January 31, 2008


Hey blog readers, just wanted to let you know that I will be moving house over the next few days, me and the wife Daisy are moving back to Brighton to be even more accessable to the party and swinging scene down there. Can’t wait.

As soon as we’re in the new place and settled I’ll be posting more hotwife hornyness…

Your Webmaster,


January 29, 2008

Beautiful Wives

Some galleries up for you today. Firstly is a hotgirlfriend called Kacey, so sweet looking and yet incredibly naughty on her website. Then we’ve got Becky taking some more black cock and a lovely creampie for hubby. Last up is stacked wife Gianna, god I am in love with this girl. Those tits are just incredible.

Gorgeous Kacey in red lingerie

Blacks in Becky
A creampie for Blacks in Becky

Naughty Allie
Gianna posing in pink


January 27, 2008

Vegas Pick-Up

Thanks for all the great comments to our first REAL story called “Carry On Cruising”. This next REAL experience took place about a year after our cruise. Wanting to get away to blow off some steam, my wife and I headed up for a weekend in Las Vegas to be a little bit naughty. While in the room waiting for her to finish getting ready for the evening, I made myself a drink and wondered what the night would have in store for us. When she finally emerged, my jaw nearly hit the floor! She had on a sexy black dress, her long blonde hair flowed over her tan freckled shoulders, and I loved how her sexy black heels showed off her long gorgeous legs. Her big heavy breasts were straining against the thin black fabric of her dress, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra! She sparkled more than all the jewelry she was wearing, and we turned quite a few heads as we glided through the lobby to catch a cab.

We had an early dinner at Mandalay Bay, followed by cocktails at Ghost Bar high atop the Palms Casino. We mingled at the bar with a couple of cute women then a couple of younger guys shamelessly hit on my wife. But we’d rather go home alone than with the wrong people, so we were actually getting ready to leave. Suddenly we were approached by an older gentleman that appeared to be in his late 40s. He was dressed nice, had short salt and pepper hair, and looked handsome and fit for his age. He complimented me on having such a gorgeous wife, and was wondering if we would like to join him for a drink? My wife seemed impressed by his charm, so when she accepted his invitation I knew that there might be some potential here. He introduced himself as Dan while he mixed us a drink from the beakers of alcohol at his table. After our 3rd round of drinks and casual conversation, my wife loosened up and playfully placed her hand on Dan’s knee while trying to be flirty. As I sipped my drink I noticed two hot girls smiling at me from the dance floor out on the patio, so I asked if everybody felt like shaking their tail a little bit. “Sure” my wife said as we all stumbled our way out.

Once on the dance floor though, I lost all interest in the two hot cupcakes who lured me out. As the place began to fill up we were pressed closer and closer together with Dan behind my wife and me in front. I was sure he must have had a raging hard on with the way my wife was grinding her ass back into his crotch, and I saw that her nipples were rock hard as her breathing got heavier and heavier. My cock hardened a bit as my hands found their way up to her big tits, and she offered no resistance as I started to rub and massage them. “Mmmmm” she moaned as Dan’s hands began rubbing her tight ass from behind, and she responded by placing her hand between my legs. I smiled as she rubbed my hardening cock through my slacks, then got even harder when I looked down to see that her other hand was reaching back doing the same thing to Dan! Our hands were all over her as Dan began lifting her dress, and I wondered how far we would take this without being noticed by all the people dancing just inches away from us! But suddenly the music ended and people began to thin out. My wife got a little embarrassed as she lowered her dress which Dan managed to lift all the way up past her thighs! And as she darted off the dance floor she turned and said “are you two coming or what?” We didn’t need to be asked twice!

She immediately grabbed her purse and headed for the door as we quickly followed. Nobody said much of anything as we took the crowded elevator down to the valet area. We jumped in a cab and positioned my wife between the two of us in the backseat. I told the driver to take us to our hotel, and my wife’s eyes widened when she realized that we were all going back to our room. Before we even left the driveway she turned to take Dan’s tongue in her mouth. As they made out in the back of the cab I watched as he played with her big giant tits while I slid my hand up her dress. It was no surprise that she wasn’t wearing any panties and her smooth shaved pussy was gushing all over the insides of her thighs. I sunk two middle fingers deep inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb, making her buck uncontrollably against my palm. But just when my wife seemed like she was about to cum we arrived at our hotel. She did her best to pull her dress back down and gain her composure as we stepped out of the cab and fought the crowds of people through the lobby.

