Wives Gone Black

The search for more hotwife titles goes on. Sensational Video release a lot of amateur and hotwife titles. They use many girls on the hotwife video circuit and here’s a preview movie gallery of one their scenes from Wives Gone Black 4. Enjoy.

Wives Gone Black
Wives Gone Black

It’s 11 p.m. Do you know where your wife is? Getting pounded by a big black cock in this video that’s where.

23 Responses to “Wives Gone Black”

  1. Wanda said:

    My husband knows that I will be fucking a bareback black cock EVERY chance i get !!!!!!!!!

  2. Sue said:

    We, my husband and I, love this website! I’m a BBC slut because that is what my husband desires me to be. My purpose in life is to please him and this, truly, does.

  3. Traci said:

    My husband loves to watch. He loves for me to jerk him off while I get pounded by a big black cock.

  4. Irene said:

    My white husband loves to see me getting a Nice, Big, Juicy, Black Cock too. We have taken this to the next level, by having me impregnated, by a Hung Blackman. When I do become Black Pregnant, my wimpy, white husband, will then look forward, to changing the black baby’s diapers, like the wimp that he is. Love, Irene!!!

  5. clay laferry said:

    I think you should let your wife fuck all the black dick she can in fact she should have at least 2 of them living with you to fuck her 24-7 and make money off the movies!

  6. Jim said:

    We had a 19y.o. black college student live us for the summer a few years ago when my wife was about 50. She was walking bow-legged and had cum running down her legs all of the time. It was great.

  7. Susan said:

    I have been fuckin black men for 2 years now. My husband sits in the corner jacking off while I take 2 or 3 blacks on in front of him. I will do anything with blacks and make my husband just watch.

  8. Jacqueline said:

    I love fucking and sucking young black boys while my husband of 38 years sits in a corner and jerks off. I do everything these young black boys ask me to.

  9. tom said:

    I love watchin my mexican wife get pounded by black cocks once even letting her have 3 of them while I jerked off they were having their way with her dp her pussy until she cried n the other shut her crying with his huge cock with me she never does that with them they had her lickin their assholes n gettin dp like nothin…..I love it

  10. Gary said:

    My wife is trying to decide if she should go for it with a black guy she used to work with, they email and chat all the time…I think he’s gonna fuck her

  11. Me said:

    I’ve wanted my wife to cheat on me and I even gave her my permission, but she won’t so I’m just stuck leaving it as a fantasy. If I ever end up single I will be looking for a woman who will want to cheat on me.

  12. Pim said:

    I am from Laos. I love sucking & fucking black men. My husband is white and much older than I. It was his idea. He gets off on watching me. I tried it and I like it. They are so big!

  13. lenny said:

    I would love a white wife who would give me beautiful black babies to raise. This would be the perfect marriage for me.

  14. bert said:

    i am a white male there is nothing in this world that i like to see in my eyesite better than a white woman with a black man. what i love more than anything is to see her pregnant by him or have kids with him. i wish all white women woul have at least 10 babies with a black man during her life time.

  15. Jenny said:

    My name is Jenny My husband suggested that I have sex with a black man 12 years ago.I`m now black owned by my bull.I have also been black bred 8 times resulting in 6 black babies and I lost 2 of them.My husbabnd has been a cuckold since that first time.My kids are now aged 11,9,8,6,4,  and 2.Five boys and the oldest is a girl.I don`t know who the fathers are of my kids.My bull says he`s going to keep black breeding me as long as I`m able to produce.I`m only 31 so hopfully I can have at least 6 or 7 more.My master told me that my oldest daughter will soon be old enough to breed and we won`t wait as long as I did.He said he himself will bred her next year at the latest if she doesn`t have her first peroid by then.He said if we start her early she can have 15 to 20 kids before she is to old.

  16. LOIS said:

    I suck off my husband while black man fuck me hard.

  17. dan said:

    I would love to have a mexican wife that craved black cock. J/O while she’s pounded by superior black dick. My aunt use to talk about this black guy at work, trying to act like she didn’t like him. she’s mexican. I think she fucked him because next thing you know she never had a bad thing to say about him.

  18. Mark said:

    My wife is from Laos, too. She craves BBC! She loves big black cocks and can’t get enough of it!

  19. John & Tiffany said:

    This blog is awesome, my wife discovered it based on the recommendation of a good friend of hers, and now we can’t go more then a couple of days without reading it. We’ve been together for 3 years, married for a year. But she’s a true BBC Slut and has been eagerly doing black guys steadily for the last 6 years since she was 14. Her big sister got her involved with them when she shared her with her black boyfriend and his friends at the time.

    Now at 20 she is officially pregnant with our first child. However I am not the father, one of her bulls is, not sure which one though as too many to narrow it down. Not that it matters to us anymore. Part of the inspirition for her getting bred black was Jenny on here. She talked about her life back in October last year in this thread, and it truly touched us deeply and excited us greatly!

    So my wife decided to follow in Jenny’s footsteps and become black owned too, plus a dedicated breeder for them exclusively. I couldn’t be happier for her and us. We want a really big, close family and I can easily support us in that so we will make it happen starting with this first of many black babies to come.

    We all know black cock rules and black men are superior in so many ways, plus they excel at sex better then we can typically, from being better equipped to just better all the way around. Its very obvious when I see her or her sister or friends being used by a variety of bulls, such a sweet sight to see. I know my wife can’t get enough and loves giving herself to them every where we go. It’s simply beautiful!

    Thank you so much Hot Wife Blog and a big thank you to you Jenny if you manage to see this - you’re a wonderful role model for the rest of us here!!

  20. "cheryl Ann" said:

    My ex wife was and is like this too. I kind of talked into trying black and that was that! From that moment on she just could not get enough black meat in her pussy. Heck she even started to let them do her snug ass , something she refused me always . Heck I was lucky to get a hand job , but she blow black cock all night. She not only,with a black bofyriend, turned me into a cuck but eventually into a very believable fem type and got me to do blacks as well and now I to see what she sees in them

  21. Irene and Scott said:

    It is so wonderful, to see other married, white couples, in this erotic lifgestyle. My white wife has been having bareback intercourse, with Hung, Black Males, for the last ten years. We have never been happier in our marriage, since my white wife started spreading her legs, for Big, Black Penises!!!

  22. Mike and Nicci said:

    What a great turn on reading this stuff. Im 45 and Nicci my wife is 35. For years i wanted her to go black. We have an agreement that we can both play away. I haven’t as yet, but Nicci has. She has only had one black guy and he fucked her bareback and came in her. She has ALWAYS insisted on condoms, but she says black men cumming in her turns her on too much. She is texting a few black guys she “met” online and wants to start meeting them soon. She told me she preferes black guys to white men and says she wants to get hooked on them. Hope she does!!!!!!

  23. Maria and Erik said:

    We are a Scandinavian family. I’m 33 years old, my husband 35 and our three daughters 12, 11 and 11 (twins). I’m a teacher, my husband’s an engineer. We have very white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Now we decided to produce black babies in our family. We found tall arm very black men from Senegal. I’m pregnant (black twins !) already. Our three daughters are regularly covered by these Huge Senegalese every three days, because we want they become impregnated before their first period !!! We wish to have as many black children as possible.

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