Once in the room my wife told us to have a seat, then climbed on the bed. She loves to show off when she’s drunk, and we watched for a few moments as she raised her dress and started playing with her pussy. As her dress melted away we joined her on the bed and took turns kissing her, licking her big gorgeous tits, fingering her hot wet pussy, and feeling her up much to my wife’s delight. Our clothes quickly disappeared as well, and soon she was stroking both of our cocks. Dan had a bigger cock than me, and I loved seeing my wife’s neatly manicured fingers with her wedding ring wrapped around his big thick shaft. Then she laid on her back with her head off the bed and called us over. We instinctively fed her our cocks as she took us both in her mouth at the same time, neither one of us seeming to mind that our cocks were touching. She alternated between the two, letting us slap our dicks on her tongue while she pressed her big tits together and fingered her own pussy.

Dan then laid on the bed as she crawled up between his legs taking his cock back into her mouth. I loved watching his thick black pubes tickle her nose as she sucked his big hairy balls, licking her way underneath his shaft to his big purple head. A thin line of saliva and pre-cum linking the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock. As she sucked him, she stuck her ass high into the air as if to invite me in. She was sopping wet as I played with her clit and fingered her, rubbing her g-spot and making her squirt all over the bed (something she does this when she’s super horny!) After a few moments of expert cock sucking, she released his cock from her mouth and climbed up on top of him while he licked her pencil eraser nipples. I saw her jacking off his cock just inches from her pussy, and although we had talked about full swap before we never came close to actually doing it. As she rubbed his cock head between her pussy lips I looked on in disbelief as it slowly slid inside her. She looked back at me to make sure I had no objections, and my smile gave her the go ahead.

All at once his big cock disappeared into her as she gasped from his size. He grabbed her hips while her hot tight pussy gripped his cock like a vice and made his balls all wet and gooey. As she rode him I got down and licked her asshole, which really got her going! I loved the squishy sound of his big cock sliding in and out of her, and I made sure that plenty of my saliva dripped down to make things even wetter. I slid one finger in her ass, then another to loosen her up as Dan fucked her harder and harder. Within moments she was screaming that she was cumming, and soon his thighs were soaking wet from her orgasm. After cumming she slowed down, leaned forward, and then reached back for my cock . With Dan’s huge cock still inside her she guided the head of my cock to her tight puckered ass. She was tight at first as my dick pressed into her, but she quickly loosened up and began moaning as me and Dan built up a quicker pace and really started laying into her. As my hard 7 inches slid deep in her bunghole I could feel Dan’s cock rubbing against mine through the thin wall separating her pussy and her ass. The tingling sensation as my balls bounced against Dan’s made it even kinkier as I fucked her like the slut she wanted to be treated like. She screamed “your cocks feel so fucking good!” as we fucked her faster and faster, harder and harder, And she must have cum 2-3 times in the 10 minutes that we double fucked her, shaking the bed and waking the dead!

Making the mistake of thinking she was done, she then pushed me back and turned around with Dan’s big cock still inside her as she now faced his feet. We kissed passionately as I rubbed her big tits still wet from Dan’s mouth, her ass moving in slow rhythmic circles. She then rose up and I watched as she removed Dan’s hard wet cock from her steaming pussy and guided it towards her freshly fucked ass. It slid in effortlessly as his balls nestled against her pussy lips. She leaned back a bit and pulled my head down towards her pussy. I knew that her favorite way to cum was from me licking her pussy while fucking her ass with a dildo, except now she’d have the real thing! As Dan’s big cock stretched out her ass, I plunged my tongue into her just fucked pussy. I could have cared less that the hair from his balls was tickling my chin! I could taste Dan’s pre-cum that had been leaking into her for the last 20 minutes, and I got even harder while imagining what it might be like to eat her pussy after another man dumped a load in her. My wife screamed as my tongue flicked all over her clit, Dan sliding his cock all the way out so that only the head was still nestled in her ass then RAMMING it back in as she yelped. I slid a middle finger deep in her pussy and curved it upwards to tickle her g-spot while I continued licking her, and she came harder than I have ever seen her cum before. As Dan’s cock popped out of her gaping asshole the only thing she could mutter was “Oh my fucking GOD you guys!!”

This was far more than me or Dan could take, and my wife knew it! She got off the bed, then kneeled on the floor with trembling legs. As I stood in front of her she took me in her mouth and sucked me like a pro, saliva dripping off her chin as she forcefully grabbed my balls. Dan stood next to me as she took his cock in her mouth too, her blonde hair whipping around as she bobbed her head back and forth. Dan reached down to pinch her hard nipples, and as we took over jacking ourselves off in her mouth she reached down to play with her sopping wet pussy. She was moaning as she fingered herself with her mouth wide open, practically begging for us to cum all over her. Within seconds Dan was shooting one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever seen all over my wife’s pretty face. She lapped it up with her long hot tongue and swallowed as much of it as she could as she held her big tits up to catch what dripped off her chin, rubbing it all over like lotion. Seeing her covered in another man’s cum completely pushed me over the edge, and I rewarded her with a second huge load all over her big glistening tits. She sucked me slow and gently, licking me, cleaning and rubbing our now softening cocks all over her face. Dan sighed as he collapsed back on the bed, and just like I did on our cruise I leaned down and gave her a long deep French kiss immediately afterwards. The salty taste of cum still in her mouth as she pulled me close while we kissed.

Knowing that it was probably time to go, Dan searched for his shoes and got dressed. As he did, my wife whispered how much she loved me and thanked me for letting her fulfill yet another wild fantasy. She told me she would make it up to me any way she could, but I wasn’t about to tell her that she already had! Dan gave us his cell phone number, and asked us to call him the next time were in town. But I knew that we would probably never see him again. As far as we were concerned he served his purpose by simply being the right guy, at the right place, and at the right time. So after walking him to the elevator and bidding him a farewell, I returned back to the room to find my wife laying in bed with her fingers buried in her pussy. I climbed on top of her and fucked her hard and deep for a good 15 minutes, making her cum yet again before spraying a second huge load across her stomach and tits. Amazingly it was still only 12:15 in the morning which is still early when you’re in Las Vegas! So I half jokingly asked if she wanted to go downstairs to the lobby bar to find somebody for round two? She smiled and said “give me 10 minutes to freshen up!”

Feel free to email me if you want to. I love exchanging emails with appreciative husbands and horny wives who get off on sharing REAL stories! We have lots of other REAL experiences to share, so look for another story about another one of our adventures real soon! Hope this one made you as hot and horny as I was while remembering it! ~ marriedandpartying@yahoo.com

Rons Wife

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Submitted by: Ron - San Diego, CA


January 25, 2008

How I Get Started

Net’s Biggest Cuckold Community - Enter Here

Cuckold Place

My husband Matt became a cuckold during the week of our first anniversary.

We got married during our senior year in college. Neither of us were very worldly. We went to a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. We started dating when we were sophomores.

We made love for the very first time exactly one year to the day after our first date. Both of us were virgins.

Sex for both of us was less than spectacular. Matt is not particularly well endowed. His penis is about five inches.

I don’t think that would have mattered so much if he hadn’t been a one time wonder. Matt was good for one erection a night. When he was done fucking me, he would roll over and immediately fall asleep. Unfortunately, I was usually just starting to get excited when he was finishing.

Sex quickly became a source of frustration for me. I turned into one of those women who viewed intercourse as a duty rather than a pleasure.

About five months after we were married our sex life had a small awakening. Matt’s best friend Michael was getting married. Matt was in charge of the stag party. He rented several sex movies.

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Check out the fantastic community Cuckold Place here


January 23, 2008

Slut Hired

I am new to internet and blogging; readers may not believe this story, but nevertheless, it’s true! My wife Doris is 46 dress size 12 (about 94 lbs for US readers) & 5 foot 6. Tits are 38D, long legs. short pageboy light brown hair. I knew she was sexy when I married her, but never guessed she was such a nympho!!! I was 25 & she was 23. It first happened at her works party just before we married: a number of guys she worked with obviously fancied her, as they danced close. One in particular had his hands all over her, which she didn’t seem to mind. Later, in the toilet, he came in and whipped his huge cock out & said to his three mates there that he’d like to keep on fucking her after she was married! He knew I was standing there at the stalls and they all laughed. I walked out feeling very hot and humiliated, but with a huge hard on I asked her the next day about this, but she said they hadn’t fucked since she & I had got engaged, but I didn’t really believe her. We talked about me getting turned on by watching her with other guys, and we started to go out to parks, on trains etc where she would carefully let some lucky man look up her skirt while I pretended not to know her. This was a terrific turn for us both and we had some great fucks afterwards. To get to the point, we didn’t have much money when we got married and couldn’t afford rent on a decent flat (apartment). We did find a landlord who turned out a dirty old man (Mr K, 62) who suggested on the phone to Doris that he’d take sex instead of rent every month if he could bring selected guests to participate. Doris agreed but only if I could be there too, she must have told him in advance what to do with me during the evening as I got my own instructions. Well it would save us £200 a month, a lot then. Finally, we agreed. The rent payment was due on the last Friday of each month. On that day, we had to go to the top private floor of his hotel. We’d agreed that my wife wear just red stilettos, black seamed stockings, black mesh panties, no bra and her wedding veil over her head. Plus, of course tarty make up! I had to strip naked except for a top hat with a sign reading ‘wimp husband’ on it.

We got there, Mr K showed us up and we got ready. The room was set out with a trestle table and a banner hung from the ceiling reading ‘RANDY RECEPTION’ On the table was a big place card reading ‘Mrs. Doris xxxx, married whore’. To one side,there was a disconnected bath, whose purpose became evident later on in the evening..’

Mr. K tied me, naked and top-hatted, to a straightback chair with bungee ropes, then blindfolded me. Then he told my wife to get up on the table. Next, he opened a door somewhere and said, “Come on in, gents.” I heard a number of people walk in and the door was then locked. I heard lots of gasps and comments like ‘What a sexy looking slut’ & ‘Cor, fuck her rotten’ and ‘I’d like to stick my cock right up her bumhole’ ‘Spunk her, eh?’

Then, also by arrangement, I heard her start her sexy song and dance routine (she used to be in theatre, so she’s quite good at it) I knew this as she’d rehearsed it for me at home. Plenty of bum shaking and knees bends! Her song; Zumba-zumba rudee zee, I’m just married as you can see; zumba-zumba-rudee zum, stick-a your cocks in my mouth and bum; show my husband who’s the boss, make him watch and let him toss; kinkee-dirtee-fithee zee shoot yer cum all over me so fucka me, plastered in spunk from my face to my belly, dripping down my stockings from my well-fucked holes, all your cocks look like big poles. By this time, so was mine. They all clapped in time to the rhythm and shouted ‘Slut!’ ‘Whore’ ‘Mrs Fuckwife!’ when she’d finished Mr.K, said “NOW your bit, wimp! so I had to recite (I could hardly talk with excitement and he made me say it three times)- Zumba zumba rudee zee, fuck my wife in front of me; stick ‘em in her mouth and stick em in her gob, fill her up with your creamy blob! I’m her husband, helpless tied, do what like and fuck my bride!.”

To general hoots of derision and laughter in my direction, it went fairly quiet and I was going crazy listening to what they might be doing to my lovely young wife Doris. There was a lot of grunting and heaving, then someone said ‘Make him watch now’ and the blindfold was removed. What a sight! My young wife was bent over the table with Mr. K’s big stiff cock sliding right up her lovely greased bumhole and another man about 57 had his thick cock in her mouth, which she was sucking greedily. The other five men were all between about 48 and 60 all with lewd, perverted expressions as they looked from me to my wife. They all told me how much they were going to enjoy fucking my little slut wife while I watched. They then gagged me, and I had to watch as they fondled her tits, stockinged legs (her panties were already pulled down halfway) Mr K said ‘I’m coming my load right up your slut wife’s dirty asshole right now, wimp, as his eyes closed and he gave a low roar of ecstasy at the same time, the bloke with she was sucking whipped it out and spurted jet after jet of hot jism in her tarty face, some of which she licked off and swallowed with relish. Then they had her on her back, three fucked her juicy hole while Mr K straddled her and sat on her face and made her lick his arse out. You should’ve seen the size of his cock! Then, A, the chief guest, wrote with a felt pen above her tits: ‘Married Fuck-Whore’ and on her bum he wrote ‘Fuck this slut here’, with an arrow pointing to her bumhole.

For the next hour, I had to watch in her sexy undies and wedding veil, her being sodomized, fucked and made to swallow spunk by these filthy old perverts, who kept on calling her ’slut’ and ‘whore’ and ’shitlicking married cunt’. Finally, they lifted her and put her in the empty bathtub. She was laid there with her arms and legs over the sides. Mr K straddled her again and this time released a big warm stream of piss all over her face, tits and stockings. Then he said, ‘Gents, use her as a lavatory’, and they all got round her and absolutely soaked her in pungent piss, some of them actually wanked over her as well, as a finale. One of my hands had been released earlier, I swear I wanked off five times that evening. I was flushed form kinky, jealous humiliation, how randy - the best time ever. She was staggering a bit, but really enjoyed it and came 11 times, the slut!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed doing it (but I doubt it! Regards to all you randy wife-fuckers, from Paul the wimp)

Submitted by: Paul the wimp tosser husband - UK


January 21, 2008

Hot Wife Galleries

Some galleries for today. I’ve got wife Jazz from Slut Wife Training first with a movie gallery to go with it. Then we’ve got Melanie, a Colombian slut wife who’s husband loves to watch being serviced by as many guys as possible. Check out the lovely creampie she gets. She’s a big fan of multiple loads. This gallery from Hotwives and Girlfriends also has a bonus movie gallery. Last up for today is horny wife Syren from Seattle. The guys from West Coast Gangbangs took a trip up there to see her and make sure she was fully satisfied with their Bull service.

Jazz in hot wife training - Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Melanie gets 2 strangers cocks to play with - Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Syren has fun with a couple of guys


January 19, 2008

NYE Conquest

Post removed by users request.


January 17, 2008

Wives Gone Black

The search for more hotwife titles goes on. Sensational Video release a lot of amateur and hotwife titles. They use many girls on the hotwife video circuit and here’s a preview movie gallery of one their scenes from Wives Gone Black 4. Enjoy.

Wives Gone Black
Wives Gone Black

It’s 11 p.m. Do you know where your wife is? Getting pounded by a big black cock in this video that’s where.


January 15, 2008

My Slutwife Carole

My husband wrote this account of my first time doing other men.

My Slutwife Carole

Some years ago when we were stationed in California my wife and I decided to make a weekend trip to Las Vegas to just relax, take in a show, and spend some time in a motel swimming pool. My wife, Carole, was about 32 at the time, long blonde hair, good looks, and a body that is fine with a set of near 38s. As they say, she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. We still make love in the normal way but most of the time she gives me a blow job. About five years after we were married she started sucking my dick more and getting fucked less, this was her choice, but was OK with me. Besides sucking dick Carole loves to show off her huge tits, but being married and having kids you have to be a little careful. Still, she manages one way or another to show them off whenever she thinks she can get away with it.

We tried to make our trip in the off season or at least the less busy time. We got a motel out of the way a few miles from Vegas. We hit the swimming pool shortly after getting there. It was already dark and in a short time the 2 or 3 people that were there left. We just relaxed and enjoyed the pool as it was really quiet. After a while it was obvious that there wasn’t going to be much activity out at the pool. I sort of maneuvered Carole over to the side of the pool with her back against the side and the water at about the height of her tits. I kissed her and started taking off her top, I figured she would balk at that but as I said she likes showing those big boobs off. Well, I got an erection and starting getting horny. I managed to get her bottom off as well and threw her whole suit up on the deck of the pool. She knew what I wanted, she didn’t resist but helped me get my hard dick out of my trunks. I slid my dick in her wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her. Her feet where off the bottom and she stretched out her arms on the top of pool to steady herself. Her tits bobbed up and down in and out of the water as I pumped her.

I tried not to hurry as I wanted to enjoy this outdoor love making. After some time I was getting close, I could tell that Carole also was getting there too and would be cumming in a manner of minutes. By now she had her arms wrapped around me and pumping as well, Just then 4 or 5 guys came out to the pool and jumped in hardly noticing us at all. Neither one of us wanted to break this off, I put my lips next to her ear and whispered, as I was really hot now and wanted to fuck her good, I whispered, “Carole, think of sucking these guys dicks, think of them with hard cocks sticking up and waiting for your cocksucking mouth to suck them.” I really didn’t care what she thought at this point, but it must have turned her on as she starting moaning and in about minute her body was shuttering as she came. This caused my dick to explode and I shot a load of cum as deep as I could in her pussy.

Of course, then we became a little embarrassed, I just held her to me not looking over at the guys who were playing around in the pool. In a minute I asked Carole if she thought they knew what was going on, she said she wasn’t sure, a couple of them had glanced over but didn’t indicate anything. She then said, “You know I’m naked here?” I replied, “When did that ever bother you?” She just smiled and said, “I guess never.”

I managed to get myself back in my trunks. After a few minutes I got a bright idea. I told Carole that when I told her to, for her to slide to her right a couple of steps so that her tits came out of the water. She didn’t say anything, just looked at me as though I was crazy. I jump up and grabbed Carole’s bathing suit and then swam to the middle of the pool where the guys were playing around. After a few minutes of small talk I showed them Carole’s bathing suit. Their eyes kind of got bigger, I then turned to my wife and told her to move to her right. I wasn’t sure if she was going to do it or not, but since I didn’t promise these guys anything I figured no harm. Well, much to my surprise Carole slid down a couple of steps and those ripe melons bobbed up out of the water. I could hear the guys gasp. I turned back to them and told them that the slut there was my wife and she just loves sucking dick. Their jaws dropped and then I asked if they would like a blow job. A couple managed some sort of audible answer, the others just nodded their head with their jaws hanging down.

I turned and swam back to Carole and told her that these guys were coming over and she could suck their dicks for real because I knew it had turned her on when we screwing. I could hear her sucking in air and her eyes got real big, but before she could say anything the boys were there. I told them to take their trunks off or at least get their dick out and sit here as I slapped the top of the pool a foot or so to Carole’s right. I figured that ought to be just about right for my wife to have to bend over and have her big tits hang down as she sucked. It sure didn’t take the first guy long and he was up on the side of the pool with his dick sticking up. I looked at Carole and was wondering if she would go through with it, she hesitated, but then looked over at the guy’s hard swollen dick and I guess she just couldn’t resist. Or she was mad at me and was going to get back at me, either way she moved over and bent down and took his dick full in her mouth. And like I figured her boobs hung straight down. I was shaking but managed to move over behind her and put my hands on her hips to help steady her. She wasted no time, she had a firm hold on the bottom of this guys dick and started running her mouth up and down on that hard shaft. She steadied herself with her other hand on the guy’s leg. He was balancing himself with one hand on the side of the pool and with other he started playing with Carole’s tits. As I usually do when she sucks me, I usually get a full grip on them and sometimes even pull her down on my dick as I cum in her mouth. Speaking of cumming, in no time the first guy was cumming in my pretty wife’s mouth. This is the first time I had ever seen my wife suck someone else’s dick and I’m afraid it was getting me excited. Carole, as is her usual way, swallowed his cum with a loud smacking sound. She gave him a few seconds then stood up, looked over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. Well, we didn’t have much time for games, the second guy was already up on the pool waiting his turn. Carole turned around, bent over and took his dick in her mouth, I put my arms around her waist and held her close to me. I looked down at my wife as her head bobbed up and down and I got hotter and hotter. The second guy cummed in her mouth, and then the third. As Carole started her cocksucking for a fourth time I couldn’t take it any longer, I took my dick out and worked it up into her ass and butt-fucked her while she sucked.

As it turned out there were five guys, and my pretty wife, Carole, gave them all a blow job, and to boot swallowed every drop of cum - she really was a slut. Well, a short while later the party broke up and the guys left, I grabbed Carole’s bathing suit and headed for the room. Carole called out, “Hey, what about me?” I told her to come on, that it wasn’t anything anyone hadn’t already seen. So she climbed out of the pool and ran over to me, her huge tits bouncing along the way. The next day we slept late, just hung around and took it easy, and then took in a show that evening. As we headed home, Carole had a big smile on her face, I asked what she was smiling about. She said I didn’t think she would suck those guys off, did I. I said I had my doubts, but told her that she realized that only a slut would have done it. She said, “I know.” and smiled all the way home.

Submitted by: Carole - South


January 13, 2008

Barbi Get’s Pounded

Here’s a picture update from Barbi’s Slutty Adventures. This woman is just amazing, to find more of her sexploits just search for ‘Barbi’ on this blog on the top right hand side. Her husband just sent these in to me, he had a perfect view of Barbi getting some black cock she had just picked up that night. Barbi, you are amazing…







